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  2. I will say this much, Our very opposing viewpoints arrive at the same conclusion on the next step: Fix the goalie. "It's all Sh***t, we need to fix the goalie" "You're over-reacting, we need to fix the goalie" When polar opposite perspectives (maybe that's an overly extreme statement) still manage to clearly arrive at the same conclusion, there's... a real good case.. Several, real good cases, for that conclusion. Now make it a young goalie with miles in the tank (I'm ok with two of them as well), and all bases and perspectives are covered.
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  4. I want a few of the Flames to concentrate on improving their skating. Some looked painfully slow. It's the 0 to 60 part that seems the most important. Learn how to wind up. Quick off the blocks wins puck battles.
  5. First, EDM would never do that deal. They may move Poolie, but not just to get rid of Looch. Second, there is only a minor chance Looch ever lets his NMC lapse. He signed it to protect him from being sent to the AHL. He's not going to give it up going to a team with better depth. As far as the player goes, he is a liability. Whatever line he plays on slows to a crawl. Whatever minutes he plays takes minutes from a good player. He is a role player that we can't afford to pay $6m in a buyout proof contract. Let EDM choke on it. They may not even have to worry about protecting all their stars in the expansion draft. They have so few. I would look at Puljujarvi for Janko, if they would like. He a better C than they have past the 2nd line, since they refuse to use their 3 best centers for depth. Mostly because they only have 3 good top 6 players. Janko gives them depth they can use.
  6. I caution viewers that what we saw the last weeks before the playoffs and the playoff themselves is a good measure of this team. Overreacting would be selling the farm because you had a frost that killed the crops the last weeks into harvest. The crops were doing fine. The farm manager thought the prized pumpkin (Smith) was the right choice to showcase. He turned into a gourd. He forgot to weed the fields. The veggies themselves needed some attention. Wow, that was weird. I think you need to fix the goalie and add one RD, by way of moving out Brodie. Perhaps upgrade Janko for a scoring C so you can bump Backlund to a shutdown line only. Decide if Bennett will ever be anything more than a gritty player who shows up for 50% of the game in a positive way. Replace Frolik with a RHS. We don;t know what types of playoffs games the Flames can play. We saw them struggle to play one type and that was not how they played those games any other time of the year. We limped in, and let Smith set the game structure. Very little was started by the D. I don;t want to hear anything about Smith ever again, except that he's going to Toronto or EDM. I want to hear about bringing in a guy that will take the reins for the future or battle with Rittich to get them.
  7. Between you and Travel-Dude, he is far closer to reality. If we accept your take, Tampa, Washington, Toronto, Vegas and others all need to rebuild. NOT! In hockey, as in life, stuff happens... much is pure luck but you have to live with the consequences. The Flames could have easily had a completely different outcome with 2-3 bounces going their way. They didn’t, so how do we ensure it doesn’t happen next year? We can’t... no one can. We definitely need to strengthen up a couple areas, and replace guys on the way out whether due to performance, contracts or chemistry... but come next Spring there are no guarantees. That’s hockey.
  8. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/qa-flames-gm-brad-treliving-playoff-disappointment-off-season-plans/ Good read on Bt Feels needs to be done
  9. To Get Break you gotta earn them they dont Come out of No where work hard get chances and then you get breaks when your being shut down by another team it doesnt matter cause the breaks arnt Enough to pull you out of it
  10. Great point ..and not out of the question since Seattle is next best thing to going home for a Vancouver boy. That's my kicker tho..I'm not convinced Neal fell off a cliff .. a combination of usage, conditioning and linemates I think all contributed .. that's why id want a potential scoring forward like JP.. we really don't need more immediate D.. I guess what makes me think I wouldn't hate it , is worst case scenario.. if both players never score another goal. And you have to have one of them on your team. Who is still useful? In that regards Lucic wins hands down
  11. It’s a risky trade because if 97 can get Maroon to flirt with 30, then surely he can do the same for Neal. Like you said it would definitely take a sweetener. How about Samorokov stud D they had playing in the memorial cup? It would also take a “gentleman’s agreement” from Lucic to waive his NMC before I even consider it, not losing a Kylington in order to protect Lucic
  12. I love pot stirring..and good for discussion😎 Wondering who would do this if they made it Lucic and Puuljarvi for Neal and something insignificant? Take the contract out of the equation, and he's a perfect player for the bottom 6. Better defensively, can score just hasnt and can't argue he adds that grit we need without being a liability.. and if JP swings back we win hands down. I'm not sure I would , I hate the contract, especially having to protect him in the expansion draft .and Neal to me had the better potential to rebound from one bad season and make it look like a huge mistake if he does it for the Oilers first or second line . It would totally take the sweetener from Edmonton to not rip my hair out upon announcement, but I'm not hard No. Could see the argument on both sides for the deal
  13. If Nashville moves Subban, as it feels like they will, they could be a fit for Brodie. Taking a glance at the Preds, they have a really good group of D, but they can’t score. Surely a Subban trade is made to address scoring. But that leaves them with a gaping hole in their top 4. Since they are a team looking to contend next year I doubt they trust a significant top 4 role to rookie Fabbro A trade that could be worth looking at is Brodie for Craig Smith, both are the same age and have very similar contracts with one year remaining. Smith is a consistent 40-50 point player, bit like Frolik although a better goal scorer and better puck skills, not as good defensively though. Before CHI acquired Maatta I was gonna throw out a Brodie for Saad trade. Either way my hope is a return in a Brodie trade is a 40-50 point player
  14. If all we need to do is get hot going into the playoffs then it actually doesn't matter if we stand pat or blow it up. Why not blow it up? All we need is to get hot at the right time. It's all about getting breaks...?
  15. Andrew MacDonald bought out by Philly. I feel if Gostisbehere gets moved then we can trade Brodie to Flyers... Or try to move Brodie to Montreal who is rumoured to be in on Gostisbehere.
  16. You've always had a great attitude with a steady hand, and this is no exception, so full props. Nor do I intend for...any of my posts to be popular, really. this being no exception. But, Assuming a team builds itself out from its goaltender, to defence, and then forwards: We have nothing in the way of a team-building goalie. As you mentioned. Our defence fell apart. Maybe we have the right pieces maybe we don't. But it was ineffective. Our forwards were ineffective in playoff style hockey. So, I always do actually appreciate your optimism. But, that's a 3 for 3 no-go. I just can't call that close to the right mix. It's...the opposite of the right mix. What we do have, is some valuable pieces in the wrong places. Sucks that we have to rebuild again, but it's not the end of the word and it's also inevitable. Whether we do it now or 3 years from now. Start from your goaltender. We should be looking for that now. And we need to be honest with ourselves about our development system for goalies. Get that right, and we can say we've "started" a sensible rebuild process for the first time.
  17. It is really fascinating how some players perform so well without being great skaters. I do remember that Chucky was skating quite well at the beginning of last year. He was surprisingly fast. I wonder if he feels as effective when he does turn on the jets. That is, can he handle the puck as well when he is going fast. Tkachuk will get bank as you said.
  18. With that Maata trade to Chicago the Flames may only trade Brodie to another team for Cap Space and not necessarily for cap space AND assets like draft picks. I can't wait till the draft though, I have a feeling there will be trades that day for the Flames and I can't wait to see who they draft
  19. we have a team that is built to be very cpmpetitive for an 80 plus regular season.. Not the playoffs.. If treliving only does minor tinkering we will be fine as the current team grows together.. Save the money for trade deadline where you can pick up a few playoff type players
  20. Scratch Chicago off as a potential trade partner as they landed Maatta from Pit
  21. Last week
  22. Have you Watched Tkachuk play?? He is valueable on any team! I went to see a game where he had 5 points and he is even going to get better. I see the Flames offering him a contract around 8 million dollars a season, hopefully the Flames persuade him to sign for even cheaper!
  23. I can't even imagine what his dental costs must be. Watching his teeth come out of his mouth that time in slow motion sure was gross. Not Joe Theisman gross, but what can top that? Someone is gonna have to be decapitated to beat that.
  24. I feel the same way. I try not to have high expectations of the guy, but he continues to impress. I think he could be great given the right development path. 🤣 What exactly is your definition of "house"? I have a yard, and I could really use about oh ... every poster to get my yard work done. Stupid 4 hours of spring before fire season.
  25. Yes for sure. Brodie isn't the cream of the crop so a few bigger pieces have to fall first. Hopefully we move Brodie on the draft floor for something good.
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