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  2. I really hope the Oilers get into the playoffs. Because more chances to win 50/50... Last pot for the Oilers game was $5.8-million...
  3. And isn't that part of being a successful coach, your team follows you and plays better as a result. There are still things about him that bother me, but I think sometimes management puts things in his head. Don't give him a Rinaldo and he won't play him. By now, he should know what it takes to have a winner.
  4. I’ll give full credit to the Flames for soundly beating a very good Jets team. Nothing was given, Flames simply took it. Like every SC playoffs, every round gets tougher. Don’t care who the next opponent is, it’s “WIN” time.
  5. I think that’s why our 3rd line of now Lucic-Bennett-Dube is so powerful. Because they are going to draw favourable matchups as teams try to shut down our top line. They can match the grit against a lower pairing d and can Benny and Dube can outskate most other 3rd and 4th lines. The real kicker is if Janks-Ryan-Reider can generate cycles down low, that will benefit the top lines even more, by trapping tired d on a long shift.
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  7. Holland bought into the thought that he had a contender. Just a few pieces away. I see a couple of real players and a few futures, but that's about it. Nurse is not the stud that some suggest and will be looking for stud money. Bear is a nice story, but only gives them two young-ish D-men that can play top 4 minutes. Yammer is a good player, but I don't see him being anything more than a compliment to Draisaitl. McD and Draisaitl continue to be goal-first players with less commitment to a 200 foot game. Nuge is a 2-way C that got converted to a winger. No 3rd or 4th line C's worth anything. I would see the 1st overall going to PITTS long before it ends up with EDM. It's not rigged, but I find myself believing that the ball has rough edges to it and won't drop. If I had to guess, I would suggest that WPG picks up its rightful lotto pick, as they would have been the winner without the play-in. They would be better off trading down and picking a D, which they have neglected.
  8. Faceoffs are still an issue. None of the C's have done that well the last few games. Ryan isn't the same force as I expected, so I think he has some nagging injury. I don't know that the MMA line could do more than they have done. At the least, their job is to play to a draw. If they provide scoring, then that's a plus. It was a tossup for me between the 2nd and 3rd lines being the best one. The positives for me is we have become more than a one-line threat. That's huge. Our bottom 6 was always going to be the weak link. Seems like we have fixed the link. I think it may also be to our advantage to play as the lower seed. We have been been the better team as the visitor. With that you may see less top 3 scoring at evens. More of middle six scoring.
  9. I’d say, after the loss the Flames didn’t really play down to the level of their opponent, which they normally do. That was a good surprise. Hopefully the preparation for the next team will be just as good. The only full game I m watched was last nights game. I watched a period the game they lost, I think the 3rd period in game one, and j was doing yard work in game 3 but listened to it online. it’s hard to get a sense of the rest of the series. It sounds to me like Lindholm played well. Tkachuk did Tkachuk things but needs to put up some offence and did that last game but still needs more. And Monahan and Gaudreau need to get more points in the next series. I feel for Ryan because he probably deserves more time. I hope that Jankowski has now upped his game. The Flames played a physical playoff style game. I like how they forechecked and made it tough on the D. I’ve not seen this version of the Flames to have killer instincts. That was a positive. They need to keep that mindset, keep going and play their game regardless of the opponents. it was good they got scoring throughout the lineup, but that might be more telling of the Jets lack of depth and D, as well as Hellybuck being average. Possibly Binnington or Bishop? Will need to continue to get traffic.
  10. If you are Holland and you win the lottery what do you even do? Use the pick and draft Laf, trade it and try to fix a need, trade down a few spots and go for Askarov who could be of a greater organizational need, Nuge and Larsson in their last years of their contracts. In year 1 Holland, gave too much money and term to Kassian, traded 2 2nds a 3rd, a 4th and a 5th in the next 2 drafts and out of it got 2 games of Mike Green, a bad contract in Neal, a guy whose name sounds like Happy-to-see-you which most Wings fans I know were Happy-to-see-leave and happy with the return, and Tyler Ennis who cost the least and was the only decent pick up. So be interesting if it happened what this Hall of Fame GM would do. That said I do not want to see them get it, but also can't bring myself to wanting to see them past this round. The media is trying so hard with this team to promote its star that it is completely blind to how bad they are. And if I have to hear anymore about Mike 5mith being the greatest puck handling goalie of all time I may throw my remote through my tv. So Go Hawks! and Go 87.5% odds of the Oilers not winning the lottery!
  11. The Oilers getting number 1, without a doubt. nothing even comes to a close 2nd place. be an absolute joke if it happens.
  12. While it's exciting to win a series, it was just 3 games. I have no doubt we would have prevailed in a 7 game series, but this was just the first test. The next opponent will be much tougher. It will be the equivalent of a 3vs6 match-up, assuming CHI, ARI and VAN prevail. That's the Blues or the Stars. Tough test. I would say STL doesn't scare me as much as last year. They have played very ordinary hockey and aren't up to any real speed yet. We played them twice into OT and SO, but were shut out 5-0 in one game in November. It will be a tough test no doubt. The one thing we have going for us is that the team is getting better. They are learning from mistakes. Unlike last year, we are going into the "playoffs" rolling. Once this group gets some confidence, they can play better. Playoff Sam is emerging. Dube is a thing. Mangiapane is play his best hockey. Ras and Hanifin are making for a formidable 2nd pairing and actually starting to surpass the top pair in minutes played. We have a PP QB that can get the puck into danger areas. Talbot is not Smith.
  13. Can’t take away too much from the flames as I do think they played well once they found their game, especially in the last 2 games. They said they were here for business and they acted like it, which is a positive. More than a few things to like about the series. at the same time, I’m also in the camp that this was not a very difficult series so I’m struggling to feel really good about it. Again, Flames earned it by executing their game plan but with their injuries (and the fact they weren’t a bad defensive team to being with) the Jets didn’t really provide the adversity or challenge you’d want. That was supposed to come in the form of a Vezina caliber Hellebuyck but he just was not great in the series. I think they are going to need to be better in the next round. They need a little more from some key players (Gaudreau,Monahan, Gio in particular) and I think they’ll need even more from Talbot. I thought he was good in the series but he didn’t have to be great because the team in front of him was very good and the Jets didn’t challenge him to the level you may have thought. That might change next series.
  14. I thought the Flames, in terms of their game plan and structure, were well prepared for the Jets style of play. That speaks well to the coaching staff as well as the adjustments they made during the series and to the PP. that being said I also agree that this series didn’t present the challenge you were looking for. Even with Schiefelle and Laine In the lineup the Jets are not a very good team imo with a huge weakness on D. Take those 2 out and the series was right there for the taking. Flames really has no adversity in the series and until they do or play a higher wiling opponent I’m not willing to give them or the staff too much credit. having said that as I’ve said for a while I do think he will be the permanent coach of this team. The players seem to really like him as shown here
  15. This. We were gifted the series against the Jets. We likely won't get that lucky again next round. That will be the real test.
  16. Well I have been pretty hard on Ward and have been pushing for Gallant or Laviolette for awhile, but with the layoff and a bit of a camp he was able to impliment some new systems in the defensive zone and on the PP and both payed imeditate dividends. I also like the way he has changed this teams mentality and has them playing the right way. Previously I feel like this team would have faltered after the Jets pushed back and won game 2, but they came back re-focused and determined for games 3 and 4. I now wouldn't mind sweing him back next year, because I really like the way he has this team playing. Though the real test will be the next series.
  17. I don't know what to expect next round. This should have been a tougher team to score on. Dube, Bennett and Mangiapane have emerged as playoff performers. Bennett was there, but has stepped it up. If the present trend continues, we will be facing the #3 seed, which will be the Stars or the Blues. That what you call a tough bracket.
  18. There are not many team that should get Lafreniere or deserve him. CHI could use him, but they will be good again, just not with Toews still playing. But CHI may not get the chance either. Minny? I hate them but it wouldn't help them at all. Rags? No freakin way. FLA? Well, okay if you want to go to a place and have your career die. PITTS? Nope, move on. EDM? Would be the wrong thing to happen in the world. They still wouldn't be a team that can play in the post season. CBJ would be a safe place. They are well run and play with heart.
  19. I was thinking this too. Not often you beat a team in the "playoffs" and like them afterwards. They kept their cool after losing Scheifele and i hope they win the lottery to draft Lafreniere.
  20. I'm more surprised they were such a soft team. I was expecting some hitting even if they lost their two best forwards. And yes, I have to give them that excuse for losing. Sometimes the best players don't have to score. They simply have to take away the other team's best defenders so your second line can face second tier defense. It was too much to ask Wheeler, Ehlers, and Connor to carry the load against our best defenders. Connor especially has played most of his career with Scheifele and it was obvious he couldn't get going with Copp or Wheeler. Their lines were all messed up. Ehlers though, deserves some respect. He looked like a star out there with his speed and was dangerous most of the time.
  21. Talbot was dialed in tonight and deserves a lot credit. The Lucic-Bennett-Dube line was great tonight all 3 were fantastic. Ward also deserves a ton of credit for getting this team in the right frame of mind and he sure seems to have found the right mix with his lines. I hope the Jets get Lafreniere, they probably deserved better in this series. I would rather them get the 1st overall pick than Edmonton, Toronto, Pittsburgh or the Rangers.
  22. it’ll happen! One day! Dreams are good to keep you goin!!!
  23. Same. I should've asked the Oilers to check my email for me. They know how to win lotteries.
  24. Got the letter and the first 2 numbers
  25. haha! ya, I just mean their fans tend to overvalue their players. They tend to suggest the worst lopsided trade scenarios.
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