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  2. I agree and nor should they. The spear really wasn't much of anything so you will set a pretty dangerous precedent if you were going to penalize him for that. I think the issue the NHL has here is two fold. One, its Tkachuk and he's already been warned/had his hands slapped, multiple times early in his career so they wont' like that this is continuing and two, they won't like that he instigated the whole thing by essentially antagonizing him back on the ice.
  3. Can't blame Lack for starting cold. This is a combination of things and truths. The Lack acquisition never made sense (but wasn't really Lack's fault either) Lack hasn't been given a chance (the Flames typically latch onto one goalie and ride them into the ground) The Smith trade looks good right now, but for it to stay that way Smith will have to Keep doing more good things, and the draft picks we gave up will have to Not do good things in their careers. The Flames sucked the other night. Not just the goaltending. The whole team. We spend a lot of time on this thread talking about problems and not a lot talking about solutions. The Flames are very good at running goalies out of town. They're not so good at acquiring something which is actually better.
  4. Listening to Gully before and after the game, he seems to be the one that "knows" what Eddie Lack is. Before the game, he talks about him in Vancouver and how he knows what he can do. Afterwards he talks about how the shots were unstoppable except for maybe one. It almost sounded like he made the case to pick up Lack in the first place. A 7th for a 6th and getting rid of Kanzig. Not much there. A player we end up buying out. Taking $1.375m in salary off them when they had just got Darling is a win for them. Most people here panned the SMith trade, because of the cost and his likelyness to not be an upgrade. He's done well by getting some wins that could have been losses and kept us in close games. Smith has also had really bad games, some we ended up winning. As far as running him out of town, how many periods of bad play do you want to watch. How many starts can you afford to risk on a goalie not showing enough ability to get a win. 12 goals against, 5.29 GAA and a SV% of .813. None of that points to a guy you should keep in the game. If we had no goalie prospects or anyone under NHL contract in the AHL, then we would be in a different situation.
  5. I have to believe BT is taking some thinking from GG on these ex-players he has some background even Jagr. Everyone on this forum is always quick to jump all over our goalie decisions every season. We would be hearing the same comments about Smith if he was having the odd bad performance. Mistakes happen with any GM and also coaches putting their faith in the wrong players but I don't think you run a player out of town after 2 partial starts. I like that we could because we have depth such as Rittich to try in that back up situation.
  6. Just my thinking but I look for the players that have speed, quickness and great anticipation to get the puck or break up the opposition's PP patterns. As forwards those players IMO are Backlund, Frolik, Bennett and Lazar. On the back end I would say Hamonic / Brodie and Stone/ Giordano, one pushes out as the puck is on their side the other has to take care of the back door with help from the forward that side. Let the Goalie do his job and stay out of the way.
  7. I don't agree with the rationale of having to accept a trade because the cost was low. If it was wrong to target the player than it's a bad trade irregardless of what you paid for it. Would just make it worse if the cost had of been higher. I think you really have to question why the Flames wanted to target Lack in the first place.
  8. I think the PK is too soft, particularly at the blueline. For any PK I think it's tough to stop a PP once they are in the zone and set up so stop them at the blueline or at least make it difficult. I thought last year the Flames did a good job in the neutral zone to at least protect the line and make an entry more challenging but now it seems like they are just letting teams walk right in and set up. Even if you have perfect execution in your own zone, letting a team set up so easily is likely going to lead to alot of issues on your PK. But I agree, the PK is the biggest issue with this team. so even though the team results look pretty meh I think the team defense has been stronger than it appears. Goal scoring and the PK are the two biggest reason why this team isn't performing better right now IMO.
  9. I think we are agreeing, but let's fight about it anyway. We brought in Lack because BT wasn't sure that Rittich or Gillies could do the job as a NHL backup. He went out and got Lack for that, rightly or wrongly. The only way it makes sense to keep Lack is if he can win games. They didn't bring him here to lose. I haven't seen a goalie that is poised to win a bunch of relief games, it looks like a guy that has lost him positioning and confidence. Sending him to the minors is the only fair thing to do if there is nobody interested in him (Hello Vegas). Give him 50% of the games down there if possible to get him back in game shape. If he falters down there, then you know Parsons gets the call to the AHL.
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  11. I think the refs were in retribution mode. They picked a penalty that they could suspend him for, and possibly make up the reasons for it later. It got him out of the game. They definitely wanted to pin the maylee on somone, not their lack of control of the game.
  12. He did "target" Looch's knees in the hit. For an old guy, that's gotta hurt. You saw him limp off to the dressing room after the fight (he punched Puljujarvi as well), but he dropped the limp after he was far enough off the ice.
  13. So in other words the Flames were penalized for a phantom spear. That said do the Refs get 10 games suspension for stupidity.
  14. On the surface a very solid signing. Another RHS player that can likely play C or RW and we need more of these types.
  15. I agree JT it seems like our defensemen want to be goalies and our forwards are getting out of top box over persuing at times. I agree with cross, mostly we need Hamonic's play to be much better. The other thing I would say is Hamilton needs to step up his effort, not that he is doing much wrong but he isn't doing much extra either. We could use some offense from him. I like the pairings because I think the stabilizing forces of Giordano, Hamonic and Stone helps the ones they are playing with now.
  16. Management make commitments to these players and are never going to be as quick triggered to turf a player as fans. I suspect if Lack gets bombed in his next few starts we will see a change.
  17. The whole cold argument for lack is garbage. He played against the blues in relief of Smith for two periods and then started the next game. If that is cold, then he should not be a backup in the league. This is even more reason to cut him.
  18. Exactly. If we had given something up, ok....we could talk about him being an over-ager and all those associated problems. But we got, for free, a 20 year old Right Handed Center that's tearing up the WHL. Can't lose. Can only win. Very likely becomes nobody. But fills a hole, and has the potential to be an impact player in the NHL at a position we lack in (RW). The keys here are his position, his potential, and his price (free). No brainer. Happy to see the smart move.
  19. hahahahahaa what a knucklehead
  20. You might remember my take on goalies to acquire in a unique year but ce la vie. BT rolled the dice & Smith looks like a win while Lack looks like a loss. On the whole still better than the combo he started last year. Unless we trade for a backup I figure we should run the guys in the system with the most pro experience to see if 1 is finally ready. Rittch is 25 & RFA next year. Time for him to show he can hold his own in the bigs even if only a backup. If not try Gillies & so on to see who copes. We can't coddle players forever due to fear that they become good/great on a new team. We have 5 goalie prospects in the minors & since our highest selections in the next 2 years are a 3rd next year & 2 4ths each of the following odds are good we'll add to the pool as that's where teams usually resort to goalie depth. How many should we have just in case 1 becomes a great?
  21. Anyone else watch juice head lucic go full roid rage on parayko? LMAO
  22. if chucky gets a game or 2 he will learn so it wont effect his growth
  23. Geez, I should read the rules before registering as an NHL fan. Making a motion is spearing whether it connects or not...
  24. Good signing. Between Gawdin, Foo, Phillips, Joly and Fischer our right handed forward depth is slowly building.
  25. To me it looks like everyone is trying to do too much on the PK, instead of playing their position, guys are getting into chase mode, which opens up a lot of seems for the other teams PP. It's one thing to be aggressive, but if it takes you out of your position or lane than you are over commiting and you better be darn sure that you are getting the puck.
  26. Solid signing, not sure exactly if he has NHL upside, but for the price of a contract it's worth it. It sounds like they liked what they saw from him when he was at development camp this summer.
  27. The biggest issue for me right now is the PK. Inability to stop a goal. 8 goals on 13 tries recently. That's worse than not good.. They need to fix whatever system that's creating this problem or look at the mistakes they make while executing it. Allowing easy zone entries isn't helping.
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