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    VS Mar. 7th 5:30pm KeyBank Center
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    VS Mar. 2nd 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 13th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 9th 5:30pm Canadian Tire Centre
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    Islanders ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flames Goaltenders
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    VS Feb. 27th 6:30pm American Airlines Center
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    VS Feb. 24th 2pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 21st 7:30pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 16th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    I completely agree with you with the exception on pairing Brodie with Hamilton. Gio covered for Hamilton's mistakes and Hamonic covered for Brodie's mistakes. Brodie and Hamonic combo is like watching a bad marriage trying to be together when in fact, divorce is the best things for them. I'm surprised that GG did not try to put, Brodie with Stone, and Kulak with Hamonic, and spread the D evenly for these two pairs rather than forcing them into #3 and #4 Ds respectively. GG logic and decision making is questionable all season. I think that the entire coaching staffs should be gone this summer and one player at the top of list to be traded is Brodie.
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    That's right but my counter point to that is you already have Bennett, Frolik, Brouwer, Hathaway on your right side. All are better than Stewart. You have Lazar you could move over there, you could move Tkachuk to RW, Klimchuk etc. You already have the depth, use it and stop picking up useless veterans because they are "big" and "gritty" or "experienced". he shouldn't need to be bin-diving anymore. I understand this is a roll of the dice and I understand it's "Free" but I just wish the organization would be more willing to roll the dice on players they already have and have already invested in and not go out and continue to get players that have such a low probability of actually panning out.
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    Why? His record is terrible. Sure he won cups but he won it on the back of Dale Tallons teams and with 3 hall of fame player and a hall of fame coach none of which he acquired himself. Through some very poor decision making the last 3-4 year he's dismantled his own team. Pretty bad drafting, dealing all kinds of picks, signing Seabrook to an awful extension, awful trade of Hjarlmarsson, traded Leddy for next to nothing. I won't blame him for the Pananrin - Saad trade because personally I saw what he was doing but even that don't you have to question him on that one too? This is why I can't get on the fire BT bandwagon. Sure he has made mistakes but what GM doesn't? All GMs make mistakes and all GM's make big mistakes, the key is their ability to learn from them and I think Treliving has shown us he can learn from his mistakes so why get rid of him? Why are we willing to set the team back another 2-3 years and potentially waste more years of Gaudreua, Monahan, Tkachuk to keep chasing a mythical perfect GM that doesn't exist? I think it's unfair to judge executives only on results. I don't think there is always a very good connection between a teams results and the job a GM is doing. Bowman is a great example, IMO he hasn't done a very good job but yet he has 3 cups. Jim Rutherford had Carolina at the bottom of the league and now suddenly he's got back to back cups. Washington couldn't get rid of McPhee fast enough but yet they have had no more success without him and now look at the job he's done in Vegas. Peter Chiarelli has a Stanley cup, need I say more? The other thing with Treliving is some of his "mistakes" have a catch 22 to them. It is not easy to trade in this league and it's really hard to trade for assets like Hamonic, Hamilton etc and he's been able to. Sure, many people now would classify Hamonic as a mistake but at the same time that is looking at it from only a results perspective, because the pursuit of Hamonic via trade shows a lot of positives you want to see in a GM. Furthermore, a lot of the results are out of his control. Who would have thought the Flames would be one of the worst shooting teams in the league this year? Who would have thought the Flames PP would crater like it did. Who would have thought 5 different players would all shoot 2-3% or more below their career avg shooting percentage. Not everything is within a persons control and so many factors are outside of a GM's control. Mistakes happen but i'd rather look at the process to try and identify a GM's strengths/weakness and IMO i see a lot of strengths in Treliving, even when you look at some of his "mistakes".
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    He does not address the players in the dressing room after a loss. Think about that for a minute.... He said so himself, because he does not want to speak in anger.... That alone tells me he wants to be popular and does not want to hurt any feelings. There can be no other reason This coach will never be all we need because he does not want conflicts.. Add to this he gets results when he finally does vent some frustration you think he would learn and adapt? Nooooooo. He remains stubborn to a fault keeping LHS and RHS playing on their proper wings. Both D and Wingers have to conform to playing on the side they shoot even if they have played off wing or off side for years(Brodie). It is easier to accept and make passes and control the boards if you are on your proper wing you see.... (that is the so called theory) Brodie for example has gone from a Norris consideration Defenseman, to a "lets trade him" player because of 2 changes inflicted on him by this coaching staff.. He no longer plays with Gio and he must play the left side....... Same defenseman with different results.
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    I am really entertained by this for some reason.
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    Reminds me of the teacher that let's the kids in their classroom slide when they keep getting mediocre marks but lets them think it's ok as long as they get some decent marks some of the time and on occasion a pretty good mark... Enough to squeak by with a barely passing grade...... Then when it looks like they might fail the year, and the teacher starts to take heat from the principal they have a fit, throw a ruler at the chalkboard and manage to get their students attention for a couple of days... But all too soon the teacher falls back into their stubborn ways of repeating their mistakes because it's the only way that they know how to teach... Because they don't know how to adapt their teaching methods, they have to continue settling for mediocre results... Some of the kids are actually pretty intelligent and they decide the teacher is an idiot... The teacher has lost the room...
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    VS Feb. 28th 7:30pm PEPSI CENTER
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    ya Know , I am usually not that guy.. Ive never been a big believer in "Fire the coach " to fix your problems. I agreed with the Hartley Firing , still do But Man , if we miss the playoffs? I do not see how he keeps his job I like the Guy , I really do. I love the fact we are no longer a dump-it-in-and-go-chase it team. I like that we don't see shot blocking as the #1 defensive skill His vision of what the team should play like is bang on , and the way we should play (its winning cups in Pittsburgh) But what I'm seeing is he has ZERO ability to manage players 50 games , and forced by injury to think of actually putting one of your best weapons on the 1st powerplay Constantly playing players with almost no goals in "desperately need a goal " situations Nearly 2 seasons done and this team has no identity No sense of earning your ice time, always Given Treats games and overtime like a playoff season (Just get in , then anything can happen !) Thats what it comes down to, lack of player management skills . I totally see why BT hired him, his vision of what this team should play like is bang on , but he has no ability to put the right horses in that system This team should be battling Vegas for 1st , not mired in a playoff lottery Again , I don't believe Hartley would have done much better , so not regretting the Hartley firing , but at least under him we had an identity.. we busted our humps each and every night BT has to answer the higher ups, he has given us a goaltender , he has given us on paper one of the best blue lines in the league , he's given us a farm team that actually has available call ups.. so when he's getting ripped a new one by Murray Edwards, how can he not be saying coaching is the issue ? if we miss the playoffs ? I dont think BT has a choice ..there's a very good chance Joel Quenneville is done in Chicago, and if he is , GG's phone should ring minutes after thats announced with an invitation to come to the office for a chat .
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    What ever happened to giving Bennett the best opportunity to blossom?... Oh yeah, Gulutzan is still the coach...
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    Time to give Mony his due credit: Only 5 centers in league have more goals.(10th/all positions) Only 12 Centers in league have more points.(25th all positions) He has the most Game Winning Goals(1st and 2 more GWG's than anyone else) He has more goals than these #1 centers: Austin Matthews, Conner McDavid, Patrice Bergeron, Nathan McKinnon, Anze kopitar, Logan Couture, Steve Stamkos, There are still those on these boards who don't want to recognize he is our true #1 center we always wanted. Excuses: He is not enough of a team leader. He is not clutch. He disappears for games. He is only this good because he has JH beside him. Well he leads by example. Studious in his work ethic He has 10 11 game winning goals(no one better) 30 goal scorers only score 36% of the time. 30 goal scorers are fairly rare these days. Every top line players is surrounded with other top players. They wouldn't be a top line if they did not set them up that way. Come on forums.. give Money his due credit...
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    Sometimes I wonder if Jankowski realizes just how much talent he has, and how big he is. Tkachuk also needs to learn how to accidentally on purpose fall into the goalie. I suggest watching Corey Perry's training video on how to do it.
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    I get there is a very small sliver a logic in there and again if you want to do a quick experiment fine but it should be that a VERY quick experiment. What this boils down to for me is once again you are willing to put a veteran player with 3 goals in his last 40 games in the lineup and give him more opportunity than your 4th overall pick from a few seasons ago who has already looked good there. That is just pure insanity, I don't care about position when you are talking about such a massive gap in talent there. If you want to catch lightning in a bottle what you are not trying to do so with the 4th overall pick instead of a veteran player another team already decided can't help them. I'm sorry but it makes ZERO sense and is indefensible. Again i'm willing to wait and see what he does but this better be a short experiment. I can live with this for the start of the game and maybe even stomach it for the entire game but if this becomes a permanent thing Gulutzan will be done for me.