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      It's great to see the boys earning their way into the playoffs this season (barring a Colorado-would-be-proud collapse).  What a night-and-day difference from way back in November.   With the playoffs, we typically see more traffic/visitors on the site, usually from the opposing team's fanbase (especially from the Oilers).  This is just a reminder that stating your opinion is fine (it's exactly what these forums are for), and friendly, good-natured ribbing is OK, however, name-calling and insults will still be a major no-no and cause for the Banhammer to warm up.  This applies to all new guests and visitors as well: you're more than welcome to join the party, but civility is house rule around here.   All insults/name-calling will be met with a zero-tolerance approach, regardless if you are a new person to the forums, or have been around since these forums began.   First-offenses will be met with a moderator-needs-to-approve-your-post for 3 days Second offenses will be met with a week-long suspension Third offenses will result in a perma-ban   If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to voice your concern about it, you are absolutely free to contact me directly.   We all love this team, and this game.  Let's all hop on the Bandwagon, enjoy a few beverages, and ride this wave of excitement as far as we can.   --  Kulstad


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    I think there are better goalie options available to us. At the end of the day; Dallas used a Castle to get the Bishop, We tried to use a Pawn, but the King said no.
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    Well, I don't think anyone is giving JG props for his D play and we watch him get slashed unabashedly with no retaliation. We have to get harder to play against up front, from faceoffs to puck pursuit to having at least some intimidation. Bouma, Chiasson, Stajan, Brouwer, Versteeg, I don't think these guys are scaring anyone, just playing in a bog. You always here the phrase, "just have to play the right way", and you combine that with the Preds saying Cody MacLeod makes the whole team play bigger. Then you look at the Sens, when they give up goals, they come back barnstorming, as opposed to what JTech correctly called sagging. We need more wingers that can play with consistent intensity, we just don't have that. Look at Frolik, he can go in 1 vs 3 on a line change and still win the puck, and then he's back in our end defending like a center. I am not asking for 9 20 goal scorers, just a team of guys that battle hard consistently regardless of the score. Anderson has given up weak goals just like Elliott, difference being HIS team forgets it right now, ours is like watching a balloon deflating. If you're a team, bailing out your goalie is no different then him bailing you out. We don't seem to be there imho. Goalies are a weird breed, like Anderson in Game 2, you bail him out, he becomes a wall.
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    Well last night it was Talbot..night before It was Fleury... first round it was Allen, Rinne ... but we dont have the luxury anymore of looking for the next Talbot ..we dont even have the luxury (I dont think ) of hoping next year Elliot can be the guy.. If I'm learning anything watching the Oilers do what we couldn't, it's that if we had the goaltending , we'd have beaten them. We need a proven winner.. a proven PLAYOFF winner(more than once )..This team is ready to at least make some noise, but they need that guy back there to step up .. and it needs to be someone that consistently always steps up Bishop Fleury / Murray(if he actually becomes available we should go after him with everything we got) I cant think of another , who's realistically available , who fits on this list yes, Bishop and Fleury have had stumbles.. yes both have had injuries, welcome to the NHL..; but both have had success on a consistent basis of putting a team on their back and running.. not just a flash and hoping for lightning to strike twice..no pun intended.. and yes, you will have to pay Bishop.. we have the room, and no Johnny/Mony style raises coming for a few years .. Bennett has earned himself a Bridge contract only John Gibson I believe is your best all around comparable to John Gilles.. it took to his 5th pro season to get the #1 job.. that puts Gilles , if you factor his injured year , 4 years out from owning the net outright . If he does it sooner and creates a dilemma with a vet in place, so be it, that's a problem any team wants to have. That vet also allows you to groom your successor..next season but more likely the 1 after , Gillies will be ready to play 20-30 games.. but to do that you need the guy that can carry the other 55-65 games.. and still be ready for maybe up to 28 more If you are insisting on doing that "next Talbot" search.. and i still think the window is done ... then you put that Guy in the #2 spot and make him win it ... personally the only 2 that would make me consider doing that if the price was right now is Berube from NYI or Korpisalo from CLB.. but now you are seriously hindering Gillies potentially .. myself I put Johnson back in that #2 role next season BT made a very bold statement when he talked of raising the bar .. how many years have all we heard was "lets make the playoffs ".. the Sutter years was basically "lets make the playoffs then anything can happen ".. I dont know how many people caught it , but that was a statement that makes HIM accountable .. playoffs are not a goal, they are an expectation ..winning rounds is the goal now .. last year he took responsibility for the goaltending , and he did something about it.. He's now making himself personally accountable to ice a team that can be playing in May at the least.. You dont do that icing a team with a question mark in goal
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    I have been trying to enjoy the playoffs since the Flames were eliminated. The officiating is still irritating me. I don't understand NHL rules or the way that the rules are interpreted and applied by referees. You can slam a guy as hard as you want to into the boards to the point that I would consider it intent to injure. There may as well not be a rule against interference when a guy enters the offensive zone without the puck because they are hardly calling it in the playoffs. It also seems as though you can slash a guy's hands at will. You cannot, however, commit the horrific act of shooting the puck over the glass because it will get called every time whether it was intentional or not. I understand that this is a black and white issue, so it is called consistently. I just wish the rule was never changed when officials had discretion with it. You can crosscheck a guy once, but not twice. Then it is a penalty. You can high stick a guy in the face if it is deemed follow-through when shooting. If someone lifts your stick and it hits someone with it, then you are responsible (because you are responsible for your stick) . If you start a fight with someone who has engaged in multiple cheap shots, then you are considered the instigator, not the person committing the initial infractions. They don't have shootouts in the playoffs because that would be a joke. Then what is it the rest of the year? NHL rules and officiating are contradictory. They are also reactive rather than progressive. Unfortunately, they do not seem designed to protect the players from injury. It is no wonder that they are screwing up suspensions all over the place. I hope that the NHL deals with this over the summer.
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    Definetly the slow part of the offseason when a player that no one has seen play and likely won't amount to much any way generates a page worth of heated discussion. And there's a real chance he never even becomes a Flame.
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    Oh just so I can add to your nothingness.
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    When Fleury has been in the zone during the playoffs and the Pens have won, he has put up some impressive numbers... .956 SV% & 1.52 GAA while facing an average of 35.7 shots... His stats fall off a cliff for the losses, with a .864 SV% & 4.39 GAA while facing an average of 28.2 shots, but the D and the Pens as a team also share blame for the losses... That said, Fleury has also been able to come back with some solid performances after losses... Viability of acquiring Fleury would depend on availability and cost... He is not my first choice, but Bishop and Darling are taken, other possibilities are still unknown depending on availability, but Fleury is still an upgrade over either of Elliott or Johnson... The question has become who else might become available in the right trade that would be a better option, and at this point it is impossible to say... The cost might be more than some might want to see the Flames spend, but the Flames can't afford to go into next season with just average or sub-par goaltending either... They need an upgrade as a starter...
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    The Backlund traders are thinking that we are close to having Bennett take over. For me, I don't think he has shown signs of it yet, and I say about 2 years away from being as good as Backlund, if he does get there. I really don't think that's a slight nor that Bennett is not on a suggested slow maturing pace. Not every player develops at the same rate. Would we be happy with Kyle Turris' ability in him? Bennett has shown signs of being a good center, but so far, not anywhere near what Backlund can do. And one thing Backs does is control the play and create quick easy breakouts. He dangles just enough to make space for his wingers and makes SMART passes. I think Bennett is about 2, maybe even 3 seasons away, and who knows how long. But why not reap the rewards of developing Backlund by allowing him to play his abilities for us? If we create the hole, like you say, we could have that hole for that long and back-step for a few years. Sure we upgrade somewhere, but create a hole on #2, and then miss the playoffs for a few more years.
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    At the end of last season Larkin was thought of as one of the up an coming young centers in the game and had more points in his rookie year than Monahan. You don't trade that, and you most definitely do not trade that for a player who is 1 year away from UFA. Larkin is as close to as untouchable for them as I think you would find.
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    I'm sorry but could you explain a little more on why you would trade a commodity that has basically carried this team through the worst part of there season? I guess I'm a little partial to a player that carries a line through the worst part if it's down fall when the top line can't even carry there own sticks the triple m line did it all and forsure Backs had everything to do with that. Im not trying to cause any kind of drama I just don't get it. there has to e a better way to upgrade this team? Plus I truly believe it is Goal tending that is our biggest problem. Any way you know a heck of alot more about hockey than I do and I truly respect your opinion on here but Im afraid this one I have to say no his is only going to get better.
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    Why do you still think Backs is a #3 center? He has proven he can center the #1 line. He has proven he is among the best 2 way checking centers in the game. These guys are not #3 centers on just about any team. Bennett has not stepped up to be a #2 or #1 center yet and until he does there is no reason to believe he will become that. Just look at how many here feel he should be playing wing because he is not doing so well at center. Granted he has not had stable wingers however lots of people are discouraged already.(not me he is still very young) You don't pay players(Bennett) for what they might become, so you pay Backs his 6mil/year like he deserves and has earned and hope that Bennett figures it out soon enough to replace him. Then you trade him Backs once your replacement is in hand.
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    1 of the best 22 year old goalies on a particular team. For 1 year he was that! What you were offering rebuilds the Pengies in 1 fell swoop. Way too much. Pitts is in a bind depending what MAF does. If he refuses to waive they can buy him out @ 1.9 x 4 cap hit which isn't chump change for a team with 15 players (without Fleury) & after a buyout about 16 to fill those spots. Schultz & Dumolin will take a big chunk of that so that leaves callups that they can't afford to have hit bonuses. If MAF does waive it comes down to what the market offers given a glut of goalies with only a few teams in the market. Retention on salary gets a better return but also cuts into cap space. Offers @ full price likely = a 3rd after the GMs check out the UFA market which is after the LV expansion so Pitts isn't driving the bus if they intend to keep Murray. Murray's new contract is 3.75 x 3. Given the # of goalies slated to be looking for jobs you can get 1 with a bigger body of work in that range for nothing but the money. Highest I'd go is this year's 1st or go after someone else. If left exposed LV will take him & likely keep him but with a gentle nudge be persuarded to take Grubauer &/or Raanta/Hellberg as well making 1 available. Other options like the decision in Detroit have been mentioned. The worst thing we could do is fixiate on 1 goalie & overpay. Especially in a buyers market.
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    And it's not just the iPads that suck. Sometimes, when I watch a review, I feel like I am watching a cheap South Park episode given the low number of frames and pixels of the images. If memory serves, I was watching video of a coach's challenge to an offside call in the Senators/Rangers series. The number of frames was so low, that there was no way one could definitively determine whether the puck crossed the blue line before the skate did. They just didn't have the image available. One had to make inferences using the speed of both the puck and player. I don't expect the NHL to get everything perfectly, but surely they are capable of securing a superior video feed. Apple offers a 5K monitor, so I assume that the NHL can get better than high definition (if it is even HD). As Flames fans, we are more sensitive to this issue because we all remember the goal that wasn't to be.
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    One name I haven't heard much is Justin Williams. He is a UFA coming off a $3.25m contract. He is 35 so we might be able to get him cheaper. He is coming off back to back 20 goal seasons. Could be a good option, the guy is a winner.
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    Oshie and it wouldn't be close. Far superior all around player.
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    Oooh the Oilers are out, I'm sooo sad, lol. Coulda woulda shoulda...bugger off.
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    This is is why I don't get how the Caps could trade Forsberg for Erat. WTF!!!! Could we have had Forberg for Glencross? Plus?
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    I cannot stand the NYR, one of my least favourite teams in the entire league. It's deep-rooted from before the Cap era. It's Sather, it's the picks of the litter in fa because everyone wants to play there..it's everything, I cannot stand the Rangers. From Brad Park to Jean Ratelle to the joke that was their last Cup because of Kovalev's huge fake dive vs the Nords that embarrassed the refs by disallowing Sakic's go ahead goal. Hope that's vehement enough, haha. To say I hate the Rags like FF hates the Pens might even be an understatement.
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    hmm. I suppose losing in 3 would be worse, but the NHL would have to make some kind of exception.
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    I don't know that most would be against upgrading if BT can. If he can get Bishop not many are going to complain, at least at the beginning. LOL Most of the positioning by posters surrounds money and term along with the effects down through the pipeline goalie prospects. Most fans want immediate satisfaction every season without regard to what the Flames have to spend, in the end it's a business. With our net positions wide open I am all for a positive change if we can get there. I wouldn't mind seeing a younger goalie that could grow with this group much like Crawford did in Chicago. Here is my honest thoughts regarding the effort to get the best goalie for us. Go for Bishop if we don't get him, try and trade for Mrazek from DET, if this is a no go sign back Elliott for 2 years and move towards Gilles or Parsons.
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    no.. he was not a generational player. Not even close. He was an exceptional 1st ballot Hall of fame player. Guys please don't get sucked into the media hype. They have to talk about the best players coming into the league and hand out the generational handle like free sample candy. There is very few players deserving this title. A generation is 20+ years. It is not every seasons best player.......
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    Yeah, that $8 thousand Smid counted again the cap really hurt. We had a reliable D for a couple of years @ a good cost. *********************************************************************** I was never 1 of Backlund's big fans like some here but every year he proves his value. Suddenly I figure we need him more than he needs us. I'd love to have him back @ long term (5-6) @ 5.5 but go 6 if needed. As a Bennett supporter it hurts to say this but I'm tired of waiting for him to become even part of what I was expecting. Maybe he will if elsewhere but if he expects much of a bump from his ELC he hasn't earned it. A 1 year bridge @ 1.5ish would be a call out & maybe get him to realize that the NHL has a short shelf life. Right now he carries value so included in a trade we get a better player than we would if we didn't include him. Since he just doesn't seem to be cutting it here maybe it's time to cut bait. Maybe my expectations were too high but it takes a lot of disappointment for me to reverse this way. Backlund keeps proving to be what we hope Bennett would be.
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    No kidding. It is even worse that the lotteries back in the 70s. They had a bunch of balls bumping around and would select one. At least you got the impression that it was legit.
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    I don't really think it's time to start selling draft picks. It's not like our window is closing. Sure we have a few needs, but I think it's wiser to draft smart now as we are going to need these players to develop in that four years to take over for some guys who will probably price themselves out of our market. The smarter move is to have a revolving door for players to be ready when needed to fill holes later. If we don't, we just need to rebuild again. I think we are pretty close, and can fill holes within, or wait until the perfect time comes to sign a RW. Is next year's draft supposed to be better? I just don't think we should be trading picks because we think they're weak drafts. We could find some good complementary players.
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    In a sense this kind of backs up my point on getting a legit #1.. at least since we won the cup, we have a history of "giving people a chance" Outside of Sutter and Kennan, we hire coaches with no or little NHL HC Experience We hire GM's with no GM experience .. and when we do , they got the prev job by default (Feaster) WE trade established stars for prospects(Iggy, Joe, Kent Nilsson ..) We look for diamonds.. we brought in 2 goalies with basically no NHL history knowing one was to be our #1 for &^^$#@ sakes Sometimes it pays off.. but everytime its a gamble. Call it what you want , but Elliot was a gamble. a very calculated one, and one I would do again , but a gamble nonetheless. If this were a younger player Id say give him the chance to grow, learn from it, come back better .. but at his age , he is what he is.. An above average tender , who will give you great games, but can sometimes let you down . He had an awesome run last season in St Louis.. but against San Jose that year he was average again .. and they lost . Now we got people again wanting to gamble.. find the next Talbot / Jones.. well for every Talbot / Jones.. theres a Halak or St Louis Chris Osgood We now have a pipeline for goaltending .. but we didn't for a long time so we've been tinkering with the "Now" while the future gets ready. Nope, its time we stopped gambling here , solidify it with the proven player.. then you give the futures a chance to get in properly . Like i said earlier, I am 100% certain this is what BT will do .. willing to put it in print so it can be used against me later if necessary.. Our #1 next year will be one of Fleury, Bishop , or Murray I can see Elliot ending up in Winnipeg
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    That possession style game got those two teams a combined 5 Cups in the last 8 years. So I would say we are on the right track.
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    Or maybe they threw all the Hall Jerseys on the ice..
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    What ? are you for real. "their room for improvement diminishes each year" not with the age of this group. Why do you persist on using a fluke lucky year of 2015 team to draw any comparison. You don't see anything wrong with that thinking ?
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    and yet that same season NYI ran with 3 goalies and had one of the best Goalie records that year . It was the coaches job to manage it
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    I 100% agree with you that the Flames are happy with Gaudreau, and that he is part of the long term plan. That is essentially my whole issue here. The Flames have repeatedly shown that they will do what it takes to "make the playoffs", and nothing more. There is no plan for succeeding in the playoffs, of having a shot at the cup. They're not alone in this regard. It takes incredible business and financial risks to set a team up for cup success. A huge number of teams make the moves necessary to stay competitive, and focus the rest of their efforts on marketing. That has been the Flames for some time now. I have listened to "we have a plan, and a direction" for 28 years now and in those 28 years, we've gotten worse (with various ebbs and flows). You're right there. I don't see a trade happening. I just disagree that it couldn't happen to the benefit of the organization. They're just unlikely willing to assume the risk involved, as well as forego the marketing investment.
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    Aside from contracts etc etc I think he has to improve his mental game and get rid of all these spin-a-rama moves of his just to cough up the puck. He is quick enough and good enough to simply beat most defenders with straight forward moves. Gaudreau and Brodie drove me crazy this season.
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    i know it makes for great discussion , but if i recall we did the same thing with JG and his contract last year .. He wasnt signed the first week and all the talk and conjecture began .. there must be something wrong , he's demanded a trade .. he wants too much money ..etc In the end , it dragged out but everybody got it done To date the only reason we are even having this discussion is because he wasn't extended earlier, but that's already been addressed. He only just had a first meeting with management last week.. you don't sit down and come up with term and $ in one sitting . Personally I don't see any smoke here except from the matches the media is lighting . I'm sure it will all be done by draft time .
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    Agreed, and see, Carolina is a perfect team to do this. Nobody, including them , expects them to be a force next season. They can break in a new starter and let him develop with out the pressure. If it doesn't work out , nobody is worse off for it. Our expectation doesnt allow for failure ..last year was our window to take that chance. I still agree with the route we took, we wanted stable goaltending to make the playoffs, and we got that in spades.. but making the playoffs is no longer the goal Anybody who doesn't think we need a proven stud at the back , isn't watching the Anaheim Oliers series. I'll go so far as to say we played them harder and better than Edmonton has so far , but their guy is stopping the ones he has to ..that's the big difference .We should have been up 2-0 as well.
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    Ah yes, of course they have the NMC. I should have remembered that. I suppose that Grandlund would be decent enough. It is easy for Vancouver to protect their good players given they have so few of them. Maybe Vegas asks for the Zamboni?
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    Cross for GM? Make the flames great again.
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    So i guess we are going to ignore the fact that the Flames had the 2nd most prospects at the World Juniors this year? He's been through 2 drafts on his own (i'm not going to count 2014 as he was here for 2 months prior to it) and I think if you look at the 2015-2016 drafts the early returns are very promising. Criticizing someone because their draft picks haven't made it in 2 years is about as short sighted as you can be. Draft picks take time. I also find it interesting you are suggesting that the flames can't find late round gems but ignore the fact that their top offensive player is a 4th round pick, top Dman is an undrafted free agent, 3rd best Dman is a 4 rounder, Ferland was a 5th, Bouma a 3rd rounder, I'd love to see how many clubs you think have done better than that in the late rounds of the draft. Sure there are a few but let's not act likes its easy to find impactfull players late in drafts, it isn't'
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    I think you are making a very fair point here and it was one that was asked before the start of the season. You can try and come up with reasons/excuses for it but the reality is that despite great numbers in the 5 years he was there the Blues never seemed comfortable giving him the net to himself and even traded for Ryan Miller in the midst of Elliott having an All-Star season. Yes I understand it was a bad trade and Miller flopped, but when a story repeats itself again and again there is usually a root cause there and on multiple occasions the Blues went a different direction rather than give Elliott the net. I think that speaks volumes. That being said, the gave up only a 2nd round pick and took a chance, and that's what Elliot was he was taking a chance. Irregardless of whether or not he was a number 1 he was a goalie who showed you that at times he could play at an elite level so he was worth the chance, and the cost fit that chance. Didn't work the way anyone hoped but that happens sometimes. Doesn't mean Elliott isn't a good goalie, he just clearly is not a number one and that is a pattern now that IMO just cannot be argued against.
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    8??? I dont see him less than 10. The irony is, as Flames fans we almost want the Oliers to win a cup or at least come very close.. then they lose their only possible argument as to why he shouldn't be paid more than the Chicago Twins, Sid , and Geno but yes.. Nurse, Draisaitl, Connor, Maroon, etc.. will wreak havoc.. will interesting to see what Draisaitl gets paid this off season.. if he gets anywhere near Johnny or Tarasenko money , their cap is in serious trouble the year after
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    nope,, they tanked right up to Connor. they hid it well by saying the right things(It will be different this year !), but at the same time riding visibly inept management, coaching , even player personnel. They had better players on the farm at times than on the main team. They win the right to draft Connor and suddenly they decide to hire Competent management and coaching ? nope I dont believe for one second they wanted to get any better until it was arena time .
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    To continue your logic we should have run a tandem of Ramo/Ortio (2 I remember you being high on), left Monahan in junior & then the AHL, sent Gaudreau to the AHL for 4 years, refused the trade that saw us add Dougie Hamilton & traded Brodie & Gio because they were making it harder to lose games. End result is if the balls don't take any 1sts away from us we end up with McDavid, Mathews, Monahan & Patrick down the center, have lost Gaudreau to a play me or trade me dispute & have 0 defense to go with 0 goalies. Our wings would be doubtful as we couldn't have drafted Tkachuk & few UFAs (like Frolik) would have signed with a team on an obvious mission to lose. 4 dang good centers (even Patrick's 2 ex-NHL uncles view him a a shutdown #2/3) with no team behind them leaves you with the "but every UFA wants to play with Hall/RNH/Eberle/Schultz" arguement we saw trolls use here. Enjoy that thought.
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    Imagine the return from that in NYC area (meaning almost every Metro team) or LA compared to what he earns if Edmonton based. The national/international ads will still be available but rather than hawking an Edmonton car dealer or restaurant he is now pushing the high end stuff in richer cities. And, unlike salaries Canadian endorsements are paid with loonies while American 1s pay the US dollar. There is also the tax difference where some states offer a much lower combined national/state/city total % than NHL cities in Canada do. McDavid may or may not be greedy but I doubt he & his advisors are stupid. Every career is 1 injury away from being over so every dollar & interest earned now is important. LTIR covers most of the the $s until the contract ends but after that he has only his former fame to trade on (& if out of the game a few years there is a crop of new "faces of the NHL"). How many endorsements do you see former stars getting (& that can double a current star's income during those top of mind years) BTW, since he's mentioned in the same breath as Crosby what is the price fair to both sides? With the cap 20% higher is 10.875 fair or do we add cost of living increases since 2013 on top of that?
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    Saros isn't available though, we need to keep that in mind. Nashville really knows goalies and always have. I'm envious of that part. Whoever scouts goalies for them is/are rock solid. By all accounts, they love Saros and Rinne has really taken him under his wing as his successor. A big part of Rinne right now is Saros affording him more rest this year, Rinne's "off" years were just playing too much. Look at him now, worth every penny. I'm pretty meh to Korpisammysalo. We can do better, even just standing still with Elliott and CJ.
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    Probably should get one of those super-slo-mo replays brought to us by Tim Horton's. Love.
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    If I had to rank the goaltenders who have been rumoured to be available in order of my interest: 1.Petr Mrazek 2.Phillipp Grubauer 3.Marc-Andre Fleury 4.Ryan Miller 5.Brian Elliott
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    In fairness to TD, I think that the Sharks would have been a much greater rival if they were healthier. I am still trying to figure out how Thornton's leg stayed on his body. I am not sure that Edmonton played that well as much as San Jose played terribly. This really was not their year. Edmonton has considerable talent, no doubt about it. They actually are "great" in terms of talent, and they also have a bit of chemistry. I suspect that most people on the board would agree with that statement. It would be difficult to win that many lotteries and tank a few times and not have great talent. What is truly amazing is that it has taken them so long to see any measure of success. If they win tonight, I will grant you that they are playing well. If they lose, well, then they were really not much better than the Flames as they lost to the same team. They just took the series further. I would certainly not put them in the same boat as Ottawa right now. I would say that Ottawa is a great team with good, not excellent, talent. Edmonton has great talent and is a good team. Right now, they are not very good or excellent, but they are above average. I have always liked Erik Karlsson, but I would consider him a total beast at this point. I fail to think of an Oiler that comes close to him.
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    I agree, that's why goalies like Grubauer, Forsberg etc interest me. I think the Flames are still 3 or 4 years away from being true cup contenders. I would prefer a young guy like Grubauer who will grow with this team as they transform from a playoff hopeful to a contender over a Bishop who is great right now and likely will be for a handful of years, but may be trending downhill (with a bad contract) as this team matures and is ready to contend.
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    I don't see either goalie as a number 1 or being capable of being a number 1. Both had great stretches of about 10 games but the rest of the time they were well below average. We need a goalie who can take the reigns.
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    What I read of their board @ the time of the trade was mostly complaints about trading their best player for a defenseman few of them were familiar with (so they judged by the stats column like many do). I called it a dang good trade as it was adding what they needed by trading something they had too many of. That wasn't well recieved. It was only after the other moves like adding Lucic that the Oiler fans started to dis Hall. I don't go to that board anymore but I figure the former Hall fans have mothballed those jerseys in favor of McDavid 1s. As far as Hall not using his size Wheeler used to be like that but learned a bit of intimidation goes a long way to opening things up. It took Wheeler years & Hall might/might not ever learn that. I wouldn't do a 1 for 1 of Gaudreau for Hall but depending on other moves we make this year wouldn't be averse to trading him for a package to fill holes. The Caps have little cap space (22.8) with only 11 players under contract so I'd go hard after Backstrom (6.7 x 3) offering picks including our 1st in 2017 (Caps traded their 1,2 & 3rd rounders) & a bunch of serviceable players/prospects (a reverse of the Gilmour & Phaneuf trades) . If we get him on board he more than replaces JG so we could do something like Gaudreau to the Isles for a package centered around Hamonic, a pick in the 1st 2 rounds, another player (Clutterbuck, Lee) or a dang good prospect. Say Hamonic & 2 of the 3 options I mention. Just a scenario that came to mind but any player we can find to replace Gaudreau will be due to a cap situation & require as 2nd move as teams don't usually do lateral moves with top players. That happens with support players in hopes the 1 you get discovers what he could be since the 1 you give isn't doing that for your team.
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    If the moves are strategic towards making the team better is what's important. A move such as moving Stajan for two purposes, covering a possible need and opening a position for Jankowski. BT will need a good plan for the bottom 4 defenseman group. He will be active in sorting out our goaltending situation.