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    You know, I have been watching this team for decades, and am quite accustomed to frustration. Watching them develop Sam Bennett has been one of the most frustrating endeavours yet. I have been reading a few boards, and I'm also a bit surprised that anyone considers his playoffs performance like it's some kind of revelation. He's always been there, but the Flames have never really given him an opportunity to succeed. Of all of the year-end interviews, his was my favourite because I got the distinct impression that he was happy to play for our team. If I were Sam Bennett, I probably would have made that phone call a few seasons ago - you know the one: I am happy to read Conroy's remarks, and I am hopeful that they'll make good on it. He may never be the top line center that you hope you draft at fourth overall, but I have always believed that he'll be a damn good player, and the type of player that you need if you want to ice a winning team. Love.
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    Weird! I do that in beer league all the time but it never fools anyone. (My stick handling abilities) 😂
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    Based on rumors, and remembering they of course are just rumors, it does sound like the Flames are seeking an upgrade in net. Jtech took a look at this earlier but I wanted to run a 3 year comparison on some of the major goalie options the Flames are rumored to be after. I took a look at the major players and I wanted to find the trend over the 3 years. here is what I came up with with a few takeaways Few caveats: i excluded backups and i picked 3 years to find a longer trend. If you are curious Keumper and Lehner look better if you change it to 2 years but the rest of the goalies don't change much. Markstroms rankings improve slightly but the overall trend remains. The red are their rankings across the league. 1 - Markstrom is not a guy who has had one really good year. He's consistently been one of the better starters in the league over the last 3 years. 2 - The difference in these goalies is not great so prioritize Markstrom as he doesn't cost you assets to acquire. 3 - While Talbot is a fine backup plan that's all he should be. His high danger % is concerning and it's tough for me to see a goalie winning a cup who just makes the saves he should.
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    Did this team actually turn the corner or was it a fluke? From what I saw they wouldn't have won a round with average goaltending, I don't think Demko is the second coming of Hasek either. One thing that stands out for me about the Canucks is the 3 years under Green they are 20-12-3 in October, the rest they are 80-81-25, why is that relevant? Because the start of the playoffs was basically October. I'm not going to discredit this playoffs or the Stars or Lightning, but this playoffs isn't a measuring stick for how teams are emerging either, the 4 month break between season and playoffs is a one off. The 2020 Canucks were a bigger fluke than the 2015 Flames, and the 2015 Flames were a massive fluke.
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    Well, just a small chronological clarification, First our governments told us this really wasn't a big deal and was under control, and no precautions were needed unless travelling to Wuhan. Then they said the Virus Definitely wasn't airborne, and that there was absolutely no reason to wear a mask. Then they said masks were "Only effective when worn by health professionals" Then THIS happened There is no amount of sarcasm that can ever compare with how ridiculous factual events are. ok.....I just needed reason to post that lol
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    the one thing I liked about Sutter was that he was really good at making adjustments and counteracting what other teams were doing. That’s what this team had lacked. it’s great to believe in your systems, but to die by it and not change up things that aren’t working is suicide.
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    One of the things that gives me pause with Markstrom is his save% when up by 1 goal, it's .887, for comparison Rittich was at .908 and Talbot was at .940. I know Vancouver wasn't very good defensively, but that save % is a bit concerning for a team that is already prone to mental lapses as it is. As I look more into goalie analytics, score effects seems to be a key area to look at.
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    To add to that: 20th in goals for 16th in goals against 24th in shots against/game 19th in PP% It's way more than the goaltending that is average about this team. In fact Talbots #s are above average if anything, regular season and playoffs.
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    If you want to see how that can be remedied take a look at recent winners. Between the Bolts, Stars, Knights, and last years Blues, is their d-line.
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    The more I think about it, my main issue with the way things have been done over the last 5-6 years, has nothing to do with drafting, and more to do with development. In particular the development of two players. Sean Monahan and Sam Bennett. Bennett's development or lack there of has been talked about ad nauseam on here, so I won't go too in depth there, but between his rookie year and his playoff performances he has shown that he can be a top 6 player in this league if given a chance, he just hasn't ever been given that chance, except a period or two here and there. This team's present and future would be much different had the team developed its highest draft pick in team history. They way he was developed was basically to be a bottom 6 grinder and to date that's what he has been. I still think he can be a solid top 6 center. Now with Sean Monahan, we have a player who was being compared to Jonathan Toews when he was drafted, but somewhere along the lines he stopped being developed as a two way center and ended up being a one trick pony. That being said he is very good at that one trick. He has turned into a premier goal scorer in this league. I also think he is a bit under rated as a play maker, though there is room for improvement there as well. What concerns me the most is that he was touted to be an all around player with a competitive drive, that's not the player he is today. This is scouting report prior to the draft on sportsnet.ca. Either this report was really wrong, though most of the scouting reports read exactly the same, or his development went sideways somewhere down the line. Can he still be the gifted playmaker, who plays a complete game with intensity and drive? Or has that passed? I don't think he has the skating ability or the puck skills to be a play driving center, the missing intensity and drive are what's the most troubling to me. Imagine if these two players were developed to be what we expected them to be when they were drafted. We would be a contender for the Cup year in and year out. Now I will acknowledge that the players have to wear some of the blame here as well, development is a two way street, it's not all on the team when players don't develop.
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    In hindsight, the Hamilton trade was probably the only one that made sense (mostly based on the caliber of the player we were getting). I will admit the Elliott trade looked good at the time to me, since he had solid numbers and seemed like a solid guy in need of a starter role. Let’s not forget the Lazar trade either...
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    Exactly this. In fact I think they still would have been dangerous if they'd pulled the trigger on that trade. It was their younger guys stepping up that did it. And absolutely we should be looking to future years to win. I hate to say it but it's better now than later: I think we should be looking at 2025 minimum. Our problem in the last rebuild and the one before that is we ended them too early. 2020: Askarov, secure our goaltending future (I doubt this will happen but it probably should. There Are, actually, a number of other great goalies in this draft) -- Trade Gaudreau, Monahan, Bennett, Lindholm...anyone else that triggers a good deal, for picks in 2021-2022. I wouldn't even be afraid to trade Tkachuk although I wouldn't be looking for it. 2021: This draft is Littered with quality D. Enough in one draft to build a championship D line. 3 of the top 5 and 5 of the top 10 are bonafide D that every team needs. We scoop. 2022: Talk of the Next one. And multiple players involved. Elite forwards. http://stevenpellis.com/the-2022-nhl-draft-is-going-to-be-wicked/ Now add 3 more years for your newly acquired forwards to lead the league, for your D to mature and enter their prime But...Yes...I think you would start to see great hockey by 2023, it's inevitable. I just wouln't "rush" that great hockey
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    And I thought Bennett looked like a C when he played the 3 or 4 games in the season. He didn’t keep him there. it really only took Ryan being unfit to play to play Bennett in that spot because I think there was really no other choice. He lucked out that Ryan was unfit and actually recognized that Benny could play there. all the right things were said. Players have the chance to make an impression. He ended up going back to Ryan even though it was obvious Benny was the right choice. Luckily for us he noticed too. But for me, you just keep together what is working.
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    Not quite. I think we stopped short of a great rebuild. The early success of johnny and mony gave management hope that that would be enough. They aren't, we need a couple more key pieces (or upgrades)and top tier goaltending.
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    The goaltending market fascinates me. Between free agency and trade, there could be up to 15 goalies changing teams. On the trade market, you have 3 goalies that have often been linked to the Flames in the past. Andersen, Murray and Fleury. I'd rather go the UFA route, I'm past the point of trading 2nd's and 3rd's for marginal gains between the pipes. Bring back Talbot, or sign someone similar.
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    If Ward is given the position, than Tre needs to go. We have had two 1st round exits the core needs a make over and a far better coach.
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    Well you know like uh, there is always this guy https://streamable.com/3iaqeo Perhaps hitting rock bottom would teach a guy how not to behave, and that is rock bottom IMO for a Stanley Cup & Jack Adams winner.
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    I see it very differently. Match ups - He spent half the playoffs burying his top line with d zone starts and tried to use them as a shutdown line. Even in situations where he had last change, he routinely got caught with his 4th line against the Stars best line and it cost him at least 1 goal (that I can remember off the top of my head). I thought Bowness schooled him when it came to line management. Situations: In Game 4 he left Backlund-Lindholm out for a 3 min shift to finish the game on the heels of them killing a bunch of penalties in the 3rd period. For me, pulling Talbot was one of the biggest coaching blunders I've ever seen. it made zero sense to me when he did it and his rationale on it continues to make zero sense because he had a timeout. Playing Rinaldo is also a pretty big blunder for me. I get the other side to that equation but leaving yourself so thin in terms of special teams for a player that gives you no ability 5 on 5 or doesn't do anything for you made no sense to me. It's fair to say that it's not realistic to predict the Flames would get into such penalty trouble but my view is that a coach needs to be prepared for as many scenarios as he can. This is a big fail for me. I also don't really agree that buy in was there. The Flames had multiple slow starts and when things got tighter against Dallas they abandoned what was successful against Winnipeg and went into a passive shell. Not fair to put that all on Ward, but I can't put that in the win column for him either. Those are some pretty critical issues in management and all of them reflect poorly on Ward and the staff (Ward should not be singled out here either). I am not advocating, nor do i believe, that it would change the outcome of the series but they are all large enough issues to convince me they should not name him the permanent coach unless they can't get anyone else.
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    Both Ghost and Voracek have had lots of their salary paid up front, the cap hit is still tough but the cash owing is not so bad. Voracek works out to about 5 mill/year and ghost is 1 mill. If you get a top prospect out of it and can make the cap work than its not so bad. Im not a fan of the trade but it the prospect we get is high value than it could work.
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    This is the scary part. The last time we traded a good young asset like this was probably Phaneuf. At the time he was probably considered a top 15 dman in the league who was still getting better. A justification for the trade could definitely be made, but what did we get? A 20 goal scorer in Hagman (who was only getting 20 goals because the rest of the team was garbage), a okay but not stellar prospect in Stajan, a decent number 4 defense in Ian White, and a plug in Jamal Mayers. Most of these assets were traded off or lost to free agency within 2 seasons, leaving us Stajan and Babcock to show for what was one of our most promising and talented players at the time. So yes, let’s trade Gaudreau, but for the love of hockey we better get some high quality assets in return.
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    Thankyou very much for your analysis, and I like all of your suggestions and may implement them to see what happens. I was trying really hard to not weigh one individual stat over another in order to create as baseline a number as I could. But I appreciate all your input and appreciate you taking the time to read it. Cheers
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    I’m not sure about UFA outside the obvious....Hall, people differ and say AP but I think there are better options to AP for the RD, maybe not better player but there are a few that are great players and probably cost a ton less to get. anyway, the other major area I was thinking of Is goal...lots or Rumors spinning about a trade with Pit for Matt Murray who is an awesome option but..he’s an RFA and pits wants a 1st rounder for him in a trade which seem to be far too much where he’s an RFA I wonder if the Flames offered up something with a 4.2m Aav if he would sign, cost would only end up being a 2nd rounder...4.2M is higher than Murray 2019/2020 at 3.75m ish... he’s 25 so he has some life in him could do a bridge deal for a year or two at 4.2m which may work in the FA for for both him and Cgy giving the cap being stalled out for at least a year or two... there is a risk pits would match but given their cap constraints and wanting to keep their other goalie they may not..thoughts?
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    Who would be cheaper in free agency? Brodie or Vatanen? I think they bring similar skills to the table Vatanen maybe has a bit more offense. Dylan Demelo would be a good target. A cheap depth defenseman to target would be Christian Folin. A couple of forwards I would look at are: Craig Smith, RHS RW, he is a consistent 20 goal scorer who can play up and down the lineup. He is a good skater Josh Lenovo RHS RW/LW good shot, good skills, still only 27 years old. Tyler Pitlick RHS RW good energy player. Edit: A couple of other names: Zemgus Girgensons LHS LW/C solid foot soldier, good on the PK. Johan Larsson LHS C/LW good 4th line center, good on the PK. Matt Nieto LHS LW/RW great skater, good on the PK, good energy player.
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    The Flames have only had 3 picks in the first three rounds of the last three drafts. That's 3 picks out of 9! How can they build a future this way, or keep the cap lower when teams are expecting players on ELC to make an impact. We are going to be feeling it soon. For a team that has improved drafting, they've really shot themselves in the foot and are not playing to their newfound strength as an organization. It's frustrating because we've seen this since 1989.
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    Ultimately what trades and signings we make depend on how BT sees the team. Does he see a competitor? In that case, the biggest name to move will likely be Hanifin for a RW, then signing a mid-range free agent to play top 4. Then we sign a goalie like Markstrom, and the team otherwise trots out the same squad behind them. We address our need for a middle six RW and a starting goalie, but are still thin on RD. If he sees a team with some work, then he MUST make moves with an eye to 2021 and beyond. If JG is unlikely to sign here long term, better to move him now to improve for 2021. Maybe you move Monahan as well. It would be challenging, but a trade of Monahan for Dubois could work for both teams. Dubois is younger, but so far has less offensive pop than Monahan. He broke 60 points in 2018-2019, but was not on track to do so this season. CBS needs offense, and with their defense core, they could stand to give up a more well rounded player like Dubois for a more offense-first player like Monahan. On top of that, the salaries are not likely to be too different between the two. From the flames perspective, they give up some offense in order to push our compete window down the road a year or two. We could also look to trade JG to Pittsburgh. PIT has a long history of mortgaging their future for the present. Maybe a swap of JG for either Jarry or Murray plus Sam Poulin would be wise. We get a potential starting goalie plus a very solid prospect in Poulin (scored 32 goals and 76 points and was plus 45 in just 46 games in the Q this season). Again, this probably pushes our compete window a year or two, but it gets us younger with a great upcoming talent. Not to mention it gives us just a bit more flexibility on the expansion draft next season.
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    Earlier today Alan Walsh, tweeted that the tax situation in Canada is overblown. Basically players can use Retirement Competition Agreement to put up to half their salary in a retirement plan, where they would pay less taxes now. When they retire and they move to somewhere with less taxes, they pay the taxes on the money then. This about as saturated a goalie market as I have ever seen. Add in covid economics and a flat cap, and I think many UFA's are going to get less than they were expecting.
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    it’ll be when Gaudrea or Tkachuk’s contracts run out, by then they will have spent a few more 1sts, 2nds or 3rds on trying to add, and mortgage the future, thus ruining the next rebuild, like they sort of done in Arizona and what we thought was a bad mistake in ottawa. We could be so lucky to get Ottawa luck and get 2 picks in the top 5. although currently we are a 6-8 playoff spot team. It’s possible a goalie or star get injured and we fail and drop into a lotto. It’s like what Tampa did once or twice. And Winnipeg I guess? We’ve been fairly lucky with injuries for a long time.
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    No clue, Evason was an assistant in Washington when MJ was young, perhaps he was a fan then. Only thing I can think of for why Minny did it.
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    So let’s take away the 7 games he coached to start his HC career. Since those 7 games it looks like he went 17-15-3. Over an 82 game schedule that is 40-35-7. That’s 87 points. But I guess I am cherry-picking stats. But to be fair, the Flames always put together a streak like the 7 gamer when he took over. But still, these players have a history Of Going on a short run like that and being a .500 team the rest of the way.
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    Not excited about Ward being our HC next season. Why should I be? There was nothing elite about this team under Ward. Sure he did a good job considering the circumstances he was forced to work with but I don’t think ‘good’ cuts it for this team anymore. Flames fans don’t get complacent!! Why settle for “good” coaching when this team obviously needs EXCELLENT coaching to move this team to the next step?? I do agree part of the blame falls onto BT and the players. Personally I don’t feel Ward displayed any signs of being THE COACH this team needs. I guess we’ve already forgotten how we were embarrassed by yet another consecutive post season showing...which he was on the bench for both oustings. I guess we can keep trying the same things and expect a different result but that’s wishful thinking. According to Einstein that makes us a little bit insane too! Here’s to hoping Ward proves me wrong...but more than likely we’ll just be in here whining about having to start a new coach and GM thread by mid season
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    I don't see it either, but at the same time the NHL landscape has changed in recent years. St Louis wasn't a cup contender but they got hot at the right time. As you point out Washington was the team that "couldn't win the big one" until they did, and now we have Dallas a team that on paper (and in their play) doesn't look like a traditional cup winner on the verge of getting there. The line between winning and losing as never been finer in my experience. So while I don't see it and it's not my personal opinion I can see why management sees it the other way.
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    If taking back Risto in a trade gets the Flames Cozens then I would be open to that. Anything short of that and it is not a good deal.
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    Geoff Ward can at least say he was on 1 persons Adams trophy ballot in his career.
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    I don't agree. What is more appealing 2 playoff games or 10+. Yes they want to get the guaranteed 2 but I don't think they don't care about the other 10 million or so from a deep run. I think they are trying to get there, they don't pay coaches not to coach or players not to play if they are content with their performances. They want to win, how they are going about doing it can be questioned for sure but these are big ego guys who want to increase their brand, their brand grows with banners, we can look at the Chicagos and Pittsburghs and say it is an easy blueprint to follow, or you can look at the teams that have just won (St. Louis and Washington) who only took over 40 years to do so, add in the teams that still haven't Vancouver, Buffalo, Arizona/Winnipeg, Florida, Ottawa, CBJ, Minnesota, and teams that haven't won in over 30 years Flyers, Islanders, Leafs. This isn't an easy league and misery loves company.
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    no no, did you search the trade tree on YouTube? It’s just insane how all of the parts of the trade were kept or moved to get other parts and maybe those parts were moved for others. Not just the trade in itself. I should probably find the link and post it.
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    I’ve been saying this for a while, Gaudreau should move to his offwing on the RS, that way his power move is to the middle. And play him with Tkachuk and Bennett. But what do I know
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    we don't have the right coaches to show players shortcuts.. Most all of out talented former players want nothing to do with the current Flames owners/management
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    I like ROR example, and maybe I was being harsh. A big part of how I judge a players compete or drive, is how they play away from the puck. Right now that might be the biggest area of weakness for Monahan, he has his moments were he comes back hard and uses his size and strength effectively to win puck battles, but he doesn't do it effectively. I think what separates a ROR, a guy who is creeping into Patrice Bergeron level IMO, is that he wants the puck more than anyone on the ice and he is willing fight for it. I want to see more of that from Monahan. As far as Gaudreau goes, I think he has been doing the same things since college, but the league has adapted to what he is trying to do on the ice. I just don't think he has adapted to how the league is now playing him. IMO he is most successful when he is attacking the center of the ice, he is settling for the outside, which takes away most of his playmaking options.
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    Doesn't help that from 11-14 they had 11 picks in the top 60 total from those 4 years and in 2020 all they have to show is Monahan, Bennett and Jankowski, factor in Jankowski has been a disappointment and Bennett for various reasons hasn't lived up to expectations, judging by my own criteria of successful pick being top 6 F or top 4D, we would be 1/11 in those years, though I'd say Bennett could be a top 6 guy but 2/11 still sucks. Maybe not the strongest drafts to have the amounts that they had, but if you strike on a winger or a d man back then maybe your not signing the Brouwers and Neals or making the Hamonic trade
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    Apples to oranges. Larkin is a 24 year old C, on a very team-friendly deal. Iginla was an aging RW at 36, with full control of where he was traded.
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    would be plausible as the Flames tend to avoid drafting players with injuries. Little more conservative that way. He did have issues going into the draft but got surgery after his draft year and apparently has been fine and pain free since. So that’s still a miss from the flames imo with the scouting process.
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    I hear what your saying but thry are not the only two that were no shows. Mony is mony but Gaudreau has been keyed on. Most teams know the play orientates around him. Just imagine a line that moved with pace if we had a guy that could asssit in pushing the d back balance an attack, JG is a secondary threat now. Vancouver just lost out, but there was a team that stuck to the system and bought in, way better coached hot goaile. We lost as we were out coached players bought into a coaching system that is poor and our tender had one bad game. Does the top line deserve the heat partially but maybe they are not as good as we project them tobe
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    OEL makes no sense to me as a Flames target. Too expensive, both in terms of contract and acquisition cost, and his age range puts him out of the ideal range the Flames should be looking. Not to mention your depleteing your assets, that are not that deep to begin with, and still not addressing your number 1 need at center. Doesn't make sense to me.
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    We view things differently. We won a play in not a first round ,which imho was more embarrassing than lsst year. Is Ward A nice guy appears to be. The x and o game is not there. He rediscovered Bennett by accident, we rode a hot goalie for a few games till he Satoshi Nakamoto the bed. Ward didn't move the needle on coaching and the palyers never looked more or less motivated than last year. Coach players there needs to br a cleansing of debris
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    I am in the same boat, I feel like people are valuing Domi as a 72 point player, but he has only broke 50 points twice in his career. I see him as a 45-50 point player. I also think people are valuing him as a center, and I see him as a LW. I see Domi as another Mangiapane, which is fine, but I am not sure I would be giving up a ton assets for him at this point.
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    This is my number 1 fear when team promote assistants, see success and the tout them as the head coach. Was it because he was the right guy or was he just the next guy. It's one of the biggest traps in pro sports, believing that the immediate success you have is tied to the coach and not taking a bigger picture look at what happened. 80% of the time the players and and the situation are what changed but the coach gets undue credit and then falls on their face the next season. the more i've sat on it, the more i'm now firmly in the camp that making Ward the head coach will be a mistake. I just did not see enough in the way of adjustments, bench management and player buy in during that Dallas series to make me believe it was Ward who moved the needle. As i've said all along I do give him credit for changing the culture, making it positive and allowing the team to get back to their game but I also question that he can keep that going. I think he helped a bad situation and there were some impressive things in there that he did and deserve credit for but I also thikn you can find a coach who can keep that type of culture going but who is stronger in bench management and accountability. I attribute the turnaround the Flames did more to the players and the situation than to Ward as is true of most assistants who get promoted to the head coach. I fully expect they will give him the job but I don't think it's the right call. Unless rumors are true that the owners won't pay up for it or none of those other coaches want to be here.
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    Boomer floated a couple hypothetical trade offers today, "Who Says No" Gaudreau for Konecny. Pinder and Warrener think the Flames would say no. I completely disagree, I think the Flames would be all over it and PHI would be the team to say no. Konecny outscored Gaudreau and plays with some sandpaper, which is at a premium these days. I'd be all over that if I was the Flames. They also said there's a belief that Konecny would have been a Flame if they hadn't made the Hamilton trade. Another one was 19th overall for Josh Anderson. They all thought the Flames should do it, I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. That's a significant injury and Anderson is gonna want a nice pay day. Love the player, but not that interested in parting with a pick that would be likely your 2nd best prospect to acquire him.
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    imagine Gaudreau with a true #1C . I think they might have that in Toronto. but if that deal was done, who’d play the first line?
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    Conroy was on 960 yesterday. I didn't hear the full conversation, but here is the gist of it. - The Kapanen trade really got the market in motion, there's a ton of chatter out there amongst GM's. - The Flames have received a ton of calls from other clubs. They are in the process of narrowing down who is and isn't a fit as a trade partner and what they would be looking for. - Conroy specifically mentioned the BUF/ROR deal. He said he thinks Buffalo rushed into it and made a poor deal. They don't want to do that and will take their time, if nothing's out there, they will stand pat. I would look at the Duchene to OTT and Pacioretty deals as to what the Flames would be looking to do. Both players had been on the trade block for a while, but their clubs stood firm and held out until they got what they wanted. They got great returns after the public thought they waited too long.
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