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  2. Anything is possible, if you want it bad enough
  3. You are a lot of fun right now because you veer on both sides of the road. Mad at the Flames, mad at the rebuilders..... And...if Head scout, angry at scouts.... I like it. A lot. lol. You have my vote for head scout
  4. Can't really drawn that conclusion. This is standard speak at the beginning of the year, both sides come out and say they won't talk about it as they don't want it to be a distraction. Most of the time the deal ends up getting done, they are just trying to stop the media from asking about it everyday. The fact that both sides want this to go away actually tells me they are on some common ground. probably some major details to be worked on but I think there would be more being said about it if they were miles apart. I get the satisfaction in Tre is low but I also don't believe for a second he is comfortable with letting Gaudreau walk for nothing. Would be pretty out of character.
  5. Agreed. The effort was there I agree, but the game plan, structure and accountability really wasn't. I don't believe there is any team in the league that can win games consistently or look consistent if they are not on the same page within their game plan. Flames are not unique in that situation.
  6. Today
  7. ok. I am totally confused why anyone ever thought he was going to be cleared to play. Conditioning aside, How does that conversation go exactly? "Oh yes I see that the disc in your neck vertebrae which keeps your head on top of your body and attaches your brain to your spinal cord, is busted and needs replacing. Other than that you're good, enjoy the hockey season" what are we even talking about
  8. only amongst the righteous. lol
  9. If that's the case. it may be because he is not yet healthy and the USA like to have the roster set early on. I find it odd that they would reject him this early. He would be one of the top USA players in that position. It's easy enough to have him on the roster, and replace him at the last minute. Unless they consider his play to be at risk. If that's the case, there may be things about his injury we may not know.
  10. We needed a heavier team. Johnny and Mony were always the focus of abuse, 2 best O guys. Maybe start protecting them. I like this plan.
  11. I heard yesterday that Eichel is pissed that he won’t be able to participate in the olympics in Feb. if that’s the case, I don’t see how he’d be back in shape by December. I think it’s longer. Dube has a nice 3 year low $ contract. I’d prefer to hold on to him. But if it makes or breaks the deal, and doesn’t include picks, so be it. Maybe him and Kyller can go.
  12. Hehe, is that trending?
  13. I don't see Eichel missing more than October and November. Back in shape by December. So, the LTIR thing does need to consider what we move out to get under the cap. On second though, I might actually be willing to consider Dube in the deal, but we get a pick or prospect in exchange. I don't include conditions of play in the deal. Perhaps we add in Kylington to sweeten the pot. I'm really hesitant to trade Dube. I don't know if he will be better than Mangiapane or not. The problem I have is that he is another winger that we don't have room for in the top 6. He could be passed by Pelletier and/or Zary in less than a year. Or Tato in 2 years.
  14. I for one felt that Ward was the worse thing this team needed. BP had a good regular season with a complete no show in the playoffs. His 2nd year was marked by too much reaction to playoff failure. The complaint about being too soft was familiar with our team the last two years. Lucic bought into Sutter's game. He has some faults but can change the complexion of a game. We should be protecting the players that rely on skill. Even if Tkachuk was wrong to get fired up about the puck flip, where was the team? Anyway, I have some confidence going into the season. We may not have the game breakers that some teams have, but we have players that given some space can dominate. We never punish players for going to our net or running our goalie. Let them fear the Zad and Gud. Keep your head up around Pitlick and Coleman.
  15. Come to think of it TD. Doesn’t the above have the makings of the Tampa Bay - Kucherov shenanigans they pulled? Trading Chucky for Eichel doesn’t really require more going to Buffalo cap wise. Eichel is going straight onto LTIR and essentially we free up $7m. When Eichel is ready to return, we’ll have to do something, yes, but there’s time there to make additional moves, and doesn’t our cap grow because of Eichel’s LTIR? Just spitballing, but maybe Monahan becomes available if Eichel is expected to make a full recovery… Or, maybe we keep Monahan and Eichel joins us for game one of playoffs - so he doesn’t count against the cap at all. it’s been done before… 👀
  16. Oh our bastion of negativity. God help you if Monahan matches Scheifele numbers again. He had 7 pts in the first 5 last year and said by about game 6 it was affecting him. He was clearly being honest, stop crucifying the guy. #donttrademonahan,lol
  17. Lol I was just on CapFriendly working out something similar TD. We still have Stone in the ranks and I’m not a fan of Gudbranson either… so, if Buffalo is sticking to their requirement of at least 5 pieces: Chucky Gudbranson Kylington (because the Flames don’t like him) Ritchie And if we have to include a pick, maybe our 2nd rounder or the one we acquired from FLA for Bennett. If we can keep our picks, then I’d put NO CONDITIONS on the trade. There’s risk on both sides of the equation with Chucky (does he re-sign in Buffalo after RFA?) and Eichel (does he play to the level he’s capable of for the 4.5 years left on his contract?) So why not exploit an edge in negotiations and be the team that gives Buffalo no conditions on the trade? Sometimes you gotta push your chips in the middle with a pair of 5s to win the pot, and I’m not suggesting Chucky is a pair of 5s. I’m willing to do this because I don’t see Chucky as a game breaker. I love his moxy and attitude, but I love the idea of an elite center more and I’m willing to gamble on that. Plus, LTIR will give us an opportunity to pickup a good D for playoffs as well. The Eichel effect will make some players see us as a better destination for themselves.
  18. It's almost to the point where it's Tkachuk for Eichel straight up. Obviously, that doesn't work for us with the exception that he would be on LTIR until healthy. We would need to either send another contract the other way or a separate deal where salary gets moves for a pick or prospect. Tkachuk + Dube seems like an overpay. Perhaps Tkachuk + Gudbranson as a throwaway contract. Or just Tkachuk, where we trade Dube to another for a 2nd + top prospect (waiver exempt).
  19. Well, they are going with the most effective pair from 2 years ago with a dynamic player that elevates two players he plays with. They are also loading up Tkachuk with an effective RW, to replace Dube. Last year, Tkachuk and Lindholm did pretty well before Johnny played with them. And Tkachuk has put up pretty stellar numbers playing on LW. Gaudreau is adept enough to swap places with Mangiapane in the O-zone. I like when Gaudreau is on the off-wing, as it opens up the ice for him. The other thing is that Monahan had started noticing the effects of the injury 6 games into last season. The big advantage for these two lines is that each has a defensively sound player on it. As far as the presser, what is he supposed to say. He is not talking about it. It's a distraction that he faced with his last negoitiation. No matter when he signs, they will keep asking him questions about it. "You are the highest payed player, do you feel that your current performance should be better?". "It's January and you haven't signed. Do you expect to be traded at TDL?" "Have you directed your agent to take a hometown discount?". Bla, bla, bla....
  20. Well, if it wasn’t clear before it’s clear now that “anywhere but Buffalo” is acceptable to Eichel. I’d still like to be that “anywhere” destination, and given that Eichel will miss a chunk of the season, I lean more towards Chucky going the other way than Monahan. LW is a position we are overloaded with. How much stronger would the flames be if we had Lindholm, Mony, Backlund, and Eichel down the middle? Could Lindholm return to RW with an Eichel acquisition and better balance our lines? One would think so. Eichel’s LTIR would also afford the flames additional cap space to load up before the playoffs 👀
  21. Or maybe because the coaching couldn't decide how they needed to coach this roster? Sutter is literally laughing, I'm sure. Don't worry peeps, we'll be fine. Until we need a new coach at least. It's kinda funny to watch. Seems like every move, even shoring up G prospects, are Sutter's. If he can get owns away from guiding BT, great. Show a little faith. We desperately needed qualified role players before anything.
  22. Lets not blow up a word in a quote from one of the worst speakers on the team Eric.
  23. jjgallow

    the core

    At some point, we may need to face the reality that our current core is actually Coronato, maybe Wolf. But once we get over that fact we can at least see light at the end of the tunnel.
  24. Clearly, this is a case of the Flames needing more LWers.
  25. Confirmed as optimistic. Not that this is a bad thing
  26. It's hard for Johnny to answer the question any other way with Monahan sitting right there next to him. He can't say he prefers Tkachuk and Lindholm. But he did say he wants to see lines stay together for longer stretches to build chemistry. Sounds like Mangiapane is moving to RW with Gaudreau-Monahan. Not sure I'm in favour of moving Mangiapane on RW but will have to see how it plays out. I would prefer Mangiapane on his strong side. I mean, these guys play their entire hockey life on their strong side and then at the highest level of hockey, is asked to move over and keep the same production or better. It's not always that simple. Another interesting note from the presser, Gaudreau was asked about his contract and Gaudreau replies, "it's between his agent and Tre for the rest of the YEAR.". Wut whole year? So he pretty much plans to walk to UFA... In which case, we can't risk that... https://www.nhl.com/flames/video/gaudreau--monahan-230921/t-277437092/c-9006605
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