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  2. No one said "big physical" per se. Brad Marchand is not big and physical. Small and physical is just fine. Dat sandpaper and grit tho.
  3. The same players but two groups within one roster. Understand some players need to incubate in a 10-min-per-game role during the regular season. Once playoffs roll around, play them 18-mins-per-game (Bennett, Mike Smith). Scale back the minutes for the "regular season" crew (Monahan, Gaudreau, Jankowski, Brodie, and I'm sorry but Backlund too). There are only so many Jarome Iginla's who can perform in both "seasons". Who wouldn't want a Nathan MacKinnon but there's only a few of those guys. Tkachuk, it's his first playoffs so cut him some slack. He was dragged down by Backlund who got pwned all over the ice by MacKinnon. Etc, etc. It's a tricky balancing act because you don't want too many "playoff guys" because you risk missing the playoffs. You don't want too many "regular season guys" because you risk repeating the Flames playoff performance.
  4. I disagree with this idea that you need big physical players to win in the playoffs, St. Louis isn't a big team, the have a few big players and that helps, but their best player in the playoffs is 5'9" Jaden Schwartz and Lady Byng Award winner Ryan O'Reilly. What you need in the playoffs is players with elite compete level, which what they have with Schwartz, O'Reilly and Schenn. That's an area that I think that Treliving needs to focus on in the draft. Rating compete as high as skill and skating, when assessing players.
  5. actually.. The road to the cup hasn't changed in many many years.. What has changed however is the salary cap.. Let me explain.. Previous to the cap being implemented.. (As A Bruins fan this is hard to admit)Sam Pollock of the habs was one of the smartest g/m.s the league ever had.. He did not get emotionally vested in the personalities of his players..He would swap players at the right time.. the height of their career.. he would also swap players to teams to take out his competition teams.. amongst other very smart moves... The Salary cap era has put some restrictions on inter league trades as they rarely happen anymore.. But... There are two seasons in the NHL.. The regular season and the playoffs.. It is almost impossible to win both with the same players... The real good G/m/s understand that an 84 game schedule keeps your fan base.. The playoffs is where teams make their money for the year.. The solution??? Smart salary cap usage for the regular season that leads you to have enough room to manipulate your roster to that of playoff hockey at the trade deadline..This gives your team enough time to readjust to some minor player/roster adjustments and sets your new roster for the second season.. Use the draft following the playoffs to re manipulate your next season roster for a successful regular season
  6. Don't get me wrong I would still draft him, just not in the 1st round, maybe not in the 2nd either. If he was available in the 3rd I would look at him as an option.
  7. Oh wow I didn't realize he's already 20. He posted dominating numbers this year as he should because he's 6'-4" 200lbs playing against 16 year olds. Against his own age 2 years ago, his numbers are forgettable. Bottom 6 material. He should be ashamed of himself.
  8. This will be his 3rd time through the draft, he put up ok numbers for a player his age, but nothing spectacular. I think he will probably play in the NHL, but it will most likely be in a bottom 6 role. I just don't think he is a player I would risk taking in the 1st round, because I just don't see a ton of upside there.
  9. What's wrong with Leason?
  10. Two groups within one team. One group for the regular season to get you to the playoffs. The second group for the playoffs (aka effin dirty mofos who will kill unless killed first). If you can't beat them, join 'em.
  11. I believe the draft is for building the organization and keeping your pipeline healthy with options for the main team. I also believe certain players rise to the challenge within playoffs and some do not. Also some don't need to if their play is steady and consistently good. NHL rules and officiating have been getting steadily worse over the last 5 or 6 years. I'm not sure what the answers are for loading up your team be it for the season vs playoffs. With our Flames and this season in the rear view mirror I would say we have some definite weak spots but overall we could use some additional size, speed and a whole lot more compete from more players.
  12. Depends on the price. Right? My main reserve is when he was drafted by the Oilers, all you can see on his face was his smile because he said he grew up in Regina a big Oilers fan (aka hates the Flames). His heart wouldn't be here. Not that he has any. He doesn't really compete at an NHL level. Just a guy happy to pad his stats. If there are better choices then I would pass on Eberle for sure.
  13. You are not sure how I can say Bennett performs in the playoffs???
  14. Curious why you draw those comparisons to Connolly ? I would say Connolly has more in common early in his career to Lindholm or even Bennett.
  15. Finished watching St Louis obliterate the Sharks, which just reinforced two things. First, you have to be lucky to get this far and succeed. That St Louis made it past Dallas in that game 7 double-overtime where Dallas was all over them with many glorious missed opportunities, to say nothing of San Jose's gifted major penalty call and miracle 4-goal PP. Secondly, this series made it so clear how the NHL's totally new set of rules for the playoffs advantages big, tough, and dirty teams like the Blues. There were non-calls on so many illegal hits in the series, eventually forcing out multiple top guys like it did for the Sharks. The NHL has seemingly decided it wants to even the playing field even more than the stupid Bettman points and encourages brutal and very often illegal physical/dirty play to give lessor teams a better shot against higher-skilled teams, and does so by instructing the refs to put their whistles away and "let them play". How sickening and disappointing. The NHL plays us all for fools and we fans just go along with it.... St Louis may have won anyways due to their attention to D, better goaltending and very solid forechecking, but it would have been more satisfying if the games were called consistently and correctly.... the same way they are/should be all season long. So, how does this fit with this thread? It makes you wonder what should be your priorities as a GM with drafting? Do you worry most about the regular season or the "new and improved" bs rules for the playoffs? As a fan looking at all the above, I see no clear answer moving forward, for any team. Its kind of the luck of the draw, how does the ref feel today and what fluke hit/injry is going to derail your dreams....? Flames offered a terrific product this year, and continuing on their present course that will likely continue.
  16. Button's new mock draft has us taking Brett Leason, I would rather trade the pick.
  17. That was one component of many, really none of the lines scored. Name the line, same thing. But that wasn't even our biggest problem, that goes back to what you said about Gio, and generally our defence. We were smoked on defence. The only thing I Can't think of to blame is goaltending, and goaltending also was not cup-worthy. Just, we were given good enough goaltending to win the series and still did not. robrob74 said it best: EVERYONE. At the same time though, some were worse than others. Bottom line, I don't think James Neal is going to solve the problem we have, no matter what you do with him. Yes, it's a worthy discussion topic. As are Most other players on our team right now. Many of which have high trade value. I'm just seeing the buy high, sell low mentality, potentially, and making a note on it.
  18. It's funny because in the playoffs, he was doing things that EDM wanted him to do in the playoffs. I would prefer Hall over Eberle, but a RHS might not be a bad thing. If I'm spending UFA dollars, then I prefer someone that is 100% compete. Duchene over Eberle. Panarin over Eberle. If I'm paying 7-8m, I want a guy that can make a big difference.
  19. There was some suggestion that the 1st was actually a high draft pick, not a 1st. In other words, a 2nd in 2020.
  20. I'm not sure how you can really say that about Bennett. 8 points in 22 games after the AS break. Sure, he was one of the few to get points in the playoffs. 1g 2a on the PP and 2a 5v5. If we are keeping him, then they better find a line for him to play on where he can do more than hit people. Are we really laying the losses there? Seems to me two GWG's were scored by the inability of the top "shutdown" line to score on high danger (basically empty nets) chances only to have them turn into goals the other way. Both of those were OT losses. Backlund and Tkachuk were the biggest no-shows from the team, well that and Gio forgetting what Norris meant.
  21. Lindholm was being fed, but was missing out on every opportunity he touched the puck. He regularly missed the net, blew a one-timer, or the play just died on his stick. I don't know if it coincided with a minor injury that messed him timing up or what.
  22. Hopefully it wasn't anything personal like that but it sure seemed Gaudreau went back to the old ways of feeding Monahan and Lindholm became an after thought for the scraps. Just a thought but I think a line of Tkachuk, Bennett, Lindholm would be very good together. These guys would definitely compete every game.
  23. Eberle is slowing down skating wise, I don't think he will be able to keep up with the play in the very near future. Eberle is a prime candidate to be a player like Neal where his skating and skills deteriorate so drastically that he can not compete at an NHL level, I mean he already doesn't compete at an NHL level.
  24. A goal here or there could’ve made the difference and the Flames are paying him to score. Whether it’s him or the coach... momentum works in mysterious ways. There was a lot wrong with the team. It was on EVERYONE. Not enough players were “going” so I guess Peters couldn’t get an accurate read on who to play. His strength was reading the bench and getting the most out of what’s working.
  25. I would say he was a problem, but not the problem. I think the attention comes as he provided almost no value for money, and the cap hit prevents us from making certain moves this offseason.
  26. some random thoughts.... The James Neal thread is getting very popular, and right fully so with the contract. But, was James really our takeaway from the playoffs? Did we all watch that series and think..."yeah...James' fault. If only we could fix the James situation we would have won." I always find it funny how we beat around the bush and steer everyone clear of the biggest issues. And how it leads to a buy high, sell low cycle. James has low value right now, so we want to ship him (getting nothing back). Gaudreau has high value right now, was the actual problem (or a big piece of it, along with defence), and we want to keep him. Meanwhile we've got another initiative to bring Eberle on board. After what just happened...... anyway
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