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    [quote name='cinlow wrote: Sarich >~ Edler.Edler puts up slightly more points, Sarich is better defensively. In the end I would say Sarich has the edge for being older and more developed, having more experience, being an NHL Ironman and a Stanley Cup champion. Schneider = Giordano Schneider is certainly a smarter player than Giordano and has way more offensive skill but that is what you get when you pay significantly more for a bottom pairing D man. In reverse, Giordano has less of a cap hit and is younger, faster, more physical and will be less of a liability in his own zone. Weighing the pros and cons of the two players I would call them a wash for a bottom pairing comparison. O'Brien > Pardy I really have no idea how to compare this. Pardy was our #7 guy last year and is being promoted to #6 but I would guess O'Brien has the advantage and is paid over twice as much. Lukowich vs. Stralman Lukowich is a career bottom pairing D man and from what I read Stralman is a young talented player who has the potential to develop into a top 4 defender and really only lacks strength to complete his game. Lukowich may be the more reliable #7 D man today who can hang out in the pressbox with the best of them but Stralman will be the better player to have on your roster. "Slighty" more points? 20 vs. 37 is almost double. Edler is a better skater, passer, has a rocket from the point, played 4 more minutes per game, and was by far our best defenceman in the playoffs (8 points in 10 games, played over 22 minutes per). Playing a lot of games and being on a winning team 5 years ago doesn't make you a better defenceman. This one is laughable. The are both consdiered offensive defencemen so stats should be a good comparison here.One had 32 points in 67 games as well as 17 in 23 when traded to a playoff contender, immediately improving said team's PP drastically while playing almost 21 minutes per game. The other had 19 points in 58 games while just 16 minutes a game. And to use your arguemtn for Sarich, one has more experience, more developed and a stanley cup ring. O'Brien > Pardy. Yes. Stralman likely will be a better player, key word is "will be". Right now, Lukowich is more reliable in a bottom pairing role. Therefore he wins this matchup. cinlow wrote: Sarich is aging? Really? If you put Sarich onto the Canuck's team he isactually right in the middle of the pack age wise and in the middle ofwhat most hockey analysts would consider his "prime" years (28-34).Sarich is younger than Mitchel and very comparable in skill andability. Considering most people thought Sarich was playingexceptionally I doubt you saw him showing anything other than thatunless you were watching through some blue coloured glasses. Wow, I though he was older than he is. But be that as it may, I saw something out of his last season that I hadn't seen before. A lingering injury maybe? Mitchell is twice the shutdown defenceman Sarich is and ever will be. cinlow']I would say that Defensively the Canucks basically have 5 'secondpairing defensemen' and no true top pairing caliber D on the team.Also, it is unrealistic to expect to keep that group as is since youare over the salary cap. One way or another your depth is going to haveto be diminished.By one. Take out any one defenceman out of the Canucks core right now, and it the depth advantage still stands.
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