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  2. The Leafs are in desperation mode and really need a defencman, as well as a high pick to satisfy their fan base. I'd offer: Brodie, UFA - gives the Leafs the defenceman they need (I would rather this be Hammer, but I think the Leafs want Brodie) Lucic - makes the money even and gives the Leafs some grit which they severely lack (even though I've been happier with his play since Bennett started centering) And our 2020 first round pick Flames get Mitch Marner.
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  4. I disagree, it was reasonable and I’m thinking he could have been signed for a reasonable price....maybe we are gonna sign him and Hall to crazy UFA contracts this off season
  5. Well BT missed out on Toffoil, good move move and reasonable price we totally could have done that type of deal. As of now if I were BT, I’d try and focus on moving out guys that are not a good fit here...Lucic, Hamer (I’d possible giving the injury)...clear space on the roster and cap... maybe if he plans on adding, the D may be the best place to start, Dumba and Borodin? hope for Hall in the off season...but we still would need another RW type even if we managed Hall, Toffoil would have been a great step towards that
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    I would settle for... top 5-8. Yeah, the top 1 or 2 are aweful expensive. Top 5-8 gives you the chance.
  7. Wardo was put in to fill the job out of necessity in an unforeseen urgent situation when there really wasn't much of a choice... They were put in a bind, without notice... It is important to remember, he was not given the job as the coach, and still has not been named as the coach... He was named as the "Interim" coach... and that is still his title... Hiring a new coach to replace the interim coach isn't the same as firing one that was hired under contract to be the head coach, and then hiring a new one... The definition of interim is "the intervening time"... and in this case the intent was to fill the position for the time in between releasing the coach they felt they had to fire, for as long as is necessary for them to decide who they wand to hire and sign a contract with to officially name as head coach... It would be different if they had dropped the interim title, but they haven't...
  8. Benning will sign him to a ridiculous extension too haha
  9. I’m glad BT didn’t pay that price for Toffoli, Who’s also a UFA at the end of the season.
  10. It’s been quite the tumultuous year for NHL coaches. It’s obvious, believe it or not the Calgary Flames are looking for a new head coach. With Bruce Boudreau being added to a list that already includes the likes of Gallant and Laviollete not to mention Mike Babcock 😬....which available coach do you believe can be the future coach of the Flames? What coaching style and attributes will finally make this team a contender? We’ve seen a harsh and demanding coach in Hartley, we’ve seen the “players coach and communicator” in Gulutzan and we had the supposed in between in Peters. Nothing has really worked.
  11. Unfortunately the door will continue to revolve, I had faith in Ward. Not so much anymore, the fact that we’re still juggling lines with more than 60 games played Isn’t a good sign. Can’t expect any consistency in our play and that’s exactly what we’ve been is inconsistent. Makes sense to let Ward see it through but there are too many high caliber head coaches available right now. I will thank Ward now for his services
  12. he played there for like a period or two this year in a game and I thought looked fine, not great. But then suddenly he wasn’t there anymore. So how can he gain any momentum if he only gets a period to show what he can do? Or even only two?
  13. You disagree that he hasn't looked good there in the past? When was the last time he did look good there? I can;t remember any this year. Mostly because he's been a LW or RW exclusively. And that was my point. He looks good there in two games in a row, improve his linemates.
  14. I actually disagree. At least the eye test for me says he’s been at least as good as Jankowski and he plays D like a C on plays coming our way. Ok, so he hasn’t looked great there, but what do you expect getting a game there for every 25th game of the season. C is a tough position to get used to yet they don’t wanna give him time to get Re-accustomed To it. And yet they only give him about 2 periods to try it out. basically it’s like his whole career, don’t leave him to play any position or line consistently. What do you get for it? Inconsistency
  15. Yes count me out of making that trade too. Not a big Toffoli fan to begin with, or rentals, but that’s a decent price especially with the extra 4th in there to re sign him. not interested in that for the flames at this point.
  16. I agree, Flames were lucky they were playing the ducks today. This game could have gotten away from them even more. I thought their first was ok, but given their effort on Saturday I would have liked to see more l, 2nd was terrible and then a great comeback in the 3rd. Pretty inconsistent. on a plus the flames may have a new 3M line (which they always did until Ward inexplicably moved Backlund), Bennett is flying and that’s like looks great as well. Top line is still really poor thought. ive been hard on him but I feel for Noah Hanifin. I thought he was having a good game into that turnover. I’m sure he has no idea how that happened and probably has never done that in the NHl and it seems like it got to his head. Struggled after that. Looks like someone who has put a bunch of pressure on himself and is fighting it.
  17. I think Bennett should stay at center too. Imo he actually looked good there but they buried him with Brouwer and Versteeg so his results were bad. Then they went away from it and never seemed to want to go back.
  18. I have thought that Bennett have shown some good chemistry together the last two games. I said it earlier but I would put Ryan with those two and see how that goes.
  19. Our equivalent for Toffoli would have been, a 2nd, Jankowski and Zavgorodniy. I wouldn't have given up that package for a couple of weeks of Toffoli.
  20. He hasn;t looked good there in the past. A few good games is a good start. Would prefer to see him with a LW other than Lucic to give a better look.
  21. As usual, it seems that BT is sitting on his hands. Not exactly true, but BT has to be the slowest GM for making trades. Personally, I would have been okay with Toffoli. I think it's a good idea for us to get rid of the expiring assets, but at the same time bring in key pieces. Makes little sense to trade Brodie for a pick. Or Hamonic for a pick. Instead, trade for a lesser pick and a decent prospect. Or a roster player that fits. We have a strong foundation of players but still missing that thing. That thing is what makes a consistent team.
  22. The price was Schaller, prospect madden, a second as well an additional pick conditional on resigning That's a price I'm happy to have not paid for a rental ..love the player , but that's steep
  23. I have wanted this for the last few years, but like everything else this team, they don’t want to keep him there to get up to speed in the position and gain chemistry.
  24. Zucker gone, Toffoli gone, both of whom we were linked to. Maybe this is an indication that BT isn't looking to "load up" this year. Like many of you, I suggest we sell off assets - especially those UFAs not intending to re-sign.
  25. D wasn’t great and yet a win. We owe the Breadman today! Also a good game by Chucky! Bennett looks better at center.
  26. Yikes, like the brown stuff on a wagon wheel it just keeps coming around! What we dont need is a continuous revolving door of coaches. Give Ward the season, and make a solid call in the off season.
  27. Bennett has looked good at Center so far
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