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  2. Eberle was traded before he signed. Draisaitl is supposed to become the center on his own line. When you have Caggiula or Slepy taking top line minutes with McDavid, that sure sounds like an opportunity. Pulju has to do more than he did last season in the AHL. He started off ok then fell off to nothing. He's probably going to be a NHL player sooner than later, but he has work to do. Then again, it is EDM.
  3. Because you don't get a read of him at the NHL level. He becomes a RFA and you have to qualify him or lose him. And the 2nd deal negotiation may not be that amicable if they don't even use him this year. The other thing is that we have Stajan as a mentor on the 4th line. You can send in Janko on faceoffs and let him cheat a bit, worse case is he gets tossed out and Stajan get the draw.
  4. You could be right about Lazar however I think they have a long look before Foo sees any NHL action. As far as Lazar goes, we will find out. He could also be a very useful player in years ahead, very much like Versteeg.
  5. So if they don't you think he will be fired ? Do you not think that EDM ownership would not like to gain some consistency with management not a revolving door ?
  6. I know a lot of fans are high on Lazar but I'm not. I don't see the offensive upside. At best we've got a Josh Jooris 20-points kind of thing in Lazar. Don't get me wrong, solid two way player and good lockeroom guy. Just not going to put up big numbers. Foo, on the other hand, looks like he can flash Jiri Hudler from time to time. I wouldn't just try Foo with Bennett. I would move Foo up and down the lineup. Well the Oilers had Eberle, Puljujarvi, Kassian, and Draisaitl on RW. He has to be real about that.
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  8. The difference is that EDM ownership views the playoffs now as a given. Chia made moves that are only acceptable if they return there.
  9. I actually think he could make the team as well. But I think the decision to sign in CGY is deeper rooted than that. He's been on their radar since he started playing in Union. It's not like EDM that swoops in with Gretzky in tow and talks about how great it would be to play with McDavid.
  10. That would be a waste of his final year of ELC.
  11. There will be injuries and opportunities this season. Versteeg and Ferland are almost givens to have injuries. I see Poirier as a possible substitute for Versteeg because he can play either Wing now. Depending on where players end up on lines I could see Shinkaruk filling in here and there for Ferland. I honestly see Jankowski and Foo in Stockton all season.
  12. I think both teams had fortunate circumstances that allowed both to reach the playoffs. Funny how we blame our goaltending and EDM wouldn't have made it without Talbot playing as much as he did. I don't see either GM under the gun, both have made some good roster moves to solidify their teams. Coaches and players take it from here.
  13. You sure have a different way of looking at situations. LOL I think Foo can and will be an instrumental piece going forward but I don't think there is any doubt he has some further development time coming in Stockton. Here is a scenario I can see happening (crystal ball) I eventually see Foo as Bennett and Tkachuk's RW 2018/19 maybe a few trial runs this season.
  14. I'm sure Foo looked at the Flames RW depth and figured this is his best chance to play in the NHL this season. I don't see why he would sign with the Flames only to play/develop in Stockton. I expect Foo to make a serious case to be on the starting roster on opening day.
  15. Saw that the other day and thought "Is this new?". Nope, just another re-hashing of news to fill the off-season. That was the worst timed and uninformative piece I have seen in awhile. The episode shown is from just after the draft, and talks about him "expected to sign July 1st". Old new. As far as Conroy's assessment, that is pure speculation. He has great hopes for Foo, but there is nothing to suggest yet that he will play this season.
  16. Chia is as under the gun as BT. One year of success folllowed by missing the playoffs would be a firing offense. The expectations are cup or finals at least. He basically has determined the fate of the team last year, and not enough dramatic change to improve what he had. Very much what Feaster did; we think we are better than the results showed, so let's let the team take us to the next level as is.
  17. It's not that simple. Waivers play a big part. Lazar is not going to be waived because he didn't knock it out of the park day 1. Spoon and Kulak are more important to the team than Bart, as they are still prospects. What you see from Bart is what you get. Both Spoon and Kulak have had little opportunity to display their stuff, other than camp and AHL. Results being more or less equal, they would likely keep Spoon or Kulak over Bart. Unfortunately, all the RHS RD spots are filled, so I doubt we see Andersson at this point. Kylington just isn't ready yet. The skating and offense are there, just not the consistency of play. As far as forwards go, the team is light on RHS RW. We have Brouwer, Lazar (Center actually), and a couple of low ceiling guys like Freddie and Hathaway. As far as prospects go, we have a couple of guys that could compete for a RW spot; Poirier (LHS), Foo (RHS). I expect Poirier to be more of a mid-season callup, since he had only completed step one of his recovery (addiction part). He needs to show the player he was when we drafted him. Foo is a wildcard. Very possible he is NHL ready at this point. His compete level and skills may be enough for him to win a NHL job out of camp. Janko is probably almost guaranteed a spot out of camp. He is NHL size, has requisite skills and is ready to show what he can do at the NHL level.
  18. Why ? if you are going to bring Jagr in the best fit is with JG and SM. He is your 210lb 6'2 Hudler and better if he has some of his old self left at 45 years of age. Bring him in for a year and use Ferland with Backlund and Frolik. I still think you put Tkachuk with Bennett and Lazar to start the season. Versteeg, Stajan and Brouwer as a 4th line and this team looks very strong.
  19. Yeah well I saw we were trading for OV with Bennett, Kylington and two 1st round picks. A lot gets said to pump these players up in the offseason.
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  21. Chris Cornell was found dead, hanging from a hotel room door that was only inches taller than himself on May 18, after performing a Soundgarden concert the night before in Detroit. His close friend Chester Bennington (Lincoln Park Lead Singer) sang “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s Eulogy on May 26. Bennington was found dead on July 20th (Cornell’s 53rd Birthday) at his California home. Both deaths were ruled suicide. What the hell just happened, other than the obvious?
  22. Too early to tell. The Bennett line makes the most sense.
  23. Am I the only one that saw this? Thought it would be posted here by now, but I haven't seen it yet, sooo.... Which line would you slot him in on?
  24. LOL you know its summer when people are suggesting johnny wear gear from diablo..
  25. I would be interested to see how the team looked if we added jagr for sure. I wonder if they would keep the 3m line together if they did add jagr, or if a line of bennett tkachuk and jagr does some good work. If that did happen, im curious who they would play on the backlund line and with ferland hitching his wagon to mony at least for the start of the season, it could make for an interesting bottom 6 as well. Jagr definitely makes this team better if he still has some tread on the tire. Johnny-mony-Ferland Frolik-backlund-brouwer Tkachuk-Bennett-Jagr Versteeg-Stajan-Lazar Thats how I would be starting training camp if we signed Jagr, although there is room for plenty of movement in the top 9.
  26. I was just going off what you said about a 22 year old forward or 24 year old D man, if you arent trading a high prospect. It doesnt really matter if they are in the AAA or NHL they arent going to be worth much. That was all I was talking about.
  27. I believe players that are out of options like Wotherspoon and Kulak or Bartkowski if they have to be passed through waivers BT isn't to worried about it. Lazar will be given every opportunity to prove his value to the team. He cost a 2nd round pick and a has a low salary, if he fails I think he was worth the gamble.
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