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    They do need those games to build up confidence. I suspect that each player is unique in this regard. Some maybe need more home games to be shored up by fans. Others might need the boringness of playing against the Buffalo Sabres or the California Golden Seals. Anyone else remember them? It is not an Austin Powers reference. The problem is that every year we are paranoid to lose the early games (get off to a good start), then we want to continue playing the hot, main goalie in late November/December, then things start going downhill in late February, so the #1 clearly has to play, and by the end of the season, we burn out the #1 because we are just a point or two shy of the playoffs. Treliving and Peters need to work together to develop a plan to move the young goalies into the NHL. I think that mean structured flexibility (I realize they are in contention) in scheduling. I think that I would start Gillies in Florida. He seems to get way too much adrenaline into his body when starting in Calgary. He then makes a terrible blunder and the team gets rattled. Hopefully, Treliving has addressed the rattling situation. Actually, screw it. Let's just take a look at what Edmonton does and do the exact opposite.
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    NBA and NHL are completely different leagues. NBA is a star driven league, where if you have a star player you are playoff team. In the NHL you need depth, 1 star player doesn't get you into the playoffs. The other difference here is that Kwahi Leonard is coming off a season where he played 7 games, and only really has a 2 year track record of being a top player, so the Raptors didn't really have to get up too much to acquire Leonard. Different story for Calgary trying to acquire Karlsson. Not to mention that Karlsson has a NTC. All in all they are completely different situations and going after Karlsson makes little to no sense for us.
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    Agree with on Rittich. As far as getting another back up with more experience you only take away the incentive and after last season I wouldn't do that to these guys. They are both REAL close to being ready to step in. Rittich is primed for the back up role and if subbed in effectively will prove out. Gilles getting most of the starts in the AHL and staying injury free is about as ready as you can have a goalie should Smith go down. Now if you think neither is NHL calibre then that is another story, right now I think the hockey staff disagree with you.
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    The guy that nobody is talking about is Dalton Prout. Inspired by Brouwer's negotiating skills, Prout will come to training camp, force his way onto the roster, work his way up to the first pairing and cash in as a UFA next summer.
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    Brouwer is the most underrated and undervalued player on this team. He has size, experience, and is one of the few who actually listens to the coach while others quickly bail. While others do obvious things like score, he does the invisible stuff. When Peters takes over and uses him properly, I expect a major turnaround. This year, I bet he comes close to 20 goals,10 fights, and earns that albatross of a contract. You heard it here first.
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