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  1. 1. Should the Flames change their uniforms?

    • Yes, to yellow
    • Yes, to black
    • Bring back the flaming horse head
    • Don't be ridiculous. The Flames uniforms are classic and tasteful.

Hello all my loyal Billy blogers out there! How are you all doing on this snowy, snowy day? I hope well! I don't know about you guys but now it feels officially like Christmas time...that's right I said CHRISTMAS time. I am one of those people who thinks that Christians need to stop being so damned considerate during their most joyous time of celebration and enjoy the season of Christmas for what it truly is! Everyone else who has religious holidays are respected highly in this country and are allowed to do there thing so why can't us Christians? Now I will get off my soapbox and say Merry Christmas one more time before getting started at the business at hand and that is playoffs!

"PLAYOFFS?!....PLAYOFFS?! Don't talk to me about PLAYOFFS!" to quote the great Jim Mora speech. Yes playoffs and the reason I am bringing up playoffs is because in my last blog I said that this team as it is right now will not make the playoffs and since then I can't see that I am wrong at all. Trust me guys I don't want to say this and would love to fill you guys with encouraging hope on this team making a spectacular run but I don't see it. Jay said at the beginning of the season that we WILL make the playoffs and that this team is not in a rebuilding phase. I believed him and still believe that he wants that to be the case but want and will are two different things my friends and this team is not doing what they should be.

Now Iggy rumors are out there and I don't know what to believe. Jay said no way in hell and until he is proven to be a liar in my eyes I will believe it. A huge part of me would be sad to see Iggy go but if the deal was good and we could make the playoffs this year and many to come then I would say go for it. If it was a deal to get some young unknowns and some other dudes like in the Deon deal then I would say HELL NO! This is about the playoffs and I don't know about you guys but as a hockey fan I want to see a team that I know not only has a shot at playoffs but a possible home ice position and could go a few rounds. That is what Flames fans want. We do not want to get rid of our awesome players to get lego bricks and hope to go so far down the standings that we pick #1.

The problem with that way of "building" is you never know what the talent pool will be that year 100% unless there are 3-4 super skilled players to choose from that off season. That hardly ever happens people! No team knows if they will be #1 because it's a lottery, so either way it is a gamble and that is not what hockey is all about. Hockey is about win and your in! Hard work and doing your best and rebuilding in my eyes is a fools game when you have to do it like that. What we need to do is look at what we have.

Instead of looking at a problem and seeing all that is wrong with a situation we should look at all that is good and go from there. What is the best thing about the Flames? Kipper. OK so now we look at our D. Who is the best player there, Geo. OK now we look to or wingers, our centers and so on and so on. I am not paid to make those kind of decisions Jay is and he knows what he has and what he doesn't. If he is serous about making the playoffs then we need to make some changes either now and do what he said he would do or admit on T.V he was wrong about the playoffs after December, eat crow like a man and wait until summer to do what needs to be done. My opinion he should eat crow and wait because he will make better choices then. Anyways guys that's all for now but I would like to say again thank you so much for reading my blog! I had the most hits ever on my last blog "Sorry Olli" and I'm blown away by how much you guys responded. The only thing tho is no one commented and I'm sure lots of you have awesome opinions so please leave a comment and join the C of Red on facebook! Until next time peeps, I will catch you all on the flipside!

C of Red link! http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-of-Red/253935751309646

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