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  2. I agree! I think that’s why the flow ends after the 2nd line. Backlund isn’t scoring but not for the lack of chances. He just has to learn to hit the net or not shoot it to the mid section of the goalie. He’s snake bitten this season and it makes it seem like he’s playing bad. So once they get going again and we can form a 2nd or 3rd line then I think the offence will flow better. i like your choices. Mac and Travel, well everyone seems to have good ideas as well. But they need to stick to something for a few games. i think Ryan is too weak to be a 3rd line C.
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  4. I don't mind Bennett on the top line. I think we are weak down the middle right now. Jankowski and Ryan are not effective third line centres. The Flames need to move Lindholm to C to balance that out. From there it's a matter of filling in the blanks. Lots of options. Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Lindholm-Czarnik Bennett-Backlund-Frolik Or Gaudreau-Monahan-Bennett Tkachuk-Lindholm-Neal Frolik-Backlund-Czarnik Or even Gaudreau-Lindholm-Neal Tkachuk-Monahan-Czarnik Bennett-Backlund-Frolik Or one of a dozen options. But get your finishers with playmakers (ie Neal), get your young guys in positions to be successful (Bennett, Czarnik) and stop treating your third line like a trash despenser with a mish mash of whomever is left over.
  5. I am not suggesting he is point per game player. But when he was in Pittsburg he was a point per game player the entire time. He spent most his time with Malkin. He dropped off to a 0.7 PPG player in Nashville playing with Johanson. Then he dropped off a bit more playing with Perron. The point is Neal is a finisher. He doesn't drive the play. He doesn't set up the plays. That isn't the type of player that he is. But he can put it in the net when he has quality line mates in offensive situations. That is what he has always been. Putting him on a checking line or with a bunch of low offense players is going to result in what you are seeing, poor offensive output from Neal. Worse, our power play has been terrible. Neal is 22nd in power play goals since he entered the league. He is stuck with Backlund (2 shots, 0 points) and Ryan (0 shots, 0 points) plus a revolving door of others on the PP. I think the Flames need to reevaluate Backlund's role. If he is a defensive specialist then make him that. Move Lindholm to C to anchor a solid second line, move Backlund to your third line (ensuring you have a solid third line) and fill in the pieces from there. Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Lindholm-Czarnik Bennett-Backlund-Frolik
  6. Considering that the Flames have more PP opportunites than almost all (if not all) teams, they have only scored 11 PP goals. There are only 4 players that have scored on the PP. As much as they have connected as a unit, they also have come up empty so often. Maybe, just maybe you need to swap players every once in awhile and compare. Lindholm man the point and Neal down low? Might actually get a one-timer on net in a game. Tkachuk on the 2nd unit to get them going? Maybe they would be able to build on the 1st unit's chances and not just be a waste of time. With his time on the 2nd line, you are using the example of the SJ game? Arguably the 2nd line's worst game and you single out Neal?
  7. That and the accessibility issues were the only reasons why I even considered going for it, but I feel the city's approach is to ignore sports and recreation unless it can show it off to the world. It actually quite bugs me that a 2nd Olympics would make us this great sports town in the eyes of outsiders, when it received very little funding after '88 and most facilities lie in one quadrant of the city. I would have loved to be a "Yes" but this being bungled by all three levels of government didn't help, but even if BidCo could have provided some sort of worst case scenario and presented that I could have thought deep into it, instead it just came off arrogant that this would go off without any issues and we would be the city to put the IOC in place.
  8. Agreed - When you have Chucks and JH on left and if SB is not ready to move to centre (he will eventually). Then you need to play him at RW for a while. He will gain confidence with Backs and Chucky and will eventually prosper - just watch! Really like this move by BP - he’s on to it!
  9. Eric Francis states he is not sure if he is anymore a proud Calgarian. He is certainly not a popular Calgarian at this point. Look at the down vote to up vote ratio in this video.
  10. Well first off he hasn't been a PPG in 6 seasons so I don't think that is on the table, that's not who he is anymore. Secondly who are we going to take off the top PP unit to fit Neal? I also don't think he has played better than anyone in the top 6 to displace them. He was given chances on the 2nd line and really didn't do much of anything on that line.
  11. Neal has never been a player who can drive a line. He is a great complimentary player. Put him on a line with Crosby or Malkin and he a PPG player. Put him with Perron/Haula and you get 25 goals and 44 points. Put him with a mishmash of linemates like Jankowski and Bennett, limit his PP time, and you don't get much.
  12. You move a player to a different line to find the best chemistry. Lindolm has been a great fit on the top line, but he has 10 point EV, the rest being PP points. Our scoring is top heavy. Other than the top line and Tkachuk, everyone else is on pace for less than 45 points. How is Neal's most frequent linemates doing? Bennett - 4 points Ryan - 3 points Janko - 4 points Dube - 2 points Usage on th 2nd unit is pretty telling too. How is that unit doing? Every sinle player has zero ponts. Since both units are not doing that well, maybe it's time to swap a player or two.
  13. I can’t say I don’t agree. A few feel Ryan has done a lot. Some of us feel like he hasn’t done enough to warrant his ice time. If anything I feel like Ryan is getting the Brouwer treatment. He plays the system well and is in the spots the coach wants, but I haven’t seen much more than getting knocked off the puck. He’s a bit smaller and it shows. Maybe the team is still getting the system down. I think there Is lot of clogging up happening and it happens a lot with Ryan. i can see some good in Hanifin but think he can be managed when he’s not playing up to snuff. Smith better come out and be on his game or I will lose full faith in BP. I still see a lot of possession, but we get a few more passes, but often kept to the outside. I still think we need to get ugly and dirty goals. The team is too pretty. The D knows if they outwait the passing the Flames do, the Flames pass their way out of a quality scoring chance. Or they shoot it wide.
  14. I think the team has been playing fairly well, could have had a better Cali trip but the execution just wasn't quite there. If I was BP I would have Czarnik in a little but more, but he hasn't been playing at the level BP wants. I would have Czarnik, Ryan and Hathaway as guys who can be interchangeable in the bottom 6. Like others have noted Neal needs to be much better. He has the resume and experience where he should be able to chip in regardless of his spot in the lineup. With that being said his career has been characterized by hot streaks, if he scores 5 in the next 4 games the narrative around him will change. The top line wasn't great in Cali, but no reason to panic as they have been dynamite thus far. One thing I didn't like was the over-passing. Odd man rushes need to result in shot on net as opposed to the pass that fails to connect resulting in a missed opportunity.
  15. This BS that Neal should be placed on the 1st line because of his struggles in mind blowing. Neal has done nothing this year, for a guy that is noted for making time and space with a great shot pfft have not seen it. Now we are jumping on BP for the opposite of what GG didn't do, hold players accountable. Neal was brought in to score goals, than score some Blockchaining goals. Really if he is that great would he not be flourishing on a line facing off against 3rd liners, he hasn't proven that either. Neal has not looked great this year at all, even in pre season he was a step behind and played on the so called top line! We have played 18 games and are 2 points out of 1st in the division, and Neal should be placed on the top line cause of his pay. If BP is guilty of anything its to much faith in Ryan, Hanifin and Smith. Neal was accused of telling Smitty to make a save, if I am Mike I hit him with do what your paid to do score some Blockchaining goals. If James Neal is having issues with his ice time and play here is some advise: Look in the Blockchaining mirror if you want Satoshi Nakamoto to change.
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  17. Mid he could play with Crosby. All he has to do is skate and Crosby can bank it off of him. Not that he’ll play with him. Crosby isn’t too shabby a player though.
  18. I've always felt Tanner Pearson is overrated. He has the size and speed but that's it. No other skills. He was carried by Carter and Toffoli. It's a nothing trade in my opinion.
  19. This may be as simple as Neal accepted coming here on the premise he would be playing with Gaudreau and Monahan, who wouldn't want that. Since he has been here he has been getting the Bennett treatment. I'm sure he has been thinking what is going on here. It appears that Coach and player need to have a heart to heart and take a direction best for the team. Parking him on the bench wouldn't be an option if I was GM.
  20. I don't think it's the sytem. He looked fine for Vegas last year and they played with similar tempo. I also think we need to step back from the panic a bit. "next Brouwer" " is it the system/players etc is too much too soon. He isn't the first, nor will he be the last, player to not jump right in to new surroundings. I think you give him time to have the puck go in and that's tough when he's juggled around the lineup so much. He needs a play maker and unfortunately that's not something the Flames have an abundance of, especially at center, so that is some what limiting, but let's also let him find his way. For all the doom and gloom he's on pace for 14 goals so it's not like he's falling off a cliff here.
  21. Why have 3 or 4 players playing out of positions they are best at normally. If they would use eal on the top line it better sets up the next 2 lines if BP recognizes that Bennett and Jankowski have shown the better progress to date. Gaudreau, Monahan, Neal Tkachuk, Jankowski, Lindholm Bennett, Backlund, Frolik Dube, Ryan, Czarnik or Hathaway This is how I would line them given the need to get Neal going getting other efforts in the right places.
  22. I would dispute that notion. I think Bennett actually looked really good with when he would play RW on the top line, but The Flames just never stuck with it for any length of time
  23. Could he not fit the system? Or is it the group of players?
  24. I didn't say you did. I think a lot of their struggles offensively on that trip can be summed up with the fact that they only had 4 PP's on the trip and 3 of those came against Anaheim. I mean if you feel like their offense has completely dried up or you think Neal has played well, but just hasn't played with the right players you could try these lines, just for the record I don't think either criteria is true. Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Lindholm-Bennett Frolik-Backlund-Ryan Dube-Jankowski-Hathaway IMO that looks like a step backwards to the top 6. I think Gaudreau and Monahan will get their points, but I think putting Neal on that line means they will have the puck less often. I also think Lindholm's production will go down as he has developed great chemistry with Monahan. I think you will see his production end up being similar to what Backlund is producing on that line. At best I see those changes as lateral moves.
  25. I had problems with Neal for the first 4/5 games but after that I don't really have a problem with his effort. I think it's been good and he's been getting plenty of chances, it's just not going in. When you pay someone over 25 million I think you have a responsibility to put that player in a position to succeed and maximize your return. Neal isn't complex nor is he multi dimensional. He isn't a great skater, he isn't great in his own zone and he is an avg passer/play maker. What he's good at, and what they signed him for, is leadership, grit and scoring goals and specifically in relations to scoring goals it's finding opening ice and scoring off his shot, not always stuff he creates for himself. I don't think the way to get him comfortable is to bounce him up and down the lineup every game, and within every game. Neal isn't a kid, he's been around the block and been to 2 Stanley Cup finals and the Flames made him the their top priority Free agent. Can't treat him like he's brand new in the league. I think Peters has to do more to get Neal involved. I don't really care about the whole "he's on the 3rd line thing" but I don't think sitting him for long stretches, bouncing him up and down or restricting PP time is maximizing the return. It's early, but I think its a coaching responsibility to try and get all his guys comfortable and I don't think peters is doing a good job when it comes to Neal.
  26. Very good read. Bascially, the Rockefellers are funding anti-Alberta oil campaigns. The Rockefellers have had a long infamous history in oil and gas. John Rockefeller "invented" the industry. Then monopolized it. Then US courts forced the break up of his oil monopoly. So he monopolized the railroads and crashed the oil markets, so that he can monopolize the oil industry again, pennies on the dollar. Then the courts forced him to break up both monopolies. So he builds the first pipeline. He connects California to Texas to New York. This crashed the railroad industry. He monopolized the railroad industry again, pennies on the dollar. Then he crashes the oil industry with his rail and pipelines. Then he monopolized the oil industry again. After he monopolized oil, pipeline, and railroad industry, the courts forced the breakup of his monopoly. Thats just the start, Rockefellers hate the government by this time so if you can't beat them, monopolize them. John Rockefeller and his son(s) begin Eugenics programs. Hitler was so impressed with the Rockefeller's eugenics program that he emulated it. And the two groups would trade secret findings on human experiments. Following WW2, the Nuremberg trials gifted all of Hitler's top eugenics engineers, doctors and the whole program to the Rockefellers. By the late 40s, the Rockefellers effectively killed off natural/herbal medicines in favour of the modern medicine industry. They put people inside the government which granted them control of the US public school curriculum. They gained control of US government body that issues doctor degrees, pharmacist degrees, and all degrees relating to medicine. They graduate an army of "doctors" who push Rockefeller drugs on the sick, not focused on curing them but focused on keeping the sick on meds the rest of their lives. They birth the modern pharmaceutical industry that uses public money to buy vaccines and forces parents to vaccinate their kids or else the kids aren't allowed to attend public schools that are controlled by the Rockefellers. But getting back to oil and gas, The Rockefellers "invent" the Renewable Energy industry. They funded Al Gore's Presidential run. They funded Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. They begin to change the US ciricullum around ideas of climate change and global warming. They "invent" so called formulas that calculate how humans are destroying the Earth at an alarming rate. They graduate an army of Climate Change "scientists" to push global warming. In the name of global warming, we citizens in the Western world are taxed to fund Renewable Energy programs and experiments owned by the Rockefellers. As of 2016, the Rockefellers sell off all their oil and gas stocks and holdings. As of 2018, the Rockefellers have most of the Western world convinced of gobal warming fighting against oil and gas, a product their grandfather's invented, and they have most of the Western world voluntarily jumping on to a new Rockefeller product called Renewable/Green Energy that is not profitable but we pay for with our tax dollars collected via our governments. Yes green house gases are not good but at current rates of warming, we have 300 years before it's a problem. I don't believe there is a clear winner either way, to be honest. Death to our planet if we continue with oil and gas (eventually in 300 years). Death via slavery if we go down the path of Renewables. Go Google how unprofitable Renewable engery is. If government funding ends, then all of the world's renewable energy industries would instantly collapse. Elon Musk is struggling to turn a profit with Tesla. Almost bankrupt twice or three times. How much investor money has gone into what is a feel good sham? There is no future in renewables without the general world population funding it for themselves. If Renewable Energy is where we as a species want to go, then fine. But please don't pretend it's actually "Green" and healthy for the environment. It's proven to not be with mining for battery materials. Global temperature readings don't validate these Rockefeller formulas for calculating human impact on temperature (but they refuse to tweak the formulas). I mean, back in 1995, all coastal cities should have flooded by 2006. This whole thing is simply about power and control. Global domination and control. Sadly, I'm not sure if there's anything that an individual can do to be honest. I've always held the view that about 2000 people in this world control the world, fighting each other for more control. It's a game to them. We peons are just lucky if we get in the way favourably.
  27. Did I actually say struggled all year? I think I said struggled the last number of games. Backlund was noticeably bad in the Cali trip. Tkachuk's only point on the trip was playing on the PP with JH, Lindy and Monahan.
  28. I don't think it could hurt. He's be relied upon less to score and more to prevent. Don't know what he will be like on the RW, since he hasn't looked great there in the past when played with Monahan and JH.
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