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  2. Garnet Hathaway has been invisible. lol
  3. Aside from the rivalry that has flared up between the teams over the last couple of seasons, largely fueled by the media pushing a Tkachuk and Doughty feud... The Kings were a desperate team looking for a win last night... They had lost 3 in a row and the last 2 had been shutouts... The Flames once again got sucked into the media generated hype, and failed to take the game seriously and just stick to the game plan that we all know can work... It was a brutal 2nd period... Outscored 3 - 0. outshot 20 - 4. behind 30 - 10 in attempts and 10 - 0 in high danger chances... Behind 4 - 0 after 40, and that's tough to come back from... That said, as Conundrumed already mentioned, it's early... Only 9 games in, so it's too soon to panic... We all know they can play better hockey, and they will...
  4. We don't show up for the "easy" games.
  5. In theme with the thread, who on this roster has been dragging this club into battle this year? Chucky did last year now got his large salary and has been invisibile most nights, with the exception of the 1st LA game. Last nights LA game they looked hung over or totally disinterested which seems to be the constant this year once again.
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  7. 100% this is not the first time this has happened, this is players not coaching. As I mentioned in another thread this is a common theme on this club, and it starts with the lack of leadership or core issues they have to be removed. The poison is still apparent in that room and Trevling better deal with it quick before it gets out of control. It as to be something or someone that has been around for awhile, Gio, Backs, Fro or Brodie they are the only ones that have been around through all of this.
  8. Watched a lot of Flames Games, this was by far the worst of them all. The only guys to show up was Rittch and the equipment staff. I get as an individual you may have an off night, but how does the whole roster suck, this is not new, it happens far to often. You can not put this on coaching this is 100% the players, this happens far to often on this club with every coach, to me its a culture thing. Now as the GM this is where you step in, we have seen this in the past few years, team tunes out the coach, Hartley, GG and now it appears Peters. Tre has been here before you have to know what the issues are, NIP IT IN THE Hash Rate.
  9. wow. Not sure what to think but I learned a lot more about Commodore in that video than I did about Babcock. Ripped a number of his team members, everything was someone else's fault, was given some games and did poorly in them, not his fault. If I was the coach and I was aware that a player had an attitude like that, I'd sit them out too. Of course I have no idea what really happened.
  10. This group is extremely inconsistent so far and I’m not sure it’s totally on the coach. I’ll have to wait and see how the group is when its a game against the Oilers, Habs or Leafs, the games where the crowd is amped up. What we thought that killed Gulutzan was his inability to get his guys up for the big games, but if it happens again this season it’s not on Peters nor was it on GG, it’s on the group and at that point it’s time to make a trade to alter the core
  11. One of the worst games I have watched in a long time. Nobody showed up to play. It will be interesting to see what the response is tomorrow. Bennett only played 2 shifts in the 3rd and in the post game interview Peters said that he didn't have Bennett in the 3rd, didn't say what he meant by that. If Bennett is injured we could have some trouble bringing someone up. Not to mention the fact that the Heat just played the 2nd game of a back to back tonight. Kirkland didn't play again so if we did need a forward he could come up and be fresh.
  12. Not sure if posted before. Mike Commodore's take on Babcock,
  13. Why do we take these "bad teams" so lightly. This is not a good habit we are building.
  14. It’s early. Flames fan’s favourite phrase round these parts lol. Anyway, I don’t feel as though there’s any fluidity to this teams play. They seem almost robotic like so far, their play has been predictable to a point. I feel as though they are struggling to create on the fly, it’s like too many X’s and O’s instead of the instinct of the athletes is getting in the way? When things haven’t gone their way they’ve really struggled to settled down and get back into the game. Gameplan falls apart early and the team becomes unhinged and the penalty show begins. It is early, we do this every year but can Peters get this team to perform above last year?
  15. That is what i was thinking with the goal tending starts, unless one guy falls off big time. Hard to fall off if you haven't been given the opportunity.
  16. 1st star of the night....Pia Toscano, the National Anthem singer. That girl can sing man!
  17. 50% until the new year isn't a bad strategy, it's a long year.
  18. That was an embarrassing game to watch. Thing is there was almost no answer early enough to make a difference. this better be our Pittsburgh game.
  19. Small consolation perhaps, but well done Backlund... No shut out for Quick tonight...
  20. It’s the lack of ability to get up for games this early in the season, let alone the lack of consistency. It’s still early yes...but u can only keep saying that for so long
  21. it hasn’t been a great season yet either.
  22. Coach benches Bennett In the 3rd who looks like one of the only guys trying. think it’s time to just trade the guy. you’re right it is just one game. Let’s see if they come out better tomorrow.
  23. They were looking forward to tomorrow already. they’re not skating. play looks very sloppy on our end. It’s like we got a new coach and a new system. Sounds familiar. they look exactly the same as they did against the Avs. No skating and lazy plays.
  24. Well Something is wrong when the Goalie is showing more emotions then the whole team is
  25. Let's hope for a decent effort in the 3rd...
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