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  2. I apologize in advance for biting on to the inflammatory post, but I must combat disinformation as it is honestly part of my job. Firstly, CalgarySTL, the only person talking about deleting your post is you, it is still there. Second, if you start by saying “this will likely get deleted” you realize what your saying is controversial at best, blatantly wrong at worst so you probably shouldn’t post it which you already realize by starting off your post in that way. Third, you were asked to take this discussion elsewhere as it is not relevant to the discussion thread. Others tried to bring the topic back on track and you chose to hijack it again. Therefore one must conclude that you are either a: ignorant, b: a troll. Fourth, listening to talking heads on the internet does not equate to them telling the truth. This is evident with many so called hockey insiders who claim a trade is imminent and they were completely wrong. The same is with your apparent sources. US CDC does not in fact claim 90% false positives, I actually looked at their site. I also looked at multiple other health sites including the US National Library of Medicine/ National institute of Health, Harvard Medicine and MIT where the highest I found was 4% false infectious positives while total false positives ranged from 0.5% to 0.8%. Whereas false negatives were between 25 and 33%. A far cry from your claims. The false positives are a concern for the Antigen tests, not the PCR tests. The Canadian CDC does not use antigen tests as they only indicate if you may have had it in the past, not ongoing. The PCR tests look at the DNA of the virus and therefore it is not confused with other possibilities. The only false positives come from possible cross contamination in a lab which is minimal at worst. Finally let us get back once again to the discussion thread about a possible Canadian division and the impact this could have on AHL teams. I am not sure about a taxi squad system. This causes other issues around cost, transportation and all that. Issues would arise where unless you have a significant number, you could need all of them due to injury and/or illness and be stuck with not having a taxi squad anymore. Also a taxi squad could be seen as cap circumvention, such as putting Lucic on the TS so he doesn’t count against the cap. I like the idea of AHL teams travelling with their parent club. This provides for better learning opportunities for the farmhands, keeps track of the players better and eliminates the need for isolation of players when they get called up. Most major cities have multiple arenas that could be used by AHL and junior teams, especially if no, or limited, fans in attendance. As to which teams are the best in Canada, on paper I would say Toronto but we have seen their lack of success over the past few years and they haven’t really filled their holes. Calgary hasn’t fixed all their holes but they added to defensive play with Markstrom and Tanev. They lost little offence but didn’t really add either. It really depends if they show up but should be near the top. Edmonton has McDavid and Draisital so should not be overlooked. That said, they are aging poorly in net, lacking in D and so if they can’t overpower other teams with offence, they won’t go anywhere fast. Vancouver is maturing but can they overcome the loss of Markstrom, Tanev and Toffoli? I think some players step up their game but not ready to really contend YET. In 3-4 years I think they will be knocking on the door. Winnipeg really depends on injuries and Laine. Also can goaltending stay great. Montreal is a question mark as well with no answer. Not sure they added enough to really make any noise this coming season. Ottawa.... do I need to say much more than a couple good players does not a competitor make. I guess we will see how it all rolls out.
  3. There's no good solution with off-topic posts. The People initially responded by pointing to a place where this belongs. I understand what you are saying, but the back and forth has to move out of here. Impact of COVID to NHL hockey and the Canadian division is all we should be talking about here. That's still pretty broad a topic, but let's keep the other stuff in the other thread, okay?
  4. Levels of fan attendance aren't up to the league, they can't move forward with any type of indoor public gathering until the governments allow it. If fan attendance was up to them I'm sure there would be more of a plan for next season.
  5. If you're going to delete my post, delete robrob's too. 15 years ago, i had co-worker who went home sick one afternoon. He thought he had the flu. He died a couple days later from gallbladder cancer. Just because a seemingly healthy person dies out of nowhere, doesn't automatically mean it's "covid". PCR tests are 90% false positive (as per US CDC & other health agencies)... that = scam.
  6. The thing about the Rogers app that I can’t stand is not getting the post game content. They’d have to create a virtual experience. imagine if they put it in the fans corner, allow them to cheer from home... the boos would be in a huge delay though! Haha.
  7. i think they should go to a pay per view system. It would be more expensive than what we are used to but hockey fans would have hockey. What would fans be willing to pay?
  8. thank you! And yes, it’s probably a good idea...
  9. just a marketing ploy to get some dollars into the owners pockets.. My play would be to open up arenas all across the country and The Excited states to closed circuit games played to regional audiences.. If you can get 5000 fans at bigge rinks and 2-3 thousand at smaller rinks.. you'd have a fan based game again untill this pandemic is over
  10. Canucks fans be jaded. There are some inaccuracies, no doubt - apparently they are unaware that the Oilers are the only western Canadian team permitted to select first, but nevertheless... https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/the-flames-have-signed-canucks-players-and-stolen-their-jersey-whats-next-3141082 Love.
  11. I'm just not bying the hype with EDM. Last year they should have ridden the top NHL scorers and top PP and 2n PK to higher heights. Goaltending, sloppy defense and mostly one dimensional offense let them down. Their top 2 were minus players. They have at most 3 good to great players. And players who ride coattails. Defense is worse subtracting Klefbom. They had a goalie who despite his advanced years made the team believe they could win games. And he stunk out the joint in as many games. Their biggest improvements are a full year of Ennis, another fading star in Turris, and Kahun. Oh, and a NHL player that went to the Finnish league for a break from small ice. Kahun could be the 2nd coming of Rieder or a new threat. It's anyine's guess. Toronto seems to struggle aganst half of the teams. WPG is tsruggling to keep players and ice a NHL defense. MTL added a bit and play an uptempo game. VAN could drop unless Hotlby/Demko are unworldly. OTT is Ottawa.
  12. So who would likely be the powerhouses in the division? As I see it, the leafs are probably at the top, followed by the oilers (*spit*). The bottom is obviously Ottawa, but I find most of the teams in the middle to be tough to predict, but I'll try anyway! 1. Leafs: Lots of offense, improved their d-core a bit, depth is still a question, although Thorton might help. 2. Oilers: Greatly improved forward depth, goaltending will remain average, defense is slightly weaker. They were the top western Canadian team last season in the regular season, don't see that changing. 3. Flames: Slightly improved both goaltending and depth forwards, rolling with a more questionable defense (but not by that much). We're a bubble team again, but with Ward in from the start maybe they can surprise. 4. Vancouver: Made a solid pick up on schmidt, but otherwise they are worse off. Goaltending is worse (depends on if Holtby can rebound and Demko can find consistency), lost Toffoli, didn't add much overall. Things could get worse next offseason with the cap. 5. Canadiens: Not too many changes, but made a solid pick-up in Toffoli and got a back-up goalie. Overpaid for Anderson in a big way, but must be betting on a return to form. If he does, I think 3rd or 4th is possible. Could easily slide though depending on Price. 6. Jets: They added Stastny. That's about it, and key guys like Little might miss the season. Defense sucks, so they are counting on offense and goaltending to pull them through. 7. Ottawa: Lots of promise, but not ready just yet. Overall, aside from Toronto and Edmonton (and Ottawa at the bottom), I think it's a bit of a crapshoot. I could see the Jets squeaking in, or the flames just missing. It's a competitive division.
  13. Last week
  14. https://www.tsn.ca/hockey-canada/video/usa-hockey-names-preliminary-roster-for-world-juniors~2088634 Dustin Wolf official now
  15. I think theres another page for non-hockey related political ramblings. Probably best to keep it there.
  16. Or... we can all pull our heads out of our arses and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop watching CBC, global, CTV, etc. They are lying about the rona virus being as dangerous as it is. If you didn't know already, Turdeau pays CBC $1.5 BILLION per year and the rest of the media piggies split another $600 MILLION between them out of the taxpayer trough. You know who pays their media to lie to the people... countries like Communist China. It's called propaganda. They are pushing a BS narrative. Do yourself a favor and look into the Provincial, Federal death numbers yourself! Don't use google, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. They censor any evidence proving it's a scam and de-platform people. There was no more people dying over this last year, than there was in years previous. The flu numbers have disappeared... ok so, they're just adding flu numbers into "covid". There was a massive drop of people dying from heart disease... gee, i wonder where those numbers were added into. It's something that has a 99.9% overall survival rate. Unless you're over 80 (which is when most people die anyway) or have 2 to 3 underlying issues, you don't have much to worry about. The numbers DO NOT justify all this stupidity. The corrupt politicians that are putting restrictions in place are NOT afraid of rona. They keep flying everywhere, going to parties with their buds, playing hockey... it's bullSatoshi Nakamoto! I don't care if you boot me from this board. I'm sick of this ridiculous garbage. Time for people to put on their critical thinking caps & open their eyes. Say NO to their "new normal".... they've already admitted it'll never end. ps. you'd be out of your damn mind to accept any injection pushed on us from our corrupt gov't.
  17. No that's the thing. He's not going to be cheap. He averaged decent stats in two seasons with the Blackhawks. Former 3rd overall pick is going to cost whatever Sam Bennett is worth. That's a heavy payment. No way Derek Ryan is enough to get it done. It's going to cost Bennett or Hanifin or something so no thanks.
  18. If it's something gimmicky like Canadian teams only then I'd rather we just cancel the entire season and come back in Fall after everyone is vaccinated. I want to see the full league. In a perfect world, they all go into two bubbles again and each Conference plays their own. Start in January. Maybe 35 to 40 games. And then start playoffs in April.
  19. An older article, but we should be putting this bubble hockey idea to rest Shortened 2021 NHL season may feature all-Canadian Division, says Vegas owner Bill Foley | Edmonton Journal When the last season ended I was about 75-25 that a 20-21 season would happen. With every passing day without a plan for the next season it's dropping, at this point I'd say I'm 40-60.
  20. A team like CHI is going to place a high value on him. He can be re-signed for a reasonable amount and they work on his issues. I think he less Glencross and more of a Janko. Skilled but doesn't put everything together. Work in progress that could turn into the player they want. You are not going to get him for a late round pick or a prospect. You would need to give up something like Dube or Mangiapane.
  21. Well, if the thought was to move CGY's and EDM's AHL teams to the respective cities, remember that they both also have WHL teams to fit. The cost to move to CGY and EDM would be cost prohibative. That is not to say that they couldn't move to another city. Where though? Red Deer? Similar COVID issues as CGY and EDM. Manitoba is out probably for the near to distant future. Toronto and Montreal are probably no better off than CGY or EDM. The logical solution would be two fold. One is to have a taxi squad. They practice with the team. Consists of one goalie, 2 D-men, and 3 forwards. The salaries are not applied to the cap. They practice with the team. They get their AHL pay unless playing NHL. The 2nd is the AHL teams play in the US. The teams would need to play in cities allowed to under US and local rules. California may be out, but we will see later. There is no Canadian AHL teams playing at home. Logistically, the AHL faces more challenges than the NHL.
  22. With crap #s already and with the affect of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, X-mas, and New years yet to be seen I really dont think in all reality you can start the season until March 1st. At that point you have to wonder how short of a season can you have before you just call it off until fall?
  23. exactly he’s a risk but I think could be had for cheap, and could have some up side... lack of foot speed is a bit of an issue for sure not much can be done, though we do have a good skate coach, or so I hear, which many scouts say they are not very concerned about foot speed as most NHL clubs have great power skating coaches that can fix that...however, he’s been in the NHL for a bit so that issue should be less now but it’s not so it’s either he’s not able/willing to learn or and more likely not a thing he can physically do..that’s something best left to the proper staff to figure out. I was not aware of that speed issue, but depending on the circumstances he could still be a low risk with high (well reasonable higher) return type guy...I kinda have a sense he’s a Glencross type of the right team were to take a flyer on him
  24. I wonder if it's best to consider a neutral site where cases are very low, like Sweden. I'm sure they have rinks and NHL quality facilities there. Just adjust everyone's biological clocks to play in the night time (afternoon North America). Maybe even throw in a game where Europe can watch on TV during their evening time and make some money that way. Time for something extreme if we want to play and finish a season.
  25. What cities though? Edmonton is exploding with cases now. Is there a safe location? And how many games is the bigger question because it means players have to be away from home for "several months".
  26. A bit. But mostly it was Tkachuk played RW with Backlund and Mangiapane.
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