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    I really think Brouwer and Stone are going nowhere. Might be reading too much into things, but both were in the stampede parade today along with Peters. Just have the feeling if a buyout of Brouwer was planned that they would ask another player to represent the organization in the parade
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    Borrowed from CP. This was posted by "Ring of Fire": "Was there today. Mostly skill development but here are some observations:Development CampGoaltenders31 - Matthew Galajda - Cornell University (NCAA) - Free Agent Invite-Smaller goalie. Looked good but hard to evaluate.40- Fazio - Free Agent Invite-Smaller goalie. Ok.82 - Tyler Parsons - Kansas City Mavericks/Stockton Heat (ECHL/AHL)-Not on the ice72 - Mason McDonald - Kansas City Mavericks/Stockton Heat (ECHL/AHL)-Big. Played positionally.70 - Nick Schneider - Calgary Hitmen (WHL)-Big. Active stick. Looked confident.Defencemen57 - Jake Christiansen - Everett Silvertips (WHL) - Free Agent Invite-A few good plays. Otherwise didn’t stand out.96 - Dalton Hamaliuk - Spokane Chiefs (WHL) - Free Agent Invite-A few good plays. Physical.85 - Josh Healey - Stockton Heat (AHL)-Looked steady positionally. Not much opportunity to showcase his physicality.51 - Joel Lakusta - Prince George Cougars (WHL) - Free Agent Invite-Didn’t stand out.98 - Igor Merezhko - Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) - Free Agent Invite-Big. Physical. Handled the puck like a bomb.73 - Brayden Pachal - Prince Albert Raiders (WHL) - Free Agent Invite-Didn’t stand out87 - Merrick Rippon - Mississauga Steelheads/Ottawa 67's (OHL) - Free Agent Invite-Probably the best showing of the defenceman invited. Nothing flashy, but good hockey sense, and a real battler out there.42 - Juuso Valimaki - Tri-City Americans (WHL)-Clearly the best defenceman. Easily and calmly broke up plays defensively. Crisp passes, smooth skating, excellent puck handling. One play during 3-on-3 he deked through all 3 guys and scored a beauty goal.92 - Egor Zamula - Calgary Hitmen (WHL) - Free Agent Invite-Big. Not great otherwise.86 - Bogdon Zhilyakov - MHK St. Petersburg (MHL) - Free Agent Invite-Best offensive skills of the invites. Smaller but tough. Good shot that he could get through traffic, passing. Forwards74 - Erik Brown - Rochester Institute of Technology (NCAA) - Free Agent Invite-Big, strong, but didn’t show as much offensively as expected based on his stats.94 - Callum Cusinato - St. Lawerence University (NCAA) - Free Agent Invite-Looked terrible at times but also had some nice shots.59 - Dillon Dube - Kelowna Rockets (WHL)-Smooth fast skating, quickest and best puck handler of the forewards. Great 2-way hockey sense. He shone in every drill. He should make a push in training camp. 50 - Yasin Ehliz - Numerberg Tigers (DEL)-One of the more polished players out there. Feisty, agitator, never backed down from anyone. It will be interesting to see what role he fills in Stockton.97 - Jordan Ernst - Sarnia Sting (OHL) - Free Agent Invite-Didn’t stand out48 - Zach Fischer - Medicine Hat Tigers/Spokane Chiefs (WHL)-Big, physical, hard shot (accuracy suspect at times). Flashes of potential but you can see why only an AHL deal at this time.16 - Spencer Foo - Stockton Heat (AHL)-Confident. Fast. Great shot. Scored lots upstairs. Good in board battles. Interested to see him in training camp.79 - Ben Freeman - University of Connecticut (NCAA) - Free Agent Invite-Didn’t stand out80 - Glenn Gawdin - Swift Current Broncos (WHL)-Well-rounded but no attribute really stood out. Should adjust well to the AHL.46 - David Jankowski - Hawkesbury Hawks (CCHL) - Free Agent Invite-Hockey sense was there, battled hard. Did not have the speed to keep up with his skating or hands at times.52 - D'Artagnan Joly - Baie-Comeau Drakkar (QMJHL)-Didn’t see him out there83 - Demetrios Koumontzis - Edina High (USHS-MIN)-Low centre of gravity, similar skating style to Mangiapane, but not as fast. Relentless during puck battles. Best shot of the 2018 Flames draft class. 95 - Jimmy Lambert - Vernon Vipers (BCHL) - Free Agent Invite-Not a great showing.81 - Linus Lindstrom - Skelleftea AIK (SHL)-Good 2-way hockey sense. Not as much offensive skill shown as I had hoped, but never gave up on a play.84 - Bobby McMann - Colgate University (NCAA) - Free Agent Invite-Most impressive of the invite forwards. Hard shot, good release, potted a few goals.89 - Luke Morgan - University of Michigan (NCAA) - Free Agent Invite-Good effort and energy.64 - Mathias Emilio Pettersen - Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)-Best playmaker and hockey sense of the 2018 Flames draft class. Had a knack for finding teammates for tap in goals. Definitely a pass first guy. Excellent puckhandling. Accurate shot but needs more strength.47 - Matthew Phillips - Victoria Royals (WHL)-Very quick, often first to the puck in one-on-one drills. Good playmaking but still gets bumped around by bigger guys in the corners.60 - Brett Pollock - Stockton Heat (AHL)-Complementary type player. Got some scoring chances when paired with Dube and Phillips. Likely AHL ceiling, but should have a decent year there.76 - Martin Pospisil - Sioux City Musketeers (USHL)-Didn’t show too well but you could see the agitator in him during every drill. Hard to evaluate as I think a scrimmage would really showcase how he impacts a game.65 - Milos Roman - Vancouver Giants (WHL)-Looks like a smaller Morgan Klimchuk type player. Well-rounded, quick, good hockey sense.63 - Adam Ruzicka - Sarnia Sting (OHL)-Strong play in front of the net, good release from in close. Definitely a finisher who thrives playing with skilled players. Doesn’t create much on his own.62 - Fillip Sveningsson - HV71 U20 (SuperElit)-Excellent puckhandling skills, soft hands, quick release, accurate, hard shot, good skater, good hockey sense both offensively and defensively. Very impressed in my first viewing.75 - Eetu Tuulola - HPK (SM-Liiga)-Big, strong, some playmaking ability, good hockey sense 78 - Dmitry Zavgorodniy - Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL)-Small, sleight, quick skater, shifty, quick release, accurate shot, good finisher. Lots of skill but can he overcome the lack of size."
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    The comparisons will be interesting between the GG and BP eras. Is it fair to compare?... BP has a better roster to ice that offers much more versatility and options for his staff. What could GG have achieved with this same roster? I guess it makes the fact we made the playoffs even once under him all the more impressive. The BoA just has started an all new chapter!
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    I also think we see a much better team defensively this season which will only help our goalies.
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    The 12.8 cap space number includes 18 players under contract so signing those 6 would require multiple players be sent the the AHL and would get them under the cap. Flames can get under the cap, assuming it's around 10 or less for Lindholm/Hanifin but it will depend on how much breathing room they want.
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    Your early statements are reasonable, the last more reflects on your view of our contingencies than that we have none. We do, whether we like them or not is another matter. I'd agree we haven't had any articles or updates on the goalies since the season ended, but I would assume Smith is well and doing what he needs to do over the summer. Same for the others. Both Rittich and Gillies have had so few NHL games the sample size is tiny so its very premature to think they are what they are based on just a handful of games. One thing I believe we all can probably agree on is that after this next year the Flames need to make some serious decisions for the future because Smith will be done, or nearly so and the back-ups will have either shown significant progress or they will be finished, except maybe Parsons. I would also agree it would be interesting to know what the Flames, or other teams/organizations use to best evaluate their goalies.
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    Hmmm, more numbers. I see that Gillies had by far the best PPSV% of all the goalies, and if you consider that a goalie probably needed a "More 920" for a win, both of the Flames are right in line with several of the established guys, or downright better. Also, not sure about your Lack comment. Lack had a season SV% of 0.813 which is massively below every goalie on your list. Fourthly, your points are not invalid re: seasonal averages, but as both Rittich and Gillies are by far the least established and just barely getting started in the NHL, I'm more than willing to bet on their continued improvement, the same as we do for skaters. Let's see, how was Gaudreau after his first few games? Are you capping out Tkachuk's or Bennet's or Jankowski's or Mangiapanne's potential at their first year/first month's NHL results? I think not. To do so with goalies, who notoriously require more time to get established than any other hockey position, is disingenuous as I've stated earlier. Finally, we can drag out any number of goalies and ask why not them?.... but of your list none of them are currently available except perhaps Anderson, nor would their multi-million dollar contracts do well with our Cap structure, nor would several be interested in a strictly back-up job. So are they really relevant?
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    Interesting table. Are all goalies either Jekyll or Hyde on any given night or just this group of 10? These guys are either "bad or good" and only "okay" 10% of the time? Well except for Gillies he is never "okay" according to the table. One explanation could be if the goalie lets in a couple of soft ones he gets yanked early, and never given the opportunity to redeem himself in that game. Goaltender evaluation is much deeper than this me thinks.
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    I feel if a goalie has better stats on one of the worst teams in the NHL then it means the team isn’t scoring enough. Maybe they can defend a bit better than we can. We say our goalies suck, but we don’t say our D sucked? Had Smith not been lights out to start the year we would’ve been 1st overall. so you’re all telling us that we need a lights out goalie in order to win - good luck with that. Even with his elite play we were barely close to or in a playoff spot. Smith was bad later, but overplayed and then came back from injury too soon.
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    I doubt Calgary Signs a Back up Tre Has said he was pleased at how rittich did and at the same time it was he first year in the nhl and taking on a starting role when Smith got hurt Thats alot pressure on anyone when you have played at the nhl level yet
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    Both you and cccsberg have done a great job breaking down these numbers. It would be interesting to compare the same statistics though. One potential limitation to your table above is that it compares overall save percentages. I wonder if it is more accurate to compared the save percentages of the first 20 games or so that they all played. I say this because I wonder if goalies frequently struggle in the beginning of their careers, and then improve over time as their confidence rises. Also, it would be interesting to be able to factor in the quality of the team overall, and the effectiveness of the defence. There must be a way to regress all of these variables onto wins and losses to ascertain how impactful each variable is, and then include this in an overall score of goaltender performance. Of course, then we run into the problem of causal chain direction. That is, does a more talented winning team produce better goaltending statistics, or does better goaltending produce a more successful team? We know in reality that it works both ways (covariation), but logically the causal chain should be directional if we want to make statements about what causes what. Hockey is such a difficult sport to analyze statistically as it is processual, not static like baseball. You can't Moneyball hockey yet.
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