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  2. I could be wrong on the 4th, Lou can be stubborn, and he will make guys wait till he gets what he wants. I would go as far as a 3rd to take a chance on him. I think there is a chance that he could come here with a big chip on his shoulder, and ready to show what he can do.
  3. If a 4th is all it would take, why not? You rarely hit with those picks anyway.
  4. Phillips can bring that physical edge we need too, lol.
  5. Phillips has shown he can score at the pro level and was one of the strongest finishers last season. Gawdin was one of the best prospects in camp. No reason why we shouldn;t see either one.
  6. I think they should be cycling the AHL guys through, reward strong play in the AHL, give guys a taste of the NHL, and promote competition on the farm. That boost of enthusiasm from a rookie getting called up can help push the vets as well.
  7. Gawdin is leading the heat. A RHS center. Could we have a use for him? Seems like Quine tailed off, like he usually does EDIT - Phillips did take the team lead. Big 5 point game today.
  8. Matthew Phillips is leading the Heat in scoring and is 9th in the AHL. I was mostly impressed with him in pre season, with one game later in camp that he looked sub par in. He was tenacious on the puck, showing great quickness. Might be worth keeping an eye on him as a call up.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Well that's the other issue yes. Maybe it'll be resolved next year though, can always hope
  11. Neal is slowing down. One EV goal since October 18th. 2 PPG in the last 13 games. If, at the end of the season Neal is sitting at 20 goals, he will be sat by the coach (by KH demand). Just speculation on my part, but I suspect that would be a tactic used.
  12. Maybe, but what is the point in being ready to spring when you are playing without the puck, almost equivalent to a 4v5 situation? TBH, I don't know where he should be, but we are outmanned when he is covering nobody.
  13. He could join the Heat (I think) on an ATO once the season is done. I don't know that would be good, other than him getting the chance to work with our goalie coach. Yikes.
  14. It might be worth a shot at trying get Ho Sang from the Islanders. He hasn't played yet this year, awaiting a trade. We probably could get him for a 4th rounder or less at this point. He said he is willing to go to the AHL and prove himself first. Adding a RHS RW with skill wouldn't be the worst idea.
  15. Noticed today on FUTURE WATCH UPDATE that all the top prospects were LW or center. Would it be so bad to draft a high end RW or RD?
  16. ok. well that sucks. I'm cool with him being the WHL this year, he still has a Lot to prove in the playoffs and i still think there's room to step it up a bit. But assuming he does prove what we want him to in the playoffs....
  17. JG's the guy we're trying to spring. Playing D shadow is more of a Bennett role imo. Tell him to watch Zetterberg as a center. Drove other teams stars out of their minds. lol Hi Jonathan Toews. Toews took so many dumb penalties out of pure frustration...
  18. I think he's different from those drafted from a US development league (like Seiloff). He was drafted while playing for a WHL team.
  19. I was thinking about something someone said here. Gaudreau is not backchecking like he used to. I would take it a step further. He's looking lost in the D-zone. Maybe it's not his assignment to dog the puck carrier, but he is the best player on his line to skate with someone. His edges are second to none. There is no reason why he couldn't be the guy all over a player. The other payer is going to win board battles every time, but I talking about shadowing a player. Is that the wrong spot for a winger? I just notice that when he's in the D-zone, he's usually up high and between players. Not on the D-man or guy near the point. He's not going to block a shot, but that doesn't mean he can;t disrupt.
  20. Yeah they need to review those rules. His situation is a bit different too because of his size. I generally feel that smaller goalies are not given a fair chance due to a recent perception about them. He'd a US citizen....not sure if that opens up any possibilities
  21. Did you and someone else agree to split the cost of the ticket, and at the last minute they decided to split it with someone else? Since you never paid them any money, they don;t owe you squat.
  22. 20 games. 1/4 of the games and it's only the 2nd week of November. 3 B2B series, 11 games on the road. 1 regulation loss at home so far. 2 OT losses at home, both occured during a PK in OT. 3 points back of 1st in the Pacific. 3rd in the West. We have issues no doubt. Scoring is down from last year. Penalties are getting ridiculous. PP scoring is bad. The positives? Ras is looking like an everyday NHL'er. Mangiapane is fitting in the top 6. Rittich playing out of his mind most nights. Lindholm proving last year wasn't a fluke. Tkachuk leading the charge. Hopefully the practice time will provide some focus to the team. Breakouts are not coordinated and ususally one man. D-zone coverage is too passive.
  23. whatever.. I bought a lottery ticket and almost won as well.. I had 6 numbers.. just like the winning ticket
  24. I know the response will likely be “ well if they want to be a good team then schedule doesn’t matter”. but it does and it’s been brutal to start the season. Something that probably hasn’t gotten enough talk and while it is not an excuse it’s something to keep in mind for the overly critical side. should put in perspective that they are not really in a bad spot right now.
  25. You might be onto something. Gaudreau's worst season start was the year he missed camp.
  26. Classic case of a player looking great at a young age. Too young to play in the AHL next season. Too bad there wasn't another option for him. Maybe play in the Swiss league?
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