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    My expectation for this season are that we have got to be a playoff team, there are no excuses now, Tre has done HIS job this offseason to put together a solid product. Beyond the playoffs it's so hard to predict cause you don't know who you might play, but I think the pieces are there to win a round or two....and beyond that...you never know! We haven't had the forward depth we have now in possibly decades, the late 2000's we had some decent depth but our bottom 6 would still be plagued with older veterans, we don't really have any dead weight anymore with Brouwer gone, closest to dead weight we have now might be Lazar type player but we have guys ready to take his spot. The fact that our top 6 has Johnny, Mony, Neal, Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm, and our bottom 6 having Jankowski, Bennett, Frolik, Czarnik, Ryan, Hathaway/Lazar is very promising. Defense is still very solid even with Hamilton leaving, and most importantly could be the locker room issues that were rumored leaving with him. The only question mark that remains is goaltending, I don't know if Tre can work out a deal for a backup, even if it had to include Stone, but it would be extremely sad to see such a promising season go to waste because Smith goes down and we didn't shore up our backup position and Rittich and Parsons just can't get the job done again. What has me excited is hearing Neal talk....the man is dead set on winning a cup and came to Calgary cause he thinks we have the pieces, it can't be stated enough how important this mindset could be and could rub off on his teammates. We have some guys who will thrive in a playoff setting...Tkachuk is bred for the playoffs, Neal has been to the big show numerous times and will know how to lead the younger guys through the intensity of the playoffs, guys like Bennett are also gritty and thrive in a playoff environment, I still get nervous with Johnny, he seems to disappear when things start to get super intense and physical so the coaching staff is going to have to work with him to learn how to play with his size in that environment and get the job done.....guys like Marty St Louis have done it. Overall there is LOTS to be excited for this season and I can't wait for the puck to drop!
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    Kipper was universally loved but he changed the way goalies in Calgary are perceived.. Prior to Kipper, one of the most well thought of goalies to play here was Reggie Lemelin.. Kipper insisted the our defense back away from the shots so he had a clear view at all shots.. This started out well except that in order for him to be successful, Our team defense strategy changed immeasurably.. It continued with the Hiring of Smith.. and his insistence on carrying and moving the puck in his zone.. The defense's job is not to go back and dig the puck, but to be prepared to accept first pass out of defensive zone to move the play forward.. Our new kids coming in to back up Smith have to understand that when they have their turn in net, The team is adjusted to Smith,,, Not a conventional goaltender and therefore.. The best option the Flames have at this time.. is to find a goalie that has the personality to inject confidence in the team.. Not necceesarily a goalie with the best numbers.. Yes.. The Flames as a whole are a headcase.. But that is what the current management has done..
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    Pretty soon our "younger core" will not be that young anymore.
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    Acute Otitis Media.? A disease that usually starts abruptly with ear pain.
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    Not at all. 3 goalies have to go to China and need 4 goalies for the split squads at home. So: Smith Rittich Gillies Parsons MacDonald Schneider Glass Covers all of the required bases. The first 6 are under contract so reporting to camp is mandatory.
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    Yes! Exactly. How many teams ride the hot goalie deep into the playoffs? Smith can do that.
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