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  2. Yeah, I'd go for that line, and Mrazek. The next couple of days should tell the tale about any major changes. Since Tkachuk hasn't signed I'm expecting it to be pretty quiet.
  3. Andersson and Kylington with 2 2nd’s, both contributors this year Dube 2nd Mangiapane 6th round We’ve had success outside the first round in recent years. The scouting has really improved . I also think Ruzicka, Phillips, Zavgorodny and Roman have a chance to be players
  4. Ehlers always disappears in the playoffs. Don't we have enough of those guys already? Not interested.
  5. I think Brodie for Kapanen straight up would be a deal I would take.
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  7. Dreger reported that Kapanen and Kadri are officially on the black and Connor Brown is also a strong possibility to be moved. Apparently to move Kapanen, TO would want a D man in return and Kadri would require a centre going back. Brown is likely more of a cap dump at 2.1 mil but it is a reasonable contract for what he brings on RW for 1 year then RFA. Personally I am less interested in Kadri due to excessive dumb penalties and suspensions. I like that he is a pest, but he crosses the line too often and costs the team. Really the main reason TO is trying to trade him. As TO wants a D for Kapanen, would Brodie straight across be fair? As Kapanen is an un-signed RFA, would the Leafs need to add a conditional pick based on his signing?
  8. But it is those contracts that are making teams too close/tight to the cap.
  9. Moving Neal and Stone would have BT moving the Flames forward this summer and agree Gio will retire here. ( I could see him in the scouting department)
  10. Sounds great, trade him to a SC contender something like we are trying to accomplish ourselves. Oh yeah makes total sense. NOT
  11. I have my fingers crossed he can move Neal. Frolik for picks would be fine, a 2nd for 2019 and another for 2020. Giordano is going nowhere .
  12. Such cold hearted... I like it.
  13. Nope I think BT will move: 1. Neil and for a reasonable return, something we will be shocked at, but everyone will be like not bad, fair deal, considering...however at a slight loss of quality player in return but one that’s a utility player and fit our 4th line and speed...gut feeling maybe a bit younger too? 2. Frolik for a fair deal as well, I think it will be as even as a trade you see, maybe a “hockey type” trade but basically a serviceable 2nd liner with upside probably a bit younger then Frolik. 3. and one everyone will lose their minds on...Gio for a kings ransom probably a 1st round too 10 pick, a blue chip prospect and a top 6 forward...kinda a Lindholm situation and again works out for our 2nd line...gut feeling here too but for the Norris winner I should think you could pull that at the least for the best Dman in all of hockey right now
  14. Holland says Drafting and development are the key to success and they have plenty of NHL d men in the system..I'm not so sure that if I was Calgary.. I'd have a ton of confidence in Button's ability to target players for our needs nor the proper people in place to develop them/.. Most of our top drafts in the button years were drafted with the hope they could almost immediately jump onto the roster.
  15. MP5029

    Mark Giordano

    First congratulations GIO! definitely the most deserved candidate for the Noris! and with that, in my opinion, now is the prime time to trade Gio, send him to another contender and bag as much as you can for him, the Norris winner must be worth far more then what Karlsson and Truba hauls are This is where the flames messed up with Iggy, and we are fortunate to have a make up chance now trade now his value will never ever be higher! i figure at least a 1st rounder, blue chip prospect and an above average roster player for the best D-man in the entire NHL would be the least you could expect back
  16. Can Brodie + 26th get us the Oiler's 8th?
  17. https://www.nhl.com/news/edmonton-open-to-trading-down-at-2019-nhl-draft/c-307933738 Oilers interested to trade down. Should we be interested? Also, Puljujarvi demanding a trade...
  18. I agree that is what I would expect and if he can move Neal BONUS If he can move Neal, I would have no problem seeing our 1st used to get someone like Kapanen or Kadri from the Leafs. My wish list outside of obtaining Kapanen all comes from the UFA market Dzingel, Connolly, Mrazek and Fantenberg.
  19. Ironically, the highest percentage of a team's salary that an individual player makes has been going down since the last lockout. At first, we thought every team would pay their stars and then trim away the mid-tier guys. But with expansion and more jobs out there, mid-tier guys are starting to find good money in the market. For example, guys like Hayes getting nearly superstar money. Salaries are doing great. A majority of the players should be happy, especially the low and mid tier level players. Only the top 20 superstars are hurt because they could be making $25-mil-per in an open market. No lockout required.
  20. It is looking like another lockout. With these salaries it’s getting out of hand again.
  21. If we trade our 1st, then it must be for a Center. I don't care if it's Getzlaf or Kopitar. Otherwise, keep the pick and draft.
  22. my predictions are simple 3 contracts gone -- Stone, Brodie , Froik whether that amounts to contracts coming back, pure picks, prospects.. no longer have a clue I feel like we are still in on Zucker.. but I read somewhere that Our first was in play in that deal, so not so sure anymore
  23. He who Getzlaf last Getzlaf best.
  24. GM_3300


    I don't Getzlaf fits with where Peters wants this team to go. Pavelski I think stays in SJ in the end.
  25. Don't worry all the suggested trades and picks will not occur and Treliving will do some things totally different than what posters here ever imagined. This is my prediction for the weekend.
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