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  2. Official Flames Will Support as New logo Representing there 40 yrs in the league that ice was officially layed as there is a video of it on the main page
  3. I would take Kapanen RW off TOR's hands for Czarnik and a 2nd.
  4. January 30th, 2012. Akim Aliu for John Negrin. Love.
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  6. I would look at Puljujarvi right now. Straight up for Frolik. At worst, we get a player that makes 1/2 as much that we can move or waive. At best, we get a top 6 player no worse than Neal. He's still raw and could be worked with. The talent is there, but hard to shine in EDM with crap for linemates. This works for EDM because they get a player that puts up 40 points, but can play in the D-zone. He would be a better fit with Nuge than Neal. We can look at moving Janko and or Brodie in a seperate move, where cap is not one of the factors involved. Improve the team without having to settle for a lesser talent for less money.
  7. Gaudreau was a weird signing. The Gio cap existed. It took so long because BT was emphatic about keeping Gio as the top paid player, or at the most tied for the highest. I heard that Gaudreau actually stepped into the middle because he didn't want to miss any games. Whether or not BT has to get rid of cap remains to be seen. Sure every GM knows the situation. They do not know the exact amount he needs to shed, if any.
  8. Chevy demands a lot in trades. Dubas would get hosed.
  9. If I had to choose between Laine or Marner, then I would take Marner. It's close but I give Marner the edge simply because Marner drives play. He creates something out of nothing. He can turn a routine 2-on-2 into a legit scoring chance. He also makes players around him better. He is Gaudreau but younger, faster, and a bit bigger. Laine is a danger to score every time he has the puck but the rest of the game isn't there. But he's one of the top 2 triggerman's in the NHL today. Still, if both players cost the same assets to acquire then I would go with Marner.
  10. Good perspective from agent Allan Walsh and an article about why the landscaping is changing for RFAs and why it's them pushing for shorter deals.
  11. cap gurus like treliving?? seriously?? he's got one hell of a mess of players that don't fit together /aren't properly structured for position and a roster that is immovable/tradable/ waiverable and are capped out.. Treliving has royally screwed this team for years to come.. yes.. there are pieces.. but far from being a team.. not to mention we have a 6 million dollar part time 4th line left winger
  12. Alot of issues started when he felt he should be first pairing on the right, he ended up playing some time on the left with Buff and when Buff was hurt he filled the gap quite well. As long as Buff was there he wasn't getting top right, basically it seemed like that wasn't good enough for him. He'll get his top line minutes in NYC but its still to be seen if he's worth 8 mil.
  13. I was a little disappointed that Nichushkin signed in COL, for a reported $800k. Maybe he's a bust, but we paid more than that for a relative tweener like Czarnik. Has size and pedigree, though he's only had one decent year in the NHL. Our loss IMHO.
  14. Agreed. I don't really agree with the notion that this deal is being held up due to cap or trades for the reasons you stated. If fans on message borad can see the cap and do the math why don't other GMs? I have no doubt Treliving is working deals to both improve the team and clear cap but I don't think that is why Tkachuk is unsigned. He signed Hanifin on Aug 30th, Monahan on Aug 19th and he let Gaudreau to till October. This is how he works, and how most GMs are working now. Time can be an asset in negotiations so why not use it? The cap issue is also being a little overblown. Another comment that stuck out in that article is how Meehan mentioned that the Aho offer sheet "confirmed" the market. The Flames could sign Tkachuk today with the cap space they have and still woudln't be even using the 10% overage. Clearing cap is more about adding some depth and breathing room for the season, not about getting Tkachuk signed. The Stone buyout now means that neither Frolik nor Brodie HAVE to go for cap reasons. I think the Flames only need to clear about around 2 mill and more depending on their target for depth on D. They have the option of moving people like Czarnik or Jankowski in order to free up room as well so there are options out there. Retaining salary on Frolik is an option too and all those discussion take time.
  15. I believe we are coming down to a decision of whether its Frolik or Czarnik that gets traded to make this roster and cap work for this season. The way things are going Treliving may want to consider extending both Brodie and Hamonic if we want a strong RSD situation.
  16. I know but at the same time, it doesn't take a genius to see the Flames need to clear cap. We may already be in that situation and that's why we are unable to move Frolik. Maybe teams are asking us to give them a 3rd rounder to eat Frolik.
  17. I would prefer to see a 5 year deal at 7.50 AAV. The next 3 seasons are crucial if the Flames see themselves in a position to win a SC somewhere in this timeframe. If the team and situation after 3 season remains strong competitively we still have Tkachuk for a few more seasons.
  18. For me there wasn't much to see here. Pretty standard media posturing from the Agent and what you would expect him to say at this point if the sides are understanding it's a process. Only thing I take away from it is there was really no negative remarks or connotation to it which tells me the negotiations are proceeding without angst or frustration.
  19. The way I interpret the situation is that the deal is waiting for the cap clearing. The Flames know what they have to get to or at least what they have to get to cap wise. You sign him today, and every GM will offer you crap (or hang up the phone) when you are talking about Frolik or Janko or Brodie or whatever.
  20. Laine's health issues are between his ears.. Lots of talent.. but lazy as hell and we've seen many of these fly by night superstars over the years.. Big time pass on this contract.. send him to Montreal
  21. Tkachuk's agent: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/matthew-tkachuks-agent-gave-fair-offer-flames-june/
  22. Laine is an interesting target and an interesting player. He might have the second best shot in the league, and he has the skills to compliment it. On the other hand, he was very mediocre last season and there are question marks about his health. It will be interesting to see what he signs for, and if it is in Winnipeg. There is the potential for some value, but there is also a lot of risk. He might be a rare candidate for a bridge deal. I think the high likelihood is he signs in Winnipeg. Barring that I don't see a great fit in Calgary given our cap, lack of assets, and current investment on the wing. I think Winnipeg would find better options if they go the trade route. But you never know.
  23. He wanted out, but how much of that is related to salary negotiations? After his ELC, he got a bridge deal after the season started. After that, a one year deal. He was a RFA, so he had two choices, sign or sit out.
  24. A casualty of his own doing. He wanted out, has for a while now and wasn't going to re-sign. As for the Laine/Gaudreau swap (not goin to happen), can you imagine what a Gaudreau/Schiefle/Wheeler line would be like to play against?
  25. He's not going to get traded unless Laine doesn;t want to play there. The team may have some issues with Chevy at the top, but talent for the most part isn;t one of them. He plays hardball. Trouba was a casualty.
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