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    Imo, it's hard to blame a goalie coach. If you are an NHL quality goalie, you should not need a goalie coach re-teaching the position, just working to your strengths while improving the weaknesses. If you are letting in 50% of wristers from the point (Hiller), I don't think that's the goalie coach.
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    Amazon is working thru an endless survey or questionnaire which tally’s up points in every conceivable area, including quality of life and doing business in all competing cities. The city that points the highest will ultimately get Amazon and their 50,000 jobs. When your bringing in that many people, one would think that entertainment will be a significant category on the survey. The Flames are the golden pieced in CSEC, the lesser pieces are the Hitmen, Roughnecks and Stampeders. The CSEC has made a commitment to the city by investing in and supporting all the major sports, call it a monopoly. The CSEC can afford to break even or even take a loss in the lesser pieces if the golden piece (Flames) is doing well. With the CSEC now contemplating their golden piece option, a move is not out of the question. If the golden piece moves you can expect the lesser pieces to be sold off as well. In this turmoil, you can kiss the entertainment points goodbye on the Amazon survey. The final nail in coffin for our hopes of landing Amazon would be suggesting that if their 50,000 people want to see the best of the best concerts they’ll have to head north on the QE2 and stay in a hotel. The race to land Amazon will by way too tight to finish poorly in any category. Our timelines are not aligning with Amazon, however, an approved project with a vision like CalgaryNext or similar could be the difference in landing them.
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