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    You should then also do the reverse, when the Flames passed on a RS to take a better prospect. Like when most wanted Taylor Raddysh (a RS) but the Flames took Dillon Dube. The argument cuts both ways.
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    I don't disagree with that at all, but even being really conservative with ice time. 1st line - 18 mins 2nd line - 16 3rd line - 15 Leaves Bennett with 11 mins. It's far from horrible but it just begs the question that if they don't trust him why are they keeping him and talking him up this off-season. It's just more of the same we've seen since his rookie year which doesn't make sense to me.
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    Flames want a lot of people to play center next year apparently. I say that with some sarcasm, but I also fully approve of this message.
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    The white one in Cross's earlier post was much nicer considering it's actually reversed.
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    i actually think that the big difference is having a competitive core, or a good mix of compete through the line up. The Flames haven’t had that at all as so far, every playoffs they’ve been in, especially recently, there have only been 3 or 4 guys pulling the weight. None of the first line has done that. I don’t think getting points is the same. The top guys are able to get points when playing bad, but in the process still aren’t being difference makers. They’re losing these series as a full team, but I think the first line or top lines need to set the tone or just look engaged, which they just don’t. That’s even with Tkachuk playing (against the Avs, and was pretty quiet in game 1 vs Stars).
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    Is it bad that I’m hoping we lose Tanev in the expansion draft?
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    I like BT. I’m a big supporter. Sure, he’s signed some players that didn’t pan out, but I take that with a grain of salt because I believe those players had to want to come to Calgary in the first place - or - they had to be paid enough to come to Calgary. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I have faith BT is in on everything - the issue is not every player is in on us. Sometimes my wife asks me to go buy her a warm, $10 cinnamon bun at a local shop. Sometimes there’s none left. But they have $5 muffins. So, I go home empty handed or with a muffin. The moral of the story? Either way my wife isn’t going to be happy. It’s not due to lack of effort or try either... what I wanted was simply unavailable to me. Also, that muffin starts looking a hell of a lot better when there aren’t any cinnamon buns available. I imagine BT goes through a similar process when trying to acquire players.
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    It is a tough call. I dont really know. Some have gotten lucky and really won the lotto by drafting Crosby, and possibly McD. I think I would look to some of the teams that have been consistently competitive. I think perhaps Poile, but the Preds have started to drop. Even he has made a mistake with the likes of Turris. But I like some of his drafting philosophy. They always have had a starting goalie and some of the best D in the league. They've also been fairly consistent. I look at the CBJ since their GM took over. they're probably on par with the Flames, but they've done good at drafting a bit. Carolina is anther team... I look at the Blues as having a decent draft record and gaining quality NHLers and able to use them in trades that helped build a cup winner. Even though they were bad before they won the cup, they've been as close to consistent as Detroit used to be, always competitve. There probably aren't many. I'd probably look to Yzerman and the Tampa Bay organization in general. Sakic seems to be slowly proving himself as more savvy than we once thought. Of course he inherited some good players. GMs probably get too much credit for what happens. I think a lot is scouting as well. I am still mixed on BT trade record. He's in on everything, which you want, but some deals were good and some were bad. I feel like he's paid a steep price for nothing to show for in around 3-4 deals. That happens. Every GM wins or loses deals. But those could be on pro scouts as well. I like that we are drafting better, but there still isnt the right mix. I'd say Tre is still a fairly young GM. I think my biggest concerns are that this team seems to lack competitive spirit and identity. Perhaps Brad has addressed that this offseason with some of the signings. I sometimes feel that the Flames are too small to compete in a longer series. The changes Tampa has made has allowed their smaller guys to withstand the rigors of a long playoff. Which perhaps adding Nordstrom could be a big help. For me, smaller players work for so long. Dube and Mangiapane started to go quiet against Dallas. A part of that could be that Tkachuk didn't play, but I havent seen that steal a game consistent enough from Tkachuk to say he is that guy yet. Granted he is still young and I still love him on our team. So i am being harsh on my evaluation of BT. Of course I am not grading on a specific Ruberic and he probably deserves a B. Although, he has brought stability to the organization so he probably deserves a B+.
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    Gustav Nyquist has been announced to likely miss much of next season for columbus. I'm wondering if maybe there is a trade be had, Something along the lines of Gaudreau for Bjorkstrand + Andrew Peeke + 1st. We get a decent middle six RW, solid RD prospect, and over 4 million in cap space to spend on someone else like a hoffman or vatanen.
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    i think they should go to a pay per view system. It would be more expensive than what we are used to but hockey fans would have hockey. What would fans be willing to pay?
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    I think theres another page for non-hockey related political ramblings. Probably best to keep it there.
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    These would be my lines to start the season Tkachuk-Backlund-Lindholm This is your 1, or 1A, or 1B line. Call it what you want, I have them listed as the 1st line, because they will be tasked with going head to head with the best the opposition has to offer. Gaudreau-Monahan-Leivo I want this line sheltered more than it was in the playoffs. I think Leivo could have similar results to Ferland on this line. Bigger body, can skate can retrieve pucks in corners. Dube-Bennett-Mangiapane I'd really like this line. Three guys that are tenacious and could be rather difficult to play against. Maybe a line like this could bring a consistent effort out of Bennett. Lucic-Ryan-Simon/Nordstrom Ryan and Lucic had some chemistry last season. There could be a temptation to go with Lucic-Bennett-Dube, but I'd rather push Lucic down the lineup in the regular season. Postseason is a different debate. Giordano-Tanev It very well could be Andersson with Gio, but if Hanifin is still around, I'd want a Hanifin-Andersson pairing. Hanifin-Andersson Valimaki-Kylington/Nesterov
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    I said the article was interesting... and the sarcasm was intended... I didn't say I agreed with it... Parts of it made good sense, but other parts were definitely cause for concern... re bolded:... As I have mentioned before,,, Sometimes Wardo fails to see problems that should be obvious... and what is even worse, is even after he thinks about it over a substantial period of time, he intentionally repeats the mistakes...
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    Pretty concerning article. Don't get me wrong you have to have by in and it starts in the defensive zone. I have no problem with that philosophy. But to hear him say how they played in the playoffs is the blueprint for how they want to play going forward is very concerning. Parts of it were good and stressing details in the defensive zone is much needed but if they plan to be that soft, conservative, collapse everything down to the middle team i think they are going to be in big trouble. Did not work for them in the playoffs so I really struggle why people seem to think it's a strategy worth building off of. for context, in the first round the Flames were bottom 6 or 7 in all major defensive categories and while it's easy to suggest how "close" the series was in certain areas, worth remember that at 5 on 5 Dallas ate the Flames alive in games 2 through 6. Fair to debate strategy vs execution as to what the primary problem was, but for me to suggest there is anything there that should be a blueprint is very concerning.
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    Interesting article on Wardo's coaching philosophy... https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/flames-ward-looks-lightning-blueprint-revamp-calgarys-gameplan/
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    You heard it here first folks; the nhl’s next league jersey theme will be the cutlery edition. Flames will obviously design theirs around a bbq implement, maybe a carving fork or grill brush. Oilers will probably want to stick with their theme of accidents and spills, so a roll of paper towels seems a good choice (though not technically a utensil). Canucks will stay ocean themed, maybe a pair of chop stick holding some sushi...
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    To add to this, Dube looked really good on RW so this could potentially have us run him in the top six instead of someone with more of a limited offensive upside like Leivo or Simon. TD mentioned Kane earlier and having watched a lot of Hawks games he actually tends to play on the second line with a lesser center than Toews. Be it Anisimov for a couple seasons and Dylan Strome the last two-ish. Toews tends to draw the tough matchups against the opponents top line. Ours could look something like this Tkachuk - Lindholm - Mangiapane Gaudreau - Monahan - Dube Lucic/Leivo - Backlund - Ryan/Simon Nordstrom/Lucic - Bennett - Simon/ Ryan/Leivo I'm really liking how deep our bottom 6 is looking in this scenario, Just have to hope Dube and Mangiapane continue to improve (which imo is pretty likely). If not we still have options with Lindy being able to swap back to RW. Having lots of players capable of playing C is a good problem to have.
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    That is the narrative but i don't personally agree with it and the numbers don't support it. I thought he was very much himself and was back to his dominant self in the 2nd half of last season. I actually thought he carried it into the Winnipeg series but as that series went on and then onto Dallas, is where his game just wasn't there. But in terms of his engagement I actually thought he was really engaged in the game, he was just really ineffective.
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    I wouldn't really argue against that point nor it is my central argument. i don't disagree at all that the Flames need more out of Monahan in the playoffs too and while I point to Gaudraeu more it really is a matter of opinion and I see both sides. What I am saying is the things that made Gaudreau great are much, much harder to do in the playoffs and I don't think it relates to Monahan. Even if it did, it still prompt the question is Gaudreau is only as good as his center then is he worth a contract that is going to make him a franchise caliber winger and is that a smart decision for the Flames? The answer to that is no for me and I don't think it will change because I don't see his game being able to adapt to be successful in the playoffs because it's not about line mates so much as it is about his strengths and weaknesses.
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    After the whole release my rankings 31. Islanders - just lame, would be hard to want to pay $200 for reversed striping 30. Redwings - just boring 29. Mighty Ducks - might as well call them that again if they're bringing back that 28. Penguins - hated that one on the black 25 years ago hate it on white as well Robo-Pen on the shoulders might have put it up higher, but shouldn't have been brought back 27. Stars - that logo on the gray is horrendous 26. Sharks - their originals are one of my favorite all-times, a reverse of that would be top ten, instead its a reverse of a mediocre jersey. 25. Blue Jackets - so little to choose from, but pretty meh 24. Sabres - a combination of their worst jerseys 23. Golden Knights - little to choose from but too close to the Flames '03-'07 home reds 22. Jets - credit for not going Thrashers, but an original color scheme would have put them a lot higher 21. Nordiques or Avalanche - My take is it is a slap in the face to both current fans and fans of the old just to please the nostalgia lovers. Original Avs jerseys were great should have gone there. 20. Whalers or Hurricanes - same reasons just like the original Whalers more than the Nords 19. Leafs 18. Blackhawks 17. Predators 16. Rangers 15. Blues - I just can't get past the Blues having a red jersey, on top of that those were the worst jersey they had to use 14. Lightning - it fits with their current look a little I like it over their others 13. Oilers 12. Capitals - took their worst jersey design and made it better with their current color scheme 11. Canucks - I actually like this one, and I've hated everything with the Orca on it, still hate the Orca but the colors are cool 10. Flyers 9. Flames - personal bias 8. Wild - love keeping the Wild logo with the North Stars colors 7. Coyotes - something that stands out, curious to see how it would look in a game 6. Bruins - the creepy bear shoulder patch dropped them out of the top 5 5. Senators - perhaps a white stripe on the numbers would be sharp, but still a neat jersey 4. Devils - a reverse done right, it looks like Christmas 3. Kings - great mashup between a classic logo and color scheme 2. Panthers - like San Jose they had a great initial jersey, going back to that gives them full marks 1. Canadiens - a true reversal on a classic that looks awesome
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    I for one am for keeping Hanifin. I see a duo of Hanifin/Andersson overtaking Geo/Tanev for the 1st pairing at sometime in the late season. Also I see Kylington as the down the road Brodie replacement but better. His speed is equal and is physically stronger with only his hockey IQ needing to improve..
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    So, my response is more pessimistic. I wasn't sure whether to respond, whether it would be constructive. It's not constructive. but I've replied. Here's the thing. I think you are basing "underperformance" off a single season where multiple players on the Flames had Career years, and it still wasn't enough to stop us from absolute playoff embarrassment. What we saw this last season was more typical production for them. Most of them, in fact, are in decline now. I also don't think it was all about the first line. I think it had a lot more to do with D and goaltending. D especially. Gio, Brodie, others all had career years. You do that and it cascades to the first line's performance. To see that level of performance from the aging D was unexpected. And to see it level off this year, was expected. The only player who could have perhaps compensated for some of it was Hamilton. As you know we have a thread on that. It's not all negative. Night is darkest before the dawn, and all. But it's night. Pretty confident about that.
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    It's not bad, but it might be premature. Love.
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    The Seattle draft brings different concepts and reasons than a normal year. With respect to the Vegas draft, it took place prior to July 1 (free agency). It was for this reason that Engelland counted as a pick from the Flames because he was a pending UFA, not officially a UFA yet as I recall. With respect to RFA, if Seattle picks an unsigned RFA, then they get the rights to the player and the other team loses the opportunity to match. If the RFA is not chosen in the expansion draft and Seattle tries to offer sheet, then the team can match. Seattle can only “draft” one player from each team excluding Vegas. If they pick a pending UFA, like Engelland, and the player doesn’t sign, too bad for Seattle. They could still potentially poach other players using offer sheets, but not via the expansion draft.
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    Got to see a lot of Debrusk when he was with the Rebels and honestly I'd much rather we keep Benny as well. If given the same opportunities I think Bennetts offense could be pretty well identical but he also has the intangibles.
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    I disagree that Hanifin has hit his ceiling. Hes played a lot of NHL games to date but is still very young. How many years did Gio play (including a KHL stint) before we started to see that Norris potential? Spoiler alert: It was a lot. I really liked what I saw from the Hanifin-Andersson pair and I think they're in for a big season if given the opportunity to gel for longer than a play-in + playoff round.
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    Bennett Lucic and Dube had chemistry. Why not let Bennett C the fourth line with those 2 on his flanks? If Lindholm is playing C, that’ll give us Mony, Lindy, Backs, and Bennett. It’s obvious we don’t have that upper-echelon centerman, but that’s some pretty deep center depth for this team if we hold onto Bennett and let him play C. and not for anything, but third and fourth liners today aren’t your stereotypical third and fourth liners of the 80s. Teams that go deep in the playoffs have third and fourth liners that threaten offensively as well. Lucic-Bennett-Dube didn’t just bruise opponents, they also put up points, were a consistent threat to score in the offensive zone, and had Corsi stats that suggested their line dominated their opponents. Call me simple, but why are we considering trading Bennett when the chemistry between those 3 players was instant and consistent? It brought the best out of all 3 players... but we don’t want that to continue? Flat out stupid if they let that slip through their hands.
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    yup! I agree with the last half. The organization wants to win. Every organization does. But their bottom line is the playoffs. If they built “properly,” the team would be a perennial threat and the bottom line would raise to 2nd round, 3rd round or Cup finals. It would. We all debate that Buffalo, Edmonton and a few other organizations bottomed out but still can’t go further than us. But they also agree that we require an elite 2-way #1C, Norris level D that is better than Gio, and a #1G, plus other players that are slotted correct on each line. How do you get those almost always 3needs? By drafting high or getting lucky by drafting and developing them. I wonder if the gamble dropping in the draft twice will pay off. Is Zary better than Schneider who is projected to be a good Top4 2nd unit PP guy. Or is he better than Lapierre who we could’ve drafted at the 22 pick? I guess having extra pick(s) is worth it. For me, where are we going to get a Top4 D after Tanev’s deal ends. Is Andersson a Top2? I’d say the very least a very good Top4 on a cup contender. But someone like Schneider or whatever D that were left might have been a better long term investment. Zary could be a Backlund type and is stylistically compared to Horvat. What is the likelihood of him reaching that? His description reminds me a lot of Bennett. I guess a 3rd liner is also a decent spot to play, just not ideal in what is supposed to be a decent deep draft. reading Lapierre’s scouting report he sounds like a great talent but his injury history is concerning. I get shy they’d pass on him. The big Russian D sounds intriguing, scouting report says Makhamadullin could end up a very good, all-situations minutes D who’d slot as a #2-#3 D. Building a team from D out tells me a player like him would’ve been ideal as a transition from Giordano and possibly Hanifin. If Hanifin doesn’t start showing more improvements I feel like he is a poster boy for what this organization aspires to be, mediocre. He has the tools but seems like a player who goes with through the motions instead of seizing the moment and pushing the envelope. If he can’t push forward, Mak could’ve been the perfect succession plan for the future. Right now we have three Top 6C’s. We do need a succession plan to Backlund so I can see Zary as a good option there. talk of Lindholm going C tells me that they’re looking for the long term solution, plus they don’t see Bennett as that. what is more important, D or C? right now, we lack true impact in those words positions. A RW would have been nice too, as I don’t see one of those in the pipeline set to come to the team in 3-4 years either. Perreault might have been a good pick in the 22 spot too, as we will need a RHS/RW or C. We keep saying go BPA but when does handedness become a problem/priority? I think when the cost is higher, in trade, regardless of position. Regardless, looking at some of the scouting reports on picks made around the original 19th overall and afterwards, it looks like a half decent gamble, just a question now is whether they made the right pick. I just think long term need BT might be off the mark on this. If we keep Monahan and Lindholm as top6 C, where will Zary play? I guess the need is there as it is in 3-5 years until he gets there. It just looks to me like BT is ok with having holes in important positions, that includes the future top4 D. I guess he is banking on Mackey. For me, small isn’t a problem in today’s nhl, it is a problem when the majority of all of the top prospects and around a third or more of your whole team is. In a long playoff, it wears more on smaller bodies than bigger ones.
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    in a heartbeat. Wouldn't even second guess it
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    I like your analogy. I do have to say I feel a lot better since losing Fletcher. I think BT is still getting going. Like TD has said, could be cross, that he really only has about 4 years of experience as a the main GM. Drafting has improved. Trades have improved. Signings are mixed and like you say, maybe there are only muffins left. Or they looked like cinnamon buns but ended up muffins?
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    Sometimes it seems that Wardo is a slow learner... I hope I'm wrong and he starts to show he can start to learn from his mistakes more quickly than he has so far, but that said I also have my doubts that he will last until the end of his contract if he continues to make mistakes by making poor decisions on basic things that should have been covered in coaching 101 class...
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    Yeah, and I feel like the point shot and traffic is fine for a 4th line or a less skilled lineup, but ends in a lot of one and done situations for our skilled lines. It's too bad, because as things stand right now, I am not super confident that this coaching staff will be able to put Gaudreau in the best position to succeed.
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    I'm not trying to sound like a homer but I'd still go Bennett over Willie. Just playoffs alone Sam has 19 pts in 30 games, Willie has 15 in 25 a close pace, but factor in Willie has averaged 3 more minutes in ice time and half minute more in avg PP TOI. My take is 1 has benefited more from opportunities, and the other has had to put in the work to gain minimal opportunities, with playoff results being a main issue I don't see why a re-draft of one of the only performers for a mediocre playoff performer is something that should be even given hindsight thought.
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    I think we have the forwards who are smart enough to play this way. I think the PP is too stagnant, not enough movement. Everyone just stands in their spots on the ice and the puck is moved around the perimeter.
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    Interesting Q +A from Geoff Ward and Eric Francis. Few highlights: More talk about Lindholm at center. Feels Lindholm is a natural center. Doesn't feel they will change their style of play from the playoffs (I find this very concerning) Some interesting points about depth and roster flexibility. Expects a lot of competition in camp. Mentions specifically that Valimaki is current only Finland playing the right side. Could you be a right side option for them. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/qa-flames-ward-moving-lindholm-top-centre-spot-markstrom-deal/
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    That horse head with the red eyes and sinus issues for sure had Covid
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