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Under Pressure

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Hello again all my loyal Billy Blogers out there! I hope you are having a awesome day even tho it is a Monday. So guys I wanted to give it a few games with our new players before I did another blog on how we are doing for our playoff push. And in my awesome opinion we are still at or a bit better of a level that we where before. Now I would be lying if I didn't say I thought we would be in a better spot by now but maybe my hopes at the time where a little to high because of the fact that we did dig ourselves a bit of a hole and other teams are doing well and are keeping the pace. That being said I still believe that this team will make the playoffs with the team we have now but as we all know the trade deadline is upon us and until then it is anyone's guess what Jay is going to do.

Over the All star break Jay moved Brendon Morrison a guy who was good for us now as far as being a contributor for the team and could have helped us even in a limited role to get us to the playoffs. People will say "Well Bill he wasn't getting much ice time so how can you say that." well the fact is that at any time as any good GM knows that injuries can happen and to have a extra center would have been nice just in case we where in need. "So if Jay knew that why would he do that then?" you might ask. He was freeing up cap space. The only reason he would need extra cash is if he had a motivation to still make some moves soon. Jay has said his mission was to make the playoffs and freeing space just for the hell of it is not a move that would get us there.

So in my awesome opinion again I believe Jay is not done and I would think he is going to go for a big fish. I just hope if he gets the big fish he is after that he will fit in quick and get us to where we all want to be in April. The next month is going to be interesting because we need to be still bringing it every game and around this time lots of players get insecure because they know if they don't have a no trade they could be on their way out soon so they might play scared. We need all the points we can get right now so every game is going to be a nail biter for us! I am excited to see how the Flames do when the deadline has passed and the pressure is off and it is really going to be go time! Until next time peeps I will catch you all on the flipside!

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