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    MONDAY 9 OCTOBER 2017 8.00 PM MT at Honda Center
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    PREVIEW For clarifciation RD has not used and does not endorse the above service!
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    VS Oct. 19th 7 pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Oct. 7th 8 pm Home at the Dome
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    Obviously it is just a simple misunderstanding of the definition of a 'Jagr Bomb'... The Flames should just inform Jagr of Trudeau's new immigration policy and tell him to just walk across the border like everyone else...
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    Then I say do it, Bennett for Reinhart. Our needs are greater on RW for skill and another RHS that has played C as well. Then get Jankowski up here.
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    Canucks Lines Flames Lines Previous Next Previous Next Previous Next NOTES Freddie Hamilton will step in tonight, not sure on who will be taken out of the lineup. Smith starts again tonight. Virtanen will sit for the canucks. Markstrom gets the start. Previous Ne
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    If last night was any indication, Brodie looks pretty comfortable with his new parter already. That was probably Brodie's best game as a Flame, he was dominant out there. It was really nice to see him shoot too, last year he was far too willing to pass off shots. Thru the first two games he has been doing a far better job of getting the puck through from the point. Defensively that pairing still looks a little disjointed at times, but it will come, both players are too good to not figure it out.
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    My question is, "are you doing the same thing"? I tried to be flippant about this subject, because there isn't a right answer. But if enough people decide what the right answer is to them, it becomes derogatory and defensive against varying opinions. So I don't mean it as flippant on the subject matter, but flippant in that it really isn't a matter for a hockey message board. It is away from discussion, imho. It is judgmental. At least get this out of Flames Talk and go get angry with each other in General Discussion. That, and it's quite clear everyone has a moral code. Now, it's just a competition for superior moral code. There's a lot wrong with that, imho. The division is in details, not general understanding and respect for one another. I have one request. Get this thread out of Flames Talk. It isn't Flames Talk.
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    I'm taking a knee on this song
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    Baring a 180 in his play I thik you need to find a spot. He's been the best Flame i've seen or read about in the 2 games and he was very good in the practice I watched. He's passing all the tests and at this point you should be planning on finding a spot for him in the lineup. Wing or center I don't care just find a spot because I think he's ready.
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    I'm not ready to trade Bennett yet. In my opinion, we have failed him so far, not the other way around. We asked him to improve his defensive game and he did. However, his point production so far has not panned out as we would all like. This, quite possibly is due to the revolving door of sub-par line mates (Jagr not included) Paired with Jonny, he looked quite good. Anyway, I wouldn't mind going after Reinhardt but I would trade Jankowski and one of our D prospects before Benny. Give the guy a real chance before we cut him loose.
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    It sounds as though Sakic wants McDavid, Tavares, Matthews, and three 1st picks for Duchene.
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    Lets go Flames hopefully we see a better showing tonight.
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    Injury Report Flames: Daniel Pribyl (knee) is on the injured reserve. Vancouver: Alexander Edler (knee) is out. MILESTONES WITHIN REACH Mark Giordano needs 1 goal for 100. Mike Smith needs 2 wins for 200. Mikael Backlund needs 4 goals for 100. Troy Brouwer needs 9 games for 700.
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    Salary aside! Brouwer HAS played better the last 2 games. But in my opinion he has still been one of our worst forwards for those 2 games. The message would say "if your not better than the ones pushing for your job you will watch the game"
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    Ya I don't see the issue with the drop pass. Worked great last year when they had one of the league's best PP units and it's working well this year too. I think the Flames are doing a good job of gaining the zone on the PP it's their in zone puck movement and lack of shots/looking for the perfect play that is the only trouble spot for me. But like last year i'm not sure why this is such an issue. Flames are 6th in PP right now and 8th in PK so once again are near the top in special teams in the league. Get everyone has their own preference but clearly this works for this group. Lots to improve upon yes,as there should be 3 games into the year.
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    +1 for your post Fowl... The losing streak in Anaheim has been a thorn in the backside for the Flames and all of us fans for a long time, and it's a huge relief to see it finally come to an end... I hope they get the Anaheim hills fire under control and snuffed soon, I went through a wildfire and my wife and I got out with the dog, one of the vehicles and that's it, everything else burned... So I know what it's like... Wildfires suck... You come to the Flames board, and always post with grace and respect... and for that, I give you a cheers... You are one of the good ones and obviously a true fan of the game...
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    Love that after the game day skate this morning, Jagr stayed out there and gave Tkachuk some pointers on positioning and protecting the puck. Tkachuk and Bennett are going to be able to learn so much from Jagr.
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    Great job on the GDT rocketdoctor... +1's... Tonight the Ducks get a spanking... and the curse of the duck pond finally comes to an end... GO FLAMES!!!
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    For those that missed it...
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    Finally.... the wait is over... after 115 days without NHL Hockey 19 days of Trainings Camp 7 preseason games A Team of 23 Players formed from 68 Players This is where everything starts!
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    Until GG wins a SC ring it is almost laughable to try and imply he is a better coach than BH.
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    The Lines Flames - Oilers Starting Goaltenders (Translation: http://lyricstranslate.com/de/wir-sind-groß-we-are-great.html )
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    Matt Stajan. Last year Stajan averaged around 12 mins of ice time a game with just under 2 mins of that being PK time. He was also their 2nd most used center on the PK last year and given that the flames seem to want Bennett on the PP more this year I dont' thikn that ice time is going down. I'm suggesting using Jankowski in the Stajan role of last year instead of Stajan. The big deal is every year the Flames talk about wanting young players to push for jobs and win them. One did and they sent him down and kept inferior options in his place. Not only does it go against what they continue to preach it makes no sense to continue to keep inferior options when younger players are proving to be the better options. This is not an isolated incident.
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    My hunch is that when you heard him talk about turning down a PTO, that was us. Wanting to see how he stacked up with Bennett.. now that we have gone through training camp and ended up , once again , as having Brouwer as the best option on not only Bennett;s wing but for some silly reason a regular on the PP.. its a safe bet he's a better option for the job ... hence I wont be surprised if we have him signed by end of day Monday
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    I am Haida, Tsimshian and Squamish. I don't know that it is so much about 4x4s or things like that, nor are we asking for you to leave or take those away, or thinking we can't live without them, as much as we are discussing systemic racism. Maybe it is that way in other parts of Canada, but that's also systemic. I have worked in schools for the past 9 years and I have parents of my students who went to residential schools (from across the country), or their grandparents. I am 42 and all four of my grandparents went. The way it was before Europeans came to Canada wasn't perfect, but we had our own governments and systems in place, survived for over 13,000 years. Where I am from we had an abundance of food, therefore our government and artistic sensibility developed differently. - Do we like cars? Yes. - Do we like other inventions like iPhones? Yes. - Do we want self-determination and self-government, and for treaties to be honoured? Yes I get the anger some First People's have... but at the same time, I am asking people to understand that as a newcomer to Canada, or someone that has been here for generations is that you understand that your part in it doesn't need you to feel guilt. Your part is in the fact that you're a Canadian citizen, or taking refuge or permanent residency, and our country had agreements with First Peoples and are required to live up to them. These are international agreements. In BC, land was in most places never ceded. There were only a few treaties and people just moved in. These are lands that were used by all the nations here. If anyone uses the Terra Nullis argument, its bogus, because that means I can go reclaim some mountain or lake or part of the country that isn't being used. I can go on. When you look at it this way: say you are home, maybe asleep. Someone comes in at night and you don't notice and they sleep in your living room. You wake up to them, but they're cordial enough that you let them stay. They're super nice and friendly. Slowly they start to make your home theirs and start to change things. Eventually their family moved in, or their extended family. And you negotiate that you split the home in sections. Eventually you're sections get less and you're depleted of your space. Maybe you end up in the basement? But now you have zero say in any other portion of your house. On reserves, for a very long time we had no say in how we could use our land. We had to go through an Indian Agent. Sure, we got homes, but at the same time, we weren't allowed to place mortgages on them, so they were never equity. The system in place by the government is set up so that Aboriginal people fail. The lands in most reserves are not sustainable. So I am sorry that First People's are mad at whites, but not really sorry. I am just saying that there is a very systemic reason for it. You say we lived in bad conditions beforehand, which isn't always the case, probably for most of the country. Were we scientific? I'd say yes. The Haida made it all the way to Hawaii in their canoes. We've had medicines from across the country which are now used in modern medicine. Even the act of smudging kills bacteria. Sure, we didn't write this down, but the knowledge systems we used were there. Stories of a great grizzly bear coming out of water clawing a mountian was told in a land claims trial. Geologists then did tests in the area the story took place and a mud slide decimated a whole village, 3500-3750 years ago... sorry for such a long post, but I just had to respond. I was a bit offended, and surprised.
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    The facts state that minorities commit more crimes, its in the statistics for the states you dont have to go very far to find it. I am not a racist and im not ignorant to both sides of the situation. I do think eveyone matters, but when you say no one is advocating police brutality, you should watch a BLM protest, its pretty clear about what they want to do to cops or the message of hate towards ALL cops they are spreading. Obviously athletes taking a knee is not the same thing as BLM, but their protest stemmed from BLM and im not happy about it. My problem is the lack of a solution from their protest. Tara Kyle the wife of Chris Kyle, wrote an interesting open letter to the NFL about the current issue and in my opinion its what these players should be doing. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/09/26/american-snipers-wife-taya-kyle-open-letter-to-nfl.html My problem is not with peaceful protests, its that everyone nowadays wants to protest something but they dont want to do anything about the issue that actually matters. I see what youre saying. But if you worked at a big manufacturing company, and your union didn't stand up for you when you screwed up, it wouldn't be a very good union would it? The problem is alot of the BLM and other protesters dont see any cop as a good cop, so a cop calling another cop bad wouldnt get met with any sort of positivity. Im not blaming the victums, im saying people need to show more respect to cops which is true. Ive seen tons of videos of x person(black,white, oritental, hispanic) arguing with a cop for no reason whatsoever. The other side of the problem is that its not always a bad cop or a unarmed back person that gets shot. There has been more then a few stories where the person was apparently unarmed but then some footage comes out to prove otherwise. On the otherside of the coin do I think sometimes cops are undertrained to handle certain situations? sure thats a problem, but its fixable.
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    I love this mentality, Gillies makes one highlight save in pre-season, well we better make him our starter now. Meanwhile he struggled to be even average at the AHL level last year. I have high hopes for Gillies, but he has to show that he can be a starter at in the AHL before we start handing him the keys at the NHL level.
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    I like the idea of your first 2 lines. After tonight's game it answered some questions for me and solidified others. Lack: Should not make the club. Reminds me of Hiller out of position swimming around no confidence. Valamaki: He is going to be good but is still to green for me. Thinks the game well skates well good first passer but just green. Kulak: I am have seen enough, he isn't what we need never really stands out he is Ok which is not good enough Wotherspoon: Like Kulak he never seems to rise to the occasion just OK nothing special, time to move om Anderson: Solid positional, thinks well moves the puck well for a young guy should get the 6th spot but may not based on being RH. Lazar: Was ok tonight, but this was his best game out of all of them. Inconsistent for a guy with that much NHL experience over the other forward prospects. He never showed enough for me to be given a spot. Barkowski: Barrel of blunders he is... good skater but makes way to many mistakes for my liking, alternate at best or waived. Dube: How can you not be impressed with this kid. Stand out each game, played with boat anchors as well for line mates. Ourside of Janko by far the best forward prospect we have. Janko: Yeah if he isn't on this team over others its a crime. Was average for a couple of periods in one game but he is ready. Gilles: Should be the back up, period. Porier: Unimpressed, much like Shink and Lazar have not even been close enough to impressive enough to make the club. Foo: I like but am on the fence, He did Ok with Chucky and Monahan but looked better with Jankio and company, can see him being sent down and 1st call up. For me the prospects that should make it are: Anderson, GIllies, Janko and Dube. Actual will be Janko based favorites and business practices, Sad.
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    Maybe we have been looking at a Jagr addition in the wrong way. What about this consideration Gaudreau, Bennett, Ferland Tkachuk, Monahan, Jagr Versteeg, Backlund, Frolik Stajan, Jankowski, Brouwer I don't think it will happen but this is what I would run with him here.
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    I wonder, for giggles, if we were to go, JG-Bennett-Ferland Can line 2 be Tkachuk-Monahan-Jankowski, swap wing-sides, whatevs? That's young, I know, but we're young. Just a question of how to put the pieces together. Both Tkachuk and Jankowski are good distributors with finish, Monahan pure finisher. Good 200' game mix. No real seasoned vet there in the top 6, but does it matter? We have a good one on the top 2D pairings. I'm not fond of Jankowski at 4C and the philosophy that AHL prospects have to earn more ice from the 4th line. Put them in the best position to succeed and make your team better. Make him play down the lineup, not up the lineup from the least talented linemates.
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    I mean some of the calls were warranted sure, but it seemed to me that a few calls against the flames the exact same call against the canucks wasent called. I dont see how they got 5 powerplays and with all the stick work nothing was called on the canucks. I can think of a couple plays where the canucks were working over a flames with cross checks and no call. Holyyy
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    So your implying that minorities inherently commit more crimes? And police are justified in pulling over these minorities solely off the basis of them being minorities therefore increasing the likelihood they're involved in criminal activity? So essentially pull over a Native, Black or Hispanic for failing to signal and there's a high chance you'll find drugs or weapons but pull over someone of European decent and all you're likely to find is air freshner and a pack of gum? In the same breath , if a white person refuses to comply, show hands or makes sudden movements they're likely reaching for their wallet but if it's a minority they're likely reaching for a gun/knife and are more justified to being shot and killed? Lemme guess, pull over an Arab and chances of you finding them attached to a terrorist cell with a bomb in the trunk are highly probable too? That's some BS thinking! That's beyond borderline racist line of thinking. Now FlyerFan I'm not saying you are racist, I'm hoping you're not but the points you are attempting to justify is exactly why this is still an issue in this day and age. The thinking that a police officer should fear more for their lives when dealing with minorities and therefore are justified in using excessive force is exactly why people are protesting. The area I will agree with u on is that the police have difficult and split decisions to make that can be life threatening and the majority of police aren't criminal cops. All lives do matter but I think the Black Lives Matter protests grew out of the disproportionately high number of African Americans that are killed by police when compared to other ethnicities under the same circumstances. It's a tragedy anytime someone is killed no matter their ethnicity but you can't deny the racial discrepancy that exists and the excessive force used against minorities, you're pretty much stating that it is in fact justifiable. I can respect that you've grown up and cleaned up your ways but that doesn't make anyone an expert on the police and their struggle with race relations.
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    Loved this bit from him, on the main page, after the nux game: "Believe me,'' complained the abrasive left winger with a frustrated sigh, "I tried to stir it up. "Man, did I try … "There must be a new rule in the league, that you're not allowed to fight. "Some of those gloves seem to be sewn on." hahaha