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Patience Or Realism, Which Is Needed?

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The fans voiced their displeasure, the star goalie faced questions, and again the Flames suffered a loss in a big game. A game the Flames needed in order to remain on the 4 points in every 3 games pace the team believes will be required to make the playoffs. An ambitious goal for a team that has not been over .500 in months, but a goal that until last night the Flames were following perfectly. Coming back off an impressive road trip and some solid hockey, the Flames surprisingly look disinterested and slow. The 6 points in 4 games on the road trip suggests a positive, but are the Flames are playing well or is this another illusion the team has become famous for?

There is no question the Montreal game was a resilient effort but is it fair to call it a comeback, because they fell short as they did in Carolina. While a glass half full person points to the fight in the Flames to argue that they can play good hockey, the glass half empty person asks “why are you down 4 goals in the first place?” For a team that needs every point they seem to have developed a trend of slow starts that put them behind the 8 ball. The “comeback” demonstrates resiliency but also questions the ability of the team to come all the way back to win games. Just like most of the season, the Flames continue to fall just a little short in their goals…..

However, up until last night the Flames were on track to reach their goal of 4 points in ever 3 games. A goal the originated as win 2 of every 3 is now simply 4 points in ever 3 games. 3 OT/SOL points are all that is keeping this team on their pace and fans with some degree of hope. While keeping games close is a positive sign, how many teams have played solid hockey all the way to the Stanley Cup or jumped back in a playoff race?

The opponent last night provides a different perspective of what a team needs to do with their backs to the walls. Back on Dec 18th/20th when the Wild took the back to back games against the Flames it marked a huge turnaround in their season. Many fans will remember that going into those games the Flames and Wild were neck and neck in the standings of the Western Conference. This morning, the Minnesota Wild are 7 points ahead of the Flames and 1 point back of a playoff spot in the Western Conference. So in the same time that the Flames have gained little ground on their competition, the Wild have themselves right back into the playoffs with some great hockey. During that time have only benefited from the loser point twice, and won some of their games with their 3rd string goalie. The Wild are on pace with their goal, while the Flames remind their fans that it takes time and patience to climb back in a playoff race.

Patience has long been considered a virtue, but how long until patience forms into reality and the team is seen for what it is and where it should be slotted in the NHL picture?

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Recommended Comments

Hey Cross,

I'll give you a little feedback here or constructive criticism.

I don't think this is your strongest blog entry. I find your best blogs or posts illustrate your well above average knowledge of the Flames in details not just generally. That is where your insights are most interesting to me anyway.

This one is a little rhetorical in style with the opening line and on too general a topic (the performance of the team all together - not much debate on that).

This particular blog entry is just too general imo.

I enjoy your commentaries where you get into more detail and into areas which are debatable rather than a sort of general one. For example why Stajan is a bad contract - why Jokinen is not a contract you would have signed. Why you would not trade Kipper or would etc.

These are the kind of more detailed commentaries on players that I personally find informative. The general commentary on our teams inconsistent record and performance this year isn't really new stuff nor does it maximize the utility of your knowledge.

For example things that I am interested in hearing your view on even if it is a repeat of info from your board posts.

(1) Do you think B Sutter should be removed as coach. If so when ? If not how long do you keep him for and why ?

(2) Who are your top 3 Flames this year and why ?

(3) Who are your worst 3 Flames this year and why ?

(4) Who do you trade and why ?

(5) Who are the top prospects for the Flames and when should we expect them in the line-up.

(6) Even a blog entry per player evaluation from your perspective would be interesting imo. (this would be sure to incite comments to the blog and debate)

I think you should take the opportunity with your blog to repeat some of your views, although that may be boring to you, with a fuller explanation or even just to keep your views in one spot.

The regulars who read the board all the time know that you would like to see Paul Fenton of the Preds come in as GM of the Flames for example but who knows where that post is? Your blog is a perfect place to make your case and have your views in one spot.

These are just my suggestions and feedback - cheers...

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First - I've updated the blog with some feedback from bigchief.

Thanks Flame and I will keep that in mind. I do have a blog upcoming that talks about Brent Sutter as well as a prospects blog so I will get more in depth. My goal is also to mix in some things that other people are not talking about, but I will take some of your ideas and form a blog with it as well.

I appreciate all of you that read the blog and provide feedback. I've also received some PMs about them as well, and they are much appreciated.

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Reading the comments from Flame111 it sounds like you are quite the blogger! Good job! Just lookin' for a few pointers on how I can make my blog better. I want to be a sports journalist so any kind of tips would be great.

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