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    VS Mar. 8th 5pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 6th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    It does not sound like the issue was serious. Bruising and stretched tendons, i would bet a vast majority of an NHL roster would have something similar. I'm not really concerned about the injury or having him play through it as it doesn't sound serious. However, where I do have some concerns is that sounds like an injury broght on due to fatigue or overuse. I think the Flames played the crap out of Rittich early in the season and IMO it was not necessary to do so. The model the Flames have had here for years is to take a very short sighted view of their goalies and just play the crap out of one of them early in the year. I wish they would take a long term view and maybe stuff like this doesn't happen.
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    This is why the Flames won’t succeed in the playoffs. They are slow starters and play to get a feel for a game instead of dictating the play. They wait to see how other teams start.
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    Do I have a bias against the tyrannical communist government of China?... Absolutely, and so do millions of people that live in China... China lied, people died... One of my best friends for the last 30 years came from China, he came to Canada as a teenager, and he shares the same views that I posted... and so do other Asians that I know, including neighbors... My bias is not racial, it is directed towards the government of China, and it is based on easily verifiable facts... I do not choose friends by their race... I have Asian friends, and that will never change... None of this is their fault... Up to 80 percent of the 300,000 rapid coronavirus test kits ordered that the Czech Republic ordered from China are not working properly https://www.praguemorning.cz/80-of-rapid-covid-19-tests-the-czech-republic-bought-from-china-are-wrong/ Spain, Europe's worst-hit country after Italy, says coronavirus tests it bought from China are failing to detect positive cases https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-spain-says-rapid-tests-sent-from-china-missing-cases-2020-3?amp&r=US&IR=Tutm_source=msn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=msn-story&utm_campaign=bodyurl The Netherlands has recalled 600,000 coronavirus face masks it imported from China after discovering they were faulty https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/the-netherlands-has-recalled-600000-coronavirus-face-masks-it-impo So it is not 'my' bias that is clouding my objectivity, maybe you should take a closer look at your own bias...
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    Interesting. He was ranked on a few writers lists. The depth certainly makes sense.
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    In times like this, even though it is a situation that needs to be taken seriously, we all still need to remember how to smile...
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    Go fund me has been started for the employees. Players such as Lucic, Monahan,Bennett, Gio, Gios Wife, Brodie’s Wife and Rinaldo have all donated several thousands of dollars.
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    Walmart told employees a few days ago that if they had to self-isolate or were quarantined they would be paid in full for their normally scheduled hours for 2 weeks... If stores like that can do it, sports teams should also be able to give support to the people that help keep things running for them as well... Like the ones that sell their overpriced food and beer, and particularly those not covered by the new EI plan...
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    they could have the stadium announcer put a sound of the crowd in the background. press the OHHHHH button when someone nearly scores. an ahhhhhhhh when it’s the home team that nearly scores. the rahhhhhhh! When they do score. cardboard fans? Have movable parts where they stand when they score? lol
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    Looch showed what he can bring to benefit the team last night... It was good to see, and he was a wrecking ball on the ice... So far Looch has 1 more goal than Neal had last season, assists are even at 12... Neals +/- is -21, considerably worse than anyone on the Flames, and more than double the average for the team... Neal is still a liability on the ice, and I still don't miss him a bit...
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    A minimum of 2 and possibly 3 crucial points have been left on the table because of an inability to manage the game. 40 seconds in Nashville 3mins tonight. Could be costly
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    Double D!!!! Hahahaha listening to her yelling Double D!
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    I feel like he’s a guy that needs to skate and playing wing he doesn’t get moving as a winger like he does a center.
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    The problem I have with Monahan, is that unless you have someone who can drive play and create offense playing with Monahan, his usefulness drops off a cliff. Backlund can run his own line and make his linemates much better, Monahan can't.
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    Saves - Round 1 - Matchup 7 Jonas Hiller vs. Connor McDavid - 2015 Mike Smith vs. Artem Anisimov - 2018 Goals - Round 1 - Matchup 7 Matthew Tkachuk vs. Nashville - 2019 Matthew Tkachuk vs. Los Angeles - 2019 Playoff Overtime Goals - Round 1 - Matchup 7 Marcus Nilson vs. Detroit - 2004 Western Conference Semi-Final Gm 1 Mike Bullard vs. Winnipeg - 1987 Smythe Division Semi-Finals Gm 3 (1:16 in the clip)
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    I think you understand what I am trying to say. It gets misconstrued because I sound like I am contradicting myself. But I feel like this team is a bit of a contradiction and how you're explaining it is exactly how I feel. To me, they aren't a good team because they don't play like a good team. They have the ability to be a good team, but they don't play as a good team consistently. This team DOES have the talent to do more, but there is something missing. I don't know if it's a missing first liner, or what? But they're missing a leader in the forward ranks. Someone that pushes the group harder. They're still a team where you shut down one guy and you have a good chance of shutting down the rest. I get what you're saying about expectations. They talk like the expectations are there, but they don't work up to it. Maybe it has to do with the message from the top down, just make the playoffs. Playoffs are the expectation, but the mindset of a champion is not. I also don't expect a 100% effort 100% of the time. It is impossible. I just expect a give a Satoshi Nakamoto factor. I loved the Flames even before the Iginla days when they would fight to the bitter end. They at least tried. So for me, I can see the difference. I get that those teams weren't going to win it, but they fought to the bitter end.
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    Hey robrob, I see the same things you do. I talk a lot about the give-a-crap o meter, a measurement I wish could be properly assessed and added to player stats, and the lack of it this team shows most often. It’s up and down, it’s out of sync, non-existent, and unstoppable. And this can be all in the span of a single game (lol). Compound that across an 82 game schedule and its enough to make anyone pull out their hair. I agree with you that the eye test doesn’t match some of the statistical data. But here’s the thing, the flames also have some talent. And the talent is what’s contributing to stats. Now, we have to be realistic that this team isn’t going to run the table for a full 82 games giving 100% effort consistently. It’s impossible. Last season we were opportunistic and scored at will, but I could definitely see the details slipping in games we still won. And I share in the frustration that this team is capable of more if they would up their mettle. I’d love for them to take a look at a team like the Boston bruins and develop that kind of consistency in their effort, that kind of expectation game in and game out, and let the hockey gods and nature take its course when it comes to off-games. There was an interview with Bergeron recently (I believe) where he said when he came to the bruins there was an expectation as to your level of play, an expectation that you are accountable to your teammates, and an expectation that you’re going to compete for the playoffs and a potential cup. Anything less isn’t bruins material. And this is something he shows as a leader in the dressing room now. This is something I believe is missing in the flames dressing room. Is it a coach thing? I believe it’s part of it. But I also believe players have it or they don’t. Some are born leaders, some are born followers. I like Gio as a leader, but I think he needs a few more strong leader types in that room. (Tkachuk will get there, not there yet)
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    The effects of this virus could have been minimized, but China made this a global problem by dropping the ball... Millions fled from China including places like Wuhan and Hubei province before China finally decided to admit there was a serious problem... and then they started to spread the virus all over the world... China is already positioning themselves to try and be the ones that come out ahead with their economy while the rest of the world still has to deal with this... They will try and get back to manufacturing items they have a monopoly on and ramp up production as soon as possible, and they will also seize the opportunity to increase production on items needed to deal with this crisis "in order to help", but at the same time they will be attempting to maximize an increase of their GDP to facilitate their 50 year plan for global domination... Any country that accepts financial aid from China will be selling part of their soul, whether it be connected to loans, or any sales that are business related (including property)... and they will be helping China along with their 50 year plan at the same time... It's already quite obvious which country will benefit from this... and that is what will happen unless the rest of the world collectively says no to China's tactics, and then also rightfully holds them accountable for this crisis...
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    It is, and I commend the "Bank of China" for stepping up and donating the much needed medical supplies... But no supplies have come back from the Chinese government in return for what we sent them yet though... and speaking of the Chinese government, here is one of their the latest dumbass moves... the Chinese government has recommended using Tan Re Qing, an injection containing bear bile, to treat severe and critical COVID-19 cases https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2020/03/chinese-government-promotes-bear-bile-as-coronavirus-covid19-treatment/ Sounds like one heckuva asinine idea for a solution for another virus that was caused by some of their peoples habit of eating bats and other animals that should not be on the menu... https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/03/200317175442.htm Obviously they have not learned a damn thing from their latest "gift to the world"...
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    I am saying the further from experiencing and watching the games the stats begin to get misleading due to the fact they’re seen as stats. Their play has been Satoshi Nakamoto all season with a game here and there where they looked good and the stretch when Ward took over. So yes the stats say they have won but the play hasn’t been remotely playoff worthy. Worthy to get in, sure. Worthy of a possible sweep or 5 game exit. Yes. now that we get more distanced from the games we will only see the stats and not remember the play. Now we get to use the stats for arguing a point that the team isn’t half bad. But they’ve been terrible for over a full season now, and have timidly started to play, and still quite inconsistent. The team’s history and core tells me that this is what they are and I don’t believe a good team. A good team doesn’t take almost a year off.
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    I’m not clinging to any hope of seeing hockey this spring or summer. It just doesn’t make sense. The lay-off is gonna be way too long and it’s essentially a new season. This were extraordinary circumstances, that were unprecedented, not the end of the world if we have to go one season without a champ IMO
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    Personally I think Bean is between a rock and a hard place, I think King was in that same spot as well. I think the 2010 area is right when the brand began taking a nosedive. But I believe its been caused by who's left and who's became more powerful. As long as Edwards is top dog I expect more of this stuff. I don't want to pretend like the issues of the last 10 years wouldn't have happened if Hotchkiss was still around as I don't believe the owners were ever completely on the same page about everything maybe not on anything, but it was in better shape when there were more voices involved than just Edwards.
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    The Flames should pay the employees. Not only is it just the right thing to do, but they also just received a ton of public funding for the new barn. It’s a really bad look. That being said they don’t have to, I mean owners don’t get to become rich owners by looking out for the best interests of others.... I will also echo what others have said, while it sucks and is a bad look, the CSEC workers aren’t unique in this situation. I mean I don’t have the option to work at home, if we are unable to work (construction) I sit at home and don’t get paid.
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    The sad thing is taking care of the arena employees has been led by the players with some owners jumping on board. The Flames are definitely not alone in this. We can shame owners like Edwards, Chipman, Melnyk, MSG, Molson and so on, but we can also spend more time praising millionaire players like Bobrovsky, and guys like Kevin Love, Zion Williamson and Antetokounmpo from the NBA for doing what they are doing, hopefully more step up.
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    I want to argue with you but you keep saying things that I agree with lol
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    which goalies are available to come here and be a league top 5 number one goalie and will fit into our salary cap.Cause if yoiur goal is the cup.. then this team needs to be conpletely torn apart and restructured by position and salary
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    It is proven once you have the virus, beat it and tested clean, you can catch it again. rinse and repeat. So as Merkel said there could be a 70% infection rate which is most likely under stated. Stay healthy all !!! you have a 99.7% chance of beating it. Less than the car ride to the grocery store to get more toilet paper.
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    This is exactly the state of the Flames. That’s IF they make the playoffs at all. I’ve been saying...don’t expect a different team in the playoffs. I don’t trust the Flames against any team in the 1st rd right now, they don’t yet possess the mental fortitude to put together even a 60 mins effort let alone potentially 7 games.
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    Mange echoed what I said. Problem is they need to start on time, first and foremost. Ward seems to think after 9 minutes in we were even - he needs to stop saving the players from the truth. They need a reality check.
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    Hockey Gods. Satoshi Nakamoto happens. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here... something like “don’t come out flat and go down 3 goals before you decide to play, then luckily make a game out of it and think you’re a good team. Put in a 60 minute effort next time and try never relinquishing a lead for a change” or something along those lines...
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    Gio, wake up and kick the puck to the corner! How bad can they get
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    Cassie sounds so much better when paired with Leah lol.
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    No sure what Wardo will do for the lines yet, but I would put Bennett as 3rd line C, and Ryan as 4th line RW...
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    Don't see anyone else signed up yet, so I'll do one for tonight's game against the Knights...
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    I’m beginning to doubt he will score 2 more. Seems to have reverted completely back to 2019 Neal, and is on the fourth line now.
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    This is the time of year to sign college free agents. It would make sense for Calgary to look at signing a couple of defensemen, just to help backfill some of the depth at the AHL level.
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    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Win!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ya. No kidding. I’m just not enthralled with the love for Janko at center. Are we even going to qualify this guy in the off-season? I don’t even care to have Bennett on 3rd line C. I like Ryan there. Just swap Janko and Bennett on line 4. I’d be satisfied with that.
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    Good Morning Calgary! Just in time to see the Flames goals.... Let's continue that way Rock and Roll the Yotes
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    One of the key match-ups down the stretch is with the Jets. We play them twice, and winning both those games likely assures we would finish ahead of them in the standings. Lose both, and the opposite will be true. Tonight is also extremely important. Winning puts us 5 points up on the coyotes. Win those three games, and our chances of making the playoffs are very good.
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