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    I don't remember who said this but x-factor in the trade is the asset Gragnani. Lets see here Sulzer 15GP 3G 5A 8PTs vs Gragnani 13GP 1G 2A 3PTs (Don't forget my friend Donald said Buffalo scores a lot less than the Canucks thus the decline in performance in Ehrhoffs stats = that's a bunch of BS anyways) Looks like it was the x-factor in getting owned on the trade. Way to drop the ball on this one Gillis! Lets take a look at the other trade Gillis blew his load too early on. Hodgson 18GP 3G 5A 8Pts vs Kassian 17GP 1G 2A 3PTs. Lol @ how my friend Donald thinks the trade worked for both teams. It's working for Buffalo ok, can't say the same about the Canucks. With Kesler going cold, they could use Hodgson production down the center right about now or even in the playoffs! Donald the Foig
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