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    Is there a GM where you would consider this a strength? I think the concept of adding to your team via top FA is just a weakness overall. You miss more than you hit IMO. Think we are also being a little hyper critical of someone who has yet to play 10 games on a new team....
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    BT weakness seems to be signing free agents.
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    Then you are only fooling yourself.. Dube has played a couple of games with the energy of a wide eyed rookie.. As good as he's been,.. It will still be Frolik the coach rolls out in game 60 for an important point in the standings
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    I think I remember reading an article last season about Brodie historically being a real effective PKer, but GG refusing to use him there enough. It would seem to me that Peters has done his homework early this season and is putting our players in positions to be more successful.
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    From numerous players' accounts early on they all say the same thing: "practices are very fast and up tempo", "Peters is a demanding coach", "Peters is a coach that will push you to be better"....those comments, particularly the players from last year who mentioned how fast the practices are, are essentially alluding the fact that that's not how practices were last year. Nor did it seem Gully held players accountable, or pushed them. It seemed - and I don't know for sure - that he cared more about being a nice guy than a good coach. I love that our practices are fast, and the players need to work in practice. That is already translating to a faster, harder working team this year. Another thing that drove me nuts about Gully - and something he flat out admitted - is that he didn't change things up depending on who they were playing or how players were playing. He was so unadaptable. He had his systems, and his game plan, and if the game went sideways he was unable to adapt mid game. Peters seems more than wiling to adapt and at least try out different line combinations, or to try and ice the right players for whoever the opposing coach throws out there. One more thing: I like how Peters 1) holds players accountable, and 2) rewards players. Making Frolik a healthy scratch because Peters see's he's clearly not engaged to where he can be, that's a slap in the face to Frolik, and he's gotta be better when he comes back. Peters saying he needs to find Bennett more ice time, and then actually acting on it and giving Bennett more ice time. Peter's going right back to his young D (Valimaki and Andersson) after a brutal game by them against St. Louis, but he uses it as a learning platform, and instead of sheltering them and limiting ice time in the next game, he had Andersson playing the final minute of a tied game! He seems to reward his players when they deserve it, he has faith in his players and shows it, and he holds players accountable when they are not up to the standard he knows they can be. Those are all things Gully either refused to do or was unable to do. The sample size is real small, but so far I like Peters.
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