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  2. I think you addressed your own questions, your guess is as good as the next guys. If the finalized roster doesn't mean anything then neither do these questions.
  3. Mangiapane. Lindholm. Dube. These guys can drive the play. Not as well as Gaudreau but we won't know their chemistry with Monahan unless we try it. Lindholm and Monahan seem to work well together. Monahan also doesn't need to score 82 once he's the second line C. Even 65 is pretty good for that role.
  4. There are rumors that Minnesota and Pittsburgh are in trade discussions regarding Kessel. The rumor I was reading is Kessel and Johnson for Zucker and Rask.
  5. PS. Sorry for going off the topic of the thread.
  6. The final roster isn't going to tell you anything. Wholesale changes could lead to worse results, no changes could bring more post season success. The point I'm getting at is the current core did more than the team has accomplished in a long time (regular season). What's going to get you more consistent and successful results? Growing and building on the current roster or major shake ups because of disappointing playoffs?
  7. I believe he needs to sign a 1 year ELC.
  8. So who are the fallers in this draft? There is always a couple of players who fall down the board. I think Lavoie is one guy that could fall into our range. I could also see Arthur Kaliev falling into our range. Ryan Suzuki will probably be available at 26th, though I am not a huge fan of Suzuki and would probably rank him as a 2nd round prospect. I for some reason can see Peyton Krebs fall in the draft rankings, and not because anything to do with him, I just see some others rising up the rankings. I still don't think falls to us, but I could see him falling out of the top 15. I could also see Podkolzin fall, but not to us but out of the top 10, because of signing issues. One guy who is really intriguing is Jamieson Rees. He is a very good skater, he plays an aggressive game, and has sneaky good skill. He is small and slight, so you worry about his ability to hold up playing the style of game he does. He didn't put up the numbers you would like to see from a 1st round pick, but the skill is there.
  9. Here's aquestion for you. Does he only get the usual ELC or does he get the chance to sign for whatever a team will offer?
  10. There is some suggestion out there that the Zucker deal is being discussed again, with Bennett and Frolik being the Flames side of the deal. That may seem like a hefty price to pay, but actually it's more like Bennett + cap dump/okay player for Zucker. We would not land a player like Zucker for just Frolik. As much as I like Frolik. How about we trade, instead, Brodie + Bennett for Trouba. We get a top 2 RD. They get a top 2 RD/LD. We make a side deal with Minny for Zucker. Frolik + Gillies + 2020 2nd.
  11. I don't doubt what you are saying. But the other side of that is that even when he's played brief stints with Gaudreau, he hasn't done much. May be just that he's not a consistent player, so the brief stints do not turn into long term stints. The quality of linemates may be part. Then again, Janko is suffering from lack of scoring playing mostly with Bennett. Keep him, but play him anywhere but with Janko and Neal. If we have a vacancy on Backlund's line, try him there. I guess the problem is that he plays LW and Mangioapane is trending towards a top 6 player, playing crap minutes for a lot of his games. JH and Tkachuk are for sure the top 2 LW's we have. That leaves Bennett switching to C or RW to play in the top 6. If he's a top 6 player, he needs to score like one.
  12. I don't feel what they achieved this season was "winning little things". You seem to want to win a SC but want to trade away the very experienced players we likely need in order to accomplish that feat.
  13. I'm not sure they would care if they extended Brodie or not. They have a few good D prospects not quite ready but would be the season after this one. Maybe it's Brodie a 1st and 2nd ( BT should be able to pick up a 2nd leading up to the draft )
  14. Is it really though ? Isn't it really more about how you do go about complimenting players such as Monahan and Tkachuk. Simply having a "true" #1 C doesn't guarantee you anything. Tavares was a #1 C in NY and now TOR with nothing to show for it so far. Overall team talent is what wins.
  15. To be honest I thought both Marleau and Thornton would have retired at that point. Leaving could happen but SJ isn't in rebuild mode and fell short of their goal again so I would say Wilson will ante up for Pavelski.
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  17. I honestly don't know if Monahan can produce away from Gaudreau, that's the hard part with Monahan. He can't exactly carry the play on his own he needs someone to do it for him.
  18. Maybe but everyone thought the same about Marleau and he left because Toronto offered a 3rd year that Doug Wilson refused to give him
  19. When you miss the playoffs then you change 1/3 the roster. If you win the conference, then I wonder...
  20. 110% Monahan is actually our upgraded 2nd line C. We need to target a #1 C. Unfortunately, a #1 C is going to cost a player of Gaudreau's stature. Or even Tkachuk. But still, if that's the price then that's the price. A stud C is more important than stud winger.
  21. I think Brodie is worth a 2nd only. He is in final year of a cap friendly deal. He probably asks for $6-mil for multi years. TOR cannot pay to keep Brodie long term. I would like Nylander though and agree he would be available at the right price. Contract negotiations probably soured their relationship. Plus, Nylander didn't get to play much with Matthews when he came back. They kept Kapanen with Matthews. Nylander is probably unhappy about that. RHS RW trending upwards. He's what we need. Born in Calgary too.
  22. Based on the current roster and how this franchise is happy with winning little things. MAC is right here, useless conversation until we see the final roster. I hope for a massive shake up with our leadership group. That includes Giordano, Monahan, and Backlund. And we need to get a goalie.
  23. Here is a reverse strategy. Some think Brodie is worth anywhere from 2-2nds or a 1st and 2-2nd. What if BT offered Brodie and our 2019 1st for Nylander RW/C from TOR ? I believe Marner is the more coveted player in TOR's eyes and they need to cast off some talent. They have already paid the bonus hit upfront and we would have cost certainy with Nylander under a new contract. They would have Brodie for the season and could extend him plus he can play either side on D which TOR also needs heading into next season.
  24. Agree with moving out Neal but I don't think a true #1 is in the cards right now. Gaudreau, Monahan and Lindholm was one of the most dynamic lines in the NHL last season so it's not like Monahan is a huge handicap. The real changes required in order to get better lies in upgrading the 2nd and 3rd lines IMO Monahan and Tkachuk will be fine where they are so long as you have two speedy, talented line mates with them.
  25. I don't think anyone is blaming Neal for the way the season ended. I think it's just a case of how do we get better next season, and clearing Neal's salary and roster spot opens a lot more possibilities. That's all. I personally think this team needs to upgrade Monahan and get a true number 2 center if we want to improve and take another step. Getting a true number 1 center would take a lot of the load off of Gaudreau, who currently has to carry Monahan offensively and defensively and that's just too much to ask from him. If you move Neal's contract it gives you a lot more room to figure out how to get a number 1 center onto the team.
  26. Useless conversation until you see the finalized roster. This team has been building towards being better each and every year so I don't see BT and now BP in his 2nd season not adding to this year's success.
  27. I get what you are saying, but when Bennett is the only one who brings the intangibles that he does to the team, and he has shown time and time again that he is a big game performer, I just don't see how we can trade that away. I also think that Bennett has been given crappy linemates for most of his career and then we question why he isn't producing. Last year it was Jankowski and Neal, neither of whom played at a consistent NHL level. Before that it was Brouwer. Give him better players to play with and let's see what he can do. Heck even a line of Bennett-Ryan-Czarnik, would be the most skilled line he's played on since his rookie year when he played with Backlund.
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