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  2. I like Perreault's skill and bloodlines, but he worries me a bit because of the inconsistency of effort and compete level. I also see him as a winger in the NHL, and I really value centers and defense in the 1st round.
  3. I was willing to give Ceci a pass for how he looked in Ottawa as that was a mess of a situation. however, he went to the Leafs and looked just as bad even when put into a reduced role. He's not horrible defensively so if the Flames want to cotninue with their passive, collapse down, strategy he would make sense as a RS for the 3rd pairing but that isn't where they should be leaning. He should not be a target for them.
  4. I don't follow the draft as closely as i use to but I've gotten a bit of a chance over the last few weeks to watch some guys and I do hope the Flames keep their pick because there are some exciting potential at 19. I don't think the Flames should, or honestly will, be looking at a Dman in the first round as the quality just is not there in comparison to forward. D gets pretty strong in rounds 2-3 so that makes way more sense as an approach for me. Seth Jarvis and maybe Asakrov (as I mentioned scouting goalies is more about off ice than on) are 2 potential dreams that I don't think will happen so I'm putting those aside. This is the short list I would like to see the Flames select from. Jacob Perreault -other than someone taking a fall down the board he is really the guy I want the Flames to get. I think he's the best value at 19 in the first round because his offensive skills are borderline elite and the issue I've seen are correctable. Connor Zary: he gets called "safe" which in his case i don't think should be a negative. I think he has more upside than some are letting on if he can add some bulk and strength. Rodon Amirov: No idea of the risk level with him playing in Russia, I know he's under contract there, but some pretty tantalizing upside at 19. Incredibly smart player who is a dog on pucks and can play a 200ft game. A player that checks a lot of boxes for the Flames based on their previous criteria. He is an older player and while his offensive numbers are not always eye popping he has dominated some tournaments for his age group. Those are the 3 I'm a real fan of in that spot and I think have good chances of being here. 2 guys I like but I don't think will be there are Dawson Mercer and Anton Lundell. Outside of those 5 names (and the 2 dream scenarios) there are some good players but none that excite me as much as these 5 so hoping the Flames picks is one of these names.
  5. Let me put it this way: Brodie with a guy that is and can be bad does not come close to value of a true #1D. Brodie by himself is actually a lot closer.
  6. A week out from the draft. Here's my crack at the first 19 picks. 1. NYR- Lafreniere 2. LA- Byfield- the draft starts at 2. I really like Stutzle, but it would be really tough to pass on a 6'4" C if I was LA 3. OTT- Stutzle- they get the luxury of picking whoever falls to them at 3. 4. DET- Rossi- I've seen lots of Perfetti and Raymond here. I really like Rossi, he's very similar to another undersized C that Yzerman drafted, Point. 5. OTT- Askarov- Ottawa is loaded with high end prospects, they get their franchise goalie here, with 3 1st's and 7 picks in the top 62, this is a worthwhile gamble. 6. ANA- Drysdale- ANA is thrilled to have the best RHD land on their lap 7. NJ- Raymond- A skilled winger to complment their 1-2 punch of Hughes/Hischier for the next 5-10 seasons. 8. BUF- Sanderson- It's believed that the Sabres front office are big fans of Sanderson, although Sabre fans would want Perfetti here. 9. MIN- Perfetti- I think positionally, MIN would think about Anton Lundell, but the upside of Perfetti is too great to pass on, even if I think Perfetti is an LW at the next level. 10. WPG- Lundell- The Jets get Lundell to fill the 2nd line C hole that they have been trying to fill for years. Holtz is probably the better prospect, but the Jets put a premium on C here. 11. NSH- Holtz- The Preds can't submit their pick fast enough, they have potentially the best goal scorer in the draft fall into their lap. 12. FLA- Jarvis- Like Rossi, lots of Brayden Point similarities. The Panthers have a lot of holes, I could see them go D here as well. 13. CAR- Quinn- Canes have a very good team and deep prospect pool, but lack RHS, Quinn addresses that and instantly becomes one of their best prospects. 14. EDM- Holloway- Oilers select the Bragg Creek kid. He plays with an edge, which the Oilers lack, at least they lack players that can actually play as well as play with an edge. 15. TOR- Schneider- Leafs nation can rejoice, they have an RHD. I think Schneider is an NHLer, but the upside is limited. Somewhere between a Hamonic and Schenn. 16. MTL- Amirov- Lots of skill here and a defensively responsible forward. The Habs have had some success in Russia in recent years. 17. CHI- Guhle- after Sanderson, probably the 2nd most complete D in the draft. 18. NJ- Mercer- A RHS forward goes one spot before the Flames pick.. This would have Mercer falling a little and it's very possible he goes higher. 19. CGY- Zary- I just see Zary being the Flames pick. He probably doesn't have the upside of other players still on the board, like Lapierre, but he checks a lot fro boxes for the Flames. With Backlund at 32, I think the hope would be that Zary can be a #2C for the Flames in a few seasons. I've watched a lot of Zary, I think realistically he's a Nick Bonino type, 35-50pt player, not all that different than Backlund.
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  8. I think teams will take the savings now, and worry about next year next year. I do wonder how the Flames ownership will approach this upcoming season as far as budget and what Treliving will be able to do with player salaries.
  9. It's UFA and a two way street. What if Treliving does see the value and it's Brodie who wants to move on?
  10. To be fair he didn't start them. HIs tweets outlined that he dug into it after rumors of Eichel trade discussions reached him and given the profile of the player he made calls. But he did summarize that based on his conversations, there is nothing active going on here. No formal trade request and no active trade discussions.
  11. I'm actually wondering if that works more against the Flames. The bonuses are for this year only and then neither has bonuses the rest of their contract so I wonder how much that actually helps those teams looking to cut payroll. And on the flipside Treliving now has to sell the trade to the owners who have already paid these guys close to 10 million and are cutting costs themselves? I'm not sure this is an advantage.
  12. exactly why I have brought his name up, also Him plus (either Brodie or someone close to Brodie’s ability) probably gonna be cheaper or about the same as AP.. this kinda 2 for one type deal plus upgrades the d grit
  13. McKenzie in that series of tweets said that Eichel didn't ask for a trade, just that he wants to win and is tired of losing.
  14. unfortunately I agree with all points you made...but I’m still holding some hope BT wakes up and also Brodie sees the value in seeing the progress of last year through a bit longer...but I can’t blame him for leaving either giving last year...still hopeful he re-ups
  15. Just responding to Bob McKenzie starting rumours. Perfect, that offsets Eichel's signing bonus. So it's a fair trade after all.
  16. One thing I just realized is that Gaudreau and Monahan have already received their signing bonuses so their salary is $3.25m and $2.5m respectively. So that would mean that they would have even more value to teams looking to cut costs and still stay competitive. Teams like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Florida, Arizona.
  17. His agent said he hasn't requested a trade, and Buffalo has already paid him his $7.5m signing bonus, he isn't getting traded this offseason.
  18. Next year might not align with Eichel's timeline. All this hinges on the rumour Eichel did request a trade. If so, then this is the summer he will be traded.
  19. That's logical. However the Sabres are trying to please fans as well as Eichel. 9 years without playoffs. There is pressure to win right away.
  20. The Flames and Sabres timelines just don't quite align for an Eichel trade. The Flames would want to do it today. Once October 9 hits and the league calendar rolls over, Monahan gets his M-NTC, Buffalo is surely on that list. The Sabres don't want to trade Eichel this year. They paid him the big bonus and to be honest, the league is so volatile that you never know who will make the playoffs. NJ and COL made it in 2018 a year after they really struggled. Next offseason, when it's more likely Eichel could request a trade, it's hard to see the Flames being able to make it work. I'm assuming in this case they are wanting to build around Lindholm and Tkachuk, at that point, Gaudreau has 1yr left and Monahan has 2. That's not getting you Eichel.
  21. If Eichel is traded it will be for Prospects and Picks. Eichel wants to win and Sabres are trying to accommodate him by upgrading the team to keep Eichel in Buffalo. So it makes no sense Buffalo trading him to upgrade their team. No they will take the 3 firsts and prospects.
  22. If I am Trevling I am looking to take advantage of Buffalo. There are two options to do this IMO. 1) Buffalo is willing to trade Eichel - If Buffalo wants to stay competitive - Then we offer Monahan, Hanifin, Dube - I don't think many teams can offer a package of players that can keep Buffalo competitive and have value. - If Buffalo wants futures - Then we offer Monahan, Valimaki, and our first(19 overall) - Again I think this is fair value, and I wouldn't mind parting with this for a player like Eichel in return. Gaudreau Eichel Lindholm Tkachuk Backlund Mangiapane Lucic Bennett Dube/Philips Gawdin Ryan Reider Gio Brodie Hanifin/Valimaki Andersson Makay Yelesin 2) Buffalo wants to win now - We offer them Gaudreau for Cozens and 8th - We then sign Hall Hall Monahan Lindholm Tkachuk Backlund Mangiapane Bennett Cozens Dube Gawdin Ryan Lucic Gio Brodie Hanifin Andersson Valimaki Yelesin
  23. Since we're all back on the Eichel topic........ Johnny and Mony for Eichel and Risto Salaries line up but Buffalo gets rid of the off ice distractions and an underachieving d-man. You can then replace Brodie with a 3rd pair RD, and a 1 or 2 line RW and #2LW. (Chucky goes to #1), Ryan for picks. Chucky/Eichel/ Lindy or ?? Mangi or ??/Backs/Lindy or ?? Looch/Benny/Dube Reider+ a couple from the farm. Gio/Andersson Hanifin/Risto Valimaki/ ?? (Yelesin)
  24. i'd do monahan and last years first round and this year;s first round fir Eichel.. then sign hall and trade JH for a right winger
  25. If you are going after Eichel, you would be better off trading Monahan + Hanifin for him. The salary is similar. Gaudreau with Eichel would be other-worldly. No need to make too many other moves. Maybe Ryan for a depth player or 3rd pairing RD.
  26. Eichel is near top 10 and trending into potentially top 5 soon. Is there an equivalent out there also looking for a trade? Maybe Barkov but Barkov has a NMC and Miami is a nicer place to live than Buffalo? Winnipeg shopping Laine for a Center and talent wise might be the closest comparable. Hearing maybe Columbus would move a D for a Center... maybe Werenski or Jones for Eichel? We could start with Monahan and see where things go knowing he's not at the same level as the names mentioned above. Tkachuk is also a good place to start too. And, if the idea is to move Gaudreau to sign Hall then maybe combo Monahan + Gaudreau for Eichel (which is a bit of an overpayment). That ultimately gives us Eichel + Hall which from an optics perspective is a fantastic move.
  27. Yeah its a Satoshi Nakamoto trade. Vorcheck is a downgrade and you could sign hall for equal value far better player. Trevling with his Blockchaining reclamation projects Ghost is no better than Gustafson Resign him than at half the value. Johnny wants to go to Philly great let someome else take it up the arse. Ship his Hash Rate to the highest bidder, and be done with it. Unless Philly eats salary plus adds picks and a prospect, forget it. God makes me gag ever time our gm trys to play mother Thersa and recreate players carrers. If this trade goes down, he should be shown the door immediately
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