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    You know whats interesting about this comment and point on that draft class, of that top group reinhart and draisital both have spent almost all their time on the wing with very good players. While most websites still have them listed as centers draisital spent a ton of time playing with mcdavid and reinhart I cant remember, but im pretty sure he played on eichels wing when he wasent injured, as well as O reilleys wing but I could be wrong. Its interesting that out of that group of players, bennett also had success on the wing with good players, but even while being loaded with crappy players for a large majority of the time, he still performed admirably in my opinion. I was very happy with bennetts first season at center, and like I said out of all the players in the top 10 who were drafted as centers he is the only one playing center. Bennett had some struggles offensively, but down the stretch with versteeg and chiasson things started to turn around funny how that works. I dont think everyone realizes how hard it would be to create offence with brouwer on one wing, basically taking away one side of the ice.
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    My review of Treliving against Chiarelli. Since BT has been on the job since 2014 and Chia was hired in 2015, I will only compare BT's body of work starting in 2015 (Bouma and Raymond signing are off the hook). I will also exclude Chia's history with Boston. Chiarelli Trades http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Peter_Chiarelli/284 Drafting: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00005632.html Key signings: Andrej Sekera 5.5x6 Milan Lucic 6x7 Oscar Klefbom 4.1x7 Signed coveted college free agent Drake Caggiula Connor McDavid 12.5x8 Zach Kassian 1.95x3 Mark Letestu 1.8x3 Kris Rusell 4x4 Cam Talbot 4.1x3 Treliving Trades http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Brad_Treliving/275 Drafting http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00005090.html Key signings Mark Giordano 6.75x6 Johnny Gaudreau 6.75x6 Sean Monahan 6.37x7 Michael Frolik 4.3x5 Mikael Backlund 3.5x3 Dougie Hamilton 5.75x6 Troy Brouwer 4.5x4 Michael Stone 3.5x3 Micheal Ferland 1.75x2 Signed coveted college free agent Spencer Foo Chiarelli vs Treliving. TRADES Chiarelli- The Good Adam Larsson for Taylor Hall Cam Talbot for 2nd, 3rd and 7th round pick Patrick Maroon for Martin Gernat and 4th round pick Zach Kassian for Ben Scrivens The Bad Justin Schultz for 3rd round pick. I know this seemed like a good move at the time but Schultz has really blossomed into a solid defender since leaving EDM. Griffin Reinhart for a 1st and 2nd round pick Undecided Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome Treliving- The good Dougie Hamilton for a 1st and 2 2nd round picks A 2nd and 3rd round pick for Curtis Glencross 2nd round pick and 4th round pick for Jiri Hudler Travis Hamonic for a 1st and 2 2nd round picks Michael Stone for a 3rd and 5th round pick Brian Elliott for a 2nd round pick. This move got the Flames into the playoffs Jyrki Jokipakka, Brett Pollock and a 2nd round pick (Dillon Dube) for Kris Rusell 2nd round pick for Sven Baertschi. This allowed the Hamilton trade to happen. The Bad Markus Granlund for Hunter Shinkaruk 3rd round pick for Brandon Bollig Undecided Mike Smith for Brandon Hickey and 3rd round pick Curtis Lazar for 2nd round pick The verdict- Chiarelli. He added a vezina caliber goalie, a top pairing d, a winger who can play a physical game and creates space for 97 and a solid bottom 6 energy forward. This was a very tough decision for me and I like Treliving's moves, but Chiarelli improved F, D and G and gave up fewer assets than BT who primarily addressed his blueline. Also I penalize BT for being unable to find a reliable #1. Drafting- players who I think will/have played (longshot I know lol) Chiarelli 2015- McDavid doesn't count Caleb Jones Ethan Bear 2016: Jesse Puljujarvi Tyler Benson Dylan Wells 2017: Kailer Yamamoto Stuart Skinner Treliving 2015: Rasmus Andersson Oliver Kylington Andrew Mangiapane 2016: Matthew Tkachuk Dillon Dube Tyler Parsons Adam Fox Matthew Phillips 2017 Juuso Valimaki Adam Ruzicka The verdict- Treliving. I have really liked CGY's last few drafts and I also feel their prospect pool is better and deeper than EDM's. Signings Chiarelli The good McDavid signing for 8 years Klefbom for 7 years Talbot for 3 years The bad Signing Sekera for 6 years Signing Lucic for 7 years Signing Russell for 4 years Signing Kassian for 3 years Treliving The good Monahan for 7 years Gaudreau and Gio for 6 years Frolik for 5 years Hamilton for 6 years Backlund for 3 years Ferland for 2 years The bad Stone for 3 years Brouwer for 4 years The verdict-Treliving. I know Tre has a history of bad signings, but nothing near as bad as Sekera and Lucic's contracts. Those 2 deals will hamstring EDM in the upcoming seasons. I do give Chia credit for signing McDavid for 8 years though. Ultimately, both guys deserve credit for turning their respective franchises around. Although CGY doesn't have a McDavid, all bias aside, I like the Flames, lineup, prospect pool and upcoming cap situation better than Edmonton's. Thanks for reading
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    I don't understand why you hardline it, myself. You ice the best players you have. If Jankowski is one of our top 12 forwards, get him into the roster. You know what really amazed me with the Pens the last 2 years? When they called up prospects, they didn't banish them to 4th line duties, look what that did for them. Having Jankowski as a 4th line C at 7-9 minutes a night would be retarded, imho. Leave him in the A then. Left side on the 2nd line, lots of ice time, fast learning curve protected by 2 possession monsters. If Jankowski's up to the task, and I think he is, that would be a giant boost for us. Bennett HAS to be given the opportunity to take his line to a 2nd line. Tkachuk can help with that. We HAVE to give Bennett someone to pair with.
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    If he's a rookie so is Eichel. Most centers start on the wing on lower lines to acclimatize them to the NHL & are usually moved up to the top 6 in either capacity of wing or center after 3 seasons (abbreviated or not). IMO the Flames got high on his potential too soon while Bennett appears to be a classic case of a player that would have benifited from more time in junior. The excuses of nothing to learn or being on a bad team weren't there so I think the Flames stunted his growth. What he becomes now is as much on management as him. Does he become a solid bottom 6 or can he still become a top 6 while others are there needing to be outplayed to earn the spot? Trade value is iffy as top teams will either see him as a possible replacement for 1 of their top guys if brought along & groomed or just a young depth player. Teams lower down the rung have their own picks they are big on. It would be a mistake to trade Bennett now but I believe this coming season is the acid test as to what he becomes. The Flames are likely to give him the chance to prove he's what they (& we) believed he'd be but given that there are many kids still on their ELC making him look like an afterthought he has to prove something this year. If he becomes a shutdown 3C like Couts in Philly (some see him as a bust because he doesn't put up big scoring #s without PP but is excellent on 5 vs 5) I'd see him as a top end asset. Too a lesser degree if he becomes a top 6 winger he's worth his keep. Regardless, it's time for him to show what he really is.
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    That is a lot of bounce back/breakout (& you omitted Stone) so we can hope that if only 1/2 do it's the most important 1s (i've high lighted the 1s I see as most needed to) do so. I left out Lack as if he fails there are still unemployed goalies that could serve as backup. If Bennett starts slow/bad I see him getting moved around Christmas since by now he's had enough time to know he has to impress early to rise in the ranks (if he doesn't look like he'll make still pending next year UFA Backlund look disposable he becomes a disposable asset himself).
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    This is one of the funniest videos ive ever seen JJ, thanks.
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    A remote controlled cattle prod in his shorts would ensure motivation.
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    I am Good luck trying to do as much damage as Lowe and MacTavish did...
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    the leash is too long? talk about cutting down a young player, and giving him no leash. He has played one year at center in the NHL, one as in the number 1, and one year at wing. This is not a kid whos 24 and is just not putting in effort. If you want look around the league at how other people introduce their high potential players to the NHL, and then tell me to let him ply his trade with role players. I dont think the flames have done too much wrong with his development, there has been some wrong choices, but you dont get better by giving someone crap to role with. Also its not watering down the lines to spread the players around, just look at pittsburgh with kessel having spent time on the third line. It has nothing to do with bennetts draft position, it has to do with putting your players in a position to succeed. Backlund will succeed without tkachuk, bennett wont succeed if you give him chiasson, brouwer and versteeg, then ask him to produce. Even with all that he still paced himself with a 48.2% corsi for, which is pretty dahm decent for a rookie center. I could go into all the stats, but plus/minus doesnt tell the whole story, same as corsi.
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    I fully agree on the bolded. I don't believe that opportunity comes every year. Bennett's breakout year could be this year. Regardless, we can't hedge on waiting until it happens to add a player like Hamonic, because what you really need just isn't there the moment you need it, you just hope you're planning is accurate. I believe that is as solid a fit for our top 4 as we could ever hope to get, at that age, experience and cap hit. I don't believe it's realistic to think it's just there when you want to do it, you have to do it when it's there. My thoughts right now is that is a home run trade.
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    Just reading the last couple pages and I have a few thoughts on the discussion points. First off, the talk about "if we could find the right winger for Johnny he could perform to his true ceiling of 100+ points". That's crazy. Look at the points last year league wide. One player just made it to 100, and it was Connor McDavid, who is basically part human part hockey God. The player under him in points total just happened to be awarded this year as "the best player in the NHL"; Sidney Crosby, coming in at 89 points. I doubt Johnny Hockey ever reaches 100 points, and I'm completely OK with that. We don't have a "generational talent" on our team....but we also don't have one player taking up $12+ million per season. We have numerous quality players, and we're just hoping that the sum of those really good players can outplay teams like Edmonton who have that legitimate 100 point superstar generational talent. That's not Johnny, and I doubt it ever will be, regardless of who we have playing for him. You could argue that even if he had Connor McDavid playing alongside him he might not ever get to 100 points...if you look at the Oilers the points totals falls off a cliff after Connor McDavid, and they have some decent players around him. But, yes we could have gone out and got the top line a Panarin type player to play with him, Chicago probably would have parted with him for a 1st and two 2nd rounders, but Brad Treliving decided to build from the blue line out, not from the top line down. And I actually agree with him. Look at Nashville last year, they made it all the way to Cup Final, and I bet you'd be surprised to know the top scorer on their team: Viktor Arvidsson coming in at a whopping 61 points. They won with an elite - but aged - goalie, and an incredible D corps, and a bunch of "pretty darn good" forwards, but no real superstars. I guess an easy argument to be made against that is that they actually lost to Sidney Crosby and Company who had really poor defense, but those darn Penguins are a crazy team with how much talent they have up front, and two Vezina goalies in net. Not to mention numerous questionable calls, but that's a topic for another day. Plus, when you look at our team, I think this year our Defense is better than Nashvilles, our forwards are arguably better, and our goalie...well...that's the million dollar question. The point is that we wouldn't have arguably the best D group in the entire league if we decided to put more emphasis on getting the top line a elite winger to play with them. I guess Treliving decided that preventing goals was more important that creating them. He believes in the forwards we have, and went out and upgraded our D corps to possibly "best in the league". Getting Hamonic to play with Brodie will open up Brodie to the player that he can be, it will catapult him further towards HIS ceiling, which will generate goals and scoring chances. It will also decrease goals against. We couldn't land both a top 4 Dman and a top line winger....and at this point we might not need that legit elite winger on the top line. Johnny and Mony will do their thing, our Defense should be rock solid, the 3M line should remain a force at both ends, and we have several forwards (Brouwer, Bennett, Lazar, etc) who could very well have rebound years. Our goaltending is still a question mark in my eyes, but it should be significantly improved. Overall, I think we're reaching legitimate "contending" status, and I think we can do that without another elite player on the top line.
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    Ranking the prospect pools of every Canadian NHL team! ( Not listing every prospect but some notable ones) 1.Winnepeg Jets: (Kyle Connor, Nicolas Petan, Eric Comrie,Kristian Vesalainen, Jack Roslovic,Logan Stanley) They have arguably the most balanced group of prospects, good potential amongst forwards and D men, their future looks bright but presently the team hasn't achieved much. 2.Calgary Flames: (Mark Jankowski, Tyler Parsons, Jusso Valimaki, Spencer Foo, Adam Fox, Rasmus Andersson, Jon Gillies, Dillon Dube) Man, have the Flames improved their drafting and development or what? Gone are the days where Chris Chucko is your best prospect lol. Flames have a good balance as well, strength lies in their D men and upcoming goalies. They have a lot of prospects potentially on the cusp such as Poirier, Klimchuk and Kylington as well but u guys already know that! 3.Vancouver Canucks: (Thatcher Demko, Brock Boeser, Nikolay Goldobin, Jonathan Dahlen,Olli Juolevi, Elias Pettersson, Kole Lind, Michael DiPietro) If you haven't been paying attention, the Canucks have quietly assembled a pretty solid group of prospects over the last few years. They had a solid 2017 draft and have some pieces that could become future cornerstones for the franchise. 4.Toronto Maple Leafs: (Kasperi Kapanen, Jeremy Bracco, Kerby Rychel,Timothy Liljegren) I'd actually rank them higher but a lot of their prospect graduated this year , and they still have a bunch of picks to add throughout the future draft years. They don't have much defensive depth among prospects and invested heavily in skill and speed. Overall a strong group for the future, they will be a team to watch moving forward. 5.Edmonton Oilers: (Laurent Brossoit, Jujhar Khaira, Ethan Bear, Caleb Jones, Jesse Puljujarvi, Tyler Benson, Nick Ellis, Kailer Yamamoto, Stuart Skinner) Oilers have improved their drafting , they have some decent balance now across the board but there's still much to be desired. They have some solid prospects on D and in net now as opposed to just focusing on skilled forwards for their farm. Yamamoto could turn into a steal if his game translates, still waiting on Pool Party to show up though. Overall a better assortment of prospects they now have to work with. 6.Ottawa Senators: (Logan Brown, Colin White, Thomas Chabot) Not much depth at all in their farm system, I was a bit surprised they traded Dahlen to the Nucks as he was one of their blue chip prospects. It's boom or bust for the Sens, they either continue to contend or they face a rebuild and overhaul very soon. Not much to get excited for but they have a couple really good prospects in tow. 7.Montreal Canadiens: (Charles Hudon,Nikita Scherbak,Ryan Poehling, Mike McCarron) Its Carey Price or die with this organization. They could go deep on the back of Price but if he gets injured or misses time this is a completely different team. Not much in the way of prospects, Drouin is still up in the air but I do think losing Sergachev will come back to haunt them. They have few resources to draw from internally so they'll be relying on expensive options such as trades, signing FA's etc. Overall, they hold the least amount of potential amongst prospects.
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    Ask me on Friday when I return from a large (multi) family camping trip.
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    Nor did i even hint it, in fact I specifically said there is no reason to assume by saying there is a window that it means they'll fall off a cliff once it's done. The only point of the window is that this current group is going to get 2-3 years and then changes will have to be made. Change can be for the better or for the worse but you don't know until you go through it so yes maybe they do wind up like a St Louis and they are there every year what if they are a team like the Flyers who can't find goaltending and even up having to make changes that don't pan out? The only point is we don't know. All we know is this current group looks pretty good on paper, will get a 2-3 year shot and then we'll see what happens after. Their ability to be a team like St Louis is mostly going to be decided by goaltending. If Gilles, Parsons, Rittich pan out, or they are able to acquire someone else that can give them stability, it's more likely but if they cant they'll be in trouble.
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    I see the "win now" as something to put the onus onto the players. "We built this team, we believe it has a great base from the D core out. There's enough offensive threats on the forwards to be dangerous. Now it's on you to do it!"
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    Wow! I haven't mentioned Stanley but you post like I'd been singing his praises as a better version of Chris Pronger. Yes, giants like Kanzig, Falkovsky & Mattsson will take time to develop (if they ever do). Hunter Smith @ forward falls into that category as well. I don't know why people equate toughness with size. Mario Lemieux @ 6'4" & 230 played small while 5'6" , 180 lb. Theo Fleury played like he was a behemoth. Dave Schultz was 6'1" & 185 lb. but scared the daylights out of bigger players.
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    I am getting a little annoyed at the suggestion that every college prospect we have is going to jump ship before signing with us. It is a rare occurrence. The college guys are there for education not the ability to wait it out and choose an NHL team. Zima few NHL teams would chance a tampering penalty. None are calling his agent/management team while his rights are held by another team. We traded Hickey.. How do you figure we lost him? It was not anything like this. Hickey played in Alberta and showed no signs of dissatisfaction here.
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    Barring a trade or UFA signing (yeah, Jagr) I figure Frolik is our best RW so use him with Monahan & Gaudreau from the start of training camp & see if they can develope chemistry. He's sneaky fast so can keep up with Gaudreau since the Flames seem determined to keep the Johnny/Sean pairing together & base the game on Gaudreau's speed. I'd prefer to do more to try to find ways to improve that involve more than just rearranging lines but those aren't ideas that would be popular so rather than start a war I'll leave it @ this.
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    I will be shocked if Brodie doesn't excel playing with Hamonic, there will be no excuses for Brodie heading into 2017/18.
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    Would the Flames have drafted Marc Edward? And would he be the same player regardless of which organization drafted him? I loved Kipper. The questions are pretty moot...
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    Not a surprise but a nice honor for sure.
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    Ideally I would say what you have here is correct however circumstances dictate the route a team will choose. I'm not upset how BT has chosen to go with any of Monahan, Gaudreau, Bennett or Tkachuk (although I would have sent him back to Jr ). BT has now given himself some options as you mentioned by filling in some gaps with more proven players and experience. This is why I am thinking (you have convinced me) especially forthis season to go for the gusto and use 2018/19 to transition in some over-ripe youth ready to contribute. Go for Jagr and get Ferland more properly placed. Go for someone more polished for our 3rd defensive pairing like Braydon McNabb, don't mess around with Bartkowski, Kulak or Wotherspoon. We would still be depending on a number of young core players to excel but the rest of the team is well balanced to contend full out. You have guys like Smith, Stajan, Giordano, Versteeg, Backlund, Frolik, Brouwer and if you add Jagr would think it very cool to make the SC their 2017/18 challenge.
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    How about we go with 2 & bonuses that top out @ 4. & yes, we could definately use him on a 1 year contract. Just showing the kids the work he does to last this long results in weeding out those that figure the talent they were able to use in junior isn't enough if they want to play with the big boys. Being loaded with talent but being vain enough to think that allows coasting loses to less talent that keeps working to eliminate weaknesses every time. A flash in the pan 1 year wonder in his 1st year is exciting but the next year players have the book on his go to move(s) & that sophmore slump becomes year 3 disappointment followed by lesser contracts until washing out of the league. 1 trick ponies don't have a long tenure. Those with less talent but a work ethic get better as they age while the talented 1s that learn how to adjust their game become unpredictable so harder to play against. I've used examples of work ethic in other threads. Without naming names there are a few on the current roster that would benifit from watching what this guy almost twice their age does to keep on top of his game (he can still undress those touted as top stars then set up a scoring play). BTW, I hope to see this turn into a "Welcome to the Flames thread".
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    I think they should keep going with their Trudeau approach for handing out the money, give Drasaitl 12M just a bit below McDavid.
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    I quit drinking years ago, but everyone knows beer and wine doesn't count!
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    There's time as Bennett didn't file for arbitration. Between the 2 drafts & trading for Hamonic, acquiring 2 goalies along with signing the easier negotiated 1s BT's been a tad busy. My guess is #s/term are being tossed around with both agent's players.
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    That's no different than signing any superstar, the team has no leverage. Jamie Benn was happy to sit, then they had to sign him or he'll sit all year and play AGAINST you next year. On his next contract, bang, $9.5, and he started threatening that it better get done early because of the bad feelings from the last contract. Leverage is on lesser players, not the stars with the NHLPA watching them closely.
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    What get's me is how can anyone can justify the reasoning for paying McDavid 12.5M the highest in hockey after only 2 years. Hockey GMs never learn.
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    I think trying to compare Chiarelli to Treliving is a very difficult task. I get you can isolate their moves but one took over a team with 3 1st overal picks and then was handed one of the best prospects in the history of the game who has already turned into one of the games best. Chiarelli has done a couple nice moves but having the calibre of Mcdavid affords you the opportunity to make moves other GMs can't. Sure maroon looks great but play him without Mcdavid and is he a trade we pay any attention to? Imo it's Treliving hands down. Chiarelli has murdered their cap with several bad deals and even some of his wins are pretty overrated. Because if pieces like Mcdavid, drasaitl, klefboom and talbot the Oilers will be very good, but Chiarelli only acquired 1 of those players.
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    I don't see the Lazar - Hudler comparison at all, except maybe the smile. If I was forced to find the closest comparison to Hudler from a player on our roster it would be Versteeg.
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    Would Ferland be considered for the RW position on any other team's first line? No. That is where the obsession stems from.
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    I was listening to Stauffer on the CHED today, if you've got time for a funny story... He was comparing the Russell signing to our Hamonic trade in a kind of, "we did better by not losing a handful of high picks" approach. But let's face it, it's kind of a July conversation that even my ADD wouldn't think to drift into a comparison on that. So his guest comes on, and Stauffer plies into this again, and I learned I wasn't the only one confused by the point he was trying to make. When he laid out the Hamonic for a 1st and 2 2nds, his guest immediately responded, "that's like the Reinhardt trade to Edmonton, I think Calgary gave up one more pick, but they got a heavily experienced NHLer. Edmonton got a prospect that they lost for nothing". It was classic. I think his guest was just as confused as I was when he was making whatever point it was prior to having the guest on.....Stauffer never did get on point with his guest about it. Sideshow Bob, is that you?
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    Trump would call this fake news.
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    Thanks. Somehow my old sig disappeared so I hunted around a bit & found this. LCB was always my favorite line. Great explanation of Hamonic vs. Larsson. You put it better than I'd have done. As you can tell from my posts I consider the trade for Hamonic the best move any GM made over the off season.
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    If BT hadn't made the trade for Hamonic some other team would have. 26 year old proven top 4 RDs on good contracts don't come on the market every year so it was a case of act now or just sit & watch him go to a rival. Say the Jets weren't confident they will re-sign Trouba they would have jumped on it & promptly traded Jake for more than we paid for Travis. We got lucky a couple of years ago getting Dougie for the same price but there it was for the RFA rights to a less proven possible top 4 (luckily he became 1) & promptly gambled a contract that pays almost $2 million a year more than the 1 that came with Hamonic. So the trade with the Isles works out better as we got a proven for less than we gambled on a maybe. You can't afford to pass that up. We've got prospects for down the road (unless we want to throw them into the fire by playing them before they are ready) or could have signed a stop gap #4 D @ $4 million x 2 (a tad more than Hamonic's 3.8 x 3) to bridge the gap but adding Hamonic was a rare opportunity. Now we can let the prospects get better while waiting for Gio to age out.
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    I am too. Just saying that a year development wouldn't have hurt him. I get he would've had to do another year of JR, but they burnt a year so he couldn't. Plus he was probably too good for jr anyway... so you're right. but everyone complaining about his game irks me. It's the reason I say if it's so bad, put him back on the wing where he played "better." But if you want him as a C, live with the growing pains. I think he was one of the most consistent players. Maybe not offensively, but he brings it almost every night. Once his offensive game comes around, he may be one of our best players.
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    Here is y issue with Bennett and the lack of quality linemates and why I think its a big deal. Not only is it very difficult for all young players to play in the NHL, it's even more difficult when your weakness as a young player isn't being supported. Bennett's elite skill in junior was his one on one ability and his competiveness. Now I want to be clear that I do not think that is a knock on his ability to use his teammates or that he is a selfish player because I don't feel that way. He does use his linemates well, but I also think in order to get to the level you want him to be at he needs to get better in that area. I think you saw early on with Bennett that he would be looking to try and make a play but no one was around to help so he was falling back into the trap of trying to do too much himself. I think there were many nights early on where the chances were there but the goals didn't come and he got very frustrated and I think that's when the Flames made the decision to focus more on the defensive aspect of the game and try to get him to settle down. I think he performed quite well in this area and showed progression so I don't think the term regression should apply at all but ovsiouly you want to see more but alot of that is confidence. I think teammates and having a successful line can do wonders for your confidence. Look at Draisatl who looked awful as a rookie, worse than Bennett, but then gets to play on a successful line, gets some confidence, and you see his game grow. It's a really hard league for young players to play in as it is, so when you can't handicap a young players weakness you are compounding the problem. MIkael Backlund is one of the smarter players i've seen play in the WHL and look how long and difficult it was for him to adjust to the NHL and excel. Flames need to do a much better job of helping Bennett with his weaknesses instead of expecting a 20 year old kid to carry guys up and down the ice.
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    Because the Leafs would never do that.
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    Iggy came close to 100 points 3 times in his career. Point is he never quite made it to 100 pt in any season. Time to temper our expectations a lot before we anoint anyone on the Flames as a 100 point player.
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    I guess I don't understand where people come up with this idea that he performs better with more talent around him. Because he had 4 points in 3 games with Team NA? Do people honesty think he looked more dangerous in those 3 games that at any point during his NHL career? I sure don't. Is it because he looked great at the World Cup and then came back and struggled earlier on? Is there no consideration that he went from playing a wide open system perfectly suited to his game and then came back to the Flames and played a much more complex one? The only reason is he played with better talent? Gaudreua's Points per game in the NHL is 0.88. The World cup it was 1.33 and in the world championships its 1.32. so factor in a decrease in quality of competition, bigger ice factor and the sample size, I don't think its fair to draw the conclusion that Gadreau produces that much more with more talent or that fact that Monahan "drags" him down. Keep in mind when they took Johnny off Mony's line last year it's not like he starting lighting it up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it just seems incredible crazy to me that anyone would argue that one of the best producing combos in the NHL for the last 3 years lacks chemistry.
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    Hudler was a smart player more than anything else but he also was a good passer and shooter. My ideal RW for these two would be a bigger stronger Hudler. I don't think Lazar was given any kind of right opportunity in OTT.
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    Tell that to the guy that hired him and gave him that paycheck. I think we were all somewhat disappointed in Brouwer's performance last season so let's see what he has this season, that is all you can do. GG has to manage the situation and put him where he can best succeed. You and a few others make it sound like he is already a useless bum. As for Ferland, I don't for a minute believe he is the final answer for Gaudreau and Monahan however it could be a good way to start. There are only 4 RW positions how many more bodies do we need ? Ferland, Frolik, Brouwer, Lazar, Versteeg, Hathaway, Poirier, Foo, Pribyl. Again I see no need for a 45 year old Jagr on this team.
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    And something people seem to forget is that bottom pairing guys, while not necessarily a minute muncher, are still important. It's rare when you have a team like Nashville for their top 4 (or potentially us this year) where your top 4 guys can eat 50+ minutes a game. If you aren't there, your bottom pairing needs to be able to reliably handle 15 minutes or so, and Kulak is a guy who could definitely be that (15 or so minutes a night, potentially can step into top 4 if injuries occur). For NHL readiness of our D, Kulak is top of my list (with Anderson being second). But I also agree that our D pipeline is definitely loaded with shots. Vali, Fox, Kylington, Anderson, Kulak and even Wotherspoon (who I'd say we could probably have replace Bart as the 7th. I don't see Spoon getting much better even with more playing time. A 6th/7th is where I see him at now, and doubt he ever really exceeds that)
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    Except Hamonic isn't an overpriced veteran. He's 26, getting paid slightly more than ELCs that most 1st rounders get if they hit bonuses & unlike most drafted D doesn't require years to be a top 4. With Gio getting long in the tooth Hamonic gives us 3 top 4 D aged 24, 26 & 27 for the next 3 years. Given the need @ D for both now & in the future the odds are against a D picked in the 1st or 2nd in 2018 or 2nd in 2019 will even be an NHLer in 2020 when Hamonic's current contract ends. Meanwhile he's here to help make those picks later in the round & even less likely to be near the impact player he already is. Unless we decide to tank or the Isles luck into a Shea Weber on 1 of those picks this 1 was worth it. If you want to complain about overpaid vets you could mention Smith but since the acquisition cost to get him @ 4.25 (roughly the minimum for a starting goalie) was Hickey (meh prospect that didn't fit), the rights to C Johnson (which turned out to be worth noth since he signed with the Sabres) & a 3rd it doesn't look bad. I figure re-signing M Stone might be a bit of an overpayment in $s/term but since we'd already had use of him @ 50% off all it cost was money & a 5th rounder. You have seen the arguement used in the past & on some of those you'd be right (especially with the benifit of hindsight). You have expressed a preference to rebuild from only high picks but the Flames refuse to go the tank to build route. Besides, there's no Crosby or McDavid on the radar so you'd have the Oilers pre-McDavid. You'll know when the "Next 1" is in sight because the Pens will sell off Malkin & other good players while Crosby retires & buys part of the team from Mario.
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    Now that the dust is settling around the league, you really gotta hand it to BT and appreciate what he's been able to do . He has the team set up for at least the next 2-3 years, with successors somewhat in place for continuation beyond that . He has our 2 biggest stars locked up for less than what Connor himself will make. He has arguably the best top 5 D core in the league locked up for at least 2 years, for less than we paid our D last year By the time we have to pay Tkachuk, money will be coming off the books and cheaper replacements will have taken their place. Bennett's struggles could end up being a godsend as now hes likely looking at a 2-3 year bridge Backlund is the only one who is a question mark , and he will likely be locked up before the season starts I personally cant think of another team in the league that is more stable with an open window, that isnt being forced to dismantle, or facing a tire fire in the near future. Pittsburgh just lost key pieces, Washington the same. Nashville Maybe is the closest but not sure what their cupboards look like.. Minnesota,,, maybe Edmonton has one year to get it done, before they have to start making decisions on who to lose..Nurse? Maroon?.. and they have virtually nobody on the farm and they have done virtually nothing to go all in for a run this year .. they better hope the experience makes their D better for next year Toronto has one year before Nylander comes up, 2 for Matthews.. so depending on how they handle the whack of UFA's next summer, they have at best a 2 year window.. Chicago is trying to keep their window open one more year , but I personally think they messed up by purging youth for reclamation ..but truth is they havent wont a cup since Kane and Toewe's deals kicked in . One will likely have to get moved after next year . Who knows what Montreal is doing .. Dallas is looking good, admittedly , but they dont have near the defense we do To look at it now, BT stayed ahead of the curve.. reality is we are a contender now, and set up to keep the ball rolling . We dont have a Major decision to make until Tkachuk in 2019 and TJ, Hamonic and Stone in 2010. Just the annual spare part turnover and likely the same RW questions . Literally No team is in the position we are now . Give him credit , he said after the playoffs Its time to raise the bar and that "it starts with me".. hes definitely walked the walk We still have to play the games obviously , but man its apparent now what he has done .
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