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    Who precisely is our 4 D the? Wideman (after his career year) certain hasn't played to that level Smid or Engellend? not a chance. Maybe Kulak or Nakladal or someone could come up and fill the role but that's as much risk as trying Jankowski as center with Bennett and Frolik as wings next year. Sure it COULD work, but its a heck of a risk. Realistically we need a top 6 (Top line really) RW, 2nd line LW, 4D and 1G. Any of those players is an important target right now. Re-signing Hudler depends entirely on price though. Our cap situation next year puts us in a bind.
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    I don't get it. Why are you guys trading for more D when our needs are RW and Goaltending? Even letting Russel go our top priorities should be Goaltending and a RW who can play top 2 lines, especially for next year. With the acquisition of Hamilton our D is pretty much set until Gio retires. The only parts of D we should be fiddling with is 5-7 spots. As for Hudler I see all these fans saying we can't afford him yet offer no solution to replace him. A FA RW to replace him will be more expensive, and we have no one in system to bring up for that spot.(It appears Poirier is not quite ready) All we do is create a bigger need/hole by trading Huds for whatever picks we can get or letting him walk.
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