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    I think Jones/ Johannsen in terms of what it took to make the deal is very similar 2 teams dealing from a strength to fill a need.. however at that time Jones was not The top Dman in Nashville, I dont even think hes the top Dman in Columbus now PC as I stated earlier , had the right idea .. but panicked on the wrong deal .. he should have landed a PK, a Dougie, a Hamonic.. heck, even a Webber for Taylor Hall.. but everybody knew he was desperate and was committed to moving Hall IF , (and I say IF because I don't believe we can trade him ) we were to put Dougie on the market , the starting price to even listen should be Top line Forward (eg Marner , Drouin, Couturier, etc) Top prospect 1st round pick Reality is , these players (Top pair, high minutes , young , getting better ) just dont come on the market . If you really want one , you are going to pay for it John Carlson is a UFA, he is going to get PAID this summer .. Dougie, a better and younger Dman , is locked into a cap friendly deal The day we trade Dougie , is the day WE are the team looking for another Dougie .. so the trade would need to be jawdropping I believe teams will come asking for him , of course they will.. but they better be backing up a truck if they want BT to listen
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    If anyone is interested in acquiring Ryan O'Reilly, here is you cautionary tale. Here is where Ryan O' Reilly would rank on the Flames last year. These stats are 5 on 5 stats and filtered per 60mins. It also only includes players who played 400mins or more Goals - 11th. He would be behind Stajan Total Assists - 12th. he would be behind both Brouwer and Bennett. Yes, Troy Brouwer. 1st Assists - 7th Points/60 - 13th. He would be behind Curtis Lazar. I din't want to create that long a post but if you look at his things like shots, chances, rebounds created, rushes etc it's not any prettier. He really doesn't impact the game much 5 on 5 in anyway so basically a large portion of his production comes via the PP. Now is this just Buffalo? perhaps but his numbers are also not that drastically different form Colorado to Buffalo. There is a drop but not a massive one and not enough of one to say that it's simply the talent around him. This is not to say O'Reilly is a bad player. But you are talking about a MASSIVE amount of risk to give up the big assets you might have to and then pay him big salary to get this type of production 5 on 5. It's not a surprise at all that his name is coming up in rurmors.
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    The logic of trading a 25 year old top pairing dman signed to a bargain contract who just led the league in goals at his position, and in only just entering his prime, for picks is such a frustrating thought process To each his own, but IMO it's complete insanity to even contemplate.
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    BT dodged a bullet at the lottery draft.
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    What is this "TimeOut" you speak of?? signed Glen Gulutzan
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    I disagree, when your team devoid of RHS-RD from the 2nd pairing down and the next best hope you have is 2 or 3 years away, you make a deal. It just so happens Hamonic was the defenseman BT wanted so he paid the price. Once again if picks are the only collateral you have then use them.
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    Hard to say for sure that how he is coaching in the WHC will be exactly what he does with the Flames. Different ice and games mean some tweaks, but for those who care so far at the WHC Peters has basically been the antithesis of Gulutzan. Team Canada defenders skate and have the green light to take the puck wherever they want. Lots of dman rushes, pinches from the point, dmen below the hash marks even behind the net fore checking. Team Canada is aggressive in the neutral zone as well as at their own blueline. They've been caught a few times, but they are more aggressive. When they were tied against Latvia, he shortened the bench and ran 2 lines almost the entire 3rd period. Today in OT, Canada got a 4-3 PP. Peters called a timeout. Lots of point shots on the PP. They run the 1-3-1 but generate point shots from the high guy as well as the mid guys as well. Told the refs to do their "bleeping" job in the first period. Didn't take a penalty. So if you care about that kind of stuff, that's why i've seen so far.
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    This tourney means zero in relating Peters Canada vs Flames coach. nada.
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    What are you talking about Ryan Orielly had 24 goals and 37 assists for a total of 61 points during the regular season. http://www.nhl.com/stats/player?reportType=season&seasonFrom=20172018&seasonTo=20172018&gameType=2&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=faceoffWinPctg 24 goals puts him tied for 2nd on Flames with JH and Chucky, not behind Matt Stajan who only had 4. 37 assists puts him 2nd on Flames above Money and only behind JH. You failed to mention his faceoff win % is 60%...... let that sink in a bit... Shame on you Cross for your misinformation..
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    I think if anything, the A is a heavier league than the N. The skill level isn't has high so it's chippier, and then you have every player doing whatever it takes to get noticed. The NHL is faster and a lot more skilled. So I would assume that should fit Mangiapane better, provided he can think the game fast enough. But let's face it, he wasn't given an opportunity to play to his style in the NHL. Good rundown on Gallant on NHL radio saying he's an old school coach. He doesn't sit with players and go over film, just tells them what he wants. Wild Bill Karlson said Gallant told him in camp, "the way you play, there's no reason you're not a goal scorer in this league. Just play your game". Sure makes you wonder if everything isn't over-analyzed these days.
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    Phillips needs to replenish Mangiapane. That might be a tall order. Let's wait and see how he does in the A. I expect big trouble, but hope I'm wrong. Definitely not something I'm relying on. Mangiapane has proven himself though, I honestly think he needs a shot with the top 6/9 on the big club, and he's being underrated.
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    BT reacted appropriately this TDL. I think he was feeling like many of us as he still didn't know who the Flames were at the time. No sense in panicking and overpaying, he let it play through and here we are today with a new coach. GG never established an identity to this team and Mike Smith masked a lot of the team's weaknesses...that makes it hard to properly assess exactly what you have in your team. I think BT did the right thing, he did pick up a guy like Shore that could prove useful for depth but he didn't force anything
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    Did you check what it cost to get those players? Flames didn't have the assets to do any of those deals. so now Treliving is getting roasted for giving up too much to improve the team and not giving up enough at the same time. Had he made a deal and still missed the playoffs, which I would suggest is very likely, would you say he did the right thing?
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    No Sir, I don't share this sentiment at all. I realize that our boys are out of it, and it was painful to watch the last couple months of the regular season, but there is some excellent hockey being played right now. While I couldn't care less about another Penguins/Capitals storyline, I am really looking forward to seeing how the other series' pan out. Winnipeg/Nashville will be fanBlockchainintastic, Boston/Tampa will be excellent as well, and San Jose/Las Vegas will be fast, and should be loads of fun to watch. That's not to say that the World Championships are unworthy of attention, but if you're ignoring the playoffs because your team isn't in it, you're missing out on the best hockey that's going to be played in the next six weeks. Love.
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    Lets put this in perspective Carolina spent over 17 Million less on payroll than Calgary so that means , remove Johnny, Monahan and Gio from our team and instead of Mike Smith , put Hiller Back in Goal Where do you think we finish? That's essentially what he was coaching in Carolina in a division with "contenders" like Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington , and Columbus .. all speding to the Cap They finished ahead of The Rangers (and people wanted AV? ) Basically , if the only reason you have not to like the guy is he didnt get Carolina into the playoffs , then you're not looking at the bigger picture I want to know just 3 things : 1) can he use a player to their strengths and motivate them as individuals 2) will he hold players accountable , and use ice time accordingly 3) can he develop younger players and not be afraid to use them in key situations These wont be 100% answered until the puck drops next year , but his history says yes he can .. that works for me , because he has much more to work with here than he did in Carolina
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    one thing I will say , thats really got me captivated.. (and this not very much directed at this board ,but most others and social media, because although we can be passionate we seem to be more respectful) is the sheer amount of HATE and Vitriol that is being spewed over this hire Some People already want him fired and Bt with him.. and those are the pleasant comments we're not just talking disappointed, we're talking total hate and animosity . I have never seen a coaching hire in any sport that has stirred that . You'd think we just hired Dallas Eakins as coach , brought back Sutter as GM , and signed Hiller and Lack long term for our goalie tandem at the same time ...FFS.. just .. wow I freely admit he was my 2nd choice, but hes my coach now and I support it . Some of these people wanted Dave Tippett, who didn't take AZ to the playoffs in years .. that's what the knock against Peters supposedly is.. and Carolina is the AZ of that division They need to beat out Wsh, Pitts, Phil, Columbus just to maybe have a sniff at a Wildcard .. in short , they need to overachieve just to have a prayer This team , underachieved. they are as good on paper as whatever team makes the west final this year Now we not only have what appears to be an in tune coach, BT will most definitely be adjusting the roster still to come its ok to be disappointed your guy wasn't in the running , but OMG, lets give this guy a chance
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    To back this up, Holtby, Murray, Talbot are just a few guys that proved that. It turned out as it did for us, but you do it every time. You don't know if you don't try, and if you don't try you'll never know. It seems GG just let Smith call the shots. Because he should have given Rittich more starts prior to Smith's injury. GG always talked about, "emotional investment" and a "bank account of trust". He could have invested in Rittich a bit more and than maybe that "bank account" would have had more funds. Of course I'm just saying that because I do not like soft coach-speak...he's soft. It's evident, imo, Smith called the shots. You can give any player as much respect as you wish, but you're holding the reigns and calling the shots. Or...you're fired. Can't be everyone's buddy, and I sure hope Peters knows that.
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    I wouldn't even call it a misfire as much as I would call it bad luck He brought in Hiller who gave us a great season ..then inexplicably fell off a cliff the next He was in on Martin Jones, but chose to trade for Dougie instead He had every reason to expect at least as good a season from Hiller and Ramo the next, but again , Hiller fell off a cliff and Ramo got injured just as he was at the top of his game That summer he was in on Anderson ,MAF and Bishop.. all 3 would have cost us Tkachuk so he traded for Elliot which everybody called a steal and a great move .. his best move was not signing him to an extension early .. then he fell off a cliff in the playoffs , after doing the same to start the season . He apparently had the framework of a deal for MAF at the TDL, but I read that although he would have waived to come here , he told Rutherford he wanted to see it to the end , so he honored his wishes .. then apparently tried again on Bishop but the cost was either too high and / or Bishop decided to no longer waive his No Trade You can really only fault the moves in hindsight ..
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    Was never a favorite but is awesome and has a distinct style.. very hard to play fast without losing the rhythm and the balance of such licks.
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    The way the Jets are built is very admirable, but 2 things always need to be kept in mind. 1 - it took 7 years. 2 - They lucked out and got Patrick Laine. Quite honestly I see the Flames trending in the same direction as the Jets but it takes more than 4 years to get to that level, especially when the cupboard wasn't exactly full when Treliving got here. Same heights maybe not, but IMO the Flames are a season or 2 away from being a team that will have depth in almost all spots and be in a situation where young players can fill most of their holes. It's coming.
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    But they built to Byfuglien and Wheeler. Heck they ditched Evander Kane and stuck with what they thought they knew. When they got completely erased by the Ducks 3 yrs ago, they didn't waver. That's what's impressive about Winnipeg, they never lost their heads. We semi-called it a rebuild and went out and got Hamilton. Enough of the, John Madden voice "now here's a player you get when he's on the market". We weren't at that stage, but here we are. I wonder what Barzal, Sprong and Dunn would go for on the open market now. Probably more than 1 Dougie Hamilton. Now Hamonic. Worst job ever must be Flames scout. "Dude, you're honestly here scouting 90 to 160? bwahaha" No offense to Hamilton, but fans can't have it both ways, we gave up a lot in futures, for what was supposed to be a rebuild. Then repeat it for Hamonic, wow. Good luck with the rabbit BT...better yet, c'mon Maloney, loved you as a player bud. edit Elliott turned into an unfortunate event. Bennett's RW...coughcough Kyrou. For 1 year of Elliott. Sweet. When is this rebuild?!
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    Yeah that's kinda what I am saying. BPA is great, but past results prove consensus is out to lunch anyways. When do you toss the bpa out with the bathwater? Scout specifically to your needs, at some point.
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    There really isn't much in FA. So why force it, look at younger players. As for BPA, how many re-drafts do we need to call that a farce? In all honesty. BPA hasn't worked out, a lot.
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    I wonder if the Flames mgmt would take a step back and try to build an ELC line with prospects, or whether that's even necessary. I think it's always about "make the playoffs right now" with us, and BT's maybe on the hot seat. It's kinda frustrating, because we're pretty much not even at the draft table this year, but with most every team anymore, they get good and stay good by having the farm and big clubs working in cohesion. We're not good enough on the big club and don't have enough on the farm to even stay constant right now. I'm intrigued to see what BT does, because I don't even know if there's a wrong answer right now, outside of, STOP TRADING PICKS.
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    For the record unless you are the present contract holder you can only offer a max 7 year term to a player. The present home team is the only one who can offer 8 years.
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    Flames are more than a Tavares away from a SC so rather than being a lifelife adding him would be an anchor. He's the type you add when close to a championship team not while trying to become 1. Heck, with what we couldn't re-sign/add down the road due to the $s he'd take up he might as well stay on rge Island as their chances are just as good. If you only look @ the cap & space for next year there is room to add him @ $11 million short term but he won't sign short. that means in 2019-20 we'd have 12 & any cap increases to fill out a roster of 11. We'll want to keep Tkachuk so earmark another say $6 million leaving 6 & increases for 4 forwards, 2 D & 2 goalies. Even if the cap went up 5 million a year that's 16 for 10 players. A decent goalie runs about $4 so we'd be filling the b/u spot, bottom 2 on D & last 4 F spots with players averaging 1.7. Meanwhile most of our ELCs that are ready to graduate will be on their 2nd contract so not playing for minimum anymore. & that doesn't even allow for performance bonuses we hope they'll hit but that eat into cap space we won't have. As I've mentioned in other posts that long term outlook is why the Jets could afford to rent Stastny but won't be able to afford to keep him. Teams now employ cap experts (aka accounting nerds) for this reason. Project the $s into the future to try to ensure the team improves rather than just splitting the money between a different cast of players.
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    Stone for Kapanen in a heartbeat.
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    What's with your love for Leafs players? Gardiner, really? I'm pretty sure he's played for all 31 teams, all in a Leafs jersey.
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    I'd take Chychrun over OEL personally. I figure he will be the better full spectrum dman, personally. I can only imagine what Chychrun could become under Gio/Hamonic mentoring. I doubt Brodie and Bennett take 2 of their top futures though. If I'm ARI, I'm prolly not even listening if it doesn't start with Hamilton/Backlund. Gotta give to get.
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    So hard to pick against Vegas and they just love to defy the odds. But the Jets are the deepest and best team left in the playoffs and just proved it against Nashville. Fleury probably has enough to extend this series to 6 games, but I just don't think Vegas has enough to match the Jets when you break it down by the matchups. Vegas got fortunate match ups in rounds 1 and 2 and the Sharks started to make them look vulnerable. Jets are a much better team than the Sharks. Fleury can absolutely steal this series for Vegas, and he will have to, but the Jets come at you in waves and I don't think Fleury can hold up.
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    I think the one thing that has been forgotten about in regard to the Flames hiring Burke, was the state of the Flames and their hockey ops. The flames were basically a laughing stock under Feaster, Weisbrod, and King. Yes they did some good things and I'm not here to bring up that debate again or throw dirt on them, but it is well known that within the hockey world the Flames were considered a mess. Burke was hired to fix that. Clean up hockey ops, makes the moves he felt were necessary and set up the department in a functional way. I would say he succeeded in his mandate.
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    Bye bye Cindy! I won't miss you.
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    I think Stone needs off this team, not an increased role. I know many will point to the 16-17 season and think that Brodie-Stone were a good pairing, but they really were not that good. Brodie-Hamonic was actually a better pairing, by both metrics and the eye test, than Brodie-Stone were.
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    Not used to not giving you likes, but I definitely disagree with you here. Hamonic only has to do one thing well for us imo. Protect your goalie. Without him, right now, I'd say we have no one particularly good at it. Who remembers Detroit running Kipper at will? For me, it's still a big part of the game, so makes Hamonic amongst the least of our problems. His role isn't point producing, it's being tough down low. I expect to see him more comfortable with us in year 2, and us with him. And Brodie not let off-ice issues go on indefinitely. Patience is a virtue. We might be better off with it.
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    Makes the most sense. I think we take Brodie for granted, he's had a lot of dance partners in Engelland, Gio and Hamonic....he hasn't really had time to fully gel with a partner yet. I'm all for a reset with Brodie under Peters...he's a top skater and he has potential to be better both defensively and offensively. He's still on a good contract, paired with Hamonic at his cap it's one of the best value top D man pairings in the league. However...If Treliving flips Brodie for Erik Karlsons rights I'm not mad!
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    Honestly the more I think about it the less I want to trade Brodie. Let him work with Peters and the new staff first and let's see what happens. I'm not one that thinks Gulutzan had a negative effect on Brodie, but I also think a change could wake Brodie up too. Im also fine with going back to Brodie-Hamonic as well. Some will cringe but they were actually pretty decent in the 2nd half. Fresh start and Hamonic not needing to settle in and I can see them being a solid pairing all year.
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    I think it's a great deal, especially if you're a long shot. Johnny Gaudreau is an excellent example. At 5'7", and 135 lbs, his NHL aspirations would have seemed pretty far fetched. I used to work with a girl that was dating the captain of the Sarnia Sting. There was a deal worked out with the CHL that as soon as he played a single game in the league, he had four years of education paid for. I thought that was excellent as well. That way, if you don't make the show, you've still got a chance in life after hockey. I like that. When you take kids out of, what shall we call it, regularity, maybe, and you profit off them - taking care of them once it's over is a huge incentive. Love.
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    This hits on what I'm expecting from Bill Peters. Identify strengths and play to them . You just need to look at Vegas to see a coach that knows how to do that .he's taken a team of misfits and has them dialled in playing like a powerhouse BT has been good getting the talent, just not a coach that knows how to use it . For that reason I trust him to find the right talent for this team..and he believes he's hitched his wagon to a coach that will finally know how to use it Use Derek Engelland as an example: when BT signed him , he became an instant whipping boy .."high paid Goon" they said ..even tho his old coach sang his praises BT at the time described him as untapped potential, able to play more of a role, minutes and responsibility --people laughed - wanted to run him out of town Under Hartley..played 3rd pair, 7th defenseman role- 14-15 night - He improved under Gulutzen..because he knew the player . but was still 3rd pair.. upgrading only to fill with injury, 17-18 min avg.. but in playoffs dropped back to 15 min Vegas ..he's a leader , 2nd pairing , 20 min /night.. almost 25/night playoffs -- plays special teams ..and he doesnt look out of place doing it I don't think we missed the boat in terms of losing him to Vegas, I think it was a no brainer for him to want to go home.. the point is BT brought in a talent, identified it on day 1--and 2 coaches proceeded to misuse him I think Lazar , Brouwer , and Bennett especially .. are better than what they have shown , in the way they have been used -- best analogy I have heard is GG likes to cram a square peg in a round hole just using players properly , will improve the buy in. But , we do still need a talent upgrade in certain areas
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    Why is a RHS so important as we seek a top line RW ? Many RW production players shoot LH and a number of RHS score a lot of their goals on the LS.
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    I think all Canadian teams are the same, minus the jets who realized the only way to build is through the draft. What players want to play there? It’s the same with nearly every Canadian market. We just seem to not get it, or only half get it. We have to make the playoffs and that is what seems to be the only importance the ownership place on the team. They’re willing to pay to cap, but not willing to sacrifice building through the draft, which I think is why we are consistently mediocre. So like montreal, and other Canadian teams, we rush it. Toronto seems to have changed a little bit in this most recent rebuild, which seems to have made them deep up front, but they’re still building...
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    Sometimes people ask me who my favourite Ozzy guitar player is... The answer is Tony Iommi. Every. Single. Day. Love.
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    if we're being picky.. the actual common phrase is "you made your bed now lie in it".. and again , I never understand these types of accusations.. Every GM has an area that is a concern. Edmonton cant get a decent defenseman, Sutter could never find a #1 center .. we have issues at RW. If he wasn't trying I'd be concerned If he was trading away a 1st and a 2nd and get one that basically goes straight to the A..I'd be concerned He's tried to do it in FA.. got Frolik and Versteeg, not bad.. ok he whiffed on Brouwer ..oh well Bottom line is this team is light years ahead of 4 years ago. He took over every position sucked..and our farm sucked He acknowledged we still need more pieces .. he also acknowledged that what we do have was badly managed , hence he fired the coaching staff But to say we are "suffering with his decisions" is inaccurate
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    When Feaster and KK were running things, the Flames were becoming a laughing stock.. (think RoR offer as just one example) BB was brought in to get the Flames back on track and to get back respectability and he has accomplished that and more.
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    & E Kane has a hearing with the Dept. of Player Safety today for his cross checks to the shoulder & head of Edouard Bellemare. Kane got 5 minutes & the game for it. This was inthe 3rd with the score already 5-0. Considering Josh Morrissey got 1 game for his accidental, non-penalized cross check to Staal I'm guessing 2 or 3 games.
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    Good. They all get talked into lawsuits by these American lawyers who would sue their own Grandmother for a buck.
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    Shouldn't matter as Brodie is most comfortable @ RD produces best from that side. Seems everyone but GG caught on to that. Brodie isn't the only player in the NHL that prefers & excels playing on his off side.
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    Here's a nice stat -- in the 5+ years he hasn't had Bill Peters as his assistant coach , Mike Babcock has yet to win a playoff round
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    I like what he said, now it’s time to see if it translates onto the play of the team. Hopefully it does. I don’t even give him a year though. With what we’ve paid the past few years for failures, I am still going in with high expectations. The amount of draft picks used in trades in the past two - three years and counting needs to translate into success. There is never a guarantee with draft picks, but having more tickets gives a better chance at success. We need to see results now.
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    I've read in some places now some good analysis on Peters tendencies, and one is he is a pretty strict line matcher, so expect him to deploy lines based on the other team and not just situations etc. Knowing that I think the Flames should make some tweaks to how they deploy players and pair them up. As it stand today my plan would be: Gaudreau - Mony - Number 1 line. deployed in offensive situations and when you get favorable matchups. Tkachuk - Jankow/Benny - Decide who you want at center but i'd like to see this line get the favorable O zone starts. Use them as your "sheltered" line in offensive situations - Backs - Frolik - Shutdown line and deploy strictly as a shut down line. Would be fairly consistent with how Gully deployed them, but probalby more D zone starts. Lazar - Derek Ryan - Shore - When you line match the way i've lined it up, you are going to be in a lot of situations where your 4ht line gets "stuck" our there and it's probably going to be in the D zone. So under Peters I think the Flames need a real dependable 4th line. I like what I saw from Shore but I also really like the idea of a 4th line cetner who has a bit of offence so I like Ryan. A big bonus being he's played under Peters for a while. You need at least 1 RW, preferably a RS, but that's what the offseason is for. Then you've got an open spot on 3 lines that Ferland/Benny (if not used in trade) to move around. This is obviously under the assumption Brouwer is bought out but even if he isn't there is room for him under this strategy as well.