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  2. I echo that. Even with the end result I had a blast following the flames this year. They were exciting and entertaining and for me that's what being a fan should be. Not going to have the result you want every year but I see some fun seasons on the horizons for this franchise and that's exciting.
  3. The NHL is a parity league and the difference between 1-16 on talent is small so some combination of confidence, execution and luck is what's going to win a series not talent.
  4. No question they could have used him (who couldn't) and while I think he would have made a difference to the journey I'm not sure the end result changes. I don't think 1 player could have made up the gap in the series. And for me watching valamaki in the last 2 games does not make me feel bad about not having Stone.
  5. BPA all day! I feel we missed out on guys like Kucherov by reaching for a positional need and ending up with a bust like Tyler Wotherspoon .
  6. Sadly I don’t think Stone would have helped. This was a collective choke. The entire team was ill prepared for these playoffs. The coaches and players both failed each other. Stone would have just been an expensive 1st rd exit addition to the team.
  7. Personally I keep BT, he’s done more good than harm when you look at the big picture. Brouwer, Neal are forgettable but he’s made some nice acquisitions and extended with good value contracts. He’s active, he’s aggressive he’s still one of the better GMs in the league imo. Johnny Hockey. Our newest whipping boy undoubtedly failed to show up again this playoffs. If we trade Johnny, who do we replace the near 100 pts of production with at his price range and age. I’d love a Brad Marchand type player, skilled and great in the playoffs but he’s 5 years older than JH...and the cap is comparable. We’d need to acquire a guy like McKinnon or Barkov to replace the production, age and cap hit. Don’t see that happening tbh. I think JH will be fine but he does need better protection and a playmaking C. Defence. JJ you went in on them! Lol, I’m actually pretty comfortable where we’re at defensively. 1 nice discovery this season was the amount depth we have on D now. TJ Brodie is now expendable because of it, there’s a ton of young, mobile D men on our roster. Imagine if we’d been able to keep Adam Fox!...regardless I’d say we have one of the deepest stables of D men in the league right now. Ppl do forget we had a bunch of rookie D men in one of the franchises most successful seasons. It’s a good sign I’d say. Goaltending. Rittich was a great story to start the year! BSD! Played a nice role in our success this year. Smitty was our playoff MVP. We actually have one of the better tandems in the league. I honestly think goaltending has been one of our strengths this season. I’m expecting we stick with this same tandem for next season to the chagrin of many I’m sure. We still have Gillies, Parsons, McDonald and that recent Russian goalie we just added in the pipeline. I think Flames have been active in acquiring goalies, Elliot...almost had Bishop now we got Smitty. Not to mention finding Rittich a couple years back. We don’t have a true #1 but look what we achieved with our 1a and 1b options. Not too bad! The autopsy will happen this off season, if we are blowing things up we have to consider our current options. Fire BT? Who’s his qualified replacement that stands head and shoulders above him? Trade Gaudreau? For who? And at what cost? Same can be said with goaltending and D. We need to be careful not to overreact as it’s still a crucial period for the Flames.
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  9. Thats corect. He also has not been selected in the import draft so I don't believe he is actually eligible to play in the CHL. I believe it was Francis that mentioned that he was having issues with the exams so it was looking like he may not be eligible. Looks like the flames may have run out of options and had to sign him and turn him pro. I think he will be in either the ECHL or AHL next year.
  10. No way! I’ll take that 5 games of playoff experience every time. There are no guarantees those draft picks even pan out. Playoff experience is invaluable , only a select few get to experience it. All teams participate in the draft, so there’s no exclusive advantage. Unless your drafting an immediate impact player there’s little to no immediate benefit to the draft. Playoff experience impacts your team immediately and sets you up for the near future. and energizes the city you live in.
  11. You Know People i think what Pissed me off to No end was the consistency of the Reffing all Playoffs on the flames like you look at that one Penalty Against Micheal Backlund that forced the game to overtime that Penalty was not called all night yet all the sudden when when backlund did it ohhh it is all of the sudden a penalty
  12. I hope tampa bay feels like they had a Stanley Cup stolen from them by the referees.
  13. Since beating a very very poor Vancouver team a few years back, with our current core (Johnny, Mony, Backs, Brodie, Gio) this team is 2-12 in the playoffs.....I don't know if we will EVER win the cup with Johnny and Mony at the helm, they are just so so soft, you would almost literally not have known our #1 Center was playing.....that is a disgrace and can't happen...Mony is NOT a 1st line player in this league, if he does stay I think it's justifiable that the A on his jersey gets removed....captains don't get to just no show for 5 games when it matters most. If I am BT I think you at least have to pick up the phone and call New Jersey to see if their #1 would be in play if Johnny was the return, we also need to test the market for Monahan. I disagree on the idea that our D is in trouble, yes this series was terrible. but the future is bright, with Valimaki and Andersson (who should get full time first pairing minutes next year) plus Kylington, we are in a good spot, the team just needs to approach Brodie about waiving his NTC, see where he would go and hope we can get a second for him. BT better come with a strong response because next season, his job is on the line if we eff this up again.
  14. I think as fans we were bamboozled by the regular season record. Up until the end of January the team deserved the record they had. The second half wasn’t as good, just treaded water. We won the games we had to but if SJ didn’t go on a 7 game skid, we may have finished 2nd. Looking back now the warning signs were there for a 1st round exit. No real top line since the end of January. COL more wins than us from Feb to April. I find myself very disappointed and frustrated but looking around the league, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh and Tampa are all out too. All 3 of those teams had legit Stanley Cup aspirations in September. While expectations from us as fans changed throughout the season from making playoffs to a deep run, I can’t imagine the frustration in TB and WPG, both teams are cap strapped . I think what we can learn is what we already knew. Where you finish is irrelevant. How you’re playing come the start of the playoffs is what’s gonna give you a early exit or a playoff run of a lifetime.
  15. I’m with you either a RHD or a right shot C. Crazy that aside from Ryan, the last right shot C to wear the Flaming C was Conroy.
  16. I always have liked Mony. But, he folds like a cheap lawn chair under pressure. 82 games of 1st line Center pressure is exhausting to him. He, didn't match Mckinnons emotion and drive. True, 1st line centres that carry it every game and playoffs are a freak of nature.
  17. Our speed was on display. Then, the Avs have 3 guys collapsing in front of the net. Maybe, counter with a puck carrier slamming into them like bowling pins? Get in close, shoot then hit for the rebound.
  18. Getzlaf would be awesome. Leave sunny Anaheim? But, maybe he will want to give back to his junior team in the form of helping the flames.
  19. Colorado collapsing in front of the net like that. How do u counter that? Maybe, just get a full head of steam with the puck and bull doze them like bowling pins. Which would Create loose pucks in front?
  20. I think Mony buckles under 82 games of pressure. Which is weird cause he carried his junior team for 3 years. I, couldnt and not many can handle the pressure of a pro league for 82 games. He, might need a veteran grey beard Center to lean on in an 82 game season.
  21. I usually say BPA. But in my opinion, we have to draft the best RHS available. We lack this so bad throughout the organization.
  22. Flash wins regular season games. Sandpaper wins playoff games. I know some want to trade all our flash for sandpaper but we run the risk of not making the playoffs at all in that case. It's a tough balancing act.
  23. We have good scoring depth. Weren’t we the only team in like, 20 years to have 5 seventy point players? We had 4 30 goal scorers too. Hathaway and Ryan had more than 10 goals each playing 4th line. Scoring should have been a strength, but it was like everyone went cold at the same time. I think Brodie led the team in goals, and Bennett in points. That’s generally not a great sign. We also have some of those physical guys, but key guys like Tkachuk and Hamonic didn’t show. I give the Avs tons of credit, but we didn’t play our game. On a related note, this makes two years in a row where the team drastically worsened after the league mandated week long break. Our top line never seemed as threatening after that. Maybe we need to encourage guys like Mony and Johnny to stay closer to home during that break. Maybe a little less boozing it up in the Bahamas (or wherever they went) and a little more working out would help them stay focussed.
  24. Sometimes I wonder if we could've used Mark Stone's 6-goals and 10-points in these playoffs. And signed him $10.5x8years. Would we be advancing to the second round? Or would he not have made a difference at all?
  25. Beware complacency late in the regular season. Tampa and Calgary were cruising for the last week or two (or four, maybe five for Tampa), and both were swept aside by teams playing their hearts out down the stretch.
  26. I doubt he heads east. He's old enough for tha AHL, so I assume you mean not enough exerience.
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