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  2. ohhh im real slow on the brain today.. i thought he meant like he declined an offer .. misunderstood that he declined in play hard to say really , i don't think anybody thought we were getting a Norris candidate.. he is what he is , a good 2nd pair reliable D minded dman
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  4. I would agree with this. It's hard to use the word decline because Hamonic's first season as a Flame was pretty bad and he's actually been better since. I think the desire to move Hamominc, at least for me, is that they have a replacement already in Anderson who I think is actually already better then Hamonic. Hamonic would make sense to retain on a 1 or 2 year deal but he'll get better offers than that in FA. The investment of cap dollars there doesn't make much sense.
  5. This season is much different than last... Every team in the Pacific has a realistic path to the 3rd round this year... All 5 of these teams are on the same tier (slight edge to VGK). Depending on how the free falling Jets respond and what Nashville is able to muster, we should/could be looking at all 5 Pac teams making it... Once in the playoffs... every potential Pac series will be a toss up right now. we have 30 games for some dust to settle... That's A LOT of hockey. We don't know where the turns lie for each team.... Injuries being the key one... every team will suffer for em... who gets hit hardest? Whose been hit hardest already and therefore likely to run just from getting bodies back? Cgy, VGK changed coaches - what will be the longer term effects of that? Goaltending trends. Special Teams trends. Scoring trends. Goal differential trends. TDL coming up as well... This has been the most entertaining race I can remember watching unfold.
  6. Has missed the playoffs in 4 of his last 5 seasons and the Bruins took off after he left. I see no reason to target him.
  7. Hamonic never declined. Because he never lived up to expectations to begin with.
  8. If Claude Julien of the Habs becomes available soon, then is he someone the Flames should immediately target? I mean, unlike Gallant, Deboer, and Laviolette, he's actually won a Cup.
  9. Hamonic is what he is a steady 2nd pairing RHD.Not known for his offensive skill level but he brings effort and hard work and a little grit to this team. I would like to see him extended 3.5m x 3 years.
  10. That's a bit of contrast of expectations actually. The Canucks haven't been in the playoffs for awhile so the fan base can't wait to get back in again. The Flames on the other hand, don't look as good to their fans as last season and many fans including myself are not optimistic about our playoff chances and our playoff run if we even get in. Considering how good we were in the regular season last year and still lost in the first round, it's clear we are worse this year so why should we expect to get to round 2 this time around?
  11. I do not understand this view and find it to be very sensationalist. The UFA argument on Treliving is getting way overblown. His signings: Neal - obviously a failure, but let's also remember that most actually had that as a win. Not totally his fault it didn't work out Brouwer - Fail Jonus Hillier: Good. 2nd year wasn't very good but they don't make the playoffs in 15 without him Frolik: Very good Raymond: Fail but really no harm done so who cares? Derek Ryan: Very good Derek Engelland: Good Cam Talbot: Pretty good so far Versteeg: Pretty good IMO Chad Johnson: good Austin Czarnik: Pretty meh but really no hard done here either. The rest of his UFA stuff is all depth guys and players like Jagr,Prout etc that I don't really feel are worth discussing. some worked, some didn't but in all cases the risk was minimal to non existent. Overall, the track record is actually more wins than loses. But, for sure the fact that he went from buying out Brouwer to Neal and is dealing with both is an issue for sure, but to say it kills all the good is IMO really silly. Especially when you consider he just finished building a team capable of the 2nd best regular season in Franchise history. Show me a GM and I'll show you multiple misses in UFA. It is the nature of the game.
  12. They gotta lose the first one before they lose the seventh. PP has been struggling.. PK was having a tough time... D giving up a lot of chances up until the last few games.. but still winning. Would be nice to see our special teams return to early season effectiveness. Sutter returns to help the PK... We'll see if the difference he's shown continues. If those things improve, we might be able to go on a real run along side which ever other team in the PAC is making their run... Flames perhaps? They got a run in them?
  13. And I have no real interest in Hamonic after this year. He declined, whether related to playing with Hanifin or not. We have to sell at least one. I don't really care if we are making a run. Stone isn't a replacement, but he's somedays about as good as Hamonic. That's a bit of a stretch. I would look at integrating Yelesin sometime after the break. See what he can do. He's not a rookie, just a NA rookie. He doesn't provide offense, but really neither does Hamonic. Set up the pairs that are most effective and roll them. Kylington-Brodie might just be a killer pair. Hanifin-Yelesin. Gio-Ras. Either that or target a D-man from a 2nd or 3rd pairing from another team. It costs a 2nd, then so be it. As long as it's a decent player.
  14. Don't worry, the Nucks will find a way to drop 7 in a row. Probably shortly after the break. Expectations are high now, and that rarely works out for the team.
  15. Now now Peeps.... I didn't come back for you guys to gush all over my team and tell me how great it is. I came back so I could do that. Albeit in a more subtle and jabbing manner to annoy everyone. But yeah... Interesting times indeed with how balanced the division is.. unprecedented. Every team is thinking the same thing... If we can just go on a bit of a run here.. we'll be ok.. No. Unlikely, cuz with 5 teams... Chances are at least one other is matching said run. So it should be a great month of musical chairs ... Hopefully ending with Canucks sitting in the final chair when the music stops.
  16. 4 ads before the video plays. JFC man. But tis the season where D are valued assets. Going into the playoffs, teams planning for a deep run want 8 NHL Dmen. Those who can play top pair like Brodie are going to be worth a 1st round pick. Hamonic can get us a 2nd rounder as a top 4 RHS RD insurance/solution. It doesn't make sense but that's how much it should cost. And we can sign these guys back in the summer if they want to play with the Flames again.
  17. You picked a good time. Flames vs Canucks actually mean something in the standings again. That Pettersson kid is freakin amazing. You guys lucked out big time considering how average Hischier and Patrick have been. Quinn seems like a good one too. Anyways, both teams are on the up and up and it's a great time for the rivalry to be reborn.
  18. We certainly have had bad luck in the playoffs opening rounds. Then again, when was the last time we had good goaltedning going in and in it? 2008/9. That's a loooong time ago. I'm sure that if the Oilers make the playoff, Smith will sink them in round one. Back to us. Hard to really judge a franchise's ability to wn the cup on only playing retreads when it matters. Sometimes all it takes is the right goalie in the right stage of his career. And a coach that makes good decisions. We've not had both, since.........
  19. https://www.tsn.ca/video/dreger-the-market-has-shifted-on-defencemen~1882344 Dreger seems to think the market has ballooned on D. So let’s do the deals to send Hamonic or/and Brodie for something we need, either a pick of a winger.
  20. I actually don’t think he is doing as bad as a lot of us think. If he wasn’t getting the chances he was for most of the year I would have a lot more reason for concern. If he buries the chances we are talking about a completely different season for him and the Flames. It is a what if point, I know. I am just saying he has had the chances and normally helps players be better considering he pushes the play up ice. He was still doing that when they were using him as a C. if there is any ideas of trading him, I think putting him on wing is a bad idea. I like the idea of going monahan lindholm backlund as the three C’s I would even use Ryan as the #4 if they can find a top RW. i would try One of Ryan, Dube, or Mangiapane on RW with the Monahan line. Gaudreau, Monahan, Dube Tkachuk, Lindholm, Mangiapane Bennett, Backlund, Czarnik Lucic, Ryan, Reider i think there definitely still needs to be an upgrade on RW.
  21. Don't get a lot of fans, period. But it's part of the charm.
  22. I agree! but I get roasted a lot on my ideas too. He has done good, but also only has found good shorter skilled players, and our taller guys are muffins. He has had to buyout almost every free agent he has signed. His best deal may have been Baertschi for a 2nd (Anderson). They've drafted well enough on D and have found NHL players in the draft. We will see. He had good RFA signings but killed all of the good he did with his UFA deals.
  23. I think he's been gone longer than you. Don't get a lot of Nuck fans here, but we tend to debate their successes.
  24. If I am wrong, I will be the happiest guy in the world. But being wrong doesn't mean making the playoffs, it means doing well in them (disclaimer). Likewise, if you are "wrong" for lack of better words and it all goes down the tube, I know for a fact once it's forced on us you'd actually be pretty excited about the rebuild process (the drafting, the development, the moves). As would I. I guess we'll see.
  25. Worked out nicely that way eh... Lost access with switch in late 2016ish... Tried to get it back in early 2017, couldn't.. then had my third kid in May '17... And life's been a gong show since... Just stayed on HF.. Randomly took a shot in dark with a PM to a mod when I picked up an old iPad with this forum in its favorites... and Voila! Here I be. I do like how one of my last posts was along the lines of the Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson line should be a top tier line. That alone would of justified 3 yrs of shame. ... Is Derf still around?
  26. You must have waiting for the Nucks to be relevent. Count down to Nucks falling back down the standings.
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