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    Moment of silence... It started 6 years ago all the way back in 2013, goodbye Kipper, goodbye Iggy. 3 GMs later, Feaster, Burke(interim) and now Treliving. 3 coaches later, Hartley, Gulutzan and now Peters. It took a bit of Feaster offer sheeting Ryan O'reilly, some DQ for Hartley's playoff berth, a little beer tub on a train to nowhere with Gully and Jaromir Jagr's hair to rebuild this team. With a youthful core now in place and the team currently enjoying its most successful season in 30 years it's safe to affirm this organization has successfully "rebuilt" itself. For me the missing piece appears to have been found in David "BSD" Rittich. We've been plugging and playing this position ever since Kipper peaced out and it looks like BSD is shaping up to be that final key piece. It's been an interesting road, and it's exciting to see this team shape into a contender before our eyes! R.I.P Rebuild 2013-2018
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    Another excerpt from The Athletic, a rag I whole-heartedly support and promote as the best, and least opinionated, sports journalism around. Soon after the Flames drafted the kid sixth overall in 2016 there came a crash course in the team’s history — at his dad’s insistence. “I honestly knew not much, if anything, about Calgary and he (emphasized that I should) know who played here before, who was on the Stanley Cup team,” he said. “He wanted me to be very interested in the Battle of Alberta. Who were the big rivalry teams? Who was on them back in the day? He thinks it’s important for you to know the former players. He knows from experience that former players come to games, they come to the rink a lot. It’s important to pay your respects.” Added Keith: “Hopefully, he listened to me. A lot of these young kids are video-game freaks and all this stuff, but I think it’s important to know the game and know the people in front of you — what they meant to the organization, what they meant to the game.”
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    I wonder how many GM's will say, no thanks. It's like the Trump Whitehouse, enter with a decent reputation, leave with it in tatters. I would start with rebuilding the entire backend at all costs. Tell Lowe the 80's Oilers were a different era. What a giant black hole of the defeated that has become. I imagine when they hire a GM, just give him a white wig off the hop so he doesn't have to show aging right before everyones eyes. Looking fwd to Talbot moving on and being a good goalie once the 10 tonne heavy thing comes off of his back.
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    Personally I don’t want anything to do with hagelin. He’s got some speed but outside of that I don’t think he moves the needle much. It’s maybe a marginal improvement. We should target someone who would project to make a more significant improvement to our bottom 6. Depth scoring for instance.
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    What would be ideal is using Neal in a trade to get Schenn.
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    If they give Tkachuk the same amount of cap percentage as Gaudreau (9.25%), he would be at $7.6775/year. At 8 years its probably a good deal, any less we might lose some years on. That being said, you cant count out BT, and if this comes in close to $7MM/year we are in good shape. Maybe even good enough to sign stone, lol. I'm gonna beat that horse till it dies.
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    To be fair, they are saying the same thing about Tampa who are clearly the best team in the league.
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    This is some Back to the Future kind of Satoshi Nakamoto! “Erased from existence!”
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    Katz is in his 10th season as Oiler owner. Since taking control, he has a 0.398 win %. Not sure if true but I think I heard on the Fan960 that it was the worst winning % in all NA professional sports during that time. His team has made the playoffs once. Gretzky is his 5th (intern) GM. Hitchcock is his 8th (intern) head coach.
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    I was up north working & the radio stations are limited.... so, for a laugh I turned on AM630 or whatever the edmonton sports station is. Spectre & some other dork were yammering about the coillers.... one of them suggested the coilers could trade Talbot to CAR for Mrazek and Ferland... straight up... I nearly choked on my coffee. They're about as delusional as the rest of the fan base, lol.
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    And again, statistically, this season is one of the best seasons the Oilers have had since their cup final appearance in '06. That should say something about how bad it's been. It's definitely not just Chia, but the moves Chia made compared to the moves Tre made just compounded the issues. They trade a first and a second for Griffith Reinhart, we trade the same+an extra second for Dougie Hamilton. They trade Hall and Eberle for Larsson and Strome (Spooner). We trade Ferland and Hamilton for Lindholm and Hanifin. They make the playoffs once, we make it twice. They had a rebuild that was supposed to be finishing under Chia, while ours was just starting. Our rebuild is practically complete, and they basically are worse off than they started. As much as they have problems from the top down, it was just made that much worse from their biggest rivals down the block making similar moves and being successful from it.
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    This is where my head is at as well. I appreciate the faceoff ability but to be locked in for 3 years with the soft play in other facets of his game... as for Tkachuk, there may be a changing of the guard with signings. Starting to look like max term contracts may be going the way of the dodo. If $7mil is the target, I trust BT will negotiate a term that works.
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    Clearly, Matthew Tkachuk was our density. Love.
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    I see Tkachuk signing at about 7-7.5, or at least it is the hope, and me counting on BT working his in-house signing magic. i kind of wish the Flames didn’t sign Ryan. He seems like a slight upgrade on Stajan, but I guess the faceoff ability really matters. But what I mean is that 3M per would be handy in the future. Neal, I get why and is possibly salvaged. Like you said, if a C that can get assists comes in, maybe it gets him going. a lot to think about. Or not a lot, but a few minor adds.
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    I wonder if these hockey bloggers make any money? Considering all of JTechs links are basically rumors of ideas that have been circulating for weeks already. I'm going to start a blog and cash in. Look forward to unsubstantiatedNHLrumors.com (no link........yet).
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    I having a hard time understanding something. Why does it seem that even with the season the Flames have had so far that everyone still thinks we need to make a major move at the deadline. Yes I'm in the camp of not needing to acquire anything substantial, maybe 4th line grit and I understand BT is known for major deals. But considering last year the teams play went south really bad right after the 5 day break, I would wait until closer to the deadline to see how the team deals with it this year. It's a different team from last year and hopefully they can continue as before.
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    As someone who stopped watching the NFL because of their goofiness, how can anything be run worse than the Oilers?
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    I get the idea that it would be nice to go back a few years and change a pick or 2 for the sake of a better team today, but one has to realize that if we chose player X instead of player Y 5 years ago then we changed our coarse and our needs along the way, we also change the coarse of many other teams as well. We would not be the team we are today, for better or worse. Our entire top line may have been dispersed around the league instead. Laws of the universe.
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    It would’ve been nice to hit on Theodore, just to have at least one of the picks to hit. Yup, I realized it could only be one of those two with the first of the other picks. But hitting on more depth wouldve been good. But we are where we are. It’s fun and hopefully they can continue to grow as a team.
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    That would have been with the Blues pick. The Pens pick was 28th and those guy were gone. Not as many clear cut misses after that although you do have names like Ryan Hartman, JT Compher, Adam Erne or Robert Hagg. They are playing albeit not important pieces. 2013 was supposed to actually be a very strong draft, and in terms of players sent to the NHL it actually is but it jsut didn't produce the top end talent it was supposed to. Iginla trade is a tough one thought. With a full NMC and making it clear he only wanted to go to 2 teams (well, one really) Feaster and co just had no negotiating power to try and get any value out of that deal. Sucks, but what someone said earlier was right the real problem was waiting to trade Iginla when they did. I am firmly of the opinion that the would have received Brayden Schenn had they moved Iginla a couple years earlier when it was already clear the team was going nowhere.
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    That's very interesting. Lebrun has been pretty plugged into the Flames since Treliving took the job so I tend to really listen when he speaks on the Flames.
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    It's a difference of hype, you can't hype a short, scrawny 4th round pick that put up good numbers in the USHL and needed a few years in college, the same as a #1 pick who was ready to step into the lineup on day 1. Edmonton has really sold the hype since Katz took over, 10 years ago there was legit belief in Edmonton that Gagner/Cogliano were up there with Kane/Toews or Crosby/Malkin, very sad but something I heard plenty of in my times going there prior to there #1 picks streak. I think there were plenty in the "Kevin Lowe must go days" that did turn away from the team, but a new arena and Connor McDavid have kept the hype train rolling for now.
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    In fairness to the Oilers, the 2016-2017 team was decent and it was their one shot at going for it before McLottery $$$$ kicked in. That was a good team and they were dangerous. This year Oilers are not even in the same Galaxy...…..but I wouldn't mind seeing them trade some futures for a run at it this year.
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    Waited too long to trade Iginla, from a rebuilding standpoint and whenever you trade the better player it’s tough to win a trade.
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    Looking back on the return we got for Iginla is just shameful. Was Chiarelli the GM at the time? If so,that’s some of his best work!