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    Last game of the regular season 2018/19 SUNDAY 31 MARCH 2019 @ A little ditty for our friends up North 8.00PM MT AT SADDLEDOME CBC, SN1, SNE, SNO, SNP FAN960 Go Flames Go!!
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    I take back every negative thing I have ever said or implied on this forum. All I ever wanted was a real hockey team representing our great city in the NHL playoffs like they meant it. Last night, I saw it. They played for keeps, So I'm All in
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    VS Apr. 1st 8pm STAPLES CENTER
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    A little bit of cowbell before the game...
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    VS Apr. 3rd 8:30pm The Duck Pond
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    VS Mar. 21st 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 29th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 23rd 8pm ROGERS ARENA
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    Well, gentlemen we will be enjoying our summer early. I will have better sleeps once my frustrations and disappointments subsided. It has been a pleasure to be on the game night board all season with you guys. Better luck next year perhaps. Thanks guys!
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    Been a Flames fan since day one (even in the Atlanta days). Every year we are in a sticky situation in the playoffs (usually against Ana/SJ or LA), I have that "I give up feeling". Something is different this year..... Maybe it's how this team responded after the Pittsburgh game. Maybe it's how they continued to play above hiccups (iffy goaltending/stars going on scoring droughts, etc.) Maybe it's how, when they did have a few bad games, they followed it up with 5-6-7 game winning streaks. Whatever it is, I'm oddly not worried about being down 3-1. Could have very easily been 3-1 for the Flames. This team is too talented to be microcosm picky right now. Once they get back to their team game, I think things will go our way the next three games. Here is how I see it - this team is good....better than the Avs. They are just taking a lil too long in figuring out how to get back into that groove....but I think the groove is still there. All the shots the Avs are getting shows how "uncomfortable" the Flames are right now. We will win Friday night - I have no doubt. Now, when we we Friday night, that puts ALL the pressure on the Avs. They KNOW they can't lose at home and then go back to Calgary. Basically, if the Flames win just two in a row, the series is over. Avs won 3 in a row. I think the Western Conference Champs can win 2 in a row (and then take game 7). I'm not worried. I should be very worried, But I'm not. We got this.
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    and the Flames train keeps a rolliin'...
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    VS Mar. 27th 7:30pm Home at the Dome
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    This one goes way back... I'm hoping that the Flames smash the Nucks like a Fireball...
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    Friday April 19th 8pm Home at the Dome
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    Hey all, I just saw this. I was away on vacation and popped in to talk some hockey when I saw this thread and my jaw dropped to the floor. I just have to say how deeply this has affected many here and myself included. I know I'm a fan of a rival team, and it's a team that FF52 disliked very much, but he and I always had great discussions and although we may have disagreed on many things between the two teams, we both shared a love for the game of hockey and the BOA and had so many great discussions and debates. My prayers go out to his family and friends. There literally is no replacing an upstanding forum member like FF52, that is is a hole that is impossible to fill. Rest in peace Larry, we may have been on opposite sides of the BOA, but we were always friends. I will both miss and never forget you.
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    Something that’s been unnerving to me is BP puting JH, Mony, Lind, and Tkachuk out to finish a game when it’s in hand (2 goal lead or more). Did it again tonight, on a PP, to finish a game that was in hand, and Tkachuk takes a slash. Unnecessary for those players to be out there BP.
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