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    Gio also hasnt played more than 64 games in a season since 2010. Lidstrom never missed more than a handful of games each year. Same with Chara until this year when he turns 38. Gio is a top 10 dman these last 2 years not necessarily because of his talent but because of his effort and heart. Because of that he has shown that he will lose significant time to injury. The more injuries that pile up the sooner your body winds down and the slower it bounces back. Its a fact of all athletes, look at Jake Locker in the NFL. Retiring after 4 years at age 26. When Gio is in the 5/6/7 year of his deal he wont be a #1 dman. Im ok with paying Gio until he is 38. Im not ok paying him as a top 10 dman until he is 38. If he wants a 7 year deal I do it at Wideman money. I know this is the internet but its ok to just admit you are wrong.
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