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    Laine's health issues are between his ears.. Lots of talent.. but lazy as hell and we've seen many of these fly by night superstars over the years.. Big time pass on this contract.. send him to Montreal
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    Yeah, I think that Laine is a pipe dream. Kevin Cheveldayoff knows what he has there, and he's not going to sell low on him. I think that if you want him, you'd have to present a pretty compelling offer, and Gaudreau wouldn't be a bad place to start - but I don't think that Johnny Hockey is the piece that'd push the Jets over the top. You might also be able to start with RFA for RFA, and offer Tkachuk, but I don't think he's what the Jets need either. They've got a really solid team without a lot of holes, and the best case scenario for them is to get Laine signed to a contract that they can live with, which will either be a bridge deal, or they'll go big, and next year he'll be back to his old self. He's not going anywhere. Love.
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    Hopefully there is no movement which would mean we would sign Tkachuk at a reasonable contract.
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    Well Really Glad your Back we all missed ya
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