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    So the Klimchuk trade closes the book on the Flames rebuild trades. They officially now having nothing to show for either of the Iginla or Jbow trades and the 2013 draft is basically a bust now too, outside of Monahan of course. I get that technically Nielsen could maybe be a find and turn this around but I think it's unlikely. So Flames officially started a rebuild about 5 and a half years ago. They completely blew their rebuild trades, blew their first draft (especially depressing giving the amount of high picks) and for the most part blew their 2nd draft too. The fact that they have a competitive team today, let alone a team at the top of their conference is a huge testament to the work of Treliving and the hockey ops. Especially when you consider that they never drafted in the top 3 the entire time.
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    Great job on the GDT rocketdoctor... Nice to see someone step up and contribute towards the cause... Be sure to give rocdoc some +1's...
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    Bit sad to see Klimchuk go. He was a personal favorite who I don't think the Flames ever gave a real chance to as I don't get the sense Treliving liked him. I don't thikn Treliving likes players like Klimchuk in the bottom 6 so kinda of got foreced out without a shot which is disappointing for a 1st rounder but that does happen when you have a regime change. I get the deal becuase the Flames are basiclaly desperate for AHL D depth at this point especially with Valamaki looking like he's out a few weeks. Scouting report does not sound promising on Nielsen but at the same time getting a dman who has some offensive ability to him is pretty key for Stockton so again I can understand it. Hope Klimchuk does well and gets a shot.
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    I'll sort Dallas one out. Give Carty another day off!
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    I don't know about you guys, we have a good team here now. Are you all trade addicts ? LOL
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    On that note, Why haven't we just built a refinery? Just wondering how long we're going to rest our hopes on the rest of the world looking out for our best interests? I feel like this has been the slowest-motion and most predictable disaster ever. The whole concept on hanging the hopes of our economy on international cooperation over a hot topic. Sell oil cheap, the world will buy it cheap and isn't about to hold our hands out of it. Sell gasoline and by-products cheap, locally, and the economy will come to us. Or put this way, we have one of the most valuable if not the most valuable economic resources in the world. In one of the wealthiest and most capable and educated and developed places in the world. Any particular reason we're constantly falling on our faces managing it?
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