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    Kudos to Mony for gutting it out and playing with 2 major injuries. Don't listen to the noise coming from some fans around here about about your dedication.... you are welcome on my team anytime Sir.
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    I would like to see someone punch Brouwer in the face and rip that "A" off his jersey...
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    IMO you cannot provide a synopsis of the season without mentioning that the Flames are 4th last in shooting percentage. Flames cannot bury chances at all. I can't remember the number but I think their shooting percentage on the PP the last month or so is like 2%. 5% for all strengths. It is beyond reasonable comprehension as to why this team cannot score more. Where the culture comes in for me is the abandoning of any belief they can win the game. For the second half of the season the script has been the same. Good starts, miss chances, 1 mistake or 1 bad goal is in their net and they are down 1-0 instead of up 1 or 2 goals and they crumble. No belief in what they are doing, no belief that they can come back, no belief in each other etc etc etc.Can literally rinse and repeat that sentence and it applies for probably 60-70% of their games this year.
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    I think you highly underestimate our D core just as most everyone overestimated it before the season began. Based on your metrics, Janko and Ferland are just as good or better than our top defensive player, Gio. You also have Andersson as our 2nd best defenseman. While he has good potential, I rather doubt he should be playing on the top pairing right now. I don't think this is correct or close to correct. I think Gio and Hamilton have been a top pairing D; are either Doughty or Karlsson? No but how many of those players are there really? Very few.
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    That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. We went in with Ferland this year and he did just fine. Gaudreau and Monahan will be entering their 5 season they should be able to pull just about anyone along for the ride. We'll see, I just don't like their chances of getting anyone from outside.
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    I don't think you should pre-conclude where anyone will end up that hasn't even been given the opportunity. Maybe you put him with Gaudreau and Monahan and he becomes a star. This is where the maturing of your core becomes important and being able to slot now younger players with potential in with them.
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    I don't want to trade much of this defense core. I know we need some offense but I think a strong d core is necessary for playoff success. Now, I'm sure there will be people who argue our d core is not strong now. Brodie is the only one I want to trade or drop to the third pair. He has been atrocious. We should probably give him a chance to play rd again because that was where he had success. I don't think it was fair to him to be expected to change position and have the same success. A more extreme example is taking a dman and making him play forward and expecting success too. That said, Valimaki could be ready by next season. If he comes in to replace Brodie, I expect him to make mistakes but I can live with that because he is young and learning. I can't excuse mistakes made by a player who is experiences enough to know better. The other player I could see being traded is Stone. I don't mind that. How's this for a lineup next season? Giordano - Hamilton Valimaki - Hamonic Kulak - Brodie/Andersson* *depending on if Brodie is traded. Sorry for the organization of this post. I just wrote down whatever came to mind at the point I was at.
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    I think you are spot on. You could take any of the cocaches after game press conference and sub them with any of our last bunchg of losses: We are getting lots of shots We are generating looks.. Hot goalie stopping.. Bad luck...
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    This team needs an attitude change. The last 10 games the coach has been happy with us outshooting the opposition heavily. Yes the shots on net are nice, but we are shooting from everywhere. The opposition goalies must love facing us because they are gonna be facing a ton of shots and very few from dangerous areas. It’s one thing to have 40 shots from the perimeter and giving up 25 fairly decent shots, that’s why we’ve been losing. Seems like the coach is just happy to see a ton of shots on the board regardless of any of them are dangerous
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    Colorado's biggest thing was that their coach (Roy) quit weeks before the season, leaving Bednar with no time to get to know his team or put a solid game plan together, and the season just snowballed from there. This year Bednar had the whole off season to game plan and get to know his players and had a much easier time implementing his systems. Roy basically screwed over that team last year and gave them no chance at a competitive season. Also getting rid of a player that Sakic had publically put on the block for almost two seasons, had to help that dressing room. None of that applies to Calgary. I think a lot of our problem is this idea that even though the team is losing by multiple goals, that if they out shoot the opposition that it means they played well. The need to wake up from this mindset. I don't know if that means making a big trade or firing the coach or both, but this team needs a change in mentality.
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    I’m really getting tired of reading this statement, not just here but from a few other posters as well. Hartley had a hard working team that never quit and players earned their ice time or they never played. He was a veteran coach who promoted an offensive style of game and it was exciting. Some liked to punch holes in Hartley’s game, but I LIKED IT and most fans did as well. It was entertaining and exciting hockey and he found success when everyone else thought we were rebuilding. Enter BT, ironically, we start seeing Hartley move away from “always earned never given” in his last year and we see a nose dive in the standing as well. Was this BT manipulating the lineup? Was this BT partly having his way with a Jack Adams winner? Did BT demand certain players be in the lineup? It’s easy to blame the coach when things fail, right? BT cans the veteran coach whom he never always agreed with. BT hires a young guy with no proven hockey success but a coach he has full control over. No more tug-a-war with a veteran coach, and this is how BT and his new coach are going to do things moving forward. Lets not kid ourselves, GG does not make the lineup decisions and player usage by himself. He sits down with BT every single day to discuss every detail in the lineup and game plan. I said this the day it happened, BT had big balls firing BH, and he prematurely put his head on the chopping block. Can't blame the guy for having big balls but he Blockchained up royally. This is BT’s mess entirely, nobody else’s. BT has not won a playoff game in 2 years since firing BH. Watching this year’s team completely out of the race when the calendar flipped to March is a disgrace. I say fire the lot. Bring in a POHO who is not stuck in the past with big truculent players. Bring in a new GM who can find hockey talent, and bring in a coach who will lead this team similar to the way Hartley did.
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    There were many reasons Hartley got fired, but I feel one of them will be the same reason GG does. Gully had his guys and he stuck to them without fail, ok he did fail, because the playoffs were a must. But that stubbornness is partially why we lose so much. Failing to fix what was broken & sticking with his guy.
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    Having Brouwer on the team is bad... Having a coach that uses Brouwer like he is actually a highly skilled go to guy for any situation is worse...
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    No, but it's also never cost them $6 million either. Plus if the plan is to move on from Gulutzan this would make for an expensive off season. could be wrong, i'm just skeptical.
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    Hate to say it but if he is back the only way to go IMO is Frolik, Backlund, Brouwer as a line. Move Tkachuk either top line RW or LW with Jankowski. He actually does seem to play best with experienced players.
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    Brouwer has negative value, at least with the contract he has. I would say you might be able to get a 7th round pick for him if you retain 50% of his salary. Stajan, assuming we were trading him might net you a 3rd or 4th rounder, but not at his current salary. Moot point though, since he's gone after this. Lazar would maybe bring you a 3rd or 4th. I would probably keep Lazar. I like the effort, and I believe the skill is still there. He needs to get his confidence back, which isn't easy, but if we could do it he could still be a player. Not top 6 material though.
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