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    • mhatata  »  kehatch

      Stamkos has settled for 8.5.  He has had 4 seasons with at least 40 goals.  2 of those 50 and one 60.  He's been to the playoffs more than once.  He is not in technically his 3rd year (first year being burnt by one game for Johnny).  Love Johnny and he needs to get paid but anything over 8M is ridiculous.  
      The flames are probably up to 7M from the supposed desire to match the Monahan salary figure.  Johnny's camp is probably at 8.5 for negotiation purpose, let's call it a deal at 7.5 and get going.  
      I do admire Tree for being the first GM in awhile to play hardball rather than just pay the guy.  I feel that Mony did the character thing in taking what can be classified as a pay cut to make the team better.
      It almost feels like the risk that Johnny could be taken out by a Thornton type and have his career ended is a significant factor in taking as much money and term as possible to guarantee a big pay day regardless of injury.
      The real interesting thing here is that even if 8M is an overpayment now, If Jonny keeps trending upwards at the same rate , it may still be a bargain in a few years especially with significant increases in the cap.  Two full years in the league - one as a Calder nominee and another at a top 10 scorer.  It's a tricky one but as of today, I go 7.5 X 8 just so we don't have to do both contracts in the same year again (Monahan).
      Scattered thoughts ^ but is there an angle I'm not seeing?
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    • Pyromancer

      Crzydrvr - Happy Birthday
      Hoping it's crazy!
      · 2 replies
    • The_People1

      Looking to fill a few more spots on our message board hockey pool hosted on Yahoo. Message me if you are interested.
      · 1 reply
    • Pyromancer

      Pyro has returned from Oblivion.
      Go Flames Go!
      · 1 reply
    • Crzydrvr

      Left for a few weeks, came back to a WHOLE NEW WORLD
      (yes, you may imagine the scene from Aladdin)
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