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    Logic to me would dictate that you pick either Ortio or Ramo, Ortio would be my choice, and give them the next 3-5 gamse no matter what and see what they can do. Stop with the one and done and give the guy a guy the net and see if he can run with it. The Flames have several issues to fix so I agree with the consensus that this is not just on the goaltending, but IMO goaltending is at the top of their list of problems right now. I don't care how the team is playing if you get below avg goaltending in the NHL you are done and have no shot and right now the Flames are getting below average goaltending. Some of the goals Hiller let in, ya there were mistakes up front but you have goalies to pick up the team when mistakes happen. I didn't see the first 1 but out of the next 4 you have to make saves on at least 2 of them, and if the argument is well they were mistakes up front and not Hiller's fault then clearly we dont' have high enough expectations of our goalie and need to get a new one ASAP.
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