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  2. Reality check for Kulak. Lol. See what happens next week.
  3. Depends on the money and cap hit too. If Trouba gets $7-mil, then that brings down his trade value. If Trouba gets $4-mil, then suddenly he might fetch more than Hamilton.
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  5. Much adieu about nothing. Now lets's get the rest of the guys signed and buy out Brouwer August 4th. July 30th is the last one (Hathaway), but I think by virtue of there being a hearing for Lindholm means they use 48 hours past that date.
  6. Gets interesting though when you flip it to points per game. 6 Non Canadians with Kurri just outside at 21. Not alot of Europeans could play in the NHL during the "golden era" of scoring so I think that alters the list a fair bit.
  7. The problem is that what the Jets want/need is different from the value they would get. You can try to find a team that has the pieces you want, but are not as likely to get it. EDM would have traded Hall for Trouba, but why would WPG do that? EDM would likely counter today with Sekera and Puljujarvi, but that's not likely enough. That would be like Brodie and Bennett. As far as I am concerned, let WPG deal with the situation. They want to trade next summer then lets talk. Hamonic had high value in his last season with the Isles, so I would prefer to wait and let his value bounce back before thinking about dealing him. Kulak/Hamonic was not that bad a pairing. That tells me it may have been a pure chemistry or bad Gully thing.
  8. Yes there is, it's the open market of UFA vs the closed market of RFA transactions. You are comparing apples to oranges. You can't play hard ball in UFA negotiations because the player will just say No, thus why you tend to overpay. for sure GMs make mistakes, Treliving included, on the UFA market and they target the wrong players but the negotiations between a UFA and an RFA are very different once you have that player targeted and you are negotiating in 2 different market types. On the RFA side, it's designed to remove options from the player and give the teams more leverage in order to keep young players as they develop and to try and keep costs down. Treliving using the options he has in order to keep the cost in check is using the system. I also disagree with people who are trying to make the case that Treliving is needing to keep the cost down because he needs the space due to overpaying Brouwer/Stone. Even when the Flames had cap space, Treliving negotiated hard with his RFAs because the tools are there for him to keep costs in line. This has nothing to do with need the space, it's getting a player for the right contract and not simply overpaying just because arbitration is on the table.
  9. The bigger problem is we have 14 guys that should be in a top 12 lineup. And guys that should only be 13/14. Healthy depth. Many RHS to work with. Many prospects that would make the team if we turned over players. Having a Hathaway is nice as an extra. One of your top earners is an after-thought in most lineups we put together. We could drop about $9m in salary and still have an awesome lineup. With extras.
  10. We also have no idea of what Kulak is asking for. Most likely 1-way. Possibly over a mill. All we can do is speculate, since there is literally no news of the negotiation.
  11. Trouba is better than Hamonic. No contest. But Trouba not as valuable as Hamilton from a trade perspective because scoring from D is highly sought after commodity. Hamilton is one of the leagues top 5. So if there is a value between Hamilton (Hanifin + Lindholm) and Hamonic (1st + two 2nds), then that's Trouba's value.
  12. Ha. I didn't even realize I hit submit. Having internet issues at the camp site. Post wasn't finished. Updated now, and Jankowski is still on the roster!
  13. Dube may be close, but I think Janko stays at C, over playing Quine or Dube. I can see where Dube and Mangiapane are fighting it out for 4th line RW duty. I can see Quine being a 13th F. I can also see Hathaway losing his spot on the team. You are probably close with the first bunch, except for the 4th line. Given the relative value of the players and their positional strengths, it should be Mangiapane/Dube-Janko-Czarnik. The defense is set, but Stone may be dealt during camp if Valimaki pushes Stone and Kulak to 7th/8th D-men. There is no way that Andersson sits or plays in the AHL. Stone would have to play with Andersson if still here.
  14. Ya I don't think anyone is going to claim a LHS LD 6/7/8 on the depth chart. Every team has a couple of those already. I certainly don't feel Kulak is a 22-mins a night second pairing guy.
  15. Agree about BT mistakes. Brouwer should not be on the team. Stone was ok last year, but overpaid and expendable now with new prospects. IF Treliving willing to waive them during season it’s no problem. Unfortunately that is unlikely.
  16. Kehatch, wth? Not only throwing Jankowski under the bus but also off the team? Ridiculous.
  17. I think we have now seen every variation possible for rosters and possible set ups. You might want to add a defense pairing of Andersson and Stone in case Kulak is gone.
  18. Defence is mostly set. The only question is whether Valimaki and/or Andersson make it over Kulak/Stone Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Hamonic Kulak-Stone Prout More interesting are the forward lines. The most probable based on coach and GM interviews: Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Backlund-Lindholm Frolik-Jankowski-Czarnik Bennett-Jankowski-Ryan My preference to balance out the lines: Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Lindholm-Ryan Bennett-Backlund-Frolik Hathaway-Jankowski-Czarnik It would be really great if the players allowed the lines to be: Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Frolik-Backlund-Lindholm Tkachuk-Bennett-Neal Mangiapane-Jankowski-Czarnik Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Hamonic Valimaki-Andersson
  19. I wouldn't say that at all but this is sometimes how you have to deal with some of the representing Agents. This is obviously a "get real" by BT in this one case. We all seem to like the figures he brings these other players in at so know we see some of the hardball that get played.
  20. The thought is nice but I don't think CAL is in the hunt this offseason. I don't think a Hamonic and Dube offer is far off the mark but just don't see BT doing it.
  21. Only 2.5 hours to go. 10am MDT. The Oilers can't do it. Too many D-men signed (6 + Nurse). They also want to have the option of playing Bouchard. As it is, they would need to waive Gravel in the fall. Then they would need to waive Kulak, or in other words give him back to the Flames after they sign him or agree to the award.
  22. Well there's nothing in the system that makes you pay that much for a D-man like Stone when there are cheaper/better options. Brouwer may have been a "hot" commodity, but you only do that if it's the final piece of the puzzle. I get buying the extra year to lower the price (Burke strategy of buying out the final year if needed), but it wasn't a great decision. Too much like overpaying Bouma after a good season. The tiered system of salaries is annoying and you can blame the GM's for it. Every time there is a new CBA, the GM's have to have a way of getting out from under their own folly. Overpay and drive the price up to where the league revenues can;t afford it. Put in a cap that is only achievable with compliance buyouts because you have driven up the player cost.
  23. Have to wonder if the Oilers might pick up Kulak as he would be an upgrade for their D... That might not happen because of their cap issues, But it would suck if he gets scooped by them, or another team, and the Flames lose him for nothing...
  24. Thats not a BT strategy it's how the NHL works. System is designed this way.
  25. I dont think Kulak is worth much more than 1mill and I think the flames would want him under the 1.025mill mark so if he gets beat out by Valamki or Kylington they get cap relief if he's in the AHL.
  26. Kulak is an interesting case. He hasn't provided much offence, which seems to determine value these days. His ELC was higher than his 2nd deal. They qualified him, which guarantees a 5% raise. He may be seeking $1m which is reasonable, but likely puts the Flames a bit behind the 8 ball (thanks to Brouwer and Stone's deals). Considering the comps, I doubt the arb gives him more than $950k for 2 years. They are putting pressure on the agent to accept a deal of one year. If he was a RHS, he would probably get claimed. It's ugly. But every case that goes to arbitration gets ugly. Low risk in waiving a guy in the summer just before arbitration. Especially a guy that has shown little more than a smaller shutdown D-man that every team has one of. I like the player myself. I think he has some upside, but not likely a 2nd pair guy. Maybe. Just not likely. Nothing wrong with that type, but we have a lot of LHS depth. Even a guy like Hogstrom might be considered depth on LD. He seems to be able to score a bit. The only part of BT's strategy that itks me is that he's willing to let Brouwer sit on the books, but players that work their tails off have to fight for crumbs. Stone gets $3.5m and is replacement level for the most part. So, the player deals have to suck up the mistakes that are made elsewhere, which could be corrected by the guy making the mistake. He gets bargains, but also signs crap deals and rarely deals with them.
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