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  2. You're right but it's ultimately going to come down to who's available in the offseason, and at what price? Basically the devil you know vs the devil you don't.
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  4. I’d trade Brodie first to be honest. Only one more year on his deal, same as Hamonic, and we probably can’t/shouldn’t keep both of them. Sure, you won’t get as much for Brodie, but he is more expendable. Plus, Ras seems to be a solid fit with Gio in the limited showings we have seen.
  5. I get that people think Smith has brought his career back from the ledge. He's 37. Any contract has risk. As good as he is playing, do you expect that to continue another year? Re-signing Smith is a short-sighted view of the team. This isn't just about results, it's about the future in nets. But, I digress.
  6. I honestly think it’d be smarter to trade Backlund for another 2nd line C, or winger. Technically we could just move Lindholm to C on the 2nd line and go after a top 6 right winger. Part of my thinking is Hanifin is a 22 yr old D man, still upside there. We’ve spent enough acquiring D men. Backs has likely hit his ceiling here, he’s 30 so his value is on that diminishing scale
  7. We thinking alike a lot lately.
  8. So here's a question. With how good we all believe Valimaki is and is going to be, and already having Giordano. Does Hanifin kind of become the odd man out and a potential trade chip in the off season? My only hesitation is that I am not sure I want to throw Valimaki right into a top 4 role this early. I would rather that he take that top 4 spot from Hanifin through his gameplay. That being said Hanifin could be a big piece in acquiring a 2nd line center.
  9. What I’d like him to possibly do skating into the zone is when two-three guys key on him, ring it around the boards to Lindholm. Spread them out.
  10. I expect it too. And did before the playoffs. Rightly or wrongly I could tell that Rittich isn’t quite their guy (yet?). We don’t have any backup plans or succession plans yet. None of the prospects are ready. i would sign him to a 3M deal and say if a guy passes him then it’s good to go with that guy.
  11. If he is injured it’s because he lets other teams take liberties and the refs don’t call the hacks and cross checks anymore. Everyone says speed and mental toughness win you games and cups, but not if your best goal scorer gets injured 2/3s into the season and can barely finish the year. Great on him to try play through it. Sure that’s tough. But look at guys like Marchand who rarely get injured, are slight in size but plays with a ton of speed and skill. I just can’t see a bounce back from that line because of the way they’ve played down the stretch run. They just don’t have it!
  12. I fully expect it
  13. You’re right. We HAD it. I’d say that the belief changed slightly after the mandated break. We started to believe we could still win without the details in our game that got us to that point.
  14. I see it a little differently. In the end this is going to sound semantical as I think in theory we're saying the same thing but I don't see Gaudreau shying away from physical play. One thing I've also noticed is Gaudreau has been trying to retrieve pucks on dump ins frequently in this series and thst isn't his game. I don't know why the flames are insisting on dump and chase, another argument, but they are and often it's Gaudreau as the first guy in trying to retrieve pucks. I do agree he he doesn't look as comfortable and as confident as you'd like but I just think it stems more from him being out of his comfort zone. I dont really see it as a shying away from contact thing.
  15. So if Monahan is playing through an injury, that'll be the 2nd year in a row that he has seen his game take a nose dive due to injury. That's a bit concerning to me because it's not like he plays a hard game, and is throwing his body around or is always battling. If he isn't injured than it is more than concerning, because he is our number 1 center and he has been absolute dog shirt this series. Let's see a big bounce back from our 1st line and win 3 straight.
  16. My only issue with Gaudreau so far this series and I thought it was better last night, but he is playing a bit scared. He looks like he is afraid to get hit, and in the playoffs you need your guys to take hits to make plays. I know that's not his game, but you have to play harder in the playoffs. If Gaudreau is looking over his shoulder for the hit than he isn't looking for the next play. That being said I agree Monahan hasn't been there to support Gaudreau offensively or defensively.
  17. That’s the frustration. The Avs live and die off their 1st line. The Avs figured out much of the offence runs thru Gaudreau and they’ve simply taken him out of the game with constant pressure and physicality. You would think the Flames would have had a plan to shut them down with so much time to prepare. It’s just a disappointing effort and result to an otherwise rather spectacular season.
  18. It was the first period of game 2 where Giordano was at the point holding the line when he got popped good. He went down and froze for a second and I swear the dome froze with him. He did manage to get back up and back to the bench. I don't think there was ever a replay of it and no one made mention of it again. Since that hit, I don't think Gio has been quite the same. He hasn't really joined the rush. He hasn't been able to hold the zones as we are used to seeing. Plus, they hit Gio high every chance they get (as they should). Given Monahan also looks hurts and I suspect Giordano too, that's two of our best four players not at 100%. No excuse I understand because Rantanen crawled into the series barely able to stand. But just something to consider.
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  20. Game 1, 2, and 3 was the Flames showing a load of complacency driven by the arrogance afforded by their regular season success. This fueled their lack of urgency. Game 4 was better but only for 50-minutes. For once this season, the Flames face true adversity. Game 4 was adversity but this is technically the final game of the season if they lose. Let's see how they respond. The Flames can certainly win 3-straight. They've done it before and they were even undefeated against the Avs in the regular season.
  21. I liked yesterday , but they were still buzzing around us pretty good. Id say we absolutely need to get Czarnik in the lineup tomorrow.. this is his kind of game
  22. I was unpopular earlier this year for saying that this team needs a first line centre to be a contender. The Flames proved me very wrong during the regular season, but the playoffs are showing that I wasn't way out in left field. I think they need a number 1 centre or a top end two way centre for the second number line next year. That would bump Backlund to the third line where he would be a really strong player.
  23. And I would absolutely agree that lack of effort has been a big problem in this series. Colorado has significantly more intensity to their game and the flames have struggled to match it
  24. Nope don't think so I would remember the name stubblejumper.
  25. I think you may have coached me at some point.
  26. I get/agree with what you are saying except for the part about their inability to backcheck. The only thing preventing them from backchecking is effort.
  27. The Top line is the one making all the difference. The Mackinon line is responsible for almost 35% of the Avs shots in the series. If you include the top d pair (as they usually play together ) it's 55% of the shots coming from those 5 players. We are having a very different conversation today if the Flames had been able effective deal with the Mackinnon line.
  28. For me it was a steady decline. I didn't think the Flames were very good in game 1. I thought they looked tentative and wha'ts plagued them the last 2 games was there. They weren't breaking out very clean, compete level was not great but they made up for it with their PP, Smith, and a better Defensive game. I think the Avs took alot of confidence out of Game 1 in that they didn't play there best but they were right there and they've built on that every since. I think Game 3 was just a shell shock as it happened to fast the bang your down 3-0, the crowds in it, they are just flying at you and the Flames just couldn't calm down. The answer was just to try to match it however they could and they broke down all over the place and just got mentally defeated. But for me this series has been about the Flames inability to breakout clean, their inability to backcheck and thus give too much space to the Avs and all those problems were there in Game 1, it just got progressively worse. Edit: as soon as I finished this I came across a fantastic article that does a much better job of explaining it than I did.
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