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    Well, gentlemen we will be enjoying our summer early. I will have better sleeps once my frustrations and disappointments subsided. It has been a pleasure to be on the game night board all season with you guys. Better luck next year perhaps. Thanks guys!
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    Hey all, I just saw this. I was away on vacation and popped in to talk some hockey when I saw this thread and my jaw dropped to the floor. I just have to say how deeply this has affected many here and myself included. I know I'm a fan of a rival team, and it's a team that FF52 disliked very much, but he and I always had great discussions and although we may have disagreed on many things between the two teams, we both shared a love for the game of hockey and the BOA and had so many great discussions and debates. My prayers go out to his family and friends. There literally is no replacing an upstanding forum member like FF52, that is is a hole that is impossible to fill. Rest in peace Larry, we may have been on opposite sides of the BOA, but we were always friends. I will both miss and never forget you.
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    Friday April 19th 8pm Home at the Dome
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    Gentlemen, thank you for a great season. I loved coming on the board and discussing all things Flames and hockey with you guys. It really made the season that much better. Unfortunately our playoff hopes and dreams have come to an end much too soon. I take solace in the fact that we have a GM who never rests on his laurels - and I expect there will be changes that give some promise to next season. As for right now, this is going to be a hard one to accept. Cheers to each and every one of you. See you all again around the draft. Sincerely, Lou
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    But are we? What’s the major step forward if we still can’t get past the 1st rd? Our core is good...but not good enough it seems. Not raggin’ on you phoenix66 in any way, just realizing we’ve actually gone nowhere. At this point we really didn’t achieve anything. We won 1 playoff game against the lowest seeded team in the same conference we “won”. This was an embarrassing showing for this organization. This franchise should be panicking, we’ve been ousted in the 1st RD, 12 out 14 times. Somethings not right.
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    As if an Oiler fan has the right to criticize anything related to hockey... Now just jump right back into the pit of hockey hell where you belong...
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    Yup - that’s why he was so motivated for this series!
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    Peters has helped change the culture just not far enough. This has been a long standing problem for this franchise
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    Everyone other than Gaudreau and Smith have given up. The will to win just isn't there. This has been Gaudreau's best game in the series. Colorado just want to win more than Calgary. Colorado is playing playoff hockey and Calgary think they can get by playing regular season level of hockey.
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    Tkachuk gets a call but those plays have been let go all series
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    We all know that this could be the last Flames game we watch until October, I really hope not, but it's possible, that being said I am going to try my best to not be nervous, fire on the jersey, get the bud red light fired up, and just try to enjoy the game...,,I know that could be a little tough if the game stays close lol. For some reason, and I hope it turns out, but I have a gut feeling that we could break out tonight and start filling the net, it's absolute best case scenerio.....create a little bit of doubt in the Avs/Grubauer and give us some much needed confidence. I really want to watch another Flames Game on Sunday......GO FLAMES GO!!!
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    Happy with the line changes. Ice the players that give you the best chance to win. Neal hasn’t scored for us and his play without the puck has cost us goals against. I’m impressed that BP ignored the vet status and playoff resume that accompanies Neal. Sends a message to everyone - a late message, yes - but a message that needed to be sent. Czarnik brings some speed and hunger to the lineup. Something I think we need against Colorado. Game on! Go Flames Go! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    So now that the season has come to an unceremonious end, we can start looking toward next season and what the Flames have to do to take the next step. PLAYERS UNDER CONTRACT FOR NEXT YEAR LW C RW Johnny Gaudreau (3/$6,750,00) Sean Monahan (4/$6,375,000) Elias Lindholm (5/$4,850,000) Dillon Dube (2/$778,333) Mikael Backlund (5/$5,350,000) NTC James Neal (4/$5,750,000) Martin Pospisil (3/$796,667) Derek Ryan (2/$3,125,000) Michael Frolik (1/$4,300,000) M-NTC Mark Jankowski (1/$1,675,000) Austin Czarnik (1/$1,250,000) Glenn Gawdin (1/$775,833) Matthew Phillips (2/$733,333) Luke Philp (2/$817,500) Buddy Robinson (1/$700,000) Adam Ruzicka (3/#801,666) Dmitri Zavgorodny (3/$786,666) Entry Level Slide LD RD Mark Giordano (3/$6,750,000) TJ Brodie (1/$4,650,400) M-NTC Noah Hanifin (5/$4,950,000) Travis Hamonic (1/$3,857,143) Juuso Valimaki (2/$894,166) Michael Stone (1/$3,500,00) M-NTC Oliver Kylington (1/$730,833) Rasmus Andersson (1/$755,833) Andrew Nielsen (1/$697,500) Carl-Johan Lerby (2/$925,000) *19/20 will play in Sweden G Jon Gillies (1/$750,00) Tyler Parsons (1/$759,167) Nick Schneider (1/$675,000) Artyom Zagidulin (1/$842,500) PENDING RFA'S: FORWARDS: Sam Bennett ($1,950,00) ARB Matthew Tkachuk ($925,000) Andrew Mangiapane ($705,000) Alan Quine ($700,000) ARB Curtis Lazar ($950,000) ARB Spencer Foo ($925,000) ARB Kerby Rychel ($725,000) ARB Brett Pollock ($711,667) Ryan Lomberg ($710,000) ARB DEFENSE: Josh Healey ($858,750) ARB Rinat Valiev ($650,000) ARB GOALIES: David Rittich ($800,000) ARB Mason McDonald ($822,500) PENDING UFA'S: FORWARDS: Garnet Hathaway ($850,000) Tyler Graovac ($650,000) Anthony Peluso ($650,000) DEFENSE: Dalton Prout ($800,000) Oscar Fantenberg ($650,000) Marcus Hogstrom ($700,000) Matt Taormina ($650,000) GOALIES: Mike Smith ($4,250,000) 2019 DRAFT PICKS: 1st Round: 26th Overall 3rd Round: 4th Round (NYI): 5th Round: 7th Round (Car):
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    OK. I was sportsmanlike for the playoffs. Which ended one minute ago for the Flames. The Flames had a truly improbable regular season, succeeding like they had not in years. Then, the moment the first playoff puck dropped, they did EXACTLY what many of us feared for the last 5 years. They showed us what a faulty rebuild looks like. They created a Regular Season team. And you can't fix that. You can only Overhaul that. Treliving: This is ALL under his watch. He traded away actual defense, he brought in highly questionable defensemen, he threw away draft picks. He has to go. For the draft picks alone, he needs to go. For thinking Gaudreau could succeed in the post-season, he needs to be double-gone. For filling our defence with misguided forwards, he needs to go. 3 strikes. Gaudreau: No. Just no. He cannot play in the playoffs. He never could. He never will. He's fantastic in the regular season, and on European ice. I've been asking for us to trade him since before he made it into the NHL. Never has this been more true. He still has Massive value. A large team would absolutely take a chance on him and pay more than full price. The Flames will NEVER, ever win a cup with Gaudreau on the team. That's just how market caps work. If we intend to win the cup, he must be traded and he must be traded in this off-season. Preferably for prospects or draft picks, because quite honestly our rebuild needs a do-over. While they're at it, they need to trade away any other skilled player who can't translate in the playoffs. It's not about size, it's about strength. Gaudreau will just never be strong enough for the post-season. Defence: We're absolutely screwed here. This is why we need to rebuild. We have a bunch of defencemen who are actually forwards. Nobody who knows how to keep the puck out of our end (except maybe the aging Gio). Nobody with any size, nobody with any sense. Trades are needed here, but ultimately we have to build this up from the ground up. Goaltending: Yeah ok. Mike Smith played ok, but not well enough. Not Nearly well enough. Yeah, our goalies were better than I thought. But neither Rittich nor Smith were Ever stanley cup material or playoff material. So WHY, then we did we invest so much in them? Why did we invest NHL development minutes into goalies who could Never, ever take us where we need to go? Our goaltending coach makes us the laughing stock of the NHL. All that needs to be fixed. We need elite goaltending prospects. And we need a development system because our development system has one of the worst track records in NHL history. Which would be okay, but we haven't even Considered changing methods, or goaltending coaches, or our drafting methods, or Anything. We just keep doing the same. Fire Treliving, and the Healing can start.
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    we were a completely different team from the xmas break on..xmas break... week mandated by league and all star break all jammed together really affected the cohesiveness of the team and they never really played the same after that
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    I don’t get the fascination for Hall. He’s pretty similar to Johnny, more injury prone, really only has one outstanding season, very little playoff experience, and is UFA after next season. Why would we do that swap?
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    I also agree, people that believe this team was going to the SC were way ahead of themselves. Live and Learn was the motto for this year. I think from BT on down learned something about this team and its needs for the coming season. Peters as a 1st season coach with the Flames did well but spent a lot of time getting to know his team. He should have a better handle on current players to have an intelligent conversation with BT. I believe the keepers have clearly identified themselves and the rest will be moving on. Our young players, Tkachuk, Mangiapane, Andersson, Valimaki, Hanifin and Kylington all received some valuable NHL experience this season.
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    I think everyone should take a week off and come back with their best trade propositions. LOL
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    It happens just look at TB, how do you think they feel ? Teams like STL and COL got better while we did not. I said earlier if BP didn't fix our 2nd and 3rd lines we were in trouble come playoff time. There was ways to many mistakes made to overcome and when you don't hit to slow down speed it kills you.
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    I liked the Anderson/Valmaki combo and could easily see those 2 as our 1st line D in the forseeable future.
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    No argument , this is disappointing ..but to me this one is different . But we haven't been in this position since 2006..and we blew it after that By that I mean , we spent years playing the "let's just get in " game .. just missing or just making .. trying to recreate the 2004 magic Now we have a team that will shoot for Conference best each year I see no reason why this team cant continue to fight for top 4 spot each year .. our regular season was not a fluke we broke in young players who will be core for years . Andersson, Kyllington, Valimaki, Mangiapane, etc We can say it means nothing , but playoff experience is a real thing .. even Gio only had 4 real games of it coming in to these ones .. he missed one entirely and was basically a #7 the first time Winning is a habit .. for years we had our sights set on Wild Card .. now I believe we will firmly believe Conference title is the goal . They said it last night , and I totally buy in.. we faced no adversity all year . It was too easy . We had a 4 game losing streak as our biggest stumble . We faced itr for the first time in the playoffs so now we learn from it Now the powers that be need to analyze this .. adjust .. What those adjustments are can be analyzed to death in another thread, but there is no major shakeup required for once .. no fire the coach.. no major overhaul The playoff thing absolutely sucks, and they need answers and reaction.. but to me , this was a major step forward for this team
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    I’d go with trading Monahan over Gaudreau, maybe both? Monahan can kind of create space, but once things get tight he doesn’t do much else. I get that you gotta score goals, but we just saw over two months what happens when he’s not scoring meaningful goals. But i also think Smith played well enough to win 4 games. The team didn’t show up for 75% of the series. I might be being generous with that estimate. I like how the D is shaping up. Valamaki and Andersson are shaping up to being a top pair. I think we can build from there. I expect next year to be another set back, but hopefully Lindholm can develop a step further. But like you said, Gaudreau doesn’t have the strength, at least not to do it on his own. If you get an actual stud C or RW I think that could change. Monahan is good but because they’re way too similar in temperament, they don’t make space for themselves by being a touch mean. I think because gaudreau is such a polarizing player it looks way more of an effect when he gets shut down, but when there’s no help, it gets easier to. It’s easy to blame him.
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    Hey woodendoug. I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s because you need some attention. Well you won’t get anymore than this from me.
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    If Washington and Boston out of the playoff, it would be 4 top teams in the league out on first round. There is a chance that may happen. LOL
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    Smith played mostly great but the team looked the same as they did last year, totally dependent on him. Putting Rittich in may have woken them up - who knows. I have like BP’s calls this year so cant slam him. The Avs and Grubauer were immpressive.
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    Zucker would have looked pretty good
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    I don’t mean to sound like skill isn’t a factor. But it has been. Their top 3 or 4 forwards have out-skilled ours. But another thing they did better, they played a heavier game. I wouldn’t say by out-hitting, but by getting in the way, weighing their bodies on ours by angles and leaning on us. It has been hard, and this is where having a smaller team has hurt. That 4th line hasn’t really had that much trouble, but they’ve also had it tougher than usual thus not being as effective. We say play our game and we will succeed. Tonight was the closest we came to it, and it took us 5 games to wake up, but are still down 5-1.
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    Avs destroyed us in 5. So dissapointed in this teams right now. We should have been swept if not for Smitty. Now where to go from here? New coach? Trade some top players? I hate that we came all this way only to find out we’ve been nothing more the pretenders
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    Pretty fitting that smith would end on a much more avg game.
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    I really do think there had to be an injury there ..I'm with you that one has me totally baffled
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    Interesting read for me today. Apparently the flames decided on a slogan for their playoff T-shirt’s that read something to the tune of “hard work brings you to the ceiling, talent brings you to the floor”.... indicating relying on talent alone will only give you your minimal chance to win... Good mantra, if it was followed. #sour
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    Oh well! Summer starts early for me again. But I will ride this one out until the bitter end. “Nobody knows, the troubles I’ve seen, nobody knows my sorrowwwwwww”
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    After all of the uncalled Satoshi in this series, they call that on Tkachuk... Wow...
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    I guess only the Leafs get gifts like that
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    Have to challenge it. What else do we have to lose at this point. Bennett didn't hit the goalie himself. I don't get how they call the Toronto play a goal and this is no goal. As much as I hate it they probably made the right call in this case, but it's the inconsistency that's annoying.
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    I hate to say it, but it’s something I’ve complained about all year and got flack for it.
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    Failed to clear and goal against us. This is the story we are so familiar with.
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    OK guys, hit the net please!
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    Gaudreau needs to put down the non gmo hippy dippy dolphin friendly kale smoothie....and get back to that purple Gatorade!
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    I've never criticized his offensive gifts .. it's his D that annoys me
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    He is still in deficit. He owed 5 more goals but who's counting. LOL
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    Brodie is terrible, mistake after mistake....
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    I switched from the Kipper jersey to the Iggy jersey.. Smith doesn't need my help 😎
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    Forcast Severe Flames push Towards a Avalanche
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    Go Flames !!! Kick some Hash Rate!!!
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    “Do or do not, there is no try!” - Yoda Go Flames Go!!
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    Play the game and don’t let off the game plan, or what got you ahead. Just play. Ive only ever played beer league and playoffs are the funnest part. I am not as lucky as some of you who got to play ice as kids. But I give it my all and it’s what I wanna see out of our team, give it their best, and I’ll be happy!
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