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  2. Dreger has no inside info. If Lebrun or even Franklin are not saying it, I don't think it's real. There are some others that I believe, but again nobody is repeating this. All I think he is doing is stating the obvious; no cap available, BT likes to have depth, trade is most likely to address.
  3. I like this move. He will have a leg up on others trying to make the NHL roster. Well, at least the AHL guys. As it stands today, Leivo, Simon and Norstrom are 11, 12 and 13th of available forwards. Rinaldo is a candidate for 14th F, but I'm not a fan. Putting him in the lineup is committing one forward to 5 minutes in a game. I am hopeful that the AHL is available, since having these guys idle is not a good thing. It's one thing to alternate Simon or Nordstrom, or use Rinaldo instead. Would rather not have Gawdin on the roster if he's not playing.
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  5. https://www.sportsnet.ca/960/big-show/brad-treliving-talks-flames-offseason-moves-free-agency/
  6. It depends what we are trying to do this season. If we are committed to going for it, then Backlund is a luxury we have to keep. If we are honest though, ya he's aging out of his prime and we should take a step back to develop Bennett or Dube at Center. Even play Lindholm at Center for a full season win or lose. Just take the growing pains. We would come out of it in 2022 much better... But alas, we going to go for it.
  7. They only play 5-7 games in this tournament. So unless Knight falters, Wolf will probably only get 1-2 games.
  8. That's fine in my opinion. Sometimes you need one group of players to get you to the playoffs and then once you are in the playoffs, you need a second group to take you to the promised land. Without Gaudreau scoring in the regular season, we don't even make the playoffs. Why does Gaudreau succeed in the regular season but not the playoffs? In my opinion, due to a tight schedule, opponents prepare for general opponents and they are not ready to handle Gaudreau. Gaudreau is a unique talent and teams don't generally prepare for a Gaudreau on every team. Once in the playoffs though, teams can fine tune their game to shut Gaudreau and that's when we need the second group. But without Gaudreau we don't even make the playoffs.
  9. I know that thought is popular for some, but for me is so wrong. If you want to include all factors I think Backlund is the best center they have so that is hardly a luxury IMO, it's a necessity. Bennett on the wing could be the plan but it's very disappointing if that is the case. He's more comfortable at center, he looked great there and IMO fits a bit need of a speedy center who can rush the puck. It would be very disappointing to see those positive gains immediately offset by a move back to wing. They should trade him if that is the plan.
  10. I sometimes wonder if Backlund is a luxury we can’t afford for much longer. Given his age, he’s probably going to start declining soon and carries a big cap hit. Alternatively, maybe the plan is putting Bennett on the wing. We could run Lindholm/Monahan/Backlund down the middle and try to create three scoring lines that way.
  11. I get the rumor. Treliving does lack LS-RS balance if he can get it and loves his defensive depth. but in practice, I don't see it. has to be a dollar for dollar trade (very few options there) and I still don't see the team moving Ryan. I'm not a big fan of Dreger, and he doesn't seem to have a lot of Flames sources but to play along I wonder if the target would be dangling Kylington and asking an interested team to retain salary on someone they like. Names like Connor Carrick, Scott Mayfield or Connor Clifton would seem to fit their mold but it would really depend on what those teams think of Kylington.
  12. Interesting to hear on the radio yesterday Treliving be very forthright that part of their rationale to bring in Simon and Levrio is depth on the RS that would allow them to move Lindholm to center if they want to. Sounds like it's an active discussion that they are preparing for. My first thought, is it's a GM's job to provide flexibility to the roster so even though I have my own thoughts at Lindholm at center I like the approach. While it wasn't the primary reason they lost to Dallas, the lack of depth showed up when Tkachuk got hurt, and their lack of flexibility really hurt them by having to rely on so few guys for important tasks (ie the PK/late in game situations where Ward overused Backlund/Lindholm). But also have to wonder what this means for Monahan and Bennett. Coming out of the playoffs they seemed really committed to giving Bennett a real shot at center so i am hoping those plans haven't changed but at the same time they are now better prepared for the contingency plan of him not working. Monahan is probably the more interesting one who does seem to come up in trade rumors more often than Gaudreau. I'm not sure there is anything pending or close but reading between the lines it sounds like they may be more prepared to move Monahan than Gaudreau.
  13. That part I don't disagree with. The primary reason for the drop in his numbers was that top struggled so much for the first third or so of the season. They were actually really good in the 2nd half and had the not gone through the stoppage I don't think we would be complaining about Gaudreau's numbers as much, they would have finished ok. But even though I agree the playoffs is where it needs to happen and without big changes to his game I'm not sure it can happen. Gaudreau being great in the regular season doesn't really help the Flames IMO.
  14. My guess would be Ryan for a guy like Nick Jensen out of Washington. Something like that, a guy that makes the same or less than Ryan
  15. Even if Wolf just gets 3-4 games in, I'd be interested. Gillies got 1 game in for his first world juniors, then 4 in his next. He didn't excel or improve. Of course, there were health reasons for that. All the same I'm really keen to see Wolf show that he has another gear this year and that's where to show it. His number don't show it in his last WHL season and maybe that's understandable when he's the best player in the league. But in world juniors, starter or not I think it's crucial that we see: 1. Improvement 2. Ability to raise his game in a tournament Is it fair to judge a goalie on 3-4 games? well, no. But it's all we got, and I'll be watching.
  16. No cap space though. What can we do? Even a $1-mil vet is hard.
  17. Agreed. Gaudreau gets his fair share of chances but the lack of finish hurt him last season. I would worry if he wasn't even getting chances like in the playoffs. But regular season should fine.
  18. Ya true he was useless in the playoffs. I'm talking about the regular season though. Gaudreau has high probability to bounce back to point per game. Hard to hit 99-points again but 82 is reasonable for the amount of odd man rushes he gets.
  19. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/insider-trading-hoffman-waiting-for-right-opportunity-flames-eyeing-right-side-defence~2065906 Dreger says the Flames may be looking for an experienced RHD, probably via trade.
  20. I think the US leans to Knight, although I don't know that they should. Wolf was the USA hockey goalie of the year, instead of Knight. I think the two are very similar in talent.
  21. I think Pelletier makes Team Canada. The Canadian team always like character and competitiveness in the bottom 6, Pelletier brings that. I think he's battling Jamieson Rees for a spot. I think Zary has a shot for the 13th forward role. The big wildcard is Shane Wright. I could see him making it as a 16, he's that talented. Bit unfortunate for Zary, as an 01 this is his last chance at playing in the WJC.
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  23. Yeah, I don't know why the Rags would even consider it. He's almost guranteed to play in the NHL opening night. Who cares if the season is delayed by a day or a week. He would be risking his NHL start for a meaningless tournament. Meaningless because he has already won Gold, used his perfformance to solidify his 1 OA status. Risking it on amateur competition that has no real benefit to the NHL club.
  24. I don't disagree, it's just not the way these tournaments tend to work. When a high ranking guy comes in, he's the guy and they ride him until it's too late or all the way. I just don't expect anything different.
  25. He'll get a game at least. He did last year. It wasn't a really strong showing. Honestly, you are probably right, but if it was me I would go with who was playing well in the camp and early games in the WJC. You can't just say he's our guy if he craps the bed.
  26. I would have called Zary a borderline lock prior to the Dach news but now I don't even think he makes it. Byfield-Dach and Cozens would be locks and i think they'll got a different direction for that 4th line spot but maybe they take Zary for depth. I think Pelletier should make it though. This year's version is full of skilled wingers but they lack someone like Pelletier to be that hard forechecking, ultra competitive role player. It's always an important role for Team Canada and Pelletier fits it probably the best on the roster so he should be there. But I can also see the argument for going with a more skilled approach, or more size. This is certainly not a big version of Team Canada and that may work against him. Pelletier's potential spot also likely hinges on Lafreniere and if he is there. Harder lineup to crack if he winds up playing (which i'll be a bit surprised if he does to be honest)
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