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Begs The Question

Posted by devilsadvocater in DevilsAdvocater - The Other Side, 23 October 2015 · 244 views

In light of both, the slow start to the 2015-16 Flames season, and the results of the 2015 Canadian Federal Elections, they just beg the question, "What is really going on here?" 
Any non-liberal who followed the federal shenanigans must be shaking their heads in total disbelief and denial after the final results came in? Did the liberals even have a...

Evaluating The Prospects

Posted by kehatch in kehatch's Ramblings, 18 July 2013 · 1,386 views

The Calgary Flames have done an admirable job of improving their prospect pool over the past three seasons. A simple comparison of the 2010    vs the 2013    development camp rosters should be proof enough. But what does that mean to a Flames team with roster gaps at all positions? The Flames aren't looking for their prospect pool to fill in a few gaps or...

The Loss Of A True Fan!

Posted by monkey88 in monkey88's Blog, 02 May 2013 · 859 views

My mom was a true Calgary Flames fan. For the last 25 years, whether they were winning or losing, she never let anyone say anything bad about them and get away with it. She went to as many games as she possibly could and did what she could not to miss watching a game at home. Yesterday May 1st 2013 after an 8 year battle with ovarian cancer the Calgary Fl...

Thank You Jarome

Posted by cross16 in In the "Cross16Hairs", 29 March 2013 · 963 views

I have never had the pleasure to meet the hockey player known as Jarome Igina. He does not know my name, my story, where I come from, and could walk past me on the street and think nothing of it. Since the trade, I’ve been asking myself why I feel emotion for a player that I never met and at the end of the day just a hockey player? Growing up in Kelowna I...

The Pre-season That Counts!

Posted by 7deuce_kid in 7deuce_kid's Blog, 22 January 2013 · 887 views

[indentTwo games in and back to back. The Flames have shown marked improvement in the first two games of this the Lockout shortened 48 Game Season. With the next tilt coming Wednesday in Vancouver what is next for the Flames? What can we take away as fans from the previous two games? First of all with barely a training camp some new additions and a new co...

#1: Edmonton Oilers

Posted by Crzydrvr in State of the Franchise, 13 August 2012 · 1,116 views
Edmonton, Oilers, Eberle and 1 more...

Part 30 in my "State of the Franchise" series. Finishing up the individual team pages....

Feel free to leave comments; I'm always willing to take feedback and I readily accept that I'm not the next Charles Dickens, so any constructive criticism would be great.

Current Rankings List:
1. Edmonton
2. St. Louis
3. Florida
4. NY Islanders...

To Reactive Fresh Air Kinds Since Mediators

Posted by msbtatlv in msbtatlv's Blog, 18 July 2012 · 472 views

to reactive Cellular Injury As a result of Exposure To Mesothelioma Materials
It can be well-known that field-work exposure to asbestos fiber features proven to be deadly previously. Some careers are generally struck disproportionately, and some are a smaller amount properly manifested inside the data. The actual query continues to be, what makes asbestos...

Coach Or First Class

Posted by I_am_Canuck in I_am_Canuck's Blog, 12 April 2012 · 523 views

So with the release of Brent Sutter (and rumour  has it he will Coach the WildRose Party  ::  or was that to drive the WildRose Coach ?), Who do we get now?

With Randy Carlyle engaged, does anyone think we can get permission to talk to Mike Babcock ?  

From: Is Iginla The Problem?

Posted by nixkoo88 in For Us, By Us, 06 April 2012 · 340 views

Source: Is Iginla The Problem?

This is a statement I find very true and I hope that management will see and consider it, if they haven't already

Almost Over...

Posted by big_bill in big_bill's Blog, 31 March 2012 · 442 views

Well peeps this is not my end of the season blog but it looks like it will be the one before it. Now you guys know me I am a very positive guy and always try to see the bright side of things but it looks like this time even I see the writing on the wall. It always stings a little bit more when your team has a good run and gets your hopes up so high just t...

Last Night's Game

Posted by Anar in Anar's Blog, 24 December 2011 · 816 views

Truly enjoyed the game last night and the victory against the Canucks.... it had certainly been a delightful performance and I believe that the Flames are now getting into the winning spirit....they demonstrate perseverence and determination...  they have maintained their power play and penalty killing statistics; but more importantly....
- Glencross...


The Beat As Saves 2-1a Giordano, Goal Glencross Each 32,have Colorado, Kiprusoff Flames

Posted by zfj2011 in zfj2011's Blog, 07 November 2011 · 336 views

Colorado Sunday,record the in DENVER have Avalanche Calgary best the NHL.reached mark they if .— the played  500 they The might the Flames often but more Curtis and  Flames beat the shots,goal stopped the each night.Avalanche Glencross Mark and Colorado Calgary Miikka on Kiprusoff Sunday 32 Giordano had a 2-1 the dominated Oct.then Flames Colorado straigh...

Confidence In This Upcoming Season.

Posted by Demonous_Xodus in Thoughts of a Demon, 19 August 2011 · 311 views

As I sit here reviewing everything that has to do with the Flames, I still don't understand the hate that the Flames are getting nowadays.

Why do I feel confident in this season? I feel that the team really meshed at the end of last season, in which point we went pretty flawless for the better part of the second half. We could've been as high as...

05/05/11 Updated Team List And Cap: Minnesota

Posted by Crzydrvr in GM Fantasy League Blog, 05 May 2011 · 349 views


Andrew Brunette ($3.000m) / Mikko Koivu ($6.750m) / Martin Havlat ($5.000m)
Sergei Samsonov ($1.300m) / Pierre-Marc Bouchard ($4.080m) / Guillaume Latendresse ($2.500m)
Antti Miettinen ($2.500m) / Matt Cullen ($3.500m) / Cal Clutterbuck ($1.400m)
Colton Gillies ($0....

A New Cheer

Posted by johnfo in johnfo's Blog, 27 March 2011 · 479 views

Hey Flames fans. Start yelling " chug chug chug ... " when the boys are falling behind. Thats what trains do to get over a steep hill, and it's understood by the beer drinkers on the team as well as many of the fans in the seats.

Flames Help Themselves

Posted by bruno12 in bruno12's Blog, 21 February 2011 · 306 views

Coach Sutter said that the Flames players have been playing the system since mid December. I think Flames were in 14th place. It has taken time and certainly did not happen over night. Today they are tied for 5th place. When the Flames play for 60 minutes they may not be beat.

Bourque's A Dud

Posted by balert in balert's Blog, 05 February 2011 · 325 views

Borque hasn't done anything except a shootout goal since he signed his contract. He should be benched and definately not given any powerplay time. He will be the prime reason if flames lose tonight.

Kiprusoff Or Karlsson

Posted by ARG in ARG's Blog, 24 January 2011 · 300 views

A lot of people have different opinions and favourites in the world of hockey.  
  With Kipper's play as of lately he's been in a slump and this has changed the way I think about him.  He is a great NHL goalie, one of the best, but he is so melancholy.  He shows absolutely no emotion, which could be bad for the team.  The Flames aren't doing s...

Tune Up On The Buffs

Posted by thatguy4 in thatguy4's Blog, 27 December 2010 · 309 views

After playing a good hard and physical game against the Dallas Stars we need to fine tune our effort and try to make something similar against the Buffs.  

The Buffs will be down their leading goal scorer and we are coming off of a big win against the division leaders.  Did I say win against the division leaders?  For a team that struggles against the re...

Considering The Future

Posted by FlamesFanatic in Rants and Rambling of a Fanatic, 10 December 2010 · 489 views

After a shootout loss tonight, the hope for the current edition of the Calgary Flames gets slimmer and slimmer. Calgary is back down to 15th in the Western Conference, despite having as many as 2 or 3 games already played compared to the teams ahead of them in the standings. As we look at the days to come ahead, there has to be the realization that a rebu...

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