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Go Time!

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Hello again all my loyal Billy Blogers out there! I hope you are all having a awesome day today and are enjoying this epic sunshine! Also enjoying a extra hour of it as well! Spring is upon us peeps and that can only mean one thing to hockey fans PLAYOFFS! It also means something else to Flames fans...golf season. Sorry I had too. This year though the Flames are making a strong effort to get in this time and a few weeks ago I honestly thought that we were going to be in a better spot then where we are now. I'm not taking anything away from what the Flames are doing now because we are chugging along at a pace where we are getting points almost every game and that is all you can ask for with injuries but I just thought that we would have a few more 2 point games then we do. Either way we are still in this thing and with Glencross back and on the roll he is on I think we do have a solid shot of Spring hockey this season for the boys in red and black.

Now lets talk trade deadline for a minute. Jay didn't do much. He signed a player and didn't make any moves. Now their was lots of talk that we had some nice offers to get some players for Olli. That would mean we where going to sell off one of our assets and basically throw in the towel on the season. We would have got some picks and it might have been a good plan considering the fact that Olli's contract is up at the end of the season and if he is not willing to be a Flame we might have hurt ourselves. I think Jay is thinking that he made a promise to the Flames fans of playoff hockey and if that was going to happen then we need Olli and I agree.

The only thing is what if we don't make the playoffs and Olli signs a fat contract somewhere else in the summer because his stock has gone up this season and the Flames can't honestly overspend on another aging player. Olli is going to have a lot of leverage this off season and for Jay to not trade him Olli must have said he is willing to stay for a discount. I'm not sure but it is a risk that Jay was willing to take and we will have to see how this all plays out on July 1st.

So now it's go time peeps! The Flames have 12 games left and we need to win most and get a point out of the rest. It is going to be a epic "march" to the finish line and now more then ever every game matters. Either way you know the Bigman is going to be on the edge of his seat and biting his nails off every game! It really is the best time of the season and I am excited as hell! Until next time I will catch you all on the flipside!

Here again is a link to my facebook Flames fan page...LIKE! https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCofRed

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