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  2. I would make that trade, but Tampa wouldn't. I would make that trade, but not because Callahan would be an improvement on Neal, because he wouldn't, but because he fits the 4th role. The main reason is because he only has 1 more year on his deal vs 4 more for Neal. It's that difference in term that Tampa says no too. Plus they need to get rid of Callahan without taking money to be able to afford upgrades on defense and to re-sign their RFA'S.
  3. that was I was actually hoping for.. Callaghan for neal would be fair.. We tried Neal.. it didn't work.. Move on
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  5. So I guess the results are quite varied. If Knight were to fall to 26, he MIGHT be worth taking a shot on him. Trading into the high second round, if he is not taken first round could also be an option I guess. Multiple teams have multiple 2nd round picks and may make a trade with us.
  6. You do the best you can when you can. You don't avoid making one improvement when the chance is there because of a maybe that isn't right there.
  7. i agree on both counts. I like zucker and really like the fit but but i also agree that center is the more pressing need so im not keen on giving up a good asset unless it's a a center but I do think they need more speed on the wing too
  8. His value is higher this season than next. He's one year older next season. This season he could get a top 3, not just top 6.
  9. Is that in Gimli? Anyway, we both know Gio has to be traded before he loses his value. A repeat this coming year shows he's still an elite player. We could trade him next summer for a top 6 player. Maybe even upgrade the C position. Trading him now for Trouba only keeps us the same, but for a longer period of time.
  10. Trouba has a longer runway.
  11. That makes sense to them, but we replace a physical player with a physical player. Moving Brodie (+) is preferable since we trade a stick checker for a physical player. I also tend to think that Brodie provides more of a puck mover than Hamonic.
  12. Why not Hamonic for Trouba? Righty for a righty, Hamonic wanted to be in Winnipeg if possible, it could work better than making Brodie the cornerstone of such a trade.
  13. Today is when we are talking about Gio. Not Gio in 2 years time. Would we see a huge decline from Gio-Brodie to Brodie-Trouba? Probably not. Do we lose more depth than if we just did Brodie for Trouba? For sure. Brodie has not been stellar playing LD, which is where he would have to play. The one thing I will point out is Trouba has one season with 50 points and only one other with more than 30. Gio only has 2 season in the last 6 where he had less than 47 points.
  14. I hear you and to be honest I believe next year would be the year to put Bennett back at C between Tkachuk LW and Lindholm RW. This would be a line that would compete hard for us. I would love to see what Bennett could do with an actual playmaker like Tkachuk rather than him thinking he has to do it all himself. Then with Lindholm they have the best overall player we have on RW.
  15. I'm just disappointed. Monahan, Bennett, and Backlund was supposed to be our Neuiwendyk, Gilmour, Otto. But alas, Bennett didn't become. Lindholm hasn't played C in 2 years now. Not sure he can transition back and play at a high level. I'm okay if he transitions back as a 2nd line C but most likely doesn't cut it as a #1 C.
  16. Maybe he is a 2nd line C, maybe Gaudreau is a 2nd line LW if you consider Tkachuk becoming our best complete player. He is going to be paid like our best Player. Tkachuk, Lindholm, Gaudreau, Monahan Bennett, Backlund Mangiapane, Ryan here we are rebuilding our RW side again.
  17. I hate taking goalies in the 1st round, it is so hard to judge what they are going to be, here some of the more recent 1st round goalies: Jake Oettinger: too early to tell he just signed with Dallas after his college season was over. Ilya Samsonov: again pretty early in his career just 22, finished up a pretty average 1st season in NA in Hershey. Andrei Vasilevsky: Vezina caliber goalie. Could have had but opted to trade down to pick Jankowski. Malcolm Subban: looking like a career backup, and not a great one either. Jack Campbell: finally at age 27 is looking like he might be an NHL goalie. Mark Visentin: retired from hockey at age 25. Chet Pickard: never played a game in the NHL, now playing in Germany. Tom McCollum: has played 3 NHL games, career AHL goalie. Jonathan Bernier: 1B/Backup goalie. Riku Helenius: 1 NHL game, plays in Finland. Semyon Varlamov: inconsistent starting goalie. Leland Irving:... Carey Price: elite goalie Tuuka Rask: number 1 goalie. So going back to the 2005 draft maybe 4 starting goalies and 3 backups. I guess 7 out of 12 and 2 that it is too early to tell isn't that bad, but it isn't great either.
  18. That's why we should intercept Kessel if all it takes is Zucker.
  19. I think the Jets should consider RNH for Trouba straight up. The Jets need a 2nd line C as badly as us.
  20. I disagree of course and the two reasons I've talked about in length a few times, 1. I think highly of what we have on D without Gio. 2. Giordano will decline.
  21. Brent Krahn
  22. If the return for Zucker is in Kessel territory as the reports are, BT needs to back away. We don’t have the horses to pull that off. Im hoping for Kadri
  23. Leland Irving?
  24. Well, that might make sense to them. I don't think we are quite there yet from the progression of LD. Hanifin isn't. Valimaki isn't. Kylington isn't. The other thing is that Gio is too close to what they would have to pay Trouba anyway. Doesn't clear enough cap for them. Brodie does. A lot of people talk here about the need to become tougher. Trouba does that. He's at least worth what we paid foir Dougie or Hamonic. Not that I would do a deal constructed like that. You know Holland is going to make an offer. They have crap to give back, though. And they can't sign him unless they get rid of $6m in salary.
  25. So Gio for Trouba then?
  26. Yes so hard to guess goalies and so, you shouldn't spend a top 10 pick on one. But late first to early second is a good time.
  27. I don't watch a ton of prospects so I am not the best at looking at specifics. No matter the situation, I know there are better judges of prospects than me. Goalies are even harder to judge based on their team play, final results etc. Stats can be very deceiving so unless you watch them a lot, it is difficult to tell. The NHL mock draft has Spencer Knight going first at 28 to Carolina with the Flames taking a 6'3 LHD in Matthew Robertson. Knight is the Highest Ranked NA goalie by the NHL in both mid and final rankings. NBC has us taking Knight at 26. Dobber Prospects has him at 21. Trent Miner rated 6th by central scouting plays for the Vancouver Giants and is quite good. Puts up good numbers, plays with other Flames prospects. Could be a good pick up in the third or fourth round. Knight is likely the closest to making an AHL or NHL roster. If he is still available at 26, he might be worth the pick. But I am sure there are people who know more about G's than me.
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