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From: Is Iginla The Problem?

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This thread is comical. Do you guys even remember what kind of fan base this team had before Iginla. I remember, I was at the games. The flames were in trouble. This guy has done more for this hockey team than nearly anyone who has played the game.

The bottom line is, there hasn't been a single player since Iggy's dominance that has come in and generated what he has. Look at the Wings, they have a stacked team and they don't just rely on Zetts or Dats, Van doesn't just rely on the Sedins, they have tons of depth. This is NOT an IGGY problem people.

The people who are saying this are they bandwagon people. People who clearly jumped on this team because of IGGY.

Did Sakic get traded, NO. Did Madano get traded, Yes but basically when he was producing way under what Iggy can still do and the guy was like 40. These are players I can compare to Iggy in what they have done for their team. The only difference is that the GM's brought in stellar players to play with these guys and they won cups. This is not fair to Iggy and for the people that wanna throw this guy under the buss, Go find some other team to cheer for. This is insulting.

The problem is that we have drafted 1 player in the last 10 or more years that has amounted to anything. Dion, and he was traded. This is a joke guys. Iggy deserves to retire a Flame, and he deserves to be giving the chance to win. The team needs to make some smart decisions and you CAN win a guy like Iggy.

Source: Is Iginla The Problem?

This is a statement I find very true and I hope that management will see and consider it, if they haven't already

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:mad:Iginla is not the problem ! Feaster said at the beginning of the year he had two choices. 1) make a move toward rebuilding or 2) bolster the ranks for a run in 2011/2012.

Now he will rebuild ! That will mean Fans will have to be patient for two more years of missing the playoffs (perhaps a run in the third year, eh?)

Meanwhile, Iginla is the Captain and leader that the rookies will look up to and follow. In order to at least have one good line, we should be keeping Tanguay and Cammalleri (keeping Kipper is not in doubt).

Trade bait is players like Stajan, Kostopoulos, Moss, Backlund, Sarich, and (sorry Jay, but) Bouwmeester too!

We need Bouma and Byron to step up or be gone, and we need Jackman to keep other teams honest, so he stays for now.

We need to trade for some draft picks, have a good hard look at our young guys in the minors, and bring up those that have already shown us some good things.

Is anyone out there listening ?

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