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Kiprusoff Or Karlsson

A lot of people have different opinions and favourites in the world of hockey.

With Kipper's play as of lately he's been in a slump and this has changed the way I think about him. He is a great NHL goalie, one of the best, but he is so melancholy. He shows absolutely no emotion, which could be bad for the team. The Flames aren't doing so well in the standings, and before Darryl Sutter quit, the dressing room was dull. Jay Feaster is encouraging them to show their emotions; to not be afraid to be happy with the way an individual played or frustrated at a call.

Kiprusoff is a private guy and I get that and respect it. It just doesn't help when Karlsson is in net and Kipper is just sitting on the bench like a pile of towels. He just watches whatever is in front of him with a sad look. If you look around the NHL other teams' goalies chat with their teammates; you know, be involved in the game even though they aren't playing.

Maybe I just too tough on Kiprusoff, or just being judgmental. However I do believe that the way that Karlsson isn't afraid to do a little fist pump here or wave the puck at a player is wonderful. It gets inside the oppositions mind; 'hey Karlsson just fist pumped when he stoned me. Man is he in the game!'.

So who do you prefer? Kiprusoff or Karlsson?


Jay Feaster : Gm

With Jay Feaster as the acting general manager and Darryl Sutter out of a job, anything could happen depending on what Feaster thinks is best.

I am happy that this occurred, but I am wondering why didn't this go down in the summer when Feaster could have made some trades and adjustments? I am in agreement with Eric Francis who wrote an article that in summary said that by signing Olli Jokinen, Sutter was the antagonist to his story of being a GM.

Without the push from management Darryl probably would have never left and Ken King would have never "asked" him to. The Flames are a long way from being any where near a playoff spot worth trying to get however Sutter probably thought otherwise.

In my opinion Jay Feaster is just what this club needs to turn around. He's very optimistic and knows what's going on with the players. His idea to allow the player's to play their music loudly after games and having the media in a different room would be unspoken of under Darryl Sutter. Involving the other personnel with the decisions of trades and such, wonderful; Sutter most likely didn't.

What happens to the Flames in the near future, only God really knows.

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done." -Philippians 4:6 NLT ( New Living Translation)