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    There is no doubts the attitude around the city towards the team is similar to what it was from '97-'03, Calgary is a bandwagon city and it can't be denied, but we are that way because we have a great number of transplants, a lot of these people came with allegiances to teams they grew up cheering for, but would jump on the Flames bandwagon at the high times and ditch later. Where the situation is a lot better now is that, in the past they had to fight to get season ticket holders, not a problem these days, and corporate sponsorship is a lot better now as the team did a good job at getting long term deals when the on-ice product was better (god forbid KK get any credit). The Flames aren't in the same position as the Oilers who were able to sell the fans on hype. They had a #1 pick, we didn't, they had a World Junior hero, we don't. I think if we had the similar spot the Oilers had where we had individuals to hype there would be more buzz around the city, but I don't want that. The team needs to take their bumps, stockpile assets, and properly allow the youth to develop. Great individuals can put bums in seats, but great teams keep em there.
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