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Dear Santa,

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Or should I say Dear Flames,

I really do love you guys. I think that you guys are doing a great job and I love the effort. The one thing I want more than anything else this Christmas (or the rest of the season) is not for goals, not for wins, not for a miracle.

What I want more than anything is for you guys to start hitting. I don't want fights. I want you to be aggressive against the other team. Every time I have seen a great game played by you guys I have seen you as aggressive. I see you racing after the puck I see great presence in front of the opponent’s goal and great clearing from ours. I also noticed something else though. I noticed that we hit people for trying to get in our zone. I noticed we hit people for trying to take our puck. I noticed we hit people who are causing us problems. I noticed good clean hard HITTING hockey. Not slashing after the fact, stepping on sticks, drawing stupid penalties ect.

Again let me state that I am not interested in you guys winning and/or scoring goals. I am interested in watching a hardnosed hockey game where we get after it at all costs, where we do not worry about the feelings of the other team and playing on their level. I assure you if you guys start playing like this the rest will fall into place. It is time for teams to start being afraid to see the C of Red and the Jerseys that follow. Other team’s players should sigh in relief after not being hit and inhale quickly knowing that someone else is going to finish the check that was just avoided.

Best of luck to you tonight against the Wild. As always I will be rooting for you and expecting the best. I can tell you that even if you lose I will still be happy with the team, MY team, OUR team, no matter what. I will be even happier if you get after these guys. I will feel better about a loss if you guys are aggressive and hitting. I doubt I will be happy about a loss though, I think if you play aggressively I will be happy about the win!

Go get em guys!

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I agree wholeheartedly. When I was at the game on Saturday that was one of the things I noticed. The Flames simply didn't hit.

For a team that once prided itself upon its aggressiveness and physicality, and even got within one goal of a cup because of it, it is severely lacking in consistency in that department today.

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