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    Prout was a UFA and Kulak is an RFA, UFA's hold significantly more negotiation power than RFA's do. So to compare the two deals isn't fair, as they weren't in the same position.
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    If it is an unwritten rule in your mind then that is fine, pretty sure it is not a rule any where else. Tree gets crucified if he pays a player a dollar too much, but then when he tries to fill a 6-7 D position at going rate in a cap world he gets crucified again. That is the hat a GM wears in a Canadian hockey town. I got no problem with how he is presently managing his team.
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    They do need those games to build up confidence. I suspect that each player is unique in this regard. Some maybe need more home games to be shored up by fans. Others might need the boringness of playing against the Buffalo Sabres or the California Golden Seals. Anyone else remember them? It is not an Austin Powers reference. The problem is that every year we are paranoid to lose the early games (get off to a good start), then we want to continue playing the hot, main goalie in late November/December, then things start going downhill in late February, so the #1 clearly has to play, and by the end of the season, we burn out the #1 because we are just a point or two shy of the playoffs. Treliving and Peters need to work together to develop a plan to move the young goalies into the NHL. I think that mean structured flexibility (I realize they are in contention) in scheduling. I think that I would start Gillies in Florida. He seems to get way too much adrenaline into his body when starting in Calgary. He then makes a terrible blunder and the team gets rattled. Hopefully, Treliving has addressed the rattling situation. Actually, screw it. Let's just take a look at what Edmonton does and do the exact opposite.
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    Very true. but also worth pointing out that they were willing to deal Shinkaruk for Granlund (Weisbrod pick) and despite how much flack they got it turned out in their favor. Making a lot of questionable signings, but they are not doing everything wrong.
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    NBA and NHL are completely different leagues. NBA is a star driven league, where if you have a star player you are playoff team. In the NHL you need depth, 1 star player doesn't get you into the playoffs. The other difference here is that Kwahi Leonard is coming off a season where he played 7 games, and only really has a 2 year track record of being a top player, so the Raptors didn't really have to get up too much to acquire Leonard. Different story for Calgary trying to acquire Karlsson. Not to mention that Karlsson has a NTC. All in all they are completely different situations and going after Karlsson makes little to no sense for us.
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    I think the answer to the question(s) posed by both conundrumed and Peeps is still outstanding. It matters not that the two players offer different skill sets. Given that they were both waived and have little bargaining potential, why negotiate harder with one and not the other? You have both of them in the same spot to nickel and dime. There are other face punchers out there. The question is not about morality per se. It is about what Treliving is trying to accomplish. Why waste his precious time on what is a trivial amount of money for the Flames? He is basically arguing over whether he should have to pay the 10% tip when splitting the $30.00 lunch bill. (I had a friend who was like that and it so irritated me. Like, who fricken puts nickels on the table for the waitress? Totally Reservoir Dogs sort of thing). Lest I digress. It may be that Kulak wants a one way deal, and the Flames want the flexibility to use other players in the system. I suspect that is it. Maybe, Treliving believes that Kulak could offer up more to the team. Perhaps it is believed that Kulak can improve his attitude, show more dedication to the play, more intensity etc. I am just speculating of course. In the end, it is striking that Prout is waived, we pick him up presumably with the idea that he will never play in the NHL again because you need to be able to skate towards a guy you want to face punch, we then give him a decent contract, and then turn around and negotiate hard with Kulak. Odd that.
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    Agree with on Rittich. As far as getting another back up with more experience you only take away the incentive and after last season I wouldn't do that to these guys. They are both REAL close to being ready to step in. Rittich is primed for the back up role and if subbed in effectively will prove out. Gilles getting most of the starts in the AHL and staying injury free is about as ready as you can have a goalie should Smith go down. Now if you think neither is NHL calibre then that is another story, right now I think the hockey staff disagree with you.
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    I would have to say 2015/16 when Wideman had his last decent season playing with Brodie. The pairing of Russell and Engelland was good then and the pay was right.
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    Like Dalton Prout? He couldn’t stick on a lousy Devils backend yet we’ll keep him at Kulak’s contract? Where’s Prout on the depth chart, about 10th?
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    We don't know what Treliving offered prior to arbitration. We know what he filed but that doesn't mean that's where negotiations took place. Qualifying offers are contract offers so at the very least the Flames offered Kulak a one year two way deal at 715K. Still think this is more about one way vs two way then it is about money. That's probably the sticking point not the dollars.
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    I would have liked them to keep Schlemko. He was a good depth #6 guy.
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    I gotta say I really don't see the mass shock at this .. not isolating you , just that your post sums up many Nobody got up in arms when he didn't extend qualifying offers to players like Chiasson, Colborne, Ortio.. etc. If there's any argument to be made , this was far more "cutthroat". These players were put at square one and told to go get any deal they can. They lost out on their "right" to at least a modest pay raise. (For the record I agreed with all of them and saw no problem with it ) Let me put a different spin on this . This is a negotiation .. so yes , both sides are looking for an edge . Any team who may have wanted to claim him , knew the players ask price because they would have then been the ones now in arbitration with him So, if Kulak's side is saying " we are worth this " by putting him on waivers BT was giving him an opportunity to earn what he thinks he is worth if any other team believed he was . They obviously want more than the , I think it was, $750K or so he was QO'd at .. Im willing to bet they talked in the range of $750K - $800K but obviously his people want more . It comes down to , Flames aren't willing , or keen on paying more .. by putting him on waivers they called bluff.. if any other team thought he deserved in the $1M range, he'd have been claimed
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    By putting him on waivers they opened up the opportunity for another team that really wanted him.
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    2014-15 after the Flames acquired Schlemko
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    Nice little table that you put together there. I actually like our proposed lineup combination for this year because, at this point anyways, nobody seems to be a really weak link. 2013/14 was solid because Russell and Wideman played relatively well if memory serves, but Butler was weak and Smid kept breaking down. 14/15 had Diaz and Engelland. Diaz had some offensive flair, but he and Engelland did not gel. I might have undervalued Engelland, but he is and was quite slow. 16/17 had Yokelpickup and I quite liked the guy, but it was a weak third pairing. I never felt that Hamilton fit this club.
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    Defense pairings with games played in brackets:2013/2014Giordano (64) - Brodie (81)Russell (68) - Wideman (46)Butler (82) - Smid (56)Billins (10), Breen (9), Cundari (4), O'Brien (45), and Smith (14) filled in.2014/2015Giordano (61) – Brodie (81)Russell (79) – Wideman (80)Diaz (56) – Engelland (76)Kulak (1), Potter (6), Ramage (1), Schlemko (19), Smid (31), and Wotherspoon (1) filled in.2015/2016Giordano (82) – Hamilton (82)Brodie (70) – Wideman (51)Russell (51) – Engelland (69)Kulak (8), Nakladal (27), Smid (22), Wotherspoon (11), and Yokipakka (18) filled in.2016/2017Giordano (81) – Hamilton (81)Brodie (82) - Wideman (57) Jokipakka (38) – Engelland (81)Andersson (1), Bartkowski (24), Grossman (3), Kulak (21), Stone (19) and Wotherspoon (4) filled in.2017/2018Giordano (82) – Hamilton (82)Brodie (73) – Hamonic (74)Kulak (71) - Stone (82)Andersson (10) and Bartkowski (18) filled in.2018/2019 (proposed)Giordano - BrodieHanifin - HamonicKulak - StoneProut(Personally, I'd like to see Stone traded for draft picks a.s.a.p. and then have Andersson moved up into his spot).Which season do you feel has/had the best D lineup combination?
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    I hope he plays well enough this year to make it an interesting conversation.
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    The guy that nobody is talking about is Dalton Prout. Inspired by Brouwer's negotiating skills, Prout will come to training camp, force his way onto the roster, work his way up to the first pairing and cash in as a UFA next summer.
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    I think we will end up with a good situation for moving players in and out of the 4th line and the AHL. I would hate to see Jankowski become another casualty like Bennett by having mediocre line mates though.
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    It's not wrong or immoral, it is just petty. It doesn't have to be win at all costs. I don't want to put gasoline on the fire, but this is similar to the way Ken King has handled the arena non-negotiations. The Flames could have done things a little differently and not come out looking like they are sitting around dreaming up ways to put the screws to their players. They could have waived him at the end of the season. They didn't have to put in a qualifying offer. They could have simply submitted the league minimum salary to the arbitrator. If the Flames think they have better players coming up from the minors (I hope they do) then why not let Kulak pursue other options? Why hold him back and stick him in the AHL? How good a mentor is he going to be to young AHLers if he knows he has no future with the franchise? He has nothing left to prove/learn down there - he is the player he is going to be. Let him walk and see if he can find work elsewhere (maybe he could earn more in Europe than on a two way contract in the AHL). I haven't had a problem with the way Treliving handled previous negotiations. He has been tough but respectful (at least publicly) to RFAs and he managed to sign Monahan and Gaudreau to good contracts. I am curious to see how negotiations go with Matthew Tkachuk. At some point the Flames will have to pay someone more than Giordano. I'm guessing Tkachuk and his agent will think that time is now. I predict a difficult negotiation. Like Treliving, Tkachuk is from a wealthy family and can probably afford to play hardball, too.
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    Brouwer is the most underrated and undervalued player on this team. He has size, experience, and is one of the few who actually listens to the coach while others quickly bail. While others do obvious things like score, he does the invisible stuff. When Peters takes over and uses him properly, I expect a major turnaround. This year, I bet he comes close to 20 goals,10 fights, and earns that albatross of a contract. You heard it here first.
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    Interesting. I always assumed that Denis Savard invented the move. What always impressed me about it is how quickly he could do it. That must take considerable balance, coordination, and leg power to do properly.
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