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    VS Nov. 25th 8pm PEPSI CENTER
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    Puck drop in 10 minutes, and no GDT. I’m at the game, and on an iPhone - so I can’t put together anything serious. Nevertheless, let’s rock! Love.
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    13-23-79 19-11-67 93-77-21 36-18-20 5-27 7-24 61-26 33 Love.
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    VS Dec. 6th 5:30pm Air Canada Centre
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    @ 24 November 2017 7:00pm MT Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
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    Who wants some orca for dinner?! Orca Bean Stew Ingredients: 3-1/2 cups Orca Beans (rinse and soak overnight) 1 large can San Marzano Tomatoes (whole crushed by hand) 3 Tbsp Green Bell Pepper diced 1 can Stewed Tomatoes (14.5 ounce can) 4 cans Green Chillis (4oz can) mild 4 tsp Chili Powder 4 tsp Garlic Powder 4 tsp Onion Powder 4 tsp Cumin 1/4 tsp Red Pepper Powder 1 tsp Jalapeño Chili Peppers diced 1 tsp Paprika 4 tsp Cilantro (fresh) 2 tsp Sea Salt 1 pound ground beef Cooking oil Come and get it!
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    WEDNESDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2017 5.00PM MT at Nationwide Arena SN360 FAN960
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    VS 9 Dec 2017 8:00pm MT Calgary, Alberta Scotiabank Saddledome By JMacPherson
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    VS Nov. 30th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 20TH 5PM Verizon Center
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    VS Dec. 16TH 8PM Home at the Dome
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    VS 14 Dec 2017 7:00pm MT By JMacPherson
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    VS Dec. 2ND 8PM Home at the Dome
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    Lines Flames Wild Goalies Mike Smith VS Devan Dubnyk
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    because I am sick with flu and feel like I am walking dead.
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    LINES & STATS due to suspensions - to be updated
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    I gotta tell you guys... I'm going to be really upset if this team doesn't make the playoffs. I realize there's a lot of hockey left to be played and all that, but that first round pick is really going to bug me if we don't get in. They can get swept in the first round again, and I'll be a lot less upset than if they just let the first go, and don't even make it. Love.
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    Lines Flames Sharks Goalies Aaron Dell VS Mike Smith
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    All I can say is that I'm very happy that Hathaway scored vs MTL. It gives him another start with that line and I'd like to see a few more yet. I get that people think of him as a 4th liner, but I don't think of it in terms of lines, but fit. I currently think that he's a good fit on that line if he's given the chance to get his legs under him. He can be a distraction with his grit, and I believe a guy that will get the dirty scrum goals would benefit the other 2. Unfortunately, I also believe Hathaway's window is game-by-game and very short-leash. I'm hoping he impresses, because he can skate with those 2, brings an edge, he's in phenomenal shape and doesn't back away from the greasy areas. I think that's a good mix on that line.
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    Just about every really good to great player had a partner to play with. Gretzky would not have set nearly as many records without Kurri. To dismiss Mony's accomplishments because he has JH is a double standard. You can handicap Mony if you like by taking away JH but it won't be a proper representation because it is a team game and top players get to play with other top players. You could say the same about JH, maybe he isn't the player he is without Money... you don't hear anyone bring that into the conversation so why with Mony?
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    Lines Flames Gaudreau - Monahan - Ferland Tkachuck - Backlund - Frolik Bennett - Jankowski - Hathaway Brouwer - Stajan - Lazar Giordano - Hamilton Brodie - Hamonic Kulak - Stone Nucks D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Grandlund - Boeser Vanek - Dowd - Gagner Gaunce - Chaput - Virtanen Edler - Tanev Del Zotto - Pouliot Hutton - Stecher Goalies Anders Nilsson VS Mike Smith
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    But how many times have you seen Hamonic defending 2 guys by himself, Brodie off who knows where. Hamonic has not look great but he also has not looked bad, he has been made to look bad by his partner. That said you can say the same of Gio and Ham, Hamilton left with 3 guys in the area last night , no Gio or center to be found. Than you have Hamilton lose the puck off his skate and with no desire try to get back in the play. There are HUGE issue on the back end, but overall assessment Brodie has been the worst of them all but still gets the most ice time!!
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    VS Nov. 28th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    As of this morning, Monahan is second in goals by centres this season behind only Tavares, 4 goals ahead of McDavid. 5 goals ahead of Crosby who has played 2 more games. Tied with Tavares for 4th in points by a centre and the only centre in the top 7 in points with a FO % over 50. Couturier is the only other centre in top 5 goals this season with a FO % over 50. Only 5 in the top 10 with only Seguin and Couturier better at face offs than Monahan this season. He is also third in +/- for the same group behind Couturier and Matthews. Of centres with more points, only Stamkos and Schenn have better +/- than Monahan. Nobody at C with higher points is over 50 in FO% the closest being Stamkos 5.6% behind Monahan at face offs. Funny how how these stats are looking pretty darned high end so far this season.
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    With the mood on these forums you would think we were at the bottom of the standings instead of being 3rd in our division and gaining on Vegas and LA. Can this team play better, of course, but the fact that we haven't played our best hockey yet and we are still 3 games over 500 and are in a playoff spot should be encouraging because this team will find its footing and then we will be pushing for that division lead.
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    A top 6 sniper anything less I keep him, even then I might just keep him, regardless if we can sign him or not, which I think we can. I think our depth down the middle is being tested a bit this year, Bennett didn't take the next step in his development like we all expected and now he is a winger, Jankowski is looking good but it has been such a small sample size that I don't think it is fair to expect him to be a 2nd line center this year or next year. Even if he does move to the 2nd line who would be our 3rd line center? I think we are continuing to see how valuable Backlund is to this team and why we need to get him re-signed.
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    Gully should have stuck to his guns and sat Brodie for that whole period. I 100% believe that our top 4 should be Giordano, Stone, Hamonic and Kulak for the foreseeable future. Brodie and Hamilton are terrible defensively, basically if they want to play like wingers let's play them there and get real defensemen here. Brodie has below average hockey sense and Hamilton just doesn't care if he wins or loses. Time to ship both out of town, these two playing 20+mins a night are the main reason for most of the defensive zone collapses. They are great offensive defensemen, but they both look lost in the defensive zone. I liked Hathaway with Jankowski and Bennett. I didn't much care for Jagr on the top line, he slowed that line down too much. I am so glad we aren't counting on Brossoit as our backup, the guy just isn't an NHL goalie. Why, why, why, why is Brouwer on the PP? The guy hasn't scored since last March. This is by far my biggest complaint with GG.