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  2. Completely agree and was even very kind of you not to mention McDavid and company. He was just in his prime at the wrong time for us. Anyway. I digress. Maybe he can move up in the organisation, or...really whatever he'd like to do I'm sure he'll find success. And of course, he doesn't need to hang his skates up right now by any means. Goalies and Defencemen draft approaches and we should be big players in it.
  3. Seems like a dangerous idea to have the player(s) dictate the direction of the team. I like the idea of the team starting fresh with a new goal but it needs to come from the top down. We dont know the targets that are set by ownership but as an outsider it seems they're content to keep being marginal without any real need to change too much.
  4. If BUF trades Eichel then I think that's a rebuild signal for them. They will want youth and/or RFA protected contracts. This means Gaudreau and Monahan are almost certainly not something they would be looking for. Valimaki and Tkachuk would be of most interest. "Maybe" Lindholm because he's signed for 3 more years on a great contract. Maybe Hanifin and Andersson because of contract length. Aside from that, I feel Zary, Pelletier, and 1st round picks are the next assets they want. Anyway we look at it, one of our top 3 paid forwards have to be included in the deal due to cap reasons. So this means Tkachuk.
  5. What if we traded Monahan for Reinhart? I saw a trade suggestion on the FlamesNation comments. Interesting thought to fix the right side. Monahan probably gets a few more points but does that fix the C logjam and roster? Gaudreau, Lindholm, Reinhart Tkachuk, Backlund, Mangiapane Lucic, Bennett, Dube. or we can trade within... Monahan, Lindholm, Gaudreau
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  7. And we should also mention Zibanejad has 1 more year before UFA. He has the same trade value as Gaudreau right now. That is, someone who's gone after next season.
  8. Zibanejad has a NMC though. Kakko is also trending into the next Puljujarvi.
  9. I mean if we want to outbid a team like the Rangers who throw Zibenejad and Kaako in a deal and not blink an eye. Then we have to go Tkachuk, Valimaki and a 1st for sure, even with Pelletier in the deal I doubt it's enough to get it done.
  10. That's way too much. That's what you offer for McDavid or Mackinnon. Or Crosby in his prime. Matthews and Scheifele are better Centers than Eichel right now. Which puts Eichel in the top 5 to 10 range with others like Draisaitl, Barkov, Tavares, Point, Petterson, etc. You can even make a case he's behind Aho and Barzal which puts Eichel outside the top 10 for the time being... not to mention the vets like Bergeron, O'Reilly, Toews, Kopitar, Malkin, etc who've still got game. They are all stud for sure but let's not get carried away here especially if Eichel is openly demanding a trade. That puts BUF in a negotiating disadvantage. Of all the Centers, maybe BUF can pry Barkov out of FLA from a change of scenery argument.
  11. Exactly my point. It wasn't Giordano specifically but our organizational philosophy. It's like, we're so scared no one will ever want to play here or something. No confidence in attracting/keeping UFAs.
  12. 110% with you all the way here. I was on the boat to move him in 2013 when we moved Iginla and began our rebuild. We would've tanked much worse the following 3 years and probably would've/could've drafted a #1 Center by now. ie. Instead of Bennett, we would've had Draisaitl or Ekblad. Instead of Hamilton/Lindholm, we would've had Eichel/Marner. Instead of Tkachuk, we would've had... well Tkachuk was a great pick. Instead of Valimaki, we would've had Heiskanen. You get the point.
  13. I don't think Monahan starts the conversation for Eichel. My guess is if you want Eichel you have to start the conversation with Tkachuk. Tkachuk, Valimaki, Pelletier and a 1st is what it would take to get Eichel.
  14. Agreed. BUF would only do Monahan for Cozens if they want to make a last ditch effort to keep Eichel by bringing in someone who can help them win right away.
  15. Is there another streaming service that’s free? I subscribed to NHL live but that is 33.00+ per month to watch just Flames games. I was going to try Sportsnet Now but it’s a 20.00+tax per month locked in for 12 months. I wish we were allowed to pick just one team to watch games. I don’t really watch sports anymore as I spend as much time with my partner and hobbies and planning for my teaching job, so the Flames are it for me.
  16. I think I am betting they’d like to keep Eichel and having Monahan as a #2C might help them compete now. I know the rumours are he wants out, but if I were Buffalo I’d do my best to keep him.
  17. I keep hearing Rumours about Jack Eichel being possibly moved. He's pricey but signed long term. Franchise center though. Monahan, Valimaki, 1st rounder. I know it's a lot but we're talking tough as nails Eichel here. Bennet to Ottawa. They, can afford a draft pick, or a potential 3rd liner prospect for a good gamble.
  18. If we traded away the riches that Buffalo did, while still failing to build anything from it, we would be in Feaster territory for ineptness. ROR, Evander Kane, Nylander, trading for Skinner.... If an Eichel trade centers around Lindholm or Tkachuk plus a pick and NHL player, it's no question you make the trade. We trade Tkachuk, we lose his leadership but gain Eichel. We give up a player that will get a QO of $9m minimum for one year. We get a $10m player for 5 more years. Lindholm is the more difficult player to lose, since he does everything well. Consider a top 6 consisting of: Gaudreau-Eichel- Mangiapane-Monahan-Lindholm I really like that top line duo. The thing about Gio is not so much what he is worth to us in a trade as much as whether he is preventing us from getting to the next level. He has games where he plays really well, but as many where he is overplayed and puts us in a hole. Does building a future top 4 considting of Valimaki, Ras, Hanifin, Tanev now make us less able to compete? Is using Kylington and whomever on the 3rd pair that bad an idea? If we can get a top 6 RW for Gio, would that not be a win? Sure, we might lose him to expansion, but otherwise it's BSD or Kylington or Bennett. Or we do something to keep the new player.
  19. Unfortunately, I don't think Monahan gets Cozens. BUF is likely headed for another tear down, they will be looking to stay young. I don't think Monahan's value is all that high. He plays C, but doesn't drive play and he doesn't make his linemates better. Reminds me of Neal when he was in his mid 20's. Can put him down for 20 goals, solid on the PP, but not much value elsewhere. I'd look to move Monahan to a team with a strong 1st line C, because nobody will trade for him as a top line C. Would need to take money back though. NYR, FLA are teams that could use a #2 C. Gaudreau, I still believe will get you a nice return. Very similar age and contract status to Pacioretty when he went to VGK, the return was a top 6 winger Tatar, Suzuki and a 2nd.
  20. I strictly use the fire stick. Been doing so for a year now. The “mouse” navigation will never beat a true mouse, however, it’s much better than most I’ve ever tried. As a recommendation, if you do plan to get it, use the built in internet browser to stream. I’ve tried loading Firefox and other browsers, and the “Amazon silk” browser by and far is the best of the bunch for streaming. It not only blocks pop-ups, but it stops automatic redirects to other pages. You just confirm you want to “stay here” whenever a pop-up tries to throw you to another advert. I swear by it, and it’s inexpensive. additionally, the 4K fire stick is a few years old and they’re apparently releasing a new one this year. Unless you absolutely want the 4K, I’d suggest getting the regular HD fire stick that’s 1080p (2020) release. Saves a few bucks, is loaded with the newest android version, and should continue to receive software updates. (The 4K is the previous android version, hence the new one coming out).
  21. that’s kind of what I’ve been wondering. We talk about all these other teams building horrible teams but we are a poor mans Minnesota of these past years. Too good for a good pick too bad to win a round in the playoffs. I honestly like the idea around doing a deal like Monahan for Cozens and a pick. then do Gaudreau to New Jersey or New York for a very good prospect and a pick. Kakko and a 1st or 2nd. They get someone who can compete while their window is opening and we do a quick retool. Are there other players to pick up? Maybe there’s more I. Those deals?
  22. I think we would be with the right leader in the saddle. The flames aren’t devoid of talent, they just pick and choose when to show it. A leader who wouldn’t stand for that is exactly what this team needs. Hence, Eichel. We’ve tried many coaches, and we’ve had the same core for years, so I think it’s pretty evident where change needs to be made next. We already know Eichel is vocal about his expectations, and that extends beyond himself to his teammates, management, and ownership too. Cut dead weight (trade) anyone that doesn’t fall in line with the new standard. Set the bar high, that’s what Eichel would bring with him to Calgary.
  23. I'm worried about every game after a win or a loss. Win - time to tweak something or return to some other line combo. Lose - switch out a player that wasn't part of the problem. We had 3 lines that we could play against the weakest team in the league. Couldn't even use the 4th line for more than 5 minutes. Yet, the only times we were scored on was on the PP against the 27th worst PP in the league. That's weird. I don't want to overthink the impact of Ryan coming back, but at most it should impact one or two players that played Saturday and maybe some that didn't. Would like to see if Ryan could form up with Simon and Leivo. I see no good reason to play Buddy. I fail to see the love affair with Nordstrom, other than using him on the PK. Can we really afford to have a speciality player for just the PK?
  24. I have a feeling Peoples was referring to the organization’s loyalty to some players over others and Giordano is akin to Iginla. Was that loyal? Or the desire to be in the playoffs? After all of the stars got traded away, my thoughts on loyalty died, well not really... I was mad at TO for wanting to trade Sundin when he didn’t want to be, but maybe that was the last straw for me. Does Gio epitomize Flames hockey and the brand? Is he the Iginla or as popular as Iginla? Right now, I feel anyone is open season on trades. I think Peoples references to what Eichel is worth is a bit off. I see it as Lindholm, Valamaki or Andersson, a top prospect and 1st. or maybe Monahan needs to be in it.
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