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    It's definitely a double edged sword. I think it's a no-win situation, and I don't mean that in a negative. You have to give your guys a shot. Bringing in a safety net still offers no guarantees. It's a rock and a hard place. We are at the point of giving Rittich a vote of confidence and hope it's the right thing. Bringing in another Eddie Lack shouldn't be the message at this point. We have to know what we have, and you'll never know if you're never going to show some faith.
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    The sad fact seems to be that with every passing year, it's harder and harder for working middle class families to even afford to join hockey. Nevermind being able to keep up with the expenses of a higher tier traveling team.
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    It appears many are getting way ahead of themselves on Tkachuk.
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    Let's forget Stone not worth debating. Everyone seems to be anointing Tkachuk as a superstar before he has really performed to that standard. Don't get me wrong I like him as a player but some IMO are getting way ahead of themselves with him.
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    Pens gave up MAF for nothing because of the expansion draft and i've read multiple sources that pegged the MAF cost at the Takchuk pick and that Backlund was involved when the Flames were talking about Bishop from the Lightning. Might not be facts, but it's also not a fact that he wasn't involved because as you said we don't know either way. However, given cost of similar goalies acquired those rumors seem to make sense to me, but everyone is free to believe what they want. Actually no i'm not saying it is a matter of priorities I think it's a matter of cost vs opportunity. I think goaltending by nature is a very temperamental position and really outside of maybe 8-9 guys that are legit sure fire number ones, you have a really mixed bag at the position. Did Ben Bishop really fix the Dallas problem last year when they missed the playoffs? Are they happy with the contract they gave him? As mentioned, Talbot was a huge reason the Oilers struggled last year so is that position fixed for them? I'm not in favor of overpaying, ie the cost, just to make it appear like the position is fixed. Cost and opportunity have to meet and so far IMO it hasn't. i think we are both saying the same thing, that we'd like to see goaltneding improved, but all i'm saying is I think the criticism Treliving is taking is unfair. He's tried and it's a really difficult position to fix unless you overpay or get the opportunity to land a top guy. IMO to get Fleury/Bishp he would have overpaid (not a fan) and he missed on the opportunities with Jones/Andersson but those appears to be out of his control (according to Conroy).
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    I think having this mindset that the season was going as planned then Smith went down, and it all went to Satoshi Nakamotos is wrong. For starters it is tough to get a read on Gillies, in 3 wins he had 17 goals for, in his 5 regulation 1 OT loss he had 8 goals for. Tough to win during a stretch when your team averages 1.3 goals for you. I think it makes things worse when your margin of error for victory is so small. I feel Rittich and Gillies are given no leash and judged solely on their bad games, yet the guy who got yanked 5 times on home ice gets a free pass just for breaking the Honda curse.
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    you can't schedule opportunities. They are what they have become when they happen. if they(Backups) aren't ready when the opportunities come for them then you have to try to judge when it is time to cut bait. Kehatch is right. If they(Gilles and Rittich) are not ready for a #1 if/when Smith goes down our year is screwed. BT should have a better plan and a Plan B than just run with last years combo.
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    To be fair to our GMs, they certainly have tried to improve our goalie situation. MAF "thought" he was being traded to Calgary, only the asking price was reportedly absurd and not worth it, and the trade fell through. You have to remember, at the time the Penguins were giving up on MAF and were quite happy to expose him in the draft. Although he is the ultimate team mate, and he's won cups, he also has had several collapses in both the regular season and post season, so he wasn't a "sure thing". All he did since then was turn in the best season of his already pretty spectacular career, but even he has been a question mark and "gamble" at times. We tried to get Bishop. He went to LA instead, and then signed with Dallas. Which in hindsight might have been the best for us. There were reports he refused to come to Calgary anyways, but by all reports we were trying to get him. Treliving did land one of the best options available in Smith. Sure he's old, but Treliving knew we needed to do something after not being able to come to terms with Pittsburghs asking price for MAF. And those are just the ones we know of. Who knows what other conversations have been had with the various GMs around the league. We'll never know what other "star" goaltender we were close to acquiring, if any. The argument that the team has been gambling is somewhat valid if you're only looking at the results, but star goalies are like star centers or star defensemen...you almost need to draft them and develop them, as they just don't change hands very often and are very hard to come by, so I don't really know what people expect Treliving to do here, other than sell the farm or give away the likes of Tkachuk. Even when we got Kipper - our last solid goaltender - at the time of the trade he was a nobody. We hit the jack pot on him, but it's not like we traded for an all star. We traded for depth pieces, took one of those "gambles" you seem to hate, and we just happened to land a star. Also, it's worth considering that we do have some potential great pieces in Gillies and Parsons that are coming up in the system. Gillies hasn't proven himself in the NHL yet, but he's still a prospect. Parsons is continually rated as one of the best goalie prospects in the league, even after last season's less-than-impressive stats. My point here is that you don't necessarily want to go and sell the farm for a legit number 1 when you could very well have a legit number 1 in the making in your own system already, and all you'd be doing by landing someone else is removing the opportunity for them to showcase their skills in the big league and possibly develop into the player we're trying to find. Until I know what we have in Gillies or Parsons, I can see Treliving being hesitant to bring in someone for the long term, when he hopes they are our long term... I will admit that goaltending is our biggest question mark going into this season, and could sink what might otherwise be a really promising season. But I just don't see what other options Treliving has, or who is available. I am confident that this concern is not lost on Treliving.
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    Would have required the green light from ownership however. The debate tends to focus on the moral argument around tanking but we don't often ask the question is the GM allowed to do so? My belief is no.
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    We can only surmise from what has happened in the past. So far Smith has shown he is injury prone and can't do a heavy schedule. His getting older isn't going to change that. To date none of our prospects have shown they can fill in for anything except light backup duties. I think many here have good reason to be worried. Goaltending has held us back (along with other reasons) for a long time.. since Kipper era.
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    Regardless, it has to be managed. The alternative we seem to run with is every game is a must win and it has to be Smith. It would be nice to get away from that and have Smith max out at 60. No reason Rittich can't play 25-odd. You don't gain confidence in uncertainties by ignoring them. Rittich isn't Eddie Lack. He looked great as a backup. Gave him scant starts, Smith gets hurt and expecting him to go alpha is unrealistic. My personal opinion is Rittich deserves more credit than he's given. The skaters on the other hand...if you're going to be a contender, you win games in spite of goaltending. Occasionally.... Not, never. They have more to prove than Rittich imho. Good teams get good goaltending, bad teams that don't know how to score, notsomuch. Niemi won a Cup for god sakes. He's just as good now as he was then. 21 skaters definitely flattered him.
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    It does nothing to look backwards. We have had some strong drafts over the past 5 years as well and our depth currently is very good. We could use some RSD soon but our forwards are now well stocked for the immediate. Where would we be coming into this coming season without Hamonic ? Using more assets to fill the spot so I say when it comes to trades GM's have to take advantage of deemed opportunities as the phone rings.
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    I just want to throw this out on Barzal. Yes he was available, I feel strongly we would have gone a different route had we kept the pick. I believe we entered that draft focused on improving the back end, we used 5 picks we had and gained a defenseman that was 22 and could play big minutes and a couple promising prospects. I'd say that one draft gave us a nice shift on the blue line. Remember at the time our top prospects were Wotherspoon, Kulak, Sieloff, Culkin, Kanzig and Gilmour. And our NHL defence was Gio (who at the time seemed injury prone), Brodie, Engelland, Smid, and the Bob Hartley Superstar pairing of Russell and Wide-dog. Up front we were still very high on Bennett, and had a lot more promising prospects that I believe would have made the team go away from Barzal. I don't like trading away picks either, but I don't like the assumption that we would have picked that player either because he was available, I can live with we didn't draft Barzal but received Hamilton, vs. we passed on Brayden Point to draft Hunter Smith. Also not saying this would happen again, but remember Brandon Gormley who the Coyotes drafted with the 1st we traded for Jokinen, I heard "we could have had Gormley" way too many times in a 2 year period, and it only went away once he became a bust. Not saying Dobson will follow suit, but people also loved Gormley, so let this play out a little.
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    Was reading On my facebook Group Calgary Sun is Pretty Immature im sure we all didnt care for how Brouwer played but you still gotta have Some Respect and printing on the front of a Newspaper Get Outta Here is So disrespectful i couldnt beileve it
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    Tkachuk won't get more than Gaudreau and Monahan, Tkachuk doesn't deserve 1st line $ yet, he's been a 2nd line player and will be paid closer to what Backlund just resigned for. If he does crack the 1st line and excels of course that could change but he's still not yet at the level of JH or Gio
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    I don't think Giordano's salary is the high marker for anyone on the team, nor do I think it is written anywhere that no player will be paid more than him. During the early rebuild period when Gaudreau and Monahan were renegotiating their contracts was also a time where they had not been here long or achieved outlandish results. I think both were paid appropriately.
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    I'm not worried, and here is why .. To date , BT has not had to lose one meaningful player in order to keep another He typically in signing his own players, ends up below what most thought it would take you can argue the bad numbers to players like Brouwer , but the fact there is he was in demand , some said he even left money on the table to come here . So did Stone. Problem with Brouwer was that the player we thought we were signing never showed up .. and thats not on BT cuz multiple other GM's also tried signing that mystery player We currently have Solid D.. finally depth across 4 lines .. depth at goal (we'll leave the debate about what quality it is for the other threads) Lets look at some other teams in Cap Jail Edmonton -- virtually no depth at any position , had to move Eberle purely for Cap reasons , unable to bring back Maroon for the same reason .. and they have some contracts coming that will necessitate moving more (Talbot , Nurse etc) Chicago- an aging Core that is now full of Bad contracts (but they got 3 cups out of them , so this isnt a sympathy vote ) St Louis Blues-- looking strong but not much wiggle room for error Toronto-- had better hope their kids are willing to drink the Culture KoolAid of they will need to move somebody important.. and they still dont have defense point i'm trying to make is , If we need to make room , we will make room the way we've mostly done it til now..move out or dont resign the piece thats the weakest link . Trade Stone and / or Frolik when they get surpassed .. if the kids coming up all peak where we hope , TJ becomes expendable too.. Id say we have one of the top 5 best managed caps in the league
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    Would also be great if we can stop with this nonsense that Treliving is/was following the "Nashville" model. Building a strong top 4 D is not the "Nashville model" it's a philosophy that's been around for literally decades.
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    Our D is far better with Hamonic than Stone in 4th D spot.
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    What rings? He wasn't on the Pens when they won the SC & his other 3 teams never won any Cups. He has experienced the finals a few times though. He does have a Gold from the 2007 WJC & Silver from the 2009 IIHF WC. I totally agree about having players that hate to lose.
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    You think it is abnormal for a coach to have player personel input ? Where doesn't this happen ? If anything I would have expected BT to use BP's insider information and the volatility of the ownership change in CAR to get the players we did. What is not to like ? Ryan by all accounts is a very reliable C which I think helps us. The smart move in order to protect the future would be to sign Hanifin long term not a bridge.
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    I hope the Flames do the right thing and bypass their silly "Forever a Flame" thing and retire his number.
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    Brouwer is the most underrated and undervalued player on this team. He has size, experience, and is one of the few who actually listens to the coach while others quickly bail. While others do obvious things like score, he does the invisible stuff. When Peters takes over and uses him properly, I expect a major turnaround. This year, I bet he comes close to 20 goals,10 fights, and earns that albatross of a contract. You heard it here first.
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    It's the dog days of summer & for some posters what they hope overrides the obvious. Suddenly the same player that was 1 of the whipping boys all year is great. Who knows, we might see 1 that claims Brouwer has just been lurking in the weeds & will show his true colors by leading all RWs in points 2018-19. TG the mods @ least seem immune & have held onto their senses. I'll just sip my beer & speculate whether some posters have spent too much time in the sun without a hat.
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    Depends on what number the Flames offer I think. If they try and low ball, absolutely but if they are willing to be fair and talk numbers in and around 6-6.5mill I wouldn't be so sure. Tough to turn down 50 mill guaranteed and then shred you knee, damage your back etc and see your market value drop. Not always the best decision for the player to wait and get a few million more (again provided the Flames offer fair money) and put that much guaranteed at risk.
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    This is a great point and really at the crux of the discussion. I don't think anyone would every deny that having more elite talent increases your odds to win a cup but if you don't have it, or enough, what is your alternative? Should the Flames sell off and rebuild every 2-3 years because they haven't drafted int he top 3 or do you do your best and try to enjoy a product, that is for entertainment at the end of the day, and see if you can buck the trend? I'm in the latter all the time.
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    That would sure change the team. We need him to be able to make plays for important goals when the opposition is carrying the momentum. That's a big part of the mental weakness imho, just don't have enough guys that can do that. I really want to see Bennett be one of those guys. Not getting frustrated, taking a bad penalty and compounding the problem. Last year the team was frustrating to watch, simply because they were constantly frustrated imo. From Smith being a drama queen every time the puck goes passed him to a bunch of guys looking at their laces. GG's whole, "emotional investment". All you deposited was frustration and withdrew the whole works too. So to come full circle back to topic, that was what our GM bought. He didn't like Hartley's pond hockey, but let's face it, for the group he had that's not a bad call in retrospect. In retrospect again, I'd have preferred BT had have given Hartley another year to just let your young dogs run. See what you've got. We weren't competing anyway. But no, Ronco sold you GG on 4am television, apparently. Are you sure? You know how players respond to coaching? You won't find it in analytics. You hired GG on what, resume? Because if you bought that line, maybe you should stick to being frustrating in contract negotiations. BT should have said with that hiring: "We're glitching out seeing GG as our coach on NHL 15". If that's back on topic enough...
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    Since the salary cap was implemented 13 seasons ago, the following teams have won the Stanley Cup: Carolina - Eric Staal second overall Anaheim - No top three picks of their own, but Pronger was a second overall and S Neidermayer was a third overall Detroit - No top three picks. Pittsburgh x3 - Crosby first overall, Fleury first overall, Malkin second overall, Jordan Staal second overall Chicago x3 - Kane first overall, Toewes third overall, Cam Barker third overall Boston - Seguin second overall, Nathan Horton was drafted third overall by Columbus LA x 2 - Doughty second overall Washington - Ovechkin first overall Obviously, drafting in the top two doesn't guarantee success but this is pretty good evidence that drafting first or second overall is an important part of building a Stanley Cup winner.
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    100% I get people view this as risky and I get people are upset about it. All of it is valid I don't disagree people have a right to be concerned about the goaltending. The part I don't understand is getting so upset and criticizing the GM when this off season offered no such guarantees. It was a bad FA crop and very little in the way of trade possibilities so for me the argument of he should have addressed it because this plan is too risky doesn't fly. Plan was risky either way so better, IMO, to do it with your guys.
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    I guess my earlier post was a weak joke re: sak, hang, groin. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.
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    I don't see any potential all-stars in the list above, but I do see some potentially serviceable NHL players. These are my expectations on the optimistic side. Valamaki - Top 4 D Andersson - Top 4 D Kylington - Bottom 4 D Dube - Middle 6 centre/winger. Foo - Middle 6 winger. Mangiapane - Bottom 6 winger Klimchuk - Bottom 6 winger
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    I just think it is hard to know what you get with youth these days. I hate to say "back in the day" many of the guys playing hockey came from middle class hard working families. I am convinced that is no longer the case.
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    I would have to think Melnick is hearing it from all angles and maybe even the League. The problem is finding another Canadian based owner that would want to keep the team in OTT. Maybe the Liberal Party of Canada could try this in their all out attempt to buy votes LOL
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    I like most of what he has done this off season. I like to bash BT too but I do admire he tries to swing for the fences. Can't deny he is trying.
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    I remember reading somewhere that there is a spike in men that end up in the emergency room on Christmas morning because of that packaging. I'm not sure if it's true, but it's always stuck with me. Love.
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    So am I the only one fully expecting Brouwer to surface in Edmonton , and on the Top powerplay? Haha
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    Mid-Summer Pondering: Gaudreau - Monahan - Neal Tkachuk - Ryan - Lindholm Bennett - Backlund - Frolik ? - Jankowski - Czarnik I'd be real happy with the first 3 lines. Neal snipes for Johnny. Ryan and Lindholm can trade off positions depending on who has the hot hand at the dot. Bennett goes back with the line-mates with whom he has played his best hockey. Near equal minutes for the 2nd and 3rd lines. However, for the life of me, I can't decide who to play on the 4th line's LW. Brouwer (RW), Hathaway (RW), or Lazar (C/RW)? Maybe move Jankowski to LW and put Lazar at C?
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    My general thinking is that most players 24 and under should improve year over year. Age 25-29 will usually be fairly flat. Age 30-32 might see minor declines, then it’s a crapshoot after that as to how great the regression will be. Using that highly unscientific criteria, the following players have a high chance of being better next season. Bennett, Jankowski, Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk, Kulak, Gilles, Lazar, Klimchuk, Foo, Lindholm, Hanifin. The following players have a high chance of regression. Brouwer, Smith, Giordano. Overall, I think we stand to gain more than we lose this year from Father Time.
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    All this Toronto talk is making me sick. We get enough of it on TSN, Sportsnet, etc...please don’t post midget stats for Tavares. Gord Miller could hardly contain himself ! I think I need a vacation from this. Nice to see Iginla get acknowledged today!! What a career. Back to the topic of this thread, is there any reason not to add another veteran NHL 5/6 D man who may be a lower cost than what we have currently or would you keep what you’ve got?
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    Not Me... I'd much rather see them Make the playoffs...and get knocked out by the Islanders . Money just cant buy that kind of entertainment
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    Because: It is obviously a template that works. It is good enough to get into the playoffs and anything can happen if you make the playoffs.(LA) the SC Winners template is hard and expensive to duplicate(1 off) There are more but you get the idea. Just because they are 2nd best does not mean you dismiss the good attributes.
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    Center is better that’s true. We had Marc Savard to play with Iggy but management wouldn’t pay him the 300k (or so) per year more he wanted. I still think that was a bad move and we may have fared better in those years if we signed him. Imagine what that top line could have looked like? St. Louis- Savard-Iginla. I actually think Johnny Hockey could score 100 points if he had a prolific talent on his RW. Somebody who needs to be watched in addition to Monahan so JH can get his space to work his magic on the ice. This year, teams knew that if they key on JH and take a few liberties against him they had a good chance of winning against us as the supporting cast was not able to consistently help out. We have better scoring depth at the forward position than last year, we’re just not quite there yet.
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    I actually do like Kristen Anderson, but in this case she did a really poor job of summarizing these quote. I just listened to the interview I feel like how Kristen Anderson highlighted it makes it sounds way worse than it ways. Case in point he never used the word "pissed off" The question was asked about how he saw the relationship going forward given the stigma of arbitration and was he worried about his relationships with Kulak. He did not agree that was the case and explained how arbitration was business for both sides and Kulak made a business decision and they responded with another business decision. The discussion around the poor season, was more to justly why they took a hard line stance as opposed to just being more flexible and giving him what he wanted because everyone needs to be better next season. The comments seemed to be much more pointed at the process of arbitration and RFAs and I don't think Anderson reflected that. Treliving was getting at what a lot of us here were in that while Kulak was solid, he was a solid number 6 on a team that came 20th so there is only so much excitement you should have about that. Edit: I guess in fairness to Kristen Anderson maybe she spoke directly with him and he gave her that quote directly, but if her source is the interview on the Fan then I think it's very misleading.
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    They are showing Rittich & his 0.800 in the minors/non-roster players section. The total & projected space only includes roster players,
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    I dont get why people have to assume just because a player is good at fighting , its all hes good for Has anybody here actually seen him play ? Seen him over the last year in Stockton where Huska praised his play and improvement in all situations ? All the same things were said by people when we signed Engelland .. and he turned out to be worth every penny BT also said the same things about Prout , he said about Engelland. A player that has been changing his game, is capable of more than he's been given . When we resigned him he used Engelland as an example 2 of our Assistant coaches know the player very well... I say before we go writing him off as just a "face puncher goon " let's let the people who may actually know what they are doing determine that ?
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    For those saying it’s a dick move I agree. But it’s also a fact that you can’t be everybody’s buddy. BT has to make decisions like this or he’ll turn frail and useless, like GG was. The last thing we need is being soft in the mgmt ranks. I feel bad for Kulak because he might be one of the nicest guys on the team and he’ll be in this league for years, but I’d grow really tired of BT really fast if he can’t do things like this to show he has the reigns and doesn’t kowtow to demands.
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    If the Jets go for 2 years Trouba will be UFA right after. If it does go through arbitration they'll elect 1 year rather than 2 as it's the teams choice. If a contract is reached it'll go past 2 years so buy some of those UFA years meaning a higher cap hit. & no, Brodie & Frolik wouldn't do the trick. In the 1st place the combined cap would hurt the cap more than giving Trouba $7 million while downgrading D. In the 2nd there is nowhere for Frolik to play as Wheeler & Laine hace the spots in the top 6 while the Jets have cheaper options for the bottom 6 including ELCs like Roslovic. IF he is traded (& that's a huge if) the return will be much larger.
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    well to start I should clarify it is not "essential" it's just what I would start with personally. Combination of the fact that I think his skill set is better suited to center vs the wing and the fact that he's already said that center is his preferred position. Lindholm's 2 biggest strengths are his ability to carry the puck in and out of the zone and his ability to find people once in the offensive zone because he is a pretty good play maker. However, he's a below avg shooter. For me, I like centers who can bring th epuck up and down the ice, attack the middle and then dish off to wingers. The logic of him being on the RW due to a lack of depth is sound and i'm not saying it's wrong, It's just not what I would do that's all. I think the best way to maximize Lindholm is at center. I'm also not as high on Jankowski as some others too so i'm being a 3rd line LW is not an issue to me. I'm a really big fan of Monahan-Lindholm -Backlund down the middle and it's much better than Monahan-Backlund-Ryan IMO.
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    Here is a good example..we will ignore for a second that Saros is not getting traded What has he done ? hes played as many as 26 games in 3 seasons and 21 and 1 previosusly has been in the A every year at some point Plays for a top team , top D in front of him , so yes.. his GAA and SV% look good MAYBE he's a stud, maybe not . I see no Guarantees with him but yet, people are willing to jump him to the top of our G- core , when maybe, just maybe one of Rittich and Gillies will be just as good . IF he were to be traded (he's not ) NSH would demand a Kings ransom for him .. a 1st rounder for sure for starters