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  2. In that scenario, one would hope that it may drive down the cost of UFAs, but there always seems to be a fair number of GMs who will overpay. It is definitely an interesting thought for debate, personally I'm not sure which way it would go.
  3. Totally agree with this I also think an add on would be NO cap help from buy outs. More actual $ saving by the team. So if you screw up as a GM you live with it. If you screw up as a player you only get a small % of your salary and you live with it. LTIR is regulated and paid by the league.
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  5. At the same time though the debate would have to include that if you have more free agents and more supply what does that do to the cost of the players? It’s a large debate and I’m not suggesting all RFA be scraped just that there is quite a bit of silliness to the system. Both hockey and baseball are imo starting to see the flaws of having a system where players are tied up in restricted status for so long.
  6. Yup because you can exceed the salary cap in the offseason.
  7. Life is easier if you think in absolutes. It just isn't accurate. The Flames haven't had playoff success. The players on the roster haven't had playoff success. That doesn't mean the players on the roster can't have playoff success. The Flames need a few tweaks. But taking 20 games while ignoring the 100s of game and making rash changes would be indefensible.
  8. So you are saying if Tkachuk want 9.5M there is room for him ?
  9. ^^^^^ Yeah, I can't even tell if the problem is between his ears or if he did not fit the group (dressing room and player skills). As far as what he "wants"? Who cares. He won't be getting top 6 minutes or play this year on the Oilers. They have three players they had or picked up that are now ahead of him; Neal, Kassian and Chaisson. The best he can hope for is Neal failing or Granlund pumping him up. The problem with being a shiny toy in EDM is if you don't get 50 points as a rookie, then you get cast aside.
  10. I don't disagree. But, I think we don't really have a handle on this team in the playoffs. They did not look the same. Level of competition wasn't the X factor. The X factor was a few of our guys looked like crap in the playoffs. Exploitation won the series. Having Gio play a Norris season and look like crap in the playoffs is not a result of him being a regular season player. Having Backlund play a Selke season and then unable to do anything in the playoffs.... I can't even be certain Smith was any good because he let in a ton of goals.
  11. I wonder what the total costs are for a team from the day that they draft a player until the end of their ELC. Those costs may include the value of the draft pick itself, plus the scouting, development, insurance, travel, and legal costs incurred during the length of the ELC. I would hazard a guess that except for the Top players, the costs are higher than the value of the player during his first contract. NHL teams definitely need some security (RFA rights) on their investment, but whether that needs to be 7 seasons/27 years old is up for debate. IMO, It would be quite tough to keep any roster together if every player gained UFA rights immediately after their ELC.
  12. Some caution flags popping up with Puljujarvi. There are lots of reports coming out of Edm that the Oilers actually tried a few things with him last year and he was very stubborn and now he's being quoted as saying he wants a top 6 role. https://www.sportingnews.com/ca/nhl/news/oilers-jesse-puljujarvi-wants-top-6-role-is-it-realistic/1lzjf0vqemy741tmarfzbm20kg I can understand where he is coming from becuaes when you are drafted 4th overall, team doesn't really give you a shot and then almost seems to hold you back, the comment make sense. Flames don't have the best RW depth, but can they really offer him a spot in the top 6 and what happens if someone like Bennett out plays him. I still like the player for a certain cost and while I agree Janko for Puljujarvi is fair and makes alot of sense, that might be overpaying given what's been said here. Puljujavi wants a one way deal and is now waiver eligible so you are in trouble a bit if this doesn't work.
  13. I keep going back to the idea of "two teams, one roster". The regular season is about flash and dash. Pond hockey almost. Then in the playoffs, the refs put the whistle away and it's a different league with different rules. You need that "second team". Sometimes, the same player can play two ways and if not, then you literally need different players to play that way. Gaudreau excels in the regular season. Bennett excels in the real season. Both are important. It's like comparing if it's better to have a good driver or a good putter. They are both needed in golf. We need both teams.
  14. Do I think so? I think that is actually overpayment on our side. The Oilers are under pressure to compete now, even if the GM is basically saying next year they can redo the lineup. Give them Janko, and they are marginally better. It gives them center depth, but he may not provide much offense which is a problem. Frolik is as good a PK'er (better if you ask me) and much better defensive player all round. He gives the Oilers a respectable 3rd line winger, and possibly a replacement for when Neal proves he can't play 2-way hockey with Nuge. I would consider Janko for Pooly if we addressed the lack of center depth in a Brodie trade.
  15. So far, the odds have not been in your favor. NHL games played is a better indicator of how the player is doing. Age is a factor if the player comes in like Makarov. At equal points in their careers, Gaudreau and Monahan have outperformed Bennett. There's no evidence to suggest Bennett will become a 80 point player or Gaudreau will start tailing off. That's the reality.
  16. Do you think Janko straight across would be enough? I know the ceiling is way lower, but at least he would give them some center depth and PK ability vs a guy who is going to sit out the season.
  17. Because it's not a cap issues, it's a negotiation issue. Pretty much all of these RFAs could sign today because the cap room is there it is not an issue of the GMs needing to create cap space The "problem" (if you want to call it that, but I don't) is that there is no urgency to get these deals done and the economic landscape is changing in the NHL. Players use to want long term security and didn't know where the cap would go, but not with revenues increasing and the potential more more revenues in the future, admist a better understanding of cap % versus cap hit, players are risking shorter term deals for more total dollars over their careers. That doesn't jive with the GMs who want the long term security of the cap hit so negotiations have hit a snag and IMO if you want to speed it up you need deadlines to create action. The problems with the arbitration system are well known and can be easily google'd if you want. The history of arbitration in the NHL is one one of artificial salary inflation, and now it's so silly that you have team that low ball, and players that go high and the arbitrator basically always pick the exact middle number. There is a reason teams are doing everything they can to avoid using arbitration. The arbitrators also by rule cannot be associated with the league in any way so it's not me saying they are not hockey people the rules are. But i'm also a free market guy so it's never made sense to me what you want arbitration, just like having restricted free agency until 27 also doesn't make sense to me.
  18. How do you see players getting signed sooner as everyone tries to fit these demands into the cap ? Agents know how to work the system creating pressure on the entire system. You want to see more player movement whereas I would like to see more team building from developing assets. Who are you to say arbitrators don't know the hockey environment or system enough to make prudent summaries. These GMs are that hand out these high dollar contracts are usually ex-hockey players without much business savy at all, it's out of control when you have this many cases out there.
  19. Less likely to improve, just showing that he is in his prime, and those other guys are still very young and already outperforming him when it matters. It's just a little silly how we're all like "imagine what Gaudreau could do if he wasn't small" or "maybe there is a way he can still perform in the playoffs". Rather than "look at what Bennett and Monahan are Already doing in the playoffs" and "imagine how much better they Very Likely will Become as they approach their prime". But most would rather like to just dream about their favorite player lol. It'll be the same when Monahan or Bennett have their career years. And that day will come. In any case my general comment here isn't about Gaudreau, it's about Bennett. People here get too high on some guys, and too down on other guys. And, that's true of both Gaudreau and Bennett. But Bennett especially. The fact that they can be compared directly, inherently bothers people. The fact that Bennett can come out on top, Really aggravates people. And that is because we're all a little nuts, to be honest. Too much hyping, and too much bashing on here. That is why I will tend to come down hard on the "favourites" and be more supportive of younger less accomplished players, even when they're in the proverbial doghouse. Because odds are going to be in my favor on that over time. Requirements for Gaudreau to become a top playoff producer: -Miracle. Requirements for Bennett/Monahan to become top playoff producers: -Don't screw up what they're already heading towards on their own. Which is more likely? Ok...possibly the miracle. lol
  20. ^^^^^ Make a joke if you like, but you said that age factored in makes Gaudreau less effective.
  21. Maybe for Hugh Hefner but not really in hockey. As is everything any of us have ever written haha But it's all we got. Well I'm not about to argue with those either. That said, I'm liking Bennett and Monahan. Always have.
  22. Cool story here. Stockton signed Johnny Gaudreau's brother to an AHL deal, among 3 others.
  23. Considering we need RW depth, I wouldn't have minded taking a chance on Nichushkin either. He's a bit older so I don't have much hope for him compared to Puljujarvi but if he's just a UFA then why not?
  24. Pretty hard to get value for a guy that hasn't scored a lot and doesn't want to play for your team. Turris was traded for a 2nd and Rundblad. And he was more accomplished. EDM has issues with being scored on, and they are not getting a top 4 D for Pooly. They won't get a top 6 forward for him either. The best they can hope for is a player that makes them a better team. At most, we should offer a lesser prospect added in.
  25. Age is meaningless. Games played: Mony - 471 games - 363 points - 20 playoff games - 13 points Gaudreau - 394 games - 387 points - 20 playoff games - 12 points Bennett - 312 games - 116 points - 20 playoff games - 11 points The only difference is minutes played. I get that you believe we can't win in the playoffs with Gaudreau, but the evidence to support that is just opinion. Perhaps Gio is the problem. Perhaps always having a questionable old guy in nets is the problem.
  26. I'm the complete opposite, i think the NHL should actually make offer sheets more attractive. Lower the cost in picks to send them over and create more competition and you'd likely see guys get signed sooner and perhaps even more player movement. I think the archaic old boys club that is the NHL and their owners is a big part of the reason this process is dragging out. Need to join modern times and create more deadlines if you want teams to act faster. I don't think having someone who knows nothing about hockey decide salary is a smart way to go. Arbitration tends to artificially drive up salaries
  27. Perhaps it is time for the NHL and Player's Union to re-think this OS option and do away with it. The problem started with McDavid and has festered into the current problems being had with all these RFA. Whatever happened to arbitration as a continued option.
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