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    Ironically, I think the plan may have been too austere. Given that very few new facilities were going to be built, the price tag seemed quite high. I get that costs for refurbishment are generally large these days, but it feels like the value to people just wasn't there. 5+ billion for a new arena and facelifts on a bunch of facilities, plus a couple small infrastructure projects just isn't palatable. 7+ billion that includes more new facilities (Calgary Next maybe, new field house, Calgary West development) and more visible infrastructure benefits (LRT line to the airport?) might have had more support. And maybe some of these things were in the plan, but you know what? The fact that would be news to me speaks to the poor job the city did of selling the games.
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    I don't think it's the sytem. He looked fine for Vegas last year and they played with similar tempo. I also think we need to step back from the panic a bit. "next Brouwer" " is it the system/players etc is too much too soon. He isn't the first, nor will he be the last, player to not jump right in to new surroundings. I think you give him time to have the puck go in and that's tough when he's juggled around the lineup so much. He needs a play maker and unfortunately that's not something the Flames have an abundance of, especially at center, so that is some what limiting, but let's also let him find his way. For all the doom and gloom he's on pace for 14 goals so it's not like he's falling off a cliff here.
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    Why have 3 or 4 players playing out of positions they are best at normally. If they would use eal on the top line it better sets up the next 2 lines if BP recognizes that Bennett and Jankowski have shown the better progress to date. Gaudreau, Monahan, Neal Tkachuk, Jankowski, Lindholm Bennett, Backlund, Frolik Dube, Ryan, Czarnik or Hathaway This is how I would line them given the need to get Neal going getting other efforts in the right places.
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    Is that what you think Neal is doing, pouting and not trying ? I highly doubt it which is why it is more important that THE Coach recognize where he needs to be placed for the benefit of the team success. We are the sum of all the parts and I don't think BP has these forward lines sorted out yet for maximum performance. I think he is the one that needs to get it right.
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    In fairness I think to Neal, his usage since he's been here has been pretty puzzling to say the least.
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