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    I'll just pass along something that is an example of what a great guy FF52 was... One day not long after my house burned along with everything in it a few years back, FF52 and I were talking... He knew that I had a lot of hockey memorabilia, and he says something like "It's such a shame that you lost all that great hockey stuff... Decades of finding and collecting and it all just went up in smoke... Are you going to start to build another collection?"... I said "I don't know man, a lot of it would be pretty much impossible to replace"... Well one of the things he knew that burned was a complete set of those miniature chromed metal Stanley Cups with different team logos on them from Cup wins over the years... You know the ones that came in 24 packs of beer quite a while back, the original ones, not the re-issue 2nd run... A couple of days later, a delivery package shows up at my door... I look at the name and return address and wonder what the heck FF52 could possibly be sending me a package for, open it up and find the Flames Stanley Cup from the original set... So I called him up to thank him and he said "I know how much you love the game, and I know you had a really nice collection of memorabilia and I think you should start building another one"... Then he said "and I knew that to do that you had to start somewhere"... As usual, once again FF52 was right... and I will always treasure that first piece that started me collecting again...
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    Last game of the regular season 2018/19 SUNDAY 31 MARCH 2019 @ A little ditty for our friends up North 8.00PM MT AT SADDLEDOME CBC, SN1, SNE, SNO, SNP FAN960 Go Flames Go!!
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    VS Nov. 3rd 8pm Home at the Dome
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    I Think The time has Come To sincerly Show Appreciation For the wide Range of Moderation Team on this Board They Do a Fantastic Job at what They do and i Sincerely Appreciate The hard work They do During the Regular Season Why am i doing this Cause we Credit the player etc etc but we forget when hockey games are on we are all Here Together As Family and it is Good to Have a Moderation Team that works together and Gives there Spare time so we have a Place to Chat with other Flames fans on Game Nights Etc Etc Hats off to all of you Ty for your Continued dedication it doesnt Go unnoticed
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    VS Jan. 22nd 7pm Home at the Dome
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    Preview Flames Coyotes Goaltenders *Note Wills is saying Rittich is starting.. NHL is saying Smith..... And the starting whistle says....
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    VS Tuesday Oct. 9th 6pm & BRIDGESTONE ARENA
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    VS Mar. 29th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 6th 8:30pm T-MOBILE ARENA
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    VS Feb. 12th 5:30pm AMALIE ARENA
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    VS Nov. 21st 8pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 7th 7pm ***CHANNEL 302 ON SHAW***SPORTSNET FLAMES*** Gila River Arena
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    VS Dec. 22nd 2pm Home at the Dome
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    If I am Jeff Glass I have to be licking my chops, if Gillies and Rittich keep having performances like these, Glass could swoop in and steal that back up job. Dube was far and away the best player for the Flames, his speed and tenacity are elite and he is dangerous every time he is on the ice. I thought Kylington looked good too, his skating ability is elite, and he is starting to look much more poised and with and without the puck. Valimaki looked ok. He made some good plays, other times it looked like he was fighting the puck and trying to do too much at times. The talent is there and is undeniable, he just needs to sand out the rough edges in his game. In a game like this I wanted Foo and Mangiapane to be dominant, and it wasn't like they were bad, they just weren't dominant.
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    Smith has been answering the call as part of the Goalie answer for us. I don't see BT making a change. Now get BSD back I for a few games.
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    While most Are here i Juat wanted to Wish a Merry Christmas to All My Great Friends of the boards
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    Sigalet's track record speaks for itself, and so far he is batting zero... But the law of averages say's that sooner or later at least one of the goalies will succeed even if his goaltending coach is a bonehead... That goalie will know what to agree with because he already knew it, and what to ignore... Maybe Rittich is that goalie... It's not that simple, and being an old goalie, I just don't see it like that... Prior to Rittich, every single goalie the Flames have had since Sigalet started has declined... I would have to think that Smith has been around too long, and he was too good a goalie to be led down the wrong path by a mediocre goalie coach... But perhaps circumstances have changed things... There are two things that I believe are more of a factor in Smith's decline... Age and his injury last season... Coming back from a groin injury can be difficult even for a younger goalie... Even earlier this season, you could see the change in how he would get up off the ice... From watching him play this season, I have no doubt that he has tried to adapt his style to compensate... and that can be a very difficult thing to do at any age... You can see it in the way he sits back in the net more and doesn't come out to challenge and eliminate angles like he used to, among other things... That said, none of us really knows the whole story behind it for sure, but If Sigalet was trying to help him adapt, and if Smith was listening, it sure didn't work... Sigalet was pushing for Smith to get starts even when he was obviously struggling, and those starts turned into further decline and a .876 SV% and a 3.48 GAA for stats so far this season... and that happened while they had the goalie that Sigalet didn't think should get the start with a .933 SV% and a 1.92 GAA sitting on the bench, so Sigalet loses some credibility for that as well ... Maybe Sigalet didn't think that Rittich was listening to his advice, and that is why he was pushing for Smith to get the starts and not Rittich, as I said, none of us know the whole story... It is also less of a risk for Sigalet to recommend Smith because of his past performance over his career... I still think that Smith can get back into form, maybe not as good as he was at his peak, but certainly better than he has been since his injury, but he needs time, and points are too precious to work out the kinks when games are on the line... Now they don't really have much choice but to give Rittich some more starts and find out if he can be the solution...
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    https://www.facebook.com/NHLFlames/videos/182783316005766/ Harvey's great
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    He does not address the players in the dressing room after a loss. Think about that for a minute.... He said so himself, because he does not want to speak in anger.... That alone tells me he wants to be popular and does not want to hurt any feelings. There can be no other reason This coach will never be all we need because he does not want conflicts.. Add to this he gets results when he finally does vent some frustration you think he would learn and adapt? Nooooooo. He remains stubborn to a fault keeping LHS and RHS playing on their proper wings. Both D and Wingers have to conform to playing on the side they shoot even if they have played off wing or off side for years(Brodie). It is easier to accept and make passes and control the boards if you are on your proper wing you see.... (that is the so called theory) Brodie for example has gone from a Norris consideration Defenseman, to a "lets trade him" player because of 2 changes inflicted on him by this coaching staff.. He no longer plays with Gio and he must play the left side....... Same defenseman with different results.
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    ya Know , I am usually not that guy.. Ive never been a big believer in "Fire the coach " to fix your problems. I agreed with the Hartley Firing , still do But Man , if we miss the playoffs? I do not see how he keeps his job I like the Guy , I really do. I love the fact we are no longer a dump-it-in-and-go-chase it team. I like that we don't see shot blocking as the #1 defensive skill His vision of what the team should play like is bang on , and the way we should play (its winning cups in Pittsburgh) But what I'm seeing is he has ZERO ability to manage players 50 games , and forced by injury to think of actually putting one of your best weapons on the 1st powerplay Constantly playing players with almost no goals in "desperately need a goal " situations Nearly 2 seasons done and this team has no identity No sense of earning your ice time, always Given Treats games and overtime like a playoff season (Just get in , then anything can happen !) Thats what it comes down to, lack of player management skills . I totally see why BT hired him, his vision of what this team should play like is bang on , but he has no ability to put the right horses in that system This team should be battling Vegas for 1st , not mired in a playoff lottery Again , I don't believe Hartley would have done much better , so not regretting the Hartley firing , but at least under him we had an identity.. we busted our humps each and every night BT has to answer the higher ups, he has given us a goaltender , he has given us on paper one of the best blue lines in the league , he's given us a farm team that actually has available call ups.. so when he's getting ripped a new one by Murray Edwards, how can he not be saying coaching is the issue ? if we miss the playoffs ? I dont think BT has a choice ..there's a very good chance Joel Quenneville is done in Chicago, and if he is , GG's phone should ring minutes after thats announced with an invitation to come to the office for a chat .
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    Sean Monahan this year: 9th in goals for Forwards. yes 9th best in the entire league. 28th Most points in the league. Not for centers, the league. 5 on 5 stats /60mins of Ice time for center: 5th in Goals 9th in Points Mostly top 25-30 too when you look at chances created, corsi etc. Funny enough when you look at the past 3 years he is ahead of Schiefelle in categories like Goals/60, Point/60 etc at 5 on 5. If the expectation for him was higher than that, then you have a pretty unrealistic expectation. To think less of a player based on faceoffs when he has production like that, would be one of the more bizarre critiques I've ever heard of. Faceoffs are not near that important.
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    to be blunt, who cares if he isn't a number one stud Dman? There are what, maybe 10-12 of those in the league? Given what the Flames gave up via trade and what they are paying him he doens't need to be. I think we have some very unrealistic expecations if people are going to be upset that Hamilton may not be a #1 stud dman but yet recognize he is a top 3 dman and a very good one at that.
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    For the most part I think people tend to side with the player anyway and when you consider this is the more popular player since Iggy was in his prime it compounds it. The vast majority of fans I don't think care about numbers they just want to see him signed and could care less if it cost 8 million becuase they don't care nor understand the salary cap. That is not a slight to any fan, I just think most fans of any sport are fans because of the game, not the business of it. The only leverage Gross has is to hold Johnny out of games or maybe he puts enough heat on Treliving that he cracks. What Gross has put out there to me is an agent that is starting to feel a little desperate and is trying to use what little power he has to get Calgary to budge on their offer. I would recommend to anyone who cares about this negotiation to go to the fan website (I beleive the post their segments bur correct me if i'm wrong?) and listen to the chat they had with Friedman today. It was really good stuff, not only becuase Friedman shared some good insight but also I thought Warrner was great. Warrener talked about his holdout and how his agent at the time sold him on how great it was and how it was going to work and basically hinted that if he could do it all over again he never would have held out becuase the day you miss that paycheque is such a sad, sad day and at the end of the day wasn't worth it. It was a very intresting segment becuase they had both sides of the equation.
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    It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of disrespect that Calgary is getting from the media. Basically nobody outside of Calgary is giving this team a chance in the playoffs, even going as far as to say that the Flames are the most likely team to get upset. I am going to go out on a limb and say they haven't watched too many Flames games this year. I think this actually could be a great thing for this team, the media just gave them another big reason to go out and play with a chip on their shoulders and prove everyone wrong, just like they have been all season long. I think it is a much better place to be in than a team like Tampa that has all the pressure in the world to succeed. Colorado is lucky to even be in the playoffs. Once we finish off the Avs, we will take out SJ or Vegas. SJ has worse goaltending than we do and their team is as old as dirt. Vegas has shown that the magic is starting to wear off, time for them to go home before their carriage turn back into a pumpkin. The Blues are the only team that is playing well from the central going into the playoffs. The Jets and the Preds usually find ways to not make it to the Cup final. Not saying it will be easy, but the West is there for the taking and we have a great opportunity to come out victorious.
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    This man deserves more credit! His work down in Adirondack/Stockton has really built a nice foundation for player development. He worked his way up to the big leagues and I'm glad the Flames understood it's a process and didn't give up on Huska. He's done a great job this year running our defense and he's likely going to be a name coming up for head coaching consideration in a few years with his current trajectory. I'll quickly list some players he's had a hand in developing. Mark Jankowsi-Full time NHLer, young, strong 2 way centreman with upside. Top 9 potential Dillon Dube-Future full time NHLer, skilled with leadership, responsible C with offensive upside and potential top 6 role Andrew Mangiapane-Currently full time NHLer, non stop motor like winger, plays with an edge and is good along the boards, offensive upside Jusso Valimaki-Future NHLer. Cool as school under any situation, defensive defenseman with a good shot and PP potential. Top 4 potential Oliver Kylington-Current full time NHLer, elite skating, offensive ability and has GREATLY improved his defensive game. Draft steal. Top 4 potential Rasmus Andersson-Full time NHLer, turning into an absolute steal at the draft, poise, responsible, great shot, offensive skill. Top 2 potential Garnet Hathaway-Full time NHLer, gritty winger with size, physical element, underrated offensive upside. Top 9 potential David Rittich-Full time NHLer. Starting goalie for the majority of this season. Top 5 goalie potential, Vezina like when he's on his game. Its an impressive sampling of some of the players he's helped develop/coach. It's even more impressive the way the 3 rookie D-men in Valimaki, Andersson and Kylington have shown. It's rare for a team to possess this many young, in house developed NHL ready d men. Overall, just wanted to give Huska a shout as he's turning into one of the best assets in the organization.
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