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      Insults/Name-calling will not be tolerated   11/19/2016

      It's great to see the boys earning their way into the playoffs this season (barring a Colorado-would-be-proud collapse).  What a night-and-day difference from way back in November.   With the playoffs, we typically see more traffic/visitors on the site, usually from the opposing team's fanbase (especially from the Oilers).  This is just a reminder that stating your opinion is fine (it's exactly what these forums are for), and friendly, good-natured ribbing is OK, however, name-calling and insults will still be a major no-no and cause for the Banhammer to warm up.  This applies to all new guests and visitors as well: you're more than welcome to join the party, but civility is house rule around here.   All insults/name-calling will be met with a zero-tolerance approach, regardless if you are a new person to the forums, or have been around since these forums began.   First-offenses will be met with a moderator-needs-to-approve-your-post for 3 days Second offenses will be met with a week-long suspension Third offenses will result in a perma-ban   If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to voice your concern about it, you are absolutely free to contact me directly.   We all love this team, and this game.  Let's all hop on the Bandwagon, enjoy a few beverages, and ride this wave of excitement as far as we can.   --  Kulstad


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    Hit, Bite, Claw..... do whatever it takes to Claim your spot in the post season! This GDT is presented by: More Cowbell: Spam: and Rock'n Roll:
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    VS Mar. 27TH 7PM Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 25TH 5PM ***eg: 219 FOR SHAW*** Scottrade Center
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    VS Apr. 19TH 8PM Home at the Dome
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    An aside... I can't be the only one that thinks it's funny that the best sausage comes from Johnsonville. Love.
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    VS Apr. 13TH 8:30PM The Duck Pond
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    VS Apr. 4TH 8PM The Duck Pond
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    VS Apr. 2ND 7:30PM Home at the Dome
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    Kings @ Flames March 29th 7pm MT
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    The Lines LA Kings - Calgary Flames
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    Every game was 1 goal and a game right till the end. I get you want to just harp on the negatives but the untrue statement here is that they can't play with the Ducks. They absolutely can. 100%
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    It's Gameday 8:30pm Start Radio Link : Fan960 We just need the team to "Work Together"
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    VS Apr. 6TH 8:30PM Staples Center
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    VS Mar. 31ST 7PM Home at the Dome
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    VS Apr. 17TH 8PM Home at the Dome
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    Good series Flames fans. It may have been a sweep, but it was a well fought battle in four one goal games. Your Flames will be back. All the best.....Fowl
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    I thought Sportsnet said he was playing for the Oilers...
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    Wasn't sure where to put this so I will put it here... I know the negativity (or realists as they like to be called) is running rampant and I didn't bother to read through it all so if this has been said and I am being redundant then I apologize... My views on the Flames vs Ducks series thus far... There have been 9 regulation periods played thus far and the Flames have won 5 of them, the Ducks have won 2, and 2 periods I would call even... Special teams in the series have been even... Bounces have been almost exclusively in the Ducks favour... Officiating has been horrible...(don't deny it and it isn't an excuse) With all that said it is my opinion that if the Flames had gotten mediocre goaltending for the first 3 games of this series they would be up 2-1 or possible 3-0 and in the drivers seat with home ice advantage in 2 of the next 4 games...At worst with mediocre goaltending the Flames would be down 2-1 with home ice advantage tomorrow and an opportunity to go back to Anaheim with momentum... The Flames have been playing great hockey and deserve to be up in this series and on the verge of upsetting the Ducks, yet they are in a hole!!! Elliott has let this team down in this series with at least 1 bad goal in every game...It is unreasonable to believe that the Flames were going to dominate every period and that the Ducks were going to be easy but our goaltending was supposed to be a strength in this series and that hasn't been the case... I am really staying positive and believe that if the Flames can play tomorrow the way they have in the past 2 games and get the kind of goaltending that you would receive from any living body not name Moose that they can win. If we can win tomorrow and play another solid game on Friday we can come back home with a chance to even the series!!! Whatever happens, I am damn proud of the way this team has played through most of this series and I believe that the future is bright!!!
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    Really disappointed to see so many here dissing their team. If there were ever a time to act like a supporting fan, it would be now. As one of the most negative, critical posters on here, I can attest to you that it's a miracle the Flames made the playoffs. But they Did...which is Awesome, and now you're all whining. There is plenty of time in the off-season, and even the regular season for that. Right now is when we're supposed to be supporting the team. Right now is the Only time that it Really Counts to be a fan, and right now is when so many of those naively blissful regular season fans can't hold it together.
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    Good teams find ways to win ... Funny many say we played well enough to win but always seem to lose. Anaheim when needed put forth the energy to win and it happens. We had them and let them off the hook. We have one game left but i have watched enough. Everyone take care and have a great summer...
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    Tale of the Tape Extra Stats No more "Mr Nice Guy"
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    Preview Lineups Ducks Flames Goaltenders Cowbell? Someone request Cowbell?
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    Ducks fan here. Will be in my regular spot tonight above the zam-tunnel cheering on my Ducks. Good luck to you Flames fans in the series. Think a lot of the series comes down to disciplined play and the team (either one) not losing composure when adversity strikes. Should be a fun series.
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    Flames take ANA in 7 Flames take EDM in 6 Flames take CHI in 7 Flames take WSH in 7
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    Go Flames Go, hey we are in the playoffs, let's stick together.
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    Any team that has lost 5 in a row will be trying to save face and be playing with desperation, and can be dangerous...
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    Last call for the non believers..........Last Call!
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    Thats why you gotta play the whistle .
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    Last 4 years in the playoffs the Ducks have been eliminated by the Wings, Hawks, Kings and last year the Predators. Outside the Kings which of those teams is tougher than the Flames? Intimidation means squat in the playoffs. There is basically no fighting in the playoffs, no Kesler randomly jumping your guys, etc etc. If Anaheim needs to play that way to win, well that explains exactly why they have been brutal in the playoffs since winning the cup. I'm to the point now I want the Ducks in the playoffs. I'm so sick and tired of hearing this garbage about how the Flames can't play "big boy" hockey and how the Ducks are apparently now this Juggernaut that can't be beat. Not guaranteeing the Flames would win, Ducks probably would, but I think the Flames would give them a very good series because the gap between the two is small.
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    Unlike most I enjoyed the World Cup. We still saw the best vs. best from the top 6 hockey nations but rather than a bunch of teams that were just fodder for the strong 1s to run up the score we saw a European team with the best of the rest going for Gold. The Danes, Germans & the like could never have come close to that with a national team. Sure it's a cash cow for the NHL & NHLPA but the money goes to those actually invested in the game rather than the IOC who takes the profits from the center piece of the Olypics but does nothing to grow the game. If they made it a 3 way split with IIHF's share earmarked for them to continue their work growing the game it would be fairer. We already see teams & players in the NHL give back to communities in NA with programs to help lress fortunate kids afford hockey which again is good for the game. Sure, the under 24 players born in NA don't get to play for their country but given the surprising strenth of Team Europe maybe next time have 2 teams made up of the best from the also ran nations to replace the kiddie corps. Seeing the best Swiss or whatever born players do well in that type of competition is more likely to generate interest than watching their team get steam rolled game after game. NHL owners are being called greedy for not going (& taking a finacial loss) but it's the IOC wanting to take all profits without giving up anything. Sponsors such as Coke can use the Olympic logo on their product but the IOC won't even allow the NHL that.
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    Nice recognition for Jankowski
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    This is why I think we have a good position of having Giordano entrenched as Captain. This provides some of the Leadership required and allows these young players to concentrate on growing into themselves and the NHL.
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