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  2. I think that McDavid is significantly better than Eichel and Nostrils, no?
  3. Could have fun with this all day. lol
  4. I am not even sure it is possible, but does anyone know how create a running clock on this site? It would be awesome to know exactly how many days/hours left until the Oilers are eliminated from the playoffs. Or, it could be days until Chiarelli is fired. I never really thought that I would relish in the misfortune of the KY Club. It really does feel like '89 again.
  5. Sounds perfect to me. lol Maybe back as far as Benny Goodman swing? lol At least that music is interesting and upbeat.
  6. He'll be the goat like Talbot by this time next year. I'd feel bad for him, but how bad can one really feel for a guy making 12.5 million a year...
  7. It's becoming an honest question. How long can McDavid last? Likely wants to be traded for Matthews yesterday. Or Eichel, or pretty much anyone...
  8. If we eliminated 80s tunes from the 'dome, we would have to listen to old grocery store music between the play.
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  10. Detroit played well against us in both games. We weren't going to be trouncing them regardless of goalie. They had a plan, especially in our barn, and played us well.
  11. Eberle can be traced to the last remaining piece of the Pronger trade as well. Love.
  12. But only 1 more year of RFA, with arbitration s rights and he's been the better goalie. Maybe it does but I'm skeptical. unfortunatly it doesn't work this way.
  13. EDM are so desperate they shouldn't the market example for any salary. I would throw out what they pay in any equation.
  14. Koskinen was a UFA at the end of the year where Rittich is an RFA so we might be able to save a few bucks.
  15. That's looking like the right thing to do. Open heart, open mind is paying off so far. BP'll have to show he can coach in the playoffs. Always great coaching. Practicing all he wants right now isn't hurting. NHL play will get tighter real soon. It'll be interesting to see if we pass the test. Lots of good moving parts.
  16. I totally disagree with that comment as without saves by Smith we could have easily lost that game we were out played for most of it. Anyways I'm done arguing with you and cross, like I said I don't think there is any real changes coming nor should there be IMO.
  17. This is dumb by the Oilers here but probabaly your floor for a Rittich deal. Gonna be real toogh for his camp to accept less.
  18. He played well in the Arizona game, we also played very well infront of him and he didn't have to be great in that game, but he was not very good against Detroit. We are winning in spite of Smith not because of him.
  19. I disagree with you and think his last two starts have been good ones.
  20. IMO that’s a terrible signing by Chiarelli. Koskinen has been a decent goalie this season, but for a 31 career game sample size he gets 4.5? That’s crazy, and his career sv% is .905. But I won’t complain...
  21. What!? I don't think that Chiarelli knows the difference between being decisive and making knee-jerk moves that make no sense. Who knows if Koskinen is their future? Not that long ago, Talbot was all the rage.
  22. Do we still publicly stone those alluding to '80's music? lol Okay that's all I got...
  23. I believe there as to be a "yeah but" in here. I would have thought he would be done by now with so much experimenting with lines and want to settle into ones that work. Like you refer to he can see Giordano and Brodie works and stays with it for the most part. Hamonic and Hanifin same deal. I dunno, Frolik seems to be happiest wand plays his best when with Tkachuk and Backlund so run with it. I don't think Neal is happy at all but Jankowski and Bennett are thrilled. Ryan has been all over the map and is likely wondering just where he fits with this team. Anyways its his team, I will just keep my program handy.
  24. Who would you take out of the top 4 for Muzzin? I don't think anyone deserve to be taken out. He's also going to cost a boatload to acquire. No sense acquiring him as a 3rd pairing dman.
  25. I think that we usually show average speed. Earlier in the year, the passing (and getting into the right places to receive a pass) was really crisp, and we moved the puck very quickly. We need to improve that area again, because we were particularly lethal when we played that way.
  26. There is a large difference there for me depending on what angle you want to take. Are both under performing their contracts - absolutely. If this is the benchmark then I agree both takes are poor and you can't defend that Neal has not been worth his contract yet (and IMO won't as its not a good contract). However, Smith is under performing not only his contract but basic NHL metrics and really shows no signs that this is going to change. With Neal the raw numbers are bad but IMO his game tells a different story. I think he is a useful player on most nights who is contributing and shows signs of coming out of a slump. Smith does not. That being said, if the argument is we should trade Neal absolutely. I never liked the deal so if you can get out from under it absoltuely. My defending of Neal is that while I will always agree his contract sucks, I think he is playing better than his raw numbers and we should give him a chance to turn it around because moving him isn't likely. That's the thing I was showing though, he really isn't trending up. He's just been poor since the start of the year.
  27. Sorry to inform you that this is an error. It was McDavid playing Flock of Seagulls apparently. His favourite song is "I ran".
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