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So with the release of Brent Sutter (and rumour has it he will Coach the WildRose Party :: or was that to drive the WildRose Coach ?), Who do we get now?

With Randy Carlyle engaged, does anyone think we can get permission to talk to Mike Babcock ?


Lets Talk Trades

Do you think a couple of quick trades can start the rebuilding process ?

Lets get some offers (or draft picks) for Jokinen, Sarich, Backlund, Moss, Stajan, Kostopoulos, yes and even that big contract in Bouwmeester !!

Anyone Listening ?


Rebuilding Time

:angry: Iginla is not the Problem. Anyone who advocates trading Iggy or Kipper is out of their minds.

True, a rebuild will mean not making the playoffs for about two(2) years, but who is going to keep us respectable in the meantime ?

Anyone listening ?