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    The players traded to contenders by bottom feeders @ the deadline tend to be depth on short term contracts while even the 1st round picks are far from being lottery tickets. Yet under the system I back those same depth players could be the difference to actually help secure a higher pick after the lottery. I want to eliminate the ugly sight of fans rooting for losses & managements throwing out a team that couldn't compete against average AHL teams. The current system still rewards mismanaged teams that chose to be bad with the owners blessing. That's on a par with buying hot coffee, spilling it in your lap & then suing the restaurant.
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    I still like the idea of the draft order being sorted by the record after being mathimatically eliminated. Best win % after being eliminated picks 1st & so on. It would prevent selling off the best players to ensure being worse while making team honchos think twice about icing an ECHL caliber team @ any time. You fight for a playoff spot to the end but even if you are eliminated with 3 games left in the season you want to win them all rather than rest everyone in hopes of dropping from picking 16 to 13th & the slightly better lottery odds.
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    For sure. We are just saying that the draft order for non playoff teams should be lottery drawn, eliminating the race for the basement and best pick.
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    I don't think it can ever be completely fair, but I don't think its the sure fire franchise saver that people make it out to be. Since 1980, 7/39 #1's have won cups for the team that drafted them, of those 7 two were teammates. The last team before the Oilers to have 3 consecutive first round picks was Quebec and they won their first cup 5 years after their last of the 3, but won the cup with no players that they drafted first on their roster. Stars are important for a club for sure, but you still need to give them good players to work with and a good coaching staff, and thats what separated the Pittsburgh, Chicago's and Washington's from the Edmonton's, Florida's, and Buffalo's.
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