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    No offense, but I completely disagree with that assessment, this team needed time to bring it together and get on the same page, now that the coaches, players and goalies have some familiarity the team looks to be turning a corner. Elliot left a good situation in St Louis that has been under the structure of a hall of fame coach for years and walked into a rebuilding team, playing a new style for a new coach. If Elliot and Johnson get us into the playoffs, I think they deserve the oppertunity to come back next season and show what they can do, infront of a team that should be a little more polished than they were at the start of this year. You cant just run goalies through a revolving door until one has a Veizna like season, these guys need time to learn how to win together, as a team.
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    Dream Harder. 28 other teams would want a crack at that.
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    We should hold onto our first Rd pick this year (and hopefully 2nd). There are a lot of first rounders that are rw's or right handed centres that can play wing. This is our best chance at securing a top line player for the future (Pursuing a cheap option for now in form of veterans with hands like Vrbata or Iggy might help us as a pure rental). As for our development, I feel that our scouts have been okay but not great, over the years I find myself applauding picks like Kylington and Andersson while shaking my head at picks like McDonald and Kanzig. Drafting is a necessary evil and I would like to make sure we have enough players coming in that we don't find ourselves shipping out talent due to salary cap management. The state of Stockton is a worry but the contracts that are expiring for the most part are the players struggling the most. With many of our nhl bottom 6 on expiring contracts as well, we have a chance to fill in those lower roles with players from Stockton. This helps the cap in the short term and gives us the best chance to round out our team with player developed by us.
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