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Tune Up On The Buffs

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After playing a good hard and physical game against the Dallas Stars we need to fine tune our effort and try to make something similar against the Buffs.

The Buffs will be down their leading goal scorer and we are coming off of a big win against the division leaders. Did I say win against the division leaders? For a team that struggles against the rest we sure like to show up and play against teams that have a good chance of coasting into the playoffs.

I applaud the efforts of the Flames in their last game against the Stars. I was a full 60 minute game but we had something my last blog went on about. The game had a physical aspect we haven't shown in quite some time. And I am not talking about the fights. I am talking about the way we came out and hit people, the way we had GOOD CLEAN hits and avoided the penalty box to the best of our ability.

So it leads to my next blog which may or may not be taken as good advice. Who knows maybe you guys will get this a game or two later as well. Use this game tonight to keep and maintain the physical aspect of your game. Keep up with the hitting but also see how you can take advantage of the physical game with the finesse we have had all season. Hopefully with the more physical game we can come up with more goals.

On a side note let’s help out Kipper and Karl by moving people out from right in front of them. Let’s not clutter up the boards leaving guys by themselves in front of the goal keeper to recite soliloquies from Shakespeare plays.

Good luck tonight against Buffalo let’s get a great win at home.

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