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    And Howard stole the show last night. He made many big saves, including 2 unbelievable HUGE saves, 1 on each Sedin. Both big glove saves, one on a Daniel breakaway and the other on a cross-ice pass to Henrik. Both he was moving from his right to his left and had the whole net open, but was able to get his glove on both of 'em. What a great game that was again last night. All 3 versus Detroit have been awesome games, Playoff-like in each for sure. You can tell when these two teams play right now, each one steps up there game just a little bit more than normal, and it showed on the ice last night. And like Kesler said after the game "There isn't shootouts in the playoffs".
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    That's exactly what I'm doing. We all know how cyclical sports are, so if you don't enjoy it while its lasts you'll miss out!
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