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Almost Over...

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Well peeps this is not my end of the season blog but it looks like it will be the one before it. Now you guys know me I am a very positive guy and always try to see the bright side of things but it looks like this time even I see the writing on the wall. It always stings a little bit more when your team has a good run and gets your hopes up so high just to crash down like a bad Red bull binge. I think though I do know why.

Kipper has been holding up this team all season and I think it has caught up with him. He has had too do everything in his power this year and his power looks to be going down. He has let in some soft ones right away in games and it has been hard for the team to score.(J-Bo didn't help either but I digress)Other teams tenders are bringing it like kipper has been all season right now because the teams we are playing are mostly teams we are fighting with to get a playoff spot. The Flames are shooting lots but just no goals. It is very frustrating to see and I'm sure for the players it is frustrating to be a part of on the ice.

The fact is we have three games left and two of them are against a team that is very good and also is fighting for top spot in the west...again. (I hate the Canucks so much)So my point is this could go two ways. 1, we get rolled and smoked badly or 2, we get two wins and take advantage of a team that knows they are in and is not clawing and scratching to get in to the playoffs.

The brass tax here peeps is the Flames need help and wins and in my opinion we might get one of two but both will be a miracle. I am just going to try and enjoy what games are still on the sked and soak it all in. Appreciate that I am watching hockey because it is always a long summer when you are a Flames fan and you can't see your team. So until next time and maybe for the last time this season I will catch you all on the filpside!

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Thanks peeps and GO FLAMES GO!

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