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  2. Tampa only has 3 defensemen signed for next season, I can't see them moving any of their young defensemen. They have a few forwards they can move to make space and they have some good young, cheap talent that can replace those forwards.
  3. I go back to Erik Cernak. We have mobile D but lack that big tough dependable stay at home D who can bring physical intimidation. He is what we are missing. Hits. Fights. Dailyfaceoff even has him as #1 RD for TB but he's pending RFA on TB who have cap issues this summer. Maybe Cernak can be had for a pick/prospect. I'm guessing Cernak can be extended for something like 4-years x $3.5-mil.
  4. since most of the FLAMES opted out of last years playoffs.. they'd have to be seriously injured to miss this years
  5. I would be really interested in Josh Bailey. Comes in at 5x4, LHS but plays RW. Cap wise, cheaper than any UFA's this summer. Maybe Nick Leddy if they trade Hanifin. Mayfield would be nice too, but he's on a cheap deal
  6. Domi and Kaako may not be playing. Not sure about any coaches
  7. Pre-existing conditions could make you unable to play according to the team's doctor or NHL. Domi is a good example, and it' not know if he will be allowed to play. They can get 2nd opinions and appeal, but it's a bit of an unknown right now. Many coaches are in high-risk categories due to age. Asthma or having certain forms of arthritis would be high risk. Specifics, not sure. They won't name a team or a name of a player who tests positive, so opting out may be considered the same taboo in a team publishing his name. The rosters will be known (by the league and team), but could have players on it that won't play for a number of reasons.
  8. I have heard a few names of players with pre-existing conditions that could opt out, but as of this date No NHL player has. Any insights or rumors that points to a player or coach?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Star-power doesn't drive decisions in leagues like the NHL and MLB as much as market. The Blue Jays most recent back to back playoffs they had more "Star" power than the other AL teams and were always stuck in the afternoon slot due to the belief that American fans don't care about a Canadian team, possibly true. The Leafs had years where it was known they would be horrible and the Sens or Habs were promising, yet it's always the Leafs getting the greater coverage on HNIC.
  11. I don't know that there is a good way to do this considering the 12pm start. It would be more fair to alternate between noon and 8pm starts, but that is much harder on the teams. Throws off their practice schedules. All in all, I see the round robin part of the sets as being the most interfering. Prime time is given to teams competing for nothing other than seeding. There is no series. So, yo have half the important series played during the day in each city. Please NHL, have the round robin played during the noon time slot. That's 10am here or 9am in BC. Only die-hards would watch that. At least 4pm and 8pm are close to prime time in 60% of the viewing areas. And that kinda matches HNIC on Saturdays.
  12. Have they released a schedule?
  13. I can't say I have ever heard of a VAN fan outside the province. Minny is different, but it's still just two places with followers. I saw a map of where Flames fans live, and the only big places left out were most of South America and all of Africa.
  14. I'm wondering if the situation in the Isles world presents an opportunity for the Flames. Sorokin is coming up to the last year of an ELC if he signed with NY this season. He wouldn't be able to play in the playoffs, and they may not even be able to sign him considering when next season starts. Next year, they have to re-sign Barzal, Toews and Pulock, plus sign a backup and another forward. Not easy considering they already are at $71m. Perhaps there is some thing we can offer that meets their needs. Maybe we could take Komarov off their hands.
  15. Yeah for sure. In terms of pure star-power it's a no brainer which series would attract more eyeballs.
  16. Different sales tactics I suspect. Pettersen is the real draw to a VAN series. To sell the Flames/Jets series is an entirely different thing. You have the Gaudreau story. Waterbug, part of the dynamic duo/trio, elite passing. You have the Tkachuk story, pest vs the world. You have Lucic as well known tough guy. And then you have the WPG side of things with Wheeler/Scheifle, Laine and Helly. If I had to choose between two series, why would I think VAN-MIN would be a good one to watch? I'm talking about the average fan. Snooze-fest vs unpredictable.
  17. It will definitely be interesting. Do they go VAN because of the larger market, or do they go CGY/WPG because it's a better matchup? We already know the league likes the CGY/WPG matchup based off the Heritage Classic
  18. Both markets combined are still smaller than Metro Vancouver. Add in they still want to gain some interest south of the border, it might not appeal to a large audience down there but its still a large market. I get our appeal for this matchup, but I don't know if the east coast is staying up till midnight on a weekday to watch and don't know if the west coast is staying in on an early August evening. I wouldn't bet on either outcome, but my expectations are that we are in the afternoon slot to start.
  19. My understanding is all of the players have reported to Calgary. some need to wait to get on the ice but everyone is back. Based on a few people on twitter.
  20. Yeah it's a tough one, I personally give a leg up to CGY/WPG, all Canadian matchup, IMO it's a sexier matchup than Minnesota
  21. You may be right, but I'd be more inclined to expect them to go Vancouver/Minnesota over Calgary/Winnipeg, in both cases the markets care, but it's really a huge difference in market sizes. I also can't see them going away from McDavid/Chicago in prime time. I think for both, especially for Hamonic, not playing will do more harm than good. With the cap not moving and many teams up against it, guys like this will feel the pinch more than the stars. This is a final showcase.
  22. So far I have seen pictures or video of the following players skating in Calgary: Sam Bennett T.J. Brodie Andrew Mangiapane Sean Monahan Austin Czarnik Johnny Gaudreau Derek Ryan Jusso Valimaki Jon Gillies Dillon Dube Milan Lucic Artyom Zagidullin Connor Mackey (not eligible to play) Rasmus Andersson David Rittich Adam Ruzicka Derek Forbort Zac Rinaldo Mark Giordano Michael Stone Matthew Phillips
  23. They were saying on 960 that they spoke to BT and so far he doesn't expect any Flames to opt out, that could change of course
  24. Ya I wonder if anyone will opt out and not return this season. It's the playoffs and they don't get paid anyways. Pending UFAs who don't want to risk injury or sickness and who also feel their team won't re-sign them may just sit it out. Maybe Brodie and Hamonic feel they don't want to be back with the Flames anymore. Nothing to prove. Don't need to risk getting hurt because they looking for homerun contracts this off-season.
  25. According to McKenzie, games will start at 12, 4 and 8 local time. The top 4 seeds VGK/DAL/COL/STL will be playing in the 4:00 slot because they are played under regular season rules and will not interfere with the 8:00 starts. My guess would be the Flames play in the 8:00 slot which is a lot better than missing the game due to work or other commitments. I'd guess EDM and CGY play on different nights in the 8:00 window. VAN/MIN and ARI/NSH feel like the early starts to me.
  26. For Americans that I've noticed are Gaudreau, Ryan and Czarnik. Euro's Anderssen, Valimaki, Rittich, Reider, and Zag that I've seen. Canadians I believe most are back, unsure about Talbot.
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