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    If you mean Erik Karlsson I would say that is quite a ways off. I get the skating/Swedish comparison but Erik Karlsson is a far more dynamic player with a lite offensive instincts that Kylington just doesn't have. He's more your two way dman, not your elite offensive style. It's a boring comparison but the more I see Kylington the more the Oduya comparison makes sense. Steady dman that won't be elite in any one area, won't be physical but can use skating ability to get in hand out of trouble and use it to overcome size concerns. I don't see anything in Kylingtons game that makes me believe he will be an elite level offensive producer at the NHL level. I also think people get too caught up in player comparisons. If Andersson turns out like Wideman everyone should be thrilled because that means you are scoring a top 4 blue liner who can be a first pp unit guy and you got that in the 2nd round. That's excellent. If Kylington wound up as Oduya then again you have a pretty good top 4 dman who can play top 3 on occasion. Both of those in the 2nd round is excellent value. Thinking that you got a prospect in the 2nd round that is significantly better than the player Wideman has been, or as good as Karlsson is setting these guys up to fail. The chances of either being true is pretty small IMO.
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    This is why I think the NHL has gone too high with their star's contracts. Sure they deserve the money in a perfect world, but they also could price out any middle tier players thus making the NHL less entertaining. I just don't believe the revenue structure in the NHL is able to sustain the prices of the higher calibre players. This is my view: Sure Kane, Toews, Crosby deserve the 10m, I guess... They've won cups and are the top of their games. I really think they should only go to 8. This is why Subban doesn't deserve 9m. He hasn't done anything to warrant that contract. I think he is a 7.5 guy. And that's where the next tier down should be. I think that the Gaudreaus and Monahans should be around 5.5. I get the argument that they don't have a team built yet so they don't really have a chance of making the playoffs... But they're not at the level yet to get you success. That's when they should be bumped up to 7.5M, when we're a consistent playoff team. When we're winning cups. That's in a perfect world though.
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    Calgary FlamesVerified account‏@NHLFlames .@johngaudreau03 gave Liam, who lost his home in the Fort McMurray fire, the best birthday gift ever. Johnny FaceTimes Liam Liam's family unfortunately lost their home in the Fort McMurray fire. Johnny Gaudreau found out and surprised Liam with a gift and a FaceTime call on his 9th birthday!
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