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  2. I would add Dube to the Janko and Andersson grouping there. I mean, Dube knows he's going to Kelowna because of his age, but he also knows he's been doing a great job and is forcing management decisions to be made around him. Just as Janko and Andersson have.
  3. I really see Janko getting that last forward spot. With the extra being one of Hathaway, Lomberg, FHamilton or Glass (if we sign him). They would all fill that same role, of gritty agitator who can fight if needed (Especially Lomberg). Glass is a proven NHL'er in that role though. But I'd still rather give it to one of the three we already have signed.
  4. Glass
  5. Interesting read in the sun a couple days ago.
  6. It’s over man, negotiations are done….or are they? It’s apparent our elected officials do not appreciate what we have. WE, citizens of Calgary were offered a GRAND DESIGN and VISION, providing solutions for ALL of our entertainment needs as well as RECLAMATION and development of prime DT waste-land in one fell swoop (CalgaryNext). The CalgaryNext vision was brilliant, exactly what the city needed to bring our aging or non existent facilities onto the worlds stage. Our incapable and elected officials failed to comprehend the vision and rejected it outright with little explanation. The City instead distracted CSEC by having them look at the opposite side of town while only considering 1/4-1/3 of the CSEC initial vision. The CSEC dumbed it down and entertained the City by providing numbers, real numbers, to an inferior product, ultimately calling it on the inept city bureaucracy. The City is focused on a stand alone arena in East Village. What is the City going to do when the Stamps immediately ask for separate assistance on a new stadium? Or the $260M fieldhouse? Or the eventual clean up on the west side? Where is all the cash ($0.75-1B) going to come from? Those future discussions should be equally as painful considering present discussions on arena have been terminated. What is the city’s financial plan for these three issues? There isn’t one, because the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. It’s apparent that our elected officials and some citizens do not appreciate what CSEC brings to this city. The CSEC have asked, “please tell us what the public benefit is to this City by having us here”? Nobody would answer that question. The CSEC answered their own question a few days ago because everyone else was afraid too or incapable of. The CSEC proposal’s outline many public benefits. If you look solely at the economic benefit it looks something like this. $481M x 35 yrs = $16.8B. Maybe the CSEC is over estimating and its closer to $10B. Maybe it’s accurate but with inflation over 35 yrs could push it closer to $20B. The CSEC proposes the City contribute $185-225M depending on A or B proposal. What is $185-225M when the end game is a continual and sustained economic public benefit over 35 years in the $10-20 BILLION range? I’m no economist but that looks like a Warren Buffett investment to me (rent and land taxes aside). The Flames have offered to pay near half in either proposal, both rejected. I’m not saying this team is anywhere near pulling up stakes and leaving town, but they just got a lot closer to it. For those who say “let them go”, you had better be careful with your ignorant bluff, it just might happen. I’m not saying the tax payer needs to foot the entire bill either. I’m all for paying less as a tax payer but I also want my city on the worlds stage and now is probably the time to do it when ALL of our facilities are rock bottom. I don’t get the dislike for KK either that I read from a few select posters, that’s your business. I think KK has done an admiral job building, preparing and delivering the two extremely complex proposals/designs and representing the owners who have quietly contributed handsomely to this city. Its sad but next summer shall be interesting when KK (or other) is spotted touring new vacant arena’s around the USA, kicking tires so to speak. If the Flames ever left town, through the now wide open door, there is no way in hell Bettman would ever allow another NHL team back here out of spite. I’ve seen the two proposals, I want negotiations to proceed on proposal A.
  7. ill do saturday oct 14 vancouver.
  8. Here's the schedule for the 2017-18 season. Feel free to pick a day you'd like to create a Game Day Thread for. If you'd like to see how GDT posts have been created in the past, you can visit last year's GDT forum for inspiration. October Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Wed, 04-Oct-17 Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers -- Sat, 07-Oct-17 Winnipeg Jets Calgary Flames -- Mon, 09-Oct-17 Calgary Flames Anaheim Ducks -- Wed, 11-Oct-17 Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings -- Fri, 13-Oct-17 Ottawa Senators Calgary Flames -- Sat, 14-Oct-17 Calgary Flames Vancouver Canucks -- Thu, 19-Oct-17 Carolina Hurricanes Calgary Flames -- Sat, 21-Oct-17 Minnesota Wild Calgary Flames -- Tue, 24-Oct-17 Calgary Flames Nashville Predators -- Wed, 25-Oct-17 Calgary Flames St. Louis Blues -- Fri, 27-Oct-17 Dallas Stars Calgary Flames -- Sun, 29-Oct-17 Washington Capitals Calgary Flames -- November Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Thu, 02-Nov-17 Pittsburgh Penguins Calgary Flames -- Sun, 05-Nov-17 New Jersey Devils Calgary Flames -- Tue, 07-Nov-17 Vancouver Canucks Calgary Flames -- Thu, 09-Nov-17 Detroit Red Wings Calgary Flames -- Mon, 13-Nov-17 St. Louis Blues Calgary Flames -- Wed, 15-Nov-17 Calgary Flames Detroit Red Wings -- Sat, 18-Nov-17 Calgary Flames Philadelphia Flyers -- Mon, 20-Nov-17 Calgary Flames Washington Capitals -- Wed, 22-Nov-17 Calgary Flames Columbus Blue Jackets -- Fri, 24-Nov-17 Calgary Flames Dallas Stars -- Sat, 25-Nov-17 Calgary Flames Colorado Avalanche -- Tue, 28-Nov-17 Toronto Maple Leafs Calgary Flames -- Thu, 30-Nov-17 Arizona Coyotes Calgary Flames -- December Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Sat, 02-Dec-17 Edmonton Oilers Calgary Flames -- Mon, 04-Dec-17 Philadelphia Flyers Calgary Flames -- Wed, 06-Dec-17 Calgary Flames Toronto Maple Leafs -- Thu, 07-Dec-17 Calgary Flames Montréal Canadiens -- Sat, 09-Dec-17 Vancouver Canucks Calgary Flames -- Tue, 12-Dec-17 Calgary Flames Minnesota Wild -- Thu, 14-Dec-17 San Jose Sharks Calgary Flames -- Sat, 16-Dec-17 Nashville Predators Calgary Flames -- Sun, 17-Dec-17 Calgary Flames Vancouver Canucks -- Wed, 20-Dec-17 St. Louis Blues Calgary Flames -- Fri, 22-Dec-17 Montréal Canadiens Calgary Flames -- Thu, 28-Dec-17 Calgary Flames San Jose Sharks -- Fri, 29-Dec-17 Calgary Flames Anaheim Ducks -- Sun, 31-Dec-17 Chicago Blackhawks Calgary Flames -- January Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Thu, 04-Jan-18 Los Angeles Kings Calgary Flames -- Sat, 06-Jan-18 Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames -- Tue, 09-Jan-18 Calgary Flames Minnesota Wild -- Thu, 11-Jan-18 Calgary Flames Tampa Bay Lightning -- Fri, 12-Jan-18 Calgary Flames Florida Panthers -- Sun, 14-Jan-18 Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes -- Sat, 20-Jan-18 Winnipeg Jets Calgary Flames -- Mon, 22-Jan-18 Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames -- Wed, 24-Jan-18 Los Angeles Kings Calgary Flames -- Thu, 25-Jan-18 Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers -- Tue, 30-Jan-18 Vegas Golden Knights Calgary Flames -- February Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Thu, 01-Feb-18 Tampa Bay Lightning Calgary Flames -- Sat, 03-Feb-18 Chicago Blackhawks Calgary Flames -- Tue, 06-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Chicago Blackhawks -- Thu, 08-Feb-18 Calgary Flames New Jersey Devils -- Fri, 09-Feb-18 Calgary Flames New York Rangers -- Sun, 11-Feb-18 Calgary Flames New York Islanders -- Tue, 13-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Boston Bruins -- Thu, 15-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Nashville Predators -- Sat, 17-Feb-18 Florida Panthers Calgary Flames -- Mon, 19-Feb-18 Boston Bruins Calgary Flames -- Wed, 21-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Vegas Golden Knights -- Thu, 22-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Arizona Coyotes -- Sat, 24-Feb-18 Colorado Avalanche Calgary Flames -- Tue, 27-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Dallas Stars -- Wed, 28-Feb-18 Calgary Flames Colorado Avalanche -- March Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Fri, 02-Mar-18 New York Rangers Calgary Flames -- Mon, 05-Mar-18 Calgary Flames Pittsburgh Penguins -- Wed, 07-Mar-18 Calgary Flames Buffalo Sabres -- Fri, 09-Mar-18 Calgary Flames Ottawa Senators -- Sun, 11-Mar-18 New York Islanders Calgary Flames -- Tue, 13-Mar-18 Edmonton Oilers Calgary Flames -- Fri, 16-Mar-18 San Jose Sharks Calgary Flames -- Sun, 18-Mar-18 Calgary Flames Vegas Golden Knights -- Mon, 19-Mar-18 Calgary Flames Arizona Coyotes -- Wed, 21-Mar-18 Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames -- Sat, 24-Mar-18 Calgary Flames San Jose Sharks -- Mon, 26-Mar-18 Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings -- Thu, 29-Mar-18 Columbus Blue Jackets Calgary Flames -- Sat, 31-Mar-18 Edmonton Oilers Calgary Flames -- April Date Visiting Team Home Team Signed Up Tue, 03-Apr-18 Arizona Coyotes Calgary Flames -- Thu, 05-Apr-18 Calgary Flames Winnipeg Jets -- Sat, 07-Apr-18 Vegas Golden Knights Calgary Flames --
  9. I think Little Ball of Hate is more appropriate.
  10. Nenshi isn't the only problem in our city counsel. But! To unclog a plugged toilet you must first remove the biggest piece of #@%#.
  11. You Know I was Discussing this issue with my father and he said everyone is saying it is nenshi this nenshi that political this or that but even if nenshi is removed tomorrow that changes nothing The City Council Votes on stuff like this as a council and he is just the bad guy to give the bad news
  12. Lomberg plays with an edge, he's not the biggest guy but he doesn't back down or shy away from the greasy areas. He plays like a heart and soul guy every shift, it's contagious the type of energy he brings. He is a crash and bang player but there's some skill there, a true agitator who you'd just hate to play against. I'm not sure he's ready for full time NHL duties just yet but he's definitely turning heads right now. Plus he'sthe #1 candidate to reclaim "Lombo" for a nickname lol
  13. Who are you talking about ?
  14. Like I just said stay off my posts and I will stay off yours. Our mindsets surrounding this team and what breeds success are totally different.
  15. I liked those guys too I just was expecting more cuts based off Glenn's comments. Dube is really the one who has stood out to me because I didn't have high expectations of him. He's made others around him better, even some guys like Glass [who I hope isn't signed here]. I think we've got a good player in Dube. I'm not so sure on Lomberg myself. What's stood out to you about him if I may ask?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Three words: SCOTT STERLING'S FACE!!!!!!
  18. Ignoring lines for now we have Gaudreau, Monahan, Ferland, Backlund, Frolik, Tkachuk, Bennett, Versteeg, Brouwer, Stajan, and Lazar on the active roster. That leaves room for one. Jankowski has earned a spot. Klimchuk and a couple of others are making a case. Poirier and Shinkaruk still have a chance and are waiver eligible. I am fine giving him a contract if it is to play 1 out of 4. But I don't want him to get a roster spot over an NHL kid that is ready for it. Problem is coaches tend to give veterans opportunities they didn't earn. See Grossman last season. Don't need a repeat of that.
  19. If you're pushing 8mil on your 4th, you need the Ferland-Bennett-Tkachuk-Jankowski contracts/ELC's up the roster. Lomberg is bonus at that point. Will be interesting as all teams get tighter, competition gets tougher. Fun to watch, we'll see who falls from here. As for the D guys, I'd put Wotherspoon just ahead of Ollas-Mattson personally. Slow and lateral skating is pretty bad (read: terrible). There are 2 new guys carrying their heads high, imho. Jankowski and Andersson. A lot to be said for confidence. These 2 are really conducting themselves with a ton of confidence.
  20. I think Dube, Janko, Rasmus, Lomberg have earned their extended look so happy to see them stick around. I haven't heard anyone even mention Wotherspoon this entire pre season, either he's hasn't been good enough to stand out or not bad enough to get called out. I still think it'll come down to Rasmus and Kulak but maybe Wotherspoon finds his way into the conversation? Bartkowski hasn't looked great after all
  21. So if Stajan and Brower play on a line... would it be the Trojan Horse line?
  22. Agreed!
  23. I forgot about Brouwer, damn Troy has it come to this already?! I like Lomberg but want to see a lil more consistency from him before I'd guarantee him a spot. I really don't like paying Brouwer $4.5M to throw his weight around on the 4th line but it looks like he might be best served there. It could work though, if Lomberg continues to show up then him on a line with Stajan and Brouwer could be a pretty solid checking line. Too bad Stajan is baby powder soft but those wingers could bring enough grit there. I was saying Lomberg could be the new Jooris the way he came out of nowhere.
  24. I was expected more cuts. Like 10 more at least.
  25. All right guys. Let's get back to opinions and stop trashing each other. If you can't, then walk away for awhile. This is a place for everyone.
  26. Are you gonna cry now? I was honestly trying to understand your position MAC331 but having adult conversations is just too much for you. I'll post whenever and wherever I'd like.
  27. A lot of bickering going on. Just sayin'. Another round of cuts today, we're down to 4 goalies, 10 dmen and 26 forwards. Sent to Stockton: Austin Carroll (RW) Josh Healey (LD) Oliver Kylington (LD) Andrew Mangiapane (LW) Adam Ollas Mattsson (LD) Tyler Parsons (G) Colby Robak (LD).
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