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Game On!

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Well peeps it's official hockey season is upon us once again and I am thrilled to be blogging again for the team that I love! I have worked real hard also on having a stronger facebook presence this year and for future seasons to come in the way of a brand new fan page for us! What is it called you might ask? Well it is called the C of Red. Yes what better way of bringing the fans of the Flames together then to have them as the stars of it! I created the page but it's for us. Like some of you long time Billy bloggers already know is I have been doing this for a wile, since 2006. I had a really successful fan page on myspace (when it was cool) and then I moved over to here after I started to realize myspace was slowing down.

Since then I have been posting my podcast and blogs threw my personal facebook and as awesome as it is I think I could reach more of you with a facebook fan page. So thats why I started it. A way for me to have more people see my work and a place for us to have some fun!

So now that all that is out of the way lets talk about 2011/12! The training camp is over and my personal opinion is I was happy that we had a winning record but at the end of the day I was left with the feeling that we where just average. It is very obvious that we have some good rookies in the ways of forwards but in my opinion our younger D and goaltenders where not so good. Am I worried about it? No. Why? Well because that is what being a rookie and training camp is all about. These dudes have lots of time this season to get better and make a good showing for next season. It also goes to show the way Jay is focusing his attention.

Our D right now that are up are way faster and younger then before. With all do respect to Reg he was slowing us down. People feared him when he would run them into the boards but those times where getting fewer and fewer. Geo has shown us all that he is the real deal and it is because of his awesome play that Reg was expendable. Also I'm not worried about our rookie goalies because we now have a solid back up to Miikka. "The Calgary tower" has shown me last season that he has the perfect mentality for the job and that is a real hard thing to have in that position. Usually dudes that have that ability are also the ones that suck when the job becomes full time. That is the unfortunate part of that type of goaltender. Good thing for us Kipper is always in shape, stretches like a beast and hasn't been on long term IR for many years.

So the future for our D and our goaltending is very good for this season. Our weakest position in my opinion is and has always been our center position. I know the Flames brass will try and have you drink the kool aid again this season and say we are strong there but the simple fact is we have always sucked at the center spot with the exception of Conny. We would have to have had four Conny's in the past to be good and that is and was never the case in Calgary. I have no faith is Jokes. I have some faith in Moss, I have little to no faith in Stajan, I like Morrison but he is older and the rest have to prove themselves to me.

Harsh I know but I tell it like it is and I'm not going to blow sunshine up butts around here. We need to see some solid improvement in that position and if we don't get it by Christmas I think we all know we will have to make some moves there. Jay is not a stupid guy and he knows about the problem. Thats why he made a huge play for Richards. Even though he didn't get him here that just tells me that he is totally aware of this problem and it working on it the best he can.

As far as our wingers are concerned I think we are ok for now. If Iggy takes a supporting role this season and helps the young dudes with ice time we will be way more faster and competitive. I love Iggy but he has tried to put this team on his back for far too long and I think It's time for him to take a larger role in development and leadership of our young guys. That doesn't mean he won't do what he does best but if he was not on the ice AS much then the other dudes will get more confidence and attention from the opposition, leaving him and Tangs open for sneak attacks.

All and all this is going to be a awesome season and I know the Flames are going to be much better then seasons past. Since the change upstairs with Darryl moving on (I hate to say it) but they all have been way better. I think Jay brings in a new atmosphere of respect/fun and I think it was the change that was needed. Many of you know I loved what Darryl did for this team and I didn't want to see him go but I guess I was wrong. (you won't hear me say that often)

So I hope you all liked my very first blog of the 2011/12 season and I look forward to doing more of them soon. I don't fully judge a team until after 20 games but I'm sure you will hear something from me sooner then that, good or bad! So until next time peeps I will catch you on the flipside! ps Here is a link to the new C of Red on facebook! "like" us and tell your friends! http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-of-Red/253935751309646

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