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Big Bill Is Back!

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Hello all my loyal Billy blogers out there! It has been a wile hasn't it? The bigman has done it all. First I had the Unofficial home of the Calgary Flames on myspace...yeah myspace. It was nice wile it lasted and the dead page is still out there if you give a crap, then the bigman moved to the awesome Internet airwaves and did his not so awesome podcast called "Big Bill's Flamecast" on talkshoe. Almost good but I got to admit it was very unorganized and filled up with lots of unnecessary swearing and bad jokes to hide the fact that I sucked as a part time "broadcaster". Then the bigman took a year off to get a life. Yeah I said it. I lost over 120 pounds and am feeling great. Still not where I want to be but I'm a hell of a ways from where I was. Now I got to say that I had no intention of bloging again for the Flames but since it is almost that time again I thought what the hell! This season I will do blogs only, for my 5 radio fans I'm sorry but I just don't have the time or desire to do that anymore.

I do however love to write and I love my Flames and this season for better or for worse is going to be a very interesting season to say the least. I will do a more detailed blog on the Flames at or after training camp because I think that there is going to me some more changes to come (as there always is at training camp) and I don't want to get too far ahead of myself or look like a dumbass, because how can you critique a team that hasn't even been formally put together. I would just be whining about another team that didn't make the playoffs for another season, and that team is not the team we are going to see in October.

No peeps this is just a little primer for all of you and hopefully you will subscribe to my stuff and enjoy what I got. Before I go I just want to say that it is sad to see such a awesome guy like Wade Belak pass away. He was as some of you know a former Calgary Flame and a tremendous human being. He always had a funny joke to tell and was always on TV trying to make people laugh. This world needs more Wade's in it because it's a dark world sometimes and it just got a little darker yesterday. On behalf of myself and my friends and loved ones I want to offer my most heart felt condolences to his family. The NHL needs to look into head hits and depression. It's a real problem. It happened to many hockey players and wrestlers. Chris Benoit being the worst possible example. Head hits of any kind do damage and it needs to be discussed and changed. I love hockey fights but as a guy who loves this game more then the average fan I am willing to pay and see a fightless game to see people like Wade stay alive.

Please NHL wake the hell up! Also NHLPA wake the hell up! These guys need a way to transition out of the game when their carriers are over. So have a program out there for them because when you eat sleep and crap hockey for your whole childhood and adult life and it's gone in one day, guys need a place to fall and get back up because it is a hard check to take! Thanks peeps for reading this and I can't wait to blog another season and see another season of FLAMES HOCKEY! Until next time, I will catch you all on the flipside.

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