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    It's Go Time !!! No more waiting !!! The long summer is over..... All the planning and figuring has been done. This GDT will be a joint effort. Please give some likes to Carty for his efforts. I'm pumped... Are you ready????
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    VS Tuesday Oct. 9th 6pm & BRIDGESTONE ARENA
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    Preview Canucks Flames Goaltenders
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    Posting open. Gooooooooo Flames !!!!!!!!
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    If I am Jeff Glass I have to be licking my chops, if Gillies and Rittich keep having performances like these, Glass could swoop in and steal that back up job. Dube was far and away the best player for the Flames, his speed and tenacity are elite and he is dangerous every time he is on the ice. I thought Kylington looked good too, his skating ability is elite, and he is starting to look much more poised and with and without the puck. Valimaki looked ok. He made some good plays, other times it looked like he was fighting the puck and trying to do too much at times. The talent is there and is undeniable, he just needs to sand out the rough edges in his game. In a game like this I wanted Foo and Mangiapane to be dominant, and it wasn't like they were bad, they just weren't dominant.
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    If the Bid for the Olympics is going to include places like Edmonton or Whistler then they should be in the process to bid too. They should also be ponying up some of the funding as well. If Calgary intends it to be the Calgary Olympics then the venues must be Calgary and immediate surrounding areas... Anything else is a big fat NO and lets stop this nonsense now.
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    From numerous players' accounts early on they all say the same thing: "practices are very fast and up tempo", "Peters is a demanding coach", "Peters is a coach that will push you to be better"....those comments, particularly the players from last year who mentioned how fast the practices are, are essentially alluding the fact that that's not how practices were last year. Nor did it seem Gully held players accountable, or pushed them. It seemed - and I don't know for sure - that he cared more about being a nice guy than a good coach. I love that our practices are fast, and the players need to work in practice. That is already translating to a faster, harder working team this year. Another thing that drove me nuts about Gully - and something he flat out admitted - is that he didn't change things up depending on who they were playing or how players were playing. He was so unadaptable. He had his systems, and his game plan, and if the game went sideways he was unable to adapt mid game. Peters seems more than wiling to adapt and at least try out different line combinations, or to try and ice the right players for whoever the opposing coach throws out there. One more thing: I like how Peters 1) holds players accountable, and 2) rewards players. Making Frolik a healthy scratch because Peters see's he's clearly not engaged to where he can be, that's a slap in the face to Frolik, and he's gotta be better when he comes back. Peters saying he needs to find Bennett more ice time, and then actually acting on it and giving Bennett more ice time. Peter's going right back to his young D (Valimaki and Andersson) after a brutal game by them against St. Louis, but he uses it as a learning platform, and instead of sheltering them and limiting ice time in the next game, he had Andersson playing the final minute of a tied game! He seems to reward his players when they deserve it, he has faith in his players and shows it, and he holds players accountable when they are not up to the standard he knows they can be. Those are all things Gully either refused to do or was unable to do. The sample size is real small, but so far I like Peters.
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    VS Thursday Oct. 11th 6pm & SCOTTRADE CENTER
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    I hope that it is as well. He certainly hit a lot of players solidly out there. It was nice to see him score, and not have it called back. It sure would be nice if this was a sign of things to come for the year and not just a streak.
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    The K95 ski jump (the biggest one) at Canada Olympic Park was not maintained and fell into disrepair, it's a party shack now... The 5 other jumps are still used... So are the bobsled and luge tracks... Nenshi need to forget about Whistler and stay more local... He needs to get off his Hash Rate and see that the K95 at COP is repaired or replaced like he should have done already... Host some of the events at COP and use Canmore for the (all still used) biathlon, cross country and nordic combined just like they did last time... Host the other events at Nakiska like they did in 88, or one of the other Banff area ski hills... Even thinking about giving the gift of premier events like the mens downhill to a neighboring province that just screwed us over for a pipeline should be enough to have have Nenshi shipped off to a loony bin...
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    Looked like SB also scored earlier - puck was still live and he poked it in but the refs shut him down. Refs were loco tonight- how did Perron not get a call for spearing?
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    This was disappointing. Allen looked great, we started with a lot of errors, and didn't capitalize on some pretty juicy opportunities. I did like the fact that we came back strong in the end. Just too little, too late. As Hrudey said though, the Flames look like a very different team compared to last year. When we play our game, we look solid. I am still really optimistic about this year.
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    If it’s true that Smith pushed to play tonight, he should stay in the net. No mercy pull. Keep Rittich fresh for Saturday without any echo of being part of this one tonight.
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    He's fast, good 200' game, and can stickhandle in a phonebooth. As we've changed our philosophy now, it's hardly the time to move Bennett. I like Friedman and all, but this rumour was during camp. The team is looking a lot more Bennett-friendly with young and fast, rather than slow and boring. Worst time to trade him is right now, when we can finally accommodate his style of play.
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    I just watched the play again in case I missed something. Chucky moves in to score and his stick hits the goalie, not the puck. He does tap the goalie again, but it is hardly anything at all. Markstrom slashes him with a little force, and Sutter jumps on him. If anything, this is matching penalties.
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    It better not. 10-20 bad/inconsistant games even early in the season can leave teams on the outside come playoff time.
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    There was a lot not to like about the game. They didn’t appear as discombobulated as they did under GG at this time of the season. This team is going to get pushed around, there really is little sand paper on this team. The worst part was watching a team laud it’s new found fast paced and relentless puck pursuit style of play....only to be beat by the opposing teams fast paced and relentless puck pursuit style of play.
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    I was really hoping that with a new coaching staff Bennett would get the clean slate he needed to try and recapture who he is but unfortunately Peters has used him the same way so far. Pretty clear the organization no longer views him in high regard and I think the only reason he probably wasn't dealt is the return would be so embarasing.
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    I paid for center ice package for two seasons.. They blacked out Flames home games to me..... I don't even live in Calgary... If you have to spoof your IP to get programming you paid for then "adios to my sub... I can get every game, all the farm teams games, all the european games through a Russian website.. The quality is pretty good too.. A while back Telus Satellite was my only option... To get the Flames on Sprotsnet and HD it required 4 subs above the basic.. $180/mo..... Russians are treating me better than anything here.....
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    I don't think Lazar should be on the team. He really has no NHL level skill. Took a chance on him, didn't work out, turn the page.
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    This one has an Adidas logo on it.
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    It is camp. Why is anyone getting hung up on it? Having a good camp doesn't mean never give up a goal or "hey that guy scored 8". This is getting your cars tuned up, not winning the Indy. The vets know. It's a long season, why go hard in preseason? I've been watching games all over, it's <ECHL hockey to start camp. It's about learning things. Wins gets you 0 points. TBay could go 0-6 in the preseason. It only tells me that they're working hard with different things. It means nothing.
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    I'd take Matheson on my team any day. You can't let guys just skate all over you, you intimidate them. Petterson turned away from the hit, rookie mistake. Matheson still managed to get him from the side and finished with a push. See it all the time. I thought the head impact on the glass was about equal to the ice. Biggest problem is watching it in slow motion. Never fails to have many overlook this was a 0.75 second play, not a 5 second one. He didn't charge him, pretty much walked to him. Petterson has world class skills, but he needs to learn this isn't the world's biggest no contact shinny league. Hope he's okay because he's fun to watch, but he also needs to learn the dangerous/risky things. Because Matheson isn't a dirty player, he demolished a threat. That's his job.
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    A good character builder for hime especially after the start
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    I’d actually counter that. I think the team would’ve come out much differently if Rittich started. BP has to know (learn) his audience (players). This flames group is easily contented when they pull off a huge win, and having Rittich start would’ve unsettled them enough to know they didn’t have “shutout in Nashville Mike Smith” between the pipes. I’m no professional, but growing up we knew who the better goalie was on our teams, and we played differently (harder) when the “backup” went in.
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    So let me ask you the obvious question... Who does he deserve to play up higher in the LW roster?? Are you going to demote JH or Tkachuk below him, so Bennett can get more time or better linemates? The obvious answer is 3rd or 4th line minutes is where he has played himself to.
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    I was at the game and from what I saw from Bennett was more jump than anyone else. I think he pushed the play ahead, but apparently It’s not enough. i think it’s going to be a lot like what Lazar said, he needs to touch the puck more and get the feel and the feel to score points. I get it, he doesn’t do enough on his opportunities when he gets them. I dont see Bennett doing anything this year. We lose him for next to nothing and don’t know what he will do elsewhere.
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    This shoutout to Vernon is awesome.
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    I appreciate it as well and contribute at times when I think it's justified. But there is a big difference between "critical analysis" and "whipping boy". When player X gives the puck away its Ugg. When player Y gives the puck away it's all over the boards plus some because it meets certain agenda's. I'm not talkin' about bank accounts here either. I'm talking about the same posters hitting the same player over the head with a shovel day after day and then the followers doing the same because they think its fashionable. Sometimes its justified, sometimes it isn't. Not everyone can play 20 minutes on the top line or top pairing.
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    I can... I hope Gully is the Oilers new Shleprock... You can tell it's Gully... He's looking down at the floor monitor...
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    This was part of a post I made in a different thread, but I'll add it here as well... The biggest roadblock for Sam Bennett so far was named Glen Gulutzan... He could not have done much worse at giving Bennett opportunities to succeed if he tried... Bennett had a pretty good first year, and then we had 2 years of Gully (circled in red) often bouncing him around with at least one fringe NHL player on his line... Things might have looked a lot different for Bennett if he had been given more consistent line-mates with a decent level of talent... But we had a moron for a coach who had a negative affect on every player on the team... Even the ones that had pretty good stats would have had better numbers with a better coach that actually understood the game... We need to give Bennett at least 2 seasons with a better coach to try and undo bad habits resulting from bad coaching... Lets hope Gully did not totally screw up his development... I still think that Bennett has the talent, and if he is better utilized and put in more of a position to succeed over the next couple of seasons, we will see him grow more into being the player we had hoped for... I'll add to that by saying that IF they were to trade Bennett, they better be getting a very good player back and not just a mediocre fill in... Trading Bennett at any time in the near future would be trading low... and that would be bad asset management...
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    A couple of friends of mine and I were chatting on Saturday and what one felt was, NHL starting goalies are all average. There are 2-3 that are truly elite, Price and Rinne. The rest depends on what is playing in front of them. Is the system then what determines the success of s goalie? Or the defenders in front of him? Some are of course, below average and shouldn’t be in the NHL. What have we had? Borderline NHL goalies and one or two true starter since Kipper. When our systems or D are in front of them, it really shows. Do we count Elliott as a starter or closer to a backup? Smith to me, is the only starter who can be considered average or slightly above. I think regardless less of who we slot in, unless they’re elite, they’re going to look average or below until we place an emphasis on cutting down the dangerous chances. Of course if you play good possession, chances will come down. But if you have the puck just for the sake of having it and not scoring then there’s another problem. We are still giving up bad chances and don’t score or get ourselves into dangerous scoring areas to get ahead or keep up offensively. But letting in 7 goals isn’t accepted as quality tending. I am not a fan of letting in bad goals and then bouncing back after being down 2-0. Playing from behind is disastrous in the NHL. It is preseason and we are talking about real life games... calm down on calming us down...