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    VS Nov. 25th 5pm PPG PAINTS ARENA
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    Looks like it's going to be... About an hour before the game, and lines are still unknown,,, No lines for the Flames yet, so I won't bother to do the Knights because that just wouldn't be right... Here is recent update from the Flames... *** WAITING ON LINES*** GOALTENDERS
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    Quote: Scruffy and steady, pushy and yappy, Andersson is not going anywhere. Except perhaps to the top pairing for a decade or so. His game — free of panic, full of confidence — is serving him and his employers well. And there is little that’s dainty about No. 4. Ryan Huska, who coached Andersson in AHL Stockton and now handles the defencemen in Calgary, has witnessed plenty of shenanigans. There is no mute button. “He gets on people’s nerves with some of the comments,” Huska said. “He’s always in your face, so it’s, ‘This guy again?’ But he’s not afraid to back it up. He continually puts himself out there. If there’s a scrum on the ice, he’s usually the first guy into it. He’s there for his teammates. “You like the energy and compete that he brings to the game each and every night.” Andersson never doubts himself. “He’s really good at new environments,” Burakovsky said. “He’s not a shy guy — like you’ve probably seen. He’s probably one of the cockiest guys on the ice. “He’s kind of following his own mindset, and it’s definitely helping him be as successful as he is.”
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    Yup. Wish I could find the story about how we stumbled upon him. Whoever that scout was should stick to scouting goalies. lol
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    I’m sick of blaming the refs guys. We ain’t playing hockey. We’re standing still. We’re not creating anything. We’re not pushing hard. How do we expect to get a call when we’re not playing? We’re not forcing them to impede us. It’ll continue to be one sided until we decide we came to play.
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    Absolutely ridiculous that play wasn’t blown dead.I mean based on the rules I think they actually got it right but that rule needs updating. league continues to be joke when it comes to head injuries.
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    This was my first ever playoff game. The end result wasn't good, but keep in mind it was 4-0 early in the second and in those days that was a real safe lead and the Flames were not an offensive juggernaut. It was something different then, at 4-0 the crowd didn't go silent, nowadays they fall behind one in the playoffs and it can be pretty dead. But growing up mainly during the early '90's chokes and the young guns days going to the games was depressing I had never heard it this loud before, was awesome . This game and the game after I consider the rebirth of the franchise.
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    I was too slow typing.....
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    Ice soccer. Nobody checks. The No Hit League.
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    Cant pin that one on the D. Horrible line change.
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    Lots of positive energy around this team right now.
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    The bozos were scared to give Flames a 5 on 3
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    im liking this cause when i go saturday i want it to be with a happy team
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    I agree, but it's fun playing with jj. 😀
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    On HNIC the mentioned the expectation is Galchenyuk will be on the block soon, if he isn’t already, and that he may not even be in the lineup when he returns. with Dube playing so well the depth scoring has been better but I still think a player with a shot like Galchenyuk could really help the Flames. Especially if you could get him for something like Frolik, which I think would make sense for both teams.
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    The panelists can go Blockchain themselves. We're the the most penalized team in the league. Why not talk about why that is. Kudos to Rinaldo. Calling icing when Tkachuk beat Doughty to the puck, empty net and Backlund has 2 guys hooking the Blockchain out of him, no call. I still say Blockchain it, rebel. Good on Rinaldo.
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    5-2 loss to the Sens. I think you have to give the Sens credit. Considering their roster, their record is pretty good. They certainly don't just rollover to anyone and they rarely get spanked.
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    Nah, you're a teddy bear. lol Disagreeable isn't difficult, just requires a few more grains of salt. Especially talking about goaltending. 🤣
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    the thing is, everyone has to be moving. Even if you have a loop that you circle in. Recall some powerplays in the past where Johnny is pretty much doing laps around and around the offensive zone. Maybe a drop pass to a D, maybe a fake and cut down the middle, maybe a no look pass back door... lanes open up when there’s movement. Even Backlund used to carry the puck around the offensive zone. D used to jump in and trek down the boards... everyone has just stopped - stopped playing.
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    I love to play devils advocate .. just heard a take that makes a bit of sense what exactly songs was Aliu playing ? was it gangster rap ?.. if so those songs spout the N word like candy.. perhaps it was actually Peters objecting to having to hear the word over and over ? Even Aliu said he was calling the music the n word , not Aliu would put a whole new spin on how we view this
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    Bye! If Peters was dropping n-bombs on someone (which it kind of sounds like he did), that is unacceptable & I agree he should be fired. I don't agree with this stupid cancel / outrage culture though, without due process. MANY TIMES these days, it's over some ridiculous garbage, complained about by some overly sensitive people (eg Don Cherry incident). A lot of devious individuals looking to get back at someone that they didn't like. So yes, there should be an investigation to find out whether there is truth to it or not, before you automatically ruin someones career / life.
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    Actually I think BT is doing the right thing. Suspension from the team Investigate Corroborate Terminate If he is seen taking the twitter storm as gospel and fires straight away then he is a reactionary GM and that has never been his style. Only delaying the inevitable and from what is out there I think we will see BP gone within 24-36 hours.
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    Sutter! Sutter! Sutter! 😬
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    The players on this club hate any coach that forces them to be better. Best to see if this is verifiable before judgement is passed.
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    I thought that was Calgary's best game in weeks, and it's not even close. Good compete level. Man did we ever miss Brodie, he was very good tonight and made a huge difference. I thought the top line still wasn't good enough, they need to be more impactful 5v5. Spent way too much time playing defense. Dube was very good, he can be a difference maker with his speed. Mangiapane is solidifying himself has a top 6 player every game. You can see the confidence growing between him and Dube and they are holding on to pucks and making things happen. I think teams have found a weakness on Rittich, low glove side. I have seen get beat with that shot a few times now. We are still gripping the sticks to tightly as a group, a lot of shots missing the net. Even though we didn't win, we still played a lot better than the other night in Philadelphia. Still have a ways to go, but this was a good sign.
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    Too Slow... He went in too slow.
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    I don't think trading Gaudreau is tough at all, we have multiple guys who could run powerplay. What's tough is trading players who stop the other team from controlling the game. And that's not Gaudreau. In fact we currently lack these players. On Nylander, I agree. It's tough as is actually from here. But it would be entirely missing the point of why a trade is needed. It would be all of Gaudreau's weaknesses without the strengths.
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    I don’t think Gaudreau gets traded for as much as most fans think,but that’s a normal disclaimer. In the majority of cases fans overrate the player. that being said I don’t think Stone is a good comparable. As a pending UFA, and it coming out later that he had a strong desire to go to Vegas, the market for that trade was small. Why I think Gaudreau would carry a pretty decent value is he’s signed for 2 more years at a bargain of a contract. That’s a huge incentive for a team that is close and wants that scoring boost, plus you get 2 year of trying to re sign him. Stone was a rental for basically every team but one which changes the return. Imo though you can’t trade Gaudreau until the summer, mid season won’t work well. I’m fine to discuss the merits but I also don’t think it’s going to be as easy or as positive for the team as some.
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    Last year the Flames were 36-4-1 when scoring first . For reference, the Lightning were 39-4-3. They also had 8 Wins when trailing after 2 periods. Again for reference, the Lightning had 9. We remember comebacks because they are exciting but they often blur our memories. The Flames did not rely on comebacks last season and no where near to the level they have this season. The Flames either held the lead or were tied going into the 3rd period 50 times last season. It's 9 times so far this season.....
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    personally i've never viewed this as an opponent thing. I think the "we play when its easy" refers more to how the game unfolds than the opponents. They don't get to scoring areas, they play on the perimeter, they throw low percentage plays on the net etc. when the space is there they'll take it but when it gets narrower they don't push through it on a frequent enough basis. That's what i've always seen.
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    Whats there to say.. Can anyone put a pulse on this. The efforts are never there, can't even say its terrible luck. Open nets miss the net, odd man rushes every second shift by the opposition. We have been out scored 9-0 in two games. It appears the trend continues, 1 good year dog Satoshi Nakamoto the next. This club is too small to slow and can't play a heavy game. Our top line is being out scored by every other clubs 3rd line. This club is not good not good at all, totally mentally and physically soft from top to bottom .
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    I think we should have hired Alain Vigneault. But that’s me. I think he’s one of the best out there.
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    I would disagree about most of the core doing ok. Gaudreau and Monahan aren't scoring 5v5 and they aren't really generating chances. They are putting up points in the PP. This team isn't losing because of depth pieces like Janko, Frolik and Bennett. The big guns aren't showing up. So far Tkachuk, Lindholm, Giordano and Rittich are the only guys showing up to play night in night out. Need a lot more from more guys, but it starts with the big offensive players.
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    But JG has to lead like them. Be the bigger man. It affects the teams mindset. imo He's being too negative and it's not a good vibe. Maybe I'm wrong? There can't be a fight every time he feels undone by. Dude, just focus on the game, not your perceived injustices. JG, we kinda need you to just be the hockey player.
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    Punching a player in the face is a 2 game suspension isn’t it? Lol
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    Rittich just made Mike Smith proud
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    backs has developed into a premier 3rd line defensive center .. His points are more happenstance than talent.. I'd still keep him though unless his face offs percentage drops.. what we need is a second line center,, We really don;t have one as Bennett .. God Bless His effort .. has not developed as that player and unless he cuts down on his penalties// he's doing more harm than good.. jankowski as well is not the player we need for the second line.. which leaves those two p;layers expendable unless they are third line left wingers with backlund.. In my fantasy hockey world though.. my third line is frolik/backlund/ryan.. .. Is bennett for Pageau from Ottawa a fair trade???
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    Finally something I can get with, a player I saw in jr, a lot. Bring him to the west! He has a sniper's shot and has no problem taking abuse in front of the net. For Frolik, non-issue for me. Honestly, his play suits the West perfectly. He is solid, and oh, that shot. I think he'd thrive. ARI sucked, so that was a whole bunch of whatever.
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    I think is pretty obvious the flames don’t have a Bruins like culture for sure. However I will say it’s next to impossible to develop that when you’ve had 3 coaches in 5 years and coming out of a rebuild. Culture takes time and the Bruins have had the same core players for some time now and only 2 coaches in the last 12 years or so? That’s why I preach patience, it takes time. but I think what is getting lost in some frustrating is the good habits you want are in their game right now. You have certain players, namely Gaudreau, who aren’t playing up to snuff, but the defensive habits and accountability has been in the Flames game for weeks now. Things are better than the tone around here
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