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Panic Button Time?

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Hello all my loyal Billy blogers out there! How are all of you on this fine October game day? I hope well. The Bigman is doing well and I wish that I could say the same for the Flames. I'm not one to panic this early in a season because I know there is lots of hockey to play but I said the same thing last year and we missed the playoffs by only a few points. So maybe it is time to freak out a little!

That being said,in the last 24 I have been hearing some trade talks. Now I'm not one to get all caught up in that kind of crap all the time but when I hear stuff that I think is on the level then I will take the time to post it. I'm only getting names of dudes that other teams are interested in not what might be on the way back, so I think it might be salary dumping type stuff going on with young prospects or draft pics coming back...but in the new NHL of salary caps and teams wanting to swap contracts I don't see it happening myself. So we would have to be talking with teams that have extra salary to work with. The teams that have been talking to us (I'm hearing) are the Rangers, Jackets and the Devils. All teams that are near the cap so I don't see them taking on salary without sending some back our way. Not only that but all of those teams don't have centers that we would want with the exception of Richards from the Rangers. He just signed a huge deal with them so I don't see him going anywhere.

So is this a whole lot of nothing..NO it shows that we are active and we are not willing to watch this team miss the playoffs again. As you guys already know I think we need better centers because we will not make the playoffs with the dudes we have now. BMO is our best guy and he can't play every shift. Jokes has been way better and I'm a man who will give credit when it's due but that being said it hasn't gone in the back of the net. He is out there doing in my opinion his best and is the hardiest working Flame that is not Kipper but he needs to get them to go in. If he keeps working as hard as he has they will. It will only be a matter of time and puck luck.

The Flames need to get into there heads that if "every game matters" then the only acceptable loss is one in OT or a shootout. The truth is in the new NHL that "every point matters" and that is why we have missed the playoffs two seasons in a row. Am I hitting the panic button..no but I am concerned that if we don't get on a point roll we might be in a hole that will be hard to climb of in April. Games like tonight's game is one we can never lose any points in. Devision games are the most important to win and to win them in regulation is even better. The Avs where good for some reason against us last year so I am curious to see how they will do this season. Either way the Flames in my opinion have been working hard and doing what they can to put together a full 60 minutes. Thats all we can ask.

Well my peeps I hope you liked this blog and I will have more for you soon but if you want more updates and trade news then join the C of Red on facebook. I add lots of links, video highlights rumors and my most awesome blogs! I will provide a link here so you can join right NOW! lol Anyways guys I hope you all have a awesome day and the Flames can get the win. Until next time I will catch you all on the flipside!

C of Red link http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-of-Red/253935751309646

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