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Off The Stupid Pills!

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Hello all my loyal Billy blogers out there! How are you all doing on this holiday Monday? Good I hope! Well peeps I wanted to take this time to do another blog for all of you even though I will be doing another blog soon right after the trade deadline. The reason I am doing a blog now is because of the fact that the Flames have reached their first goal of the season and that is to get too a playoff spot. In any situation where you have a big goal you first must set little goals along the way. In hockey I would think the first goal would be to get into the top 8, then fight for the top of your division/get home ice and then the main goal is to get to the finals and then finally the ultimate goal is to win the cup. It took a wile but the Flames made the first goal!

Do I think the Flames are going to win the cup?...no, do I think they can win the division?...no, do I think they will get 4th spot and get home ice?...no BUT I do think we have a chance to make the playoffs now! From there anything can happen and I know people will say that we will go out in the first round but the way Kipper is playing I think we have a better chance then many will give us credit for. I think this team might even have a chance of making it to the 6th spot in the conference and the last time the Flames made it to 6th spot and Kipper was rocking this hard we went all the way to game 7 of the finals and some(me) will say we won in game 6.

Now lots of you will be giving me the gears because many times this season I have been hard on this team and have almost wrote (literally) them off. ie. after the Van game where we where spanked and after the Boson game where we where so badly beaten I would have rather have watched the movie Deliverance...twice. Yes we where bad but we also on BOTH of those horrible games where playing our backup! Sutter finally got it threw his head that Kipper is the man and to play him in huge games. I honestly don't know what the hell he was thinking! Maybe he was on stupid pills but he finally realized it and here we are 8th baby!

Also I have too say since Cammy has come back he has set this team in the right mindset. He is a leader that shows that hard work and dedication will get you far. He is not going to score every night but he is getting the young dudes to work even harder by being himself at a time when we are desperate for support form all the guys that are up helping us out with all the injuries we have.

Not that many young guys are finding the back of the net but they are seeing that if they work hard and believe in themselves they can make it to the NHL. Cammy is a special guy, intense guy but he has a deep passion for winning and leaving it all out there on the ice and it shows. Like kipper he will never quit on a game. I'm not going to lie there has been a few games lately that if it wasn't for Cammy and Kipper we would not be where we are right now.

With all that being said the trade deadline is still on it's way and we might have some new faces in the lineup or we might just stay where we are. Either way peeps I will have it all covered for you when the time comes but for now I will say.. Go Flames Go and I will catch you all on the flipside.

If you want to fallow the Bigman on facebook I have a awesome C of Red fan page for all of you. Hit like and tell your Flames friends! http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-of-Red/253935751309646

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