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  2. Watched the game in Calgary, here are my thoughts: Lucic: he played alright, used his size well, his skating was better than advertised. All in all he wasn't as terrible as Oilers fans like to say he is. Smith-Pelley: he used his size well, threw some hits, wasn't super noticeable, but was effective for his role. Rinaldo: his skating surprised me, much better than I thought. Threw some good hits. MacDonald: really steady, skates well and moved the puck well. Easily the best of the PTO's. Gawdin: really responsible player, thinks the game well, works hard. Hamilton: skates well, moves the puck well. Can see him earning an NHL contract with a good start to his season in Stockton. Pelletier: good compete, good skill, good skater, and thinks the game really well. Might be closer to the NHL than I thought, not this season, but maybe as early as next season. Talbot: terrible start to his Flames career, that being said I put very little stock in goaltending performances in the preseason, especially for NHL regulars. The rest of the regulars played as expected.
  3. Not sure how we lost that home split game 3-2 in OT. We dominated pretty much the entire game, can’t be good for Talbots confidence. Should be hearing the Tkachuk announcement any day now...right? 🙄
  4. Gio is a special player, he makes it so he’s increasing his value as he ages...it’s an extremely rare trend and he’s got it. He’s arguably the best value contract in the league right now. I’m not sure why so many hate on the term...Gio has never shown any signs of depreciation.
  5. Gio has been looking like a guy who just won the Calder. Dominant dman. a lot of people ran down the length of his contract. Not seeing it being a problem.
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  7. Really like the Phillips Dube Quine line.
  8. Boeser 3 years 5.8m Another benchmark for Tkachuk negotiations this one lower.
  9. Both Good Games with Vancouver
  10. Love it. This will burn teams who bet on the cap to increment $5-mil per year. Like the Oilers who thought Draisaitl would be a great deal in 6 years.
  11. Was Just listening to 960 and they were speculating that the salary cap would stay the same for the next 2 and possibly 3 years even after the tv deal goes through. This would put quite a few teams into cap hell. Teams with space will dominate similar to year 1 of vegas. Colorado, Ottawa, Columbus.
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  13. I think he has been okay. Bester than Feaster and Sutter, but that isn;t saying much. Better than Chia. Again, low bar. He's smart when it comes to cap management, but needs to be because he makes dumb signings. I would have preferred to trade Neal for a bag of pucks and pay Ferland 4-5m over trading for Lucic. Dougie was a good trade, but we had to give 3 picks for him, only to turn around and deal him with another player for two players. Dougie (1st + 2x2nds) + Ferland + rights to Fox for Hanifin and Lindholm. I liked the Monahan deals and the ones for other RFA's (Gaudreau, Hanfin, Lindholm, Backlund, etc) since he got them for less than other teams were paying. I don;t necessarily agree with the decisions about other RFA's, but I get them.
  14. we have a long history of being good hard working teams that have always had Hathaway's on our team.. Colin Patterson/Richie Kromm/Dave Hindmarsh/Jamie Hislop/ Prust.. and on and on.. you can't have 12 guys trying to score.. That's not how you build a team.. A Team has many elements and those magic players that help you win are most often the role players on the 3rd and 4th lines.. Hathaway will be missed
  15. Yeah. That makes me less comfortable with BT. Has he been better than past GMs? Maybe, but how has he really done? Perhaps inheriting the roster and building around it is part of the deals he had to make to build a competitive team.
  16. I haven't seen any BT trades that are one-sided for the Flames. The best one to date is Ferland and Hamilton (+ Fox). Even that could be considered a high payment for a lesser D and a better/younger forward. Or perhaps the one to get Dougie initially. Russell for basically Dube. Most of the other trades are head-scratchers. Kulak for a scrub. Granlund for a scrub. Neal for Lucic. 2nd for Lazar. Multiple goalie trades (this for Elliott, that for Smith).
  17. He was kinda like Bouma, in that he was heart & soul and managed to put up points. He was able to draw penalties, but also took too many, making it less valuable. Still, he was a good player, maybe not worth 1.5m. The leaders in drwaing penalties were Tkachuk and JH. Bennett had the opposite impact mostly, taking too many and not drawing enough. If he's going to take top 6 minutes, he better not be putting us in a hole all the time. And that's sorta why I'm against DSP being a regular. I don't think he has blazing speed, so he isn't drawing hooks. He mucks it up, so he's as likely to get a penalty as draw one. Doesn't make him useless, just not as valuable as some. It's funny, but I actually think Rieder might get a contract. He's got speed. He plays his off wing on RW. We don't have too much depth there.
  18. I don’t know if it is necessarily cherry picking. The Flames have been historically horrible at making those trades. I, for some reason, have more faith in BT making the deal. I don’t know if the Flames will need another rebuild once their contracts are up. I feel BT has done a bad job of trading away picks. They’ve found decent players throughout the rounds, but not game breakers. That ability is reserved in the first round and rare for later ones. Gaudreau and others are an anomaly.
  19. Hockey teams make the same mistake of falling in love with players for to long and more times than not fail to realize it. Look at LAK, pitiful. Time will tell.
  20. Same man. Hathaway is a fantastic skater and his speed on the forecheck will be missed. He's a guy who knows his role and accepts his fate. You don't see this enough with many kids these days because they all want to play top 6 and get PP minutes. Hathaway commits to the NHL and gives an honest effort like he knows every game in the NHL is an over achievement in his career already. Great guy and will be missed.
  21. I agree, it’s a GM thing, and a bit of overpriced signings.
  22. I think I am going to miss Hathaway. He was one of my favourites. Even though he’s not Tkachuk, he is somehow able to get under the opponent’s skin and draws penalties. I wonder how many goals resulted in the pp’s he drew. He is not someone who can create offence off of his stick on his own, but was able to chip in when others help push the play. I just wonder if DSP can do that with someone like Ryan. But I am not holding my breath. I just think that I prefer that offence comes regularly from the top 3. I want it from the 4th, but anything from them is a bonus. That was not the case last year for the Flames. Then again, the 3rd line was basically a 4th line. So really Ryan was a 3rd line C. Jankos line couldn’t figure it out. So so we will see. an argument I’ve read a lot on here is that a Hathaway is a dime a dozen, easily replaced. I don’t agree. And you’re right, I am curious who will kill penalties.
  23. Rosterwise we are the same team as this past season maybe a tad worse.
  24. Thanks. So forget all of that other stuff I said. lol
  25. Positive. He requires waivers based on his age, and the fact he was on the roster for more than 30 days.
  26. He is waiver eligible. He's a bit unique in the sense he was drafted as a 19 year old so didn't sign till he was 20 so he only gets 3 years of wavier exemption.
  27. Re: Mangiapane Are you sure about that? I don't think he has enough NHL games under his belt for waivers, but close.
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